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NEW: #China "proceeding to increase their access & influence on the continent" & seeks to establish more military bases in #Africa, outgoing @USAfricaCommand Commander Gen Stephen Townsend tells @GWUPMNS
"Some of the most lethal terrorists on the planet are now in Africa...#alQaida & #ISIS " per @USAfricaCommand's Gen Townsend
"We've prevented strategic distraction" per Gen Townsend on his time at @USAfricaCommand - says US has been able to address threats in #Africa without taking focus on primary challenges, pacing threat from #China and also #Russia
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What can we take away from the happenings in #Kati this morning and the attacks yesterday in different parts of the #Mali?
A short thread /
Since the beginning of the 2022 #FAMa is doing extensive military operations in the center of Mali. Most likely with Russian support. Official communication celebrates these missions and promises a swift end of the insecurity 2/
Meanwhile Malian and international #humanrights activists criticise the violence against the civilian population in these areas as well as the sustainability of these engagements 3/
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#Mali: In a new video release, the #JNIM emir of the Macina region, Hamadoun Kouffa, responds to reports on the massacres in Moura and Hombori, refuting the official versions and those of the media. He says that no more than 30 jihadis were present during the events in Moura...
#Mali: Kouffa explicitly blames #FAMa and #Wagner, as widely reported, accusing them of killing hundreds of weak, oppressed, and innocent Muslim civilians, as the result of collusion between hypocrites from Moura, FAMa, and Wagner..
#Mali: He further states that #JNIM repelled joint #FAMa and #Wagner operations in Macina and Arabanda (Gourma) through tens of ambushes and IED attacks, which resulted in large amounts of materiel seized as spoils..
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#Mali: At least 3 coordinated attacks in early hours this morning against @FAMa_DIRPA in central Mali: Sevaré, Bapho camp, and Niono. The numbers of casualties and injuries remain unclear while serious damages reported, including one helicopter. 1/
#Mali: more details:
- a SVBIED been used in one attack.
- Russian mercenaries/instructors seen around the damaged helicopter at Bapho camp in this video clip.
- Audio recordings released by #JNIM local branch Macina Brigade claiming the 3 attacks. #Sahel 2/
#Mali: Supposedly (TBC) Images of some of the damages following the attack on Sévaré in addition, the initial toll of at least 6 soldiers killed and 20 injured. #Sahel
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#Niger: For documentation, in a 2:28-minute unofficial video, #JNIM claimed responsibility for the 23 December double-attack against police, gendarmes, customs officers, including civilian victims near Makalondi (Torodi), #Tillaberi) ImageImage
#Niger: The group showcased spoils detailed as follows:
2 vehicles
2 PK light machine guns
6 AK rifles
1 RPG-7 launcher with 20 PG-7V-pattern warheads and 21 booster charges
4 handguns
24 AK magazines
Boxed and loose ammunition
Various gear and equipment
#Niger: At least six people were killed including one gendarme, two customs officers and three civilians and ten others were wounded including four gendarmes, three police officers, two customs officers and one civilian, according to an official toll
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Excellent rapport ⁦@ICG_Sahel⁩ ⁦@CrisisGroup⁩, cependant 3remarques: Aanabi fut l’inspirateur de Droukdel donc il poursuivra; il est peu probable que #JNIM coupe avec #AQ; la pression #Barkhane est un facteur important qui pousse JNIM à la négo…
Les questions que j’ai pu soumettre à Abou Oubaïda Youssef al-Aanabi à la tête du conseil des notables d’AQMI à la quelle @CrisisGroup fait référence. L’actuel émir d’#AQMI, successeur de #Droukdel, avait répondu en 57m à 12questions
De votre serviteur au sujet du nouveau commandement #AQMI d’Abou Oubaïda Youssef al-Aanabi pour @NewlinesInst
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Thread - #Mali: case study on community-based armed groups in Central Mali is finally out. Special thanks to @blmcgann @bogibozsogi @reed_alastair @RachelICR @Emilykcol and all @resolvenet @USIP staff for the opportunity and their support. #Sahel…
#Mali: This report untangles the legitimacy of armed groups, mobilizing factors, and the multi-level impact
of violence implicating CBAGs. It further explores the relations amongst different actors, including the state, armed groups, and communities. #Sahel
#Mali: The proliferation of community-based armed groups in Mali’s Mopti and Ségou Regions has contributed to transforming Central Mali into a regional epicenter of conflict since 2016. Making such research vital to any peacebuilding and stabilisation efforts. #Sahel
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#BurkinaFaso: Burkinabe forces repelled a 5 November attack by presumed #JNIM-affiliated militants in Tankoualou, #Komondjari, 1 soldier killed & 3 wounded, ~15 militants 'neutralized' & weapons incl. H&K G3, AK-103, AKM, T56, md. 63 rifles, mags, belted ammo seized
#BurkinaFaso: Meanwhile, in Tapoko, between Orodara (Kenedougou) & Toussiana (Houet), an operation resulted in the killing of 8 presumed #JNIM-affiliated militants & seizure of 6 AKM/S & T56 rifles, 3 IED payloads, and ammo, according to weekly #EMGA situation report
#BurkinaFaso: It should be noted that the militant casualty toll for Tankoualou evolved as follows, about 10, 12, 15, and photos appear to show the same set of weapons and mags in different positions, as for Tapoko initially reported as 5 killed and evolved to 8.
