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9 Jul
#Sahel: Today, #JNIM released the video "If they fight you, fight them". It's been almost three years since JNIM released their last full-length video with combat footage, namely "And the Battle Continues".
#Sahel: This could be explained by several factors: First, the focus has been on the political line; second, JNIM's official media presence has declined significantly, and this is against the backdrop of several key media figures (in #Algeria and #Mali) being killed
#Sahel: The decline is particularly relevant when compared to #ISGS, which received major boost from its formal integration into #IslamicState's organizational infrastructure & media apparatus. However, this last video marks the effective recovery of #JNIM media wing Al-Zallaqa.
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27 Apr
#BurkinaFaso: #JNIM has unofficially claimed through audio and photographs yesterday’s ambush against a Burkinabe joint force convoy accompanied by a team of three foreign nationals, all experienced professionals on an anti-poaching mission (or reportage)..
#BurkinaFaso: Including two Spanish journalists, one was a journalist and film director, a cameraman, and an Irish Zambia-born ranger, co-founder and president of Chengeta Wildlife, a conservationist NGO.
#BurkinaFaso: Four convoy members were wounded, the three foreigners mentioned above were killed, and a Burkinabe force member went missing.
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30 Jan
#Sahel: Here’s a quick roundup of ISGS’s comeback in Al-Naba #271, no big surprises, the group claimed 9 operations over a 2-month period (or 9 weeks). Image
The primary focus is its Al-Qaeda counterpart #JNIM, accounting for 2/3 of the modest number of operations claimed, 2 out of 6 operations purportedly targeting JNIM were by local sources reported as civilian targeting, namely in N’Tillit (Oussadia) and Menaka (Inekar Ouest)
As usual, the claimed operations, only account for a fraction of the number of attacks conducted by the group, and as expected it did not claim the massacres in Tchomabangou and Zaroumadarey
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22 May 20
#BurkinaFaso: A thread on military operations and the militant groups straddling the borders of several West African coastal states
#BurkinaFaso: To begin with several of these countries are on the alert, fearing spillover [or maybe even expansion] of violent militant activities into their countries, debatable if that will happen,..
#BurkinaFaso: ..non-violent activities is a reality though, movements, recruitment, logistic transfers. #Benin experienced what so far is a one-off incident with the killing of a Beninese tour guide and the abduction of a French couple
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22 Mar 19
#Mali-#BREAKING: As expected #JNIM claims the March 17 assault against the #FAMa camp in Dioura (Ténenkou), #Mopti, says it killed nearly thirty soldiers, wounded others, while the remaining fled, and also burned eight vehicles
#Mali-#BREAKING: Further, burning the camp, and details a large seizure including 2x 14.5mm HMG, 1x DshK, 2 SPG-9 RCL rifles, 1 PK MMG, 82mm & 60mm mortars, 6 military vehicles, 38 AKs and RPGs
#Mali-#BREAKING: Once again, #JNIM portrays itself as defenders of the Fulani, and the attack as a revenge for crimes committed by the Malian army and with it associated militias i.e. Dozos
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