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#BurkinaFaso - En attendant les prochaines déclarations officielles et dans un contexte flou, ce serait donc une nouvelle irruption des militaires sur la scène politique - Quelques éléments historiques et biblio pour situer le rôle central de l’armée dans l’histoire Burkinabè 1/8
On a pu décrire le système politique burkinabè comme régulé par une « alternance au pouvoir par le putsch » dans un système prétorien où l’armée protège un pouvoir très personnalisé (toute ressemblance avec le Mali est fortuite) 2/8…
L’institution militaire a ainsi dominé le pays pendant plus de 40 ans depuis l’indépendance, et à largement participé à la construction de l’Etat et à ses pratiques. Même si les civils étaient au pouvoir depuis 2015.. 3/8
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1/? #BurkinaFaso last night in the Ouaga 2000 neighbourhood, where presidential palace is located, I saw mutinying special forces had set up check points on major roads and appeared to be in control of the area.
2/? This morning, I am outside the national TV station, RTB, which has been taken over by mutineers. The gate is blocked with armoured vehicle, AA gun outside.
3/? We are expecting a broadcast announcement from the mutineers, who now appear to be increasingly in control.
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🎥🛑En #BurkinaFaso 🇧🇫 #ULTIMAHORA #BREAKING el gobierno negó que el ejército haya tomado el poder a través de un golpe de Estado, tras reportarse tiroteos en varios cuarteles.

🔻La familia del presidente abandona el país.

🛑En #BurkinaFaso #AHORA

🔻La CEDEAO (Comunidad Económica de Estados de África Occidental-@ecowas_cedeao) emitió un comunicado solidarizándose con el gobierno constitucional y exigiendo el diálogo entre los militares y las autoridades.
🎥🛑En #BurkinaFaso #AHORA, aunque el gobierno desmintió informes de golpe de Estado, luego de que se escucharan disparos cerca de la residencia del presidente, así están las calles.
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#BurkinaFaso Mutiny - I was detained briefly by soldiers mutinying at Ouagadougou's largest military camp - Sangoule Lamizana. They gave us a list of their demands and then released us after about 30 minutes. List of demands to follow...
Soldiers outside the Lamizana base fired warning shots in the air and trained loaded guns at myself and another journalist as we were passing on a motorbike. Confiscated cameras and motorbike and walked us inside the base. Around 50 soldiers on the peripheries and inside...
...the entrance of the base. They decided to use the opportunity to express their demands and released us.
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#Nigeria 🇳🇬: #AQ-allied #Ansaru released an #EidAlFitr video on November (it was probably scheduled to be released in 2022).

An interesting AK-103 (AK-103-2 from #Libya or AK-103 from #Mali), Zastava M05E1 & E3 rifles and a stockless Zastava M70B1 rifle can be seen.

1/ ImageImage
Zastava M05E1 rifles are usually smuggled/sourced from #Cameroon. It can be seen in the hands of various groups such as Boko Haram/#JaS and #ISWAP.

2/ ImageImage
On the other hand, it is possible to see the Zastava M05E3 rifles in various countries in region such as #BurkinaFaso —third photo shows an M05E3 rifle captured by #ISWAP/#ISGS from Police Forces in NE of Burkina Faso on Feb 29, 2020.

3/ ImageImageImage
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1/3 The demand was one for those who demonstrated against the passage of the #French military convoy in #BurkinaFaso, #Niger and #Chad, but don't hear those demands in the media!!




3/3 Theseslogans show the total rejection of #French imperialism, which controls their States in the name of the "war on #terrorism", The truth is its presence to protect and preserve its political, #military and economic interests.
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C'est le héros du moment au Burkina Faso, le «pays des hommes intègres», en Afrique de l'Ouest. Aliou, 13 ans, est surnommé «le sniper n°1» du pays.

#BurkinaFaso #Aliou #Sniper Image
Samedi 20 novembre, l'adolescent a été porté en héros par une foule en liesse rassemblée dans la ville de Kaya.
À l’aide de son lance-pierre traditionnel, Aliou a abattu un drone français qui surveillait les nombreux manifestants rassemblés depuis la veille pour empêcher le passage d’un convoi de l’armée française.
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Un cas d’école, bcp de similitudes avec d’autres attaques à travers la région des trois frontières #Mali #Niger #BurkinaFaso.
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#BurkinaFaso: Burkinabe forces repelled a 5 November attack by presumed #JNIM-affiliated militants in Tankoualou, #Komondjari, 1 soldier killed & 3 wounded, ~15 militants 'neutralized' & weapons incl. H&K G3, AK-103, AKM, T56, md. 63 rifles, mags, belted ammo seized
#BurkinaFaso: Meanwhile, in Tapoko, between Orodara (Kenedougou) & Toussiana (Houet), an operation resulted in the killing of 8 presumed #JNIM-affiliated militants & seizure of 6 AKM/S & T56 rifles, 3 IED payloads, and ammo, according to weekly #EMGA situation report
#BurkinaFaso: It should be noted that the militant casualty toll for Tankoualou evolved as follows, about 10, 12, 15, and photos appear to show the same set of weapons and mags in different positions, as for Tapoko initially reported as 5 killed and evolved to 8.
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#Niger: This is by far the deadliest attack in #Torodi in southwestern #Tillaberi since the #Sahel insurgency spread to the area in late 2017.
#Niger: This specific area has been largely overlooked in the context of the broader #Sahel conflict and overshadowed by the #ISGS insurgency in northern #Tillaberi.
#Niger: The double-tap ambush took place near Boni, where a key Operation Saki 2 border outpost is located. #JNIM-affiliated fighters are the likely perpetrators, notably under the command of Abu Hanifa, a lieutenant of #KatibaMacina's Amadou Kouffa.
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#Mali: Unofficial #JNIM video captioned: "This is what happens between Support of Islam [JNIM] and the Kharijites [#ISGS] (Kawaridiakobe in Fulfulde)", fighters including visibly child soldiers are seen beheading ISGS members/sympathizers in the area of Arabanda (Malian Gourma)
#Mali: An assassination campaign was carried out by Ansaroul Islam (#JNIM) during the first half of July in the areas of Kobou and Boulikessi, #Mopti
#Mali: Paradoxically, the video is accompanied by a signature #IslamicState nasheed, namely Qariban Qariba.
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NEW: Just released @UN report warns of "heightened threats emerging" from #ISIS #alQaida affiliated groups worldwide