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#Sahel #Mali #Terrorisme #MoussaLeaks: Plusieurs sources fiables parlent de la mort d'Abou Hamza Alchinguinti, leader de la katiba de Serma et adjoint de d'#AhmadouKoufa. Il est le représentant d’#IyadAgGhaly dans le Gourma du #Mali 🇲🇱 et la partie de Koro.
Selon nos informations, il a été tué dans une frappe des Forces Armees Maliennes le 21 Août 2021 près de la localité de #Niaki dans la localité de #Dioungani. Abou Hamza est l’auteur des attaques de #JNIM contre les camps militaires de Boulikessi, #Boni,
les attaques contre l'armée malienne sur l'axe Konna Douentza et Douentza Boni
Il avait été envoyé à partir de 2019 dans le Macina et le Gourma par Abdel Malick Droukel, pour surveiller et coordonnées les unités combattantes indépendantes comme #Serma,
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#Sahel: After a two-month hiatus justified by "security and technical" reasons, #ISWAP (Greater Sahara) resurfaced in Islamic State's Al-Naba following the death of its founder and emir Adnan Abu Walid al-Sahrawi. The group claimed 7 operations, killing 65 of its enemies.
#Sahel: #ISWAP-GS reportedly lost forty men in these operations, all in the 11 July attack in Tchomabangou, for which it had not claimed responsibility until now.
#Sahel: It also claimed to have killed 17 #JNIM fighters in the Korfooueyouey area on 18 August. Local sources said that the fighting took place on 22 August between Intaylalene and Kacham, with the reported deaths in JNIM ranks in line with the claim.
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#JNIM #AQMI s’apprête à diffuser un com de son émir Iyad Ag Ghali #Sahel #Mali
#JNIM #AQMI Iyad Ag Ghali qui ne s’était pas exprimé officiellement depuis nov. 2019 évoque « la descente vers les pays plus au sud & la fin #Barkhane et la #France qui se contente d’une coalition int. a-t-elle atteint ses objectifs ? »
#AgGhali « Au sujet de ses otages… on ne peut que féliciter la prise de position honorable de notre sœur Mariam [Sophie] Petronin qui a clamé son islam appelant Allah à l’aider à résister et à guérir… son annonce a mis un terme à l’arrogance du Président Français »
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#Niger: This is by far the deadliest attack in #Torodi in southwestern #Tillaberi since the #Sahel insurgency spread to the area in late 2017.
#Niger: This specific area has been largely overlooked in the context of the broader #Sahel conflict and overshadowed by the #ISGS insurgency in northern #Tillaberi.
#Niger: The double-tap ambush took place near Boni, where a key Operation Saki 2 border outpost is located. #JNIM-affiliated fighters are the likely perpetrators, notably under the command of Abu Hanifa, a lieutenant of #KatibaMacina's Amadou Kouffa.
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#Mali: Unofficial #JNIM video captioned: "This is what happens between Support of Islam [JNIM] and the Kharijites [#ISGS] (Kawaridiakobe in Fulfulde)", fighters including visibly child soldiers are seen beheading ISGS members/sympathizers in the area of Arabanda (Malian Gourma)
#Mali: An assassination campaign was carried out by Ansaroul Islam (#JNIM) during the first half of July in the areas of Kobou and Boulikessi, #Mopti
#Mali: Paradoxically, the video is accompanied by a signature #IslamicState nasheed, namely Qariban Qariba.
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NEW: Just released @UN report warns of "heightened threats emerging" from #ISIS #alQaida affiliated groups worldwide

"This is especially true in parts of West and East #Africa" per the report, based on member state intelligence
In West/East #Africa, affiliates of #ISIS #alQaida "can boast gains in supporters and territory under threat, as well as growing capabilities in fundraising & weapons, for example, in the use of drones" per the @UN report
#ISIS in #Syria "has evolved into an entrenched insurgency, exploiting weaknesses in local security to find safe havens & targeting forces engaged in counter-ISIL operations" per the @UN report
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#Sahel: Today, #JNIM released the video "If they fight you, fight them". It's been almost three years since JNIM released their last full-length video with combat footage, namely "And the Battle Continues".
#Sahel: This could be explained by several factors: First, the focus has been on the political line; second, JNIM's official media presence has declined significantly, and this is against the backdrop of several key media figures (in #Algeria and #Mali) being killed
#Sahel: The decline is particularly relevant when compared to #ISGS, which received major boost from its formal integration into #IslamicState's organizational infrastructure & media apparatus. However, this last video marks the effective recovery of #JNIM media wing Al-Zallaqa.
