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4 Feb
1/#COVID19 the path forward:
Last week @sdbaral @HeidiTworek @zchagla @kwadwo777 put together recommendations on how we get through this pandemic with the least collateral damage. We focused on:
Essential workers
Rapid testing
Vaccine hesitancy
2/ Essential workers:
-Invest in infection control and prevention (IPAC) in settings like plants, factories and warehouses.
-Use occupational health specialists in these settings to help navigate this.
3/ Essential workers cont.
-Introduce Paid Leave when there are outbreaks in LTC, hospitals, homeless shelters, and offer housing supports.
-Must have a plan for everyone we test (ie. provide an isolation site).…
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6 Feb 20
This thread is about steps/ideas that can be done to make healthcare more sustainable. Evidence for these will vary, but Im hoping this will increase awareness and start the dialogue. This will also help guide the direction of future shows.
Early goals of care discussions.
We shouldnt be having these conversations after putting our loved ones on life support. Lets have honest conversations with our loved ones. Lets respect their values.
Furthermore, the cost of taking of ICU pts is crazy.
-1% of GDP
-Population is aging
We really need to think about who is actually going to BENEFIT from an ICU admission
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