"This is especially true in parts of West and East #Africa" per the report, based on member state intelligence
In West/East #Africa, affiliates of #ISIS #alQaida "can boast gains in supporters and territory under threat, as well as growing capabilities in fundraising & weapons, for example, in the use of drones" per the @UN report
#ISIS in #Syria "has evolved into an entrenched insurgency, exploiting weaknesses in local security to find safe havens & targeting forces engaged in counter-ISIL operations" per the @UN report
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#Sahel: Today, #JNIM released the video "If they fight you, fight them". It's been almost three years since JNIM released their last full-length video with combat footage, namely "And the Battle Continues".
#Sahel: This could be explained by several factors: First, the focus has been on the political line; second, JNIM's official media presence has declined significantly, and this is against the backdrop of several key media figures (in #Algeria and #Mali) being killed
#Sahel: The decline is particularly relevant when compared to #ISGS, which received major boost from its formal integration into #IslamicState's organizational infrastructure & media apparatus. However, this last video marks the effective recovery of #JNIM media wing Al-Zallaqa.
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#BurkinaFaso : Embuscade contre #VDP à #Titao : "Nous sommes venus de #Solle pour une réunion à #Titao. Ceux de #Titao projetaient de s'attaquer aux terroristes, donc nous les avons apportés notre aide. Nous étions plus de 200 #VDP. Je pense que nous avons été mal informés ou... Image
ou ils étaient aussi informés. Parce que nous sommes tombés sur l'une de leurs bases. Ils étaient plus de 500 terroristes, bien armés. On n'a pas pu trop nous défendre étant donné qu'il n'y avait pas eu une bonne coordination entre nous. Les #VDP de #Solle ne travaillent pas...
Comme ceux de #Titao, on n'a pas les mêmes cris de guerre, vous comprenez? Mais il faut dire qu'il y a un seul mort pour l'instant, le chef des #VDP de #Titao qui a succombé à ses blessures. On a dû fuir sans nos motos, une centaine. Bcp de #VDP sont portés disparus, ils ont...
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[A LA UNE A 21H] @EmmanuelMacron assistera jeudi aux obsèques privées de Stéphanie M., la fonctionnaire de police assassinée vendredi dans un commissariat de #Rambouillet. Le Premier ministre @JeanCASTEX présidera le lendemain une cérémonie d'hommage nationale #AFP 1/5
@EmmanuelMacron @JeanCASTEX [A LA UNE A 21H] Les salariés de la #FonderiedeBretagne, mise en vente par le groupe #Renault, bloquent depuis ce matin l'usine de Caudan (#Morbihan) pour demander leur maintien au sein du groupe automobile. La direction du groupe condamne ce soir le blocage de l'usine #AFP 2/5
@EmmanuelMacron @JeanCASTEX [A LA UNE A 21H] Le @Europarl_FR devrait approuver ce soir l'accord commercial de l'#UE avec le #RoyaumeUni, point final du #Brexit, alors que la #France menace de "mesures de rétorsion" sur les services financiers si l'accord concernant la pêche n'est pas mis en œuvre #AFP 3/5
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[A LA UNE A 18H] Deux journalistes espagnols et un irlandais portés disparus depuis une attaque hier dans l'Est du #BurkinaFaso, ont été "exécutés", a annoncé un responsable des services de sécurité burkinabè. #Madrid a confirmé la mort de ses deux ressortissants #AFP 1/5 Image
[A LA UNE A 18H] Au moins cinq personnes ont été tuées aujourd'hui dans des manifestations sporadiques à N'Djamena et dans le sud du #Tchad contre la junte militaire qui a pris le pouvoir après la mort du président #IdrissDéby Itno il y a une semaine #AFP 2/5 Image
[A LA UNE A 18H] La #France menace le #RoyaumeUni de "mesures de rétorsion" sur les services financiers si l'accord post-Brexit concernant la pêche n'est pas mis en œuvre. Le Parlement européen devrait approuver ce soir l'accord commercial entre européens et britanniques #AFP 3/5 Image
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#BurkinaFaso: #JNIM has unofficially claimed through audio and photographs yesterday’s ambush against a Burkinabe joint force convoy accompanied by a team of three foreign nationals, all experienced professionals on an anti-poaching mission (or reportage)..
#BurkinaFaso: Including two Spanish journalists, one was a journalist and film director, a cameraman, and an Irish Zambia-born ranger, co-founder and president of Chengeta Wildlife, a conservationist NGO.
#BurkinaFaso: Four convoy members were wounded, the three foreigners mentioned above were killed, and a Burkinabe force member went missing.
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#BREAKING Two Spanish nationals missing in Burkina Faso: Madrid
#UPDATE Two Spaniards are among a group of people kidnapped in Burkina Faso, a foreign ministry source in Madrid said Tuesday, after an anti-poaching patrol was attacked in the landlocked West African nation
#BREAKING 'Terrorists' may have killed missing foreigners in Burkina Faso: senior security source
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Ce WE, on a eu une belle illustration de ce qu'est la course au #Buzz de la #Presse.