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#Mali première longue production #JNIM #AQMI depuis un moment avec des images inédites des affrontements & bombardements des derniers mois au #Mali
On remarque l’usage d’un véhicule blindé de la MINUSMA lors des entraînements, peut être celui utilisé à #Boni en février dernier ImageImage
Présence du kamikaze au tricycle qui a visé un convoi #Barkhane à Issey Image
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#AQMI (1) le 1er discours d’Abou Oubaïda Youssef al-Anabi en tant qu’émir du groupe est au sujet de la #Palestine, félicite les Palestiniens de #Gaza et des autres localités // appelle les musulmans au Jihad // anciennes images du camp d’entraînement al-Quds [#Jéruslem] au #Mali ImageImageImage
#AQMI (2) appelle à tenir bon sur le chemin du Jihad en Palestine en comparaison avec les négociations qui n’ont rien amené // appelle les compétences musulmanes à accomplir leur devoir de Jihad vis à vis de la Palestine // 20m/36 de son discours de 36m sont consacrés à ce sujet Image
#AQMI(3)«l’éveil de la oumma est réelle et s’est manifesté par les milliers de jeunes qui ont rejoint le Jihad et la destitutions de plusieurs tyrans»accuse le président français d’avoir pris les caricatures comme étendard & de légiférer pr éloigner les musulmans de leur religion Image
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#BurkinaFaso: #JNIM has unofficially claimed through audio and photographs yesterday’s ambush against a Burkinabe joint force convoy accompanied by a team of three foreign nationals, all experienced professionals on an anti-poaching mission (or reportage)..
#BurkinaFaso: Including two Spanish journalists, one was a journalist and film director, a cameraman, and an Irish Zambia-born ranger, co-founder and president of Chengeta Wildlife, a conservationist NGO.
#BurkinaFaso: Four convoy members were wounded, the three foreigners mentioned above were killed, and a Burkinabe force member went missing.
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1 #Mali #JNIM revendique #Boni & accuse la DGSE«d’être prisonnière des méthodes années 60/70...en affirmant une infiltration...avant [le G5] N’Djamena...essaye de faire peur aux pays du Sahel particulièrement Côtes d’Ivoire & Bénin qui sont nos cibles légitimes s’ils collaborent»
2 #JNIM s’adresse « aux politiques & à la société civile en #France en citant le dernier débat au Sénat autour de #Barkhane » affirmant que « votre président...essaye de faire du chantage aux gouv de la région... votre silence n’est pas digne d’élites qui se respectent... »
3 photos de #Boni qui confirment les premiers témoignages que j’ai pu recueillir qui faisaient état d’une « caserne submergée & nombreuses prises de guerre »
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#Sahel: Here’s a quick roundup of ISGS’s comeback in Al-Naba #271, no big surprises, the group claimed 9 operations over a 2-month period (or 9 weeks). Image
The primary focus is its Al-Qaeda counterpart #JNIM, accounting for 2/3 of the modest number of operations claimed, 2 out of 6 operations purportedly targeting JNIM were by local sources reported as civilian targeting, namely in N’Tillit (Oussadia) and Menaka (Inekar Ouest)
As usual, the claimed operations, only account for a fraction of the number of attacks conducted by the group, and as expected it did not claim the massacres in Tchomabangou and Zaroumadarey
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NEW: @USAfricaCommand warns #alQaida-linked #alShabaab "remains adaptive, resilient, and capable of attacking Western & partner interests in #Somalia & East #Africa" in final @DoD_IG report on US counterterrorism ops in Africa
Despite ongoing train/advise/equip efforts by US, others "The Somali government...has not met milestones for the development of its security forces" per @DoD_IG Sean O’Donnell

#Somalia #alShabaab
In North #Africa, #alQaida in the Islamic Maghreb (#AQIM) & #ISIS-#Libya "significantly degraded & currently pose no threat to the US homeland & a minimal threat to US interests in the region" per @DoD_IG Sean O’Donnell
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#AlAndalous dans une vidéo de 20:26 #AQMI annonce, par la voix d’Abou al-Nouman al-Chinkiti, que le successeur d’Abou Mossaab Abdel Wadoud #Droukdel est Abou Oubaïda Youssef #AlAanabi
Dans cette vidéo que j’ai reçu deux photos inédites d’Abou Mosaab Abdel Wadoud #Droukdel de son vivant et mort
Abou al-Nouman affirme que les jihadistes libérés par Bamako l’ont été en échange de « deux otages » ce qui confirme le processus parallèle concernant les otages italiens
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#Mali (1) réception #JNIM #AQMI des jihadistes libérés par #Bamako suite à l’échange #Cissé #Petronin (sur 7:03)
#Mali #Sahel (2) Iyad Ag Ghali #JNIM #AQMI lors de la réception des jihadistes libérés. Des captures ont déjà été diffusées (0:43/3:48) + une 3e vidéo de 8:41
#Mali #Sahel Iyad Ag Ghali #JNIM #AQMI « on est en guerre contre les croisés et cette guerre continue, on ne va pas perdre du temps avec les grands rassemblements, on va s’assurer que nos frères rejoignent et leurs familles, leurs domiciles et leurs positions de combats »
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