Les nommés sont :
@Le_Figaro @OuestFrance @LePoint @lesteclair @francebleu @LeHuffPost @BFMTV @franceinfo @lanouvellerep_ @laprovence @CNEWS @actufr @YahooActuFR et j'en passe

Au menu, les rédactions avaient le choix :
1⃣ Parler d'un chevreuil percuté par une bagnole.
2⃣ Raconter une histoire de dingue. Des mecs qui essaient d'écraser un chevreuil et le poursuivent jusque DANS une agence pôle emploi !
Soyons clairs, le cas 1⃣ est un non évènement. Ca se produit environ 50.000 fois/an. 1 fois toutes les 10 min, c'est dire si toute le monde s'en tape.

Mais alors le cas 2⃣, ce serait le graal absolu du buzz journalistique !

Imaginez le truc ⤵️

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[THREAD] 1/ Two years ago today, the Islamic State lost control of its last stronghold, namely al-Baghûz Fawqâni in eastern Syria near the Iraqi border. This thread is an analysis of the group's military operations since then. Spoiler: the jihadist group is far from being dead.
2/ Detail about the methodology: I have collected and analysed the data of every single attack claimed in the 104 issues of the Islamic State’s weekly magazine al-Naba’ published between 28/03/2019 and 18/03/2021. Data include targets, weapons used, spoils of war, geolocation.
3/ Since the fall of Baghuz, the Islamic State has claimed 5795 military operations in 31 countries, for an average of eight attacks per day. Three peaks: during three of their military campaigns (Dec. 2019, April-May + August and October 2020), and Ramadân (April-May 2020). Image
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It is a change in EU security policy: With a specially created budget outside the EU budget, arms and ammunition deliveries to third countries are to be possible for the first time. The "European Peace Facility" (EPF).
An "instrument to strengthen the capacities of third countries as well as regional and international organizations in military and defense issues", as it is in the draft of the German "#Monitor";
Somewhat encapsulated means nothing else than that the EU can in future also deliver military equipment such as handguns, guns, howitzers or cannons to countries in crisis regions. So far, only states could do this on their own responsibility, but not the EU.
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"Ah males ah di #Indonesia. Masa pemimpinnya malah pada bertengkar. Pada saling #khianat." ujar seorang #warga melihat kemelut di tubuh #Partai Demokrat. Padahal, ya di luar negeri juga sama. Saling tikam-menikam dalam #politik itu biasa. Kita bahas,
1. Wang Jingwei. #Politisi asal #China ini, adalah teman satu #partai dengan Chiang Kai Shek. Mereka berdua pada awalnya kompak, menggaungkan #ideologi #nasionalisme China. Lebih lagi, pada saat itu #Jepang sedang agresif di kawasan.

#Demokrat Pak SBY Bu Mega #politik #KLB
Namun secara mengejutkan dikarenakan ketidak-setujuan dengan #KaiShek, #Jingwei memilih membelot untuk membangun #pemerintah boneka yang pro-#Jepang di #Nanking.

#Demokrat Pak SBY Bu Mega #partai #politik #politisi #sengketa #konflik #khianat #pengkhianat
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#BurkinaFaso : La Douane de #Manga a saisi des produits de contrebande en provenance du Togo ce 17 février 2021. Elle a intercepté une colonne de 5 motocyclistes contrebandiers lourdement chargés contraints d’abandonner les marchandises illégalement importées :
#lwili #Burkina Image
– 5 motos neuves de marque
– 32 cartons de cigarettes de
marque « Gold Seal » contenant chacun
50 cartouches (soit 320 000
bâtons de cigarettes) ;
– 24 sacs de cyanure d’un poids
total de 1080 kilogrammes.
#lwili #Burkina
Mais les fraudeurs, mécontents, se sont réorganisés pour affronter les agents des douanes afin de récupérer sur place leurs marchandises. Ils ont même ameuté des villageois acquis à leur cause.
#lwili #Burkina
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