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NEW: Just released @UN report warns of "heightened threats emerging" from #ISIS #alQaida affiliated groups worldwide

"This is especially true in parts of West and East #Africa" per the report, based on member state intelligence
In West/East #Africa, affiliates of #ISIS #alQaida "can boast gains in supporters and territory under threat, as well as growing capabilities in fundraising & weapons, for example, in the use of drones" per the @UN report
#ISIS in #Syria "has evolved into an entrenched insurgency, exploiting weaknesses in local security to find safe havens & targeting forces engaged in counter-ISIL operations" per the @UN report
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In opening comment, @POTUS offers condolences to #Germany for the deadly flooding.
Covered a wide range of issues in today's discussions with Chancellor Merkel, says @POTUS.
We'll speak up when we see #China or any other country working to undermine democratic societies, says @POTUS, also mentioning the sovereignty of #Ukraine and "Russian aggression."
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#Sahel: Today, #JNIM released the video "If they fight you, fight them". It's been almost three years since JNIM released their last full-length video with combat footage, namely "And the Battle Continues".
#Sahel: This could be explained by several factors: First, the focus has been on the political line; second, JNIM's official media presence has declined significantly, and this is against the backdrop of several key media figures (in #Algeria and #Mali) being killed
#Sahel: The decline is particularly relevant when compared to #ISGS, which received major boost from its formal integration into #IslamicState's organizational infrastructure & media apparatus. However, this last video marks the effective recovery of #JNIM media wing Al-Zallaqa.
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1/ A thread with links to reports and other media relating to a panel hosted today by @CrisisGroup and the @mailandguardian, where we will be discussing how to prevent a new jihadist front in #Mozambique.
When: today at 15.00 CEST/SAST
2/ Fears are mounting that Mozambique's northern province of #CaboDelgado could become the next frontier for prolonged jihadist rebellion on the continent. @CrisisGroup has just published a report on this, available here:
3/ Violence involving militants calling themselves "al-Shabab" (not #Somalia's Al-Shabaab) and government forces has spiked since a small group of attackers fired first shots in 2017. When they attacked the town of Palma in March 2021, militants came in their hundreds. See maps:
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[Thread] My take on the communiqué of the #NATO summit in Brussels. Brace yourself for a long 🧵 on the main takeaways from this 79-paragraph long declaration 👇…
1/ Values: Compared to the 2018 communiqué, today's declaration has a new para on transatlantic values which are described as "the bedrock of [NATO's] unity, solidarity, and cohesion". Allies also commit to consult "when [their] fundamental values and principles are at risk".
This para is a first step in the right declaration, even though more could still be done (see my piece bellow). The adoption of a new strategic concept will offer a new opportunity to demonstrate allies' genuine commitment to transatlantic values.…
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🪖 Así es, España rehusa participar en las macro-maniobras militares "African Lion". Según Defensa, por motivos económicos.

⚠️ Uno de los objetivos principales es mejorar la cooperación de tropas occidentales con las africanas en materia de antiterrorismo.

España no estará...
🇪🇸 España no tendrá presencia ni como mero observador, papel que sí tendrán otras 21 naciones, entre ellas Portugal. En otras ediciones, militares españoles sí participaron en este tipo de maniobras.
ℹ️ Se trata de unas maniobras que han pasado a ser esenciales para muchos países dado el salto cualitativo que han cobrado.

⚠️ Con la amenaza yihadista expandiéndose en el #Sahel, zona de influencia en toda la región norte y punto de origen de la inmigración.

Craso error...
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🇱🇾 #Libye Des années durant Macron a soutenu Haftar et ses mercenaires (payés par les Émirats: mercenaires russes, syriens du régime d’Assad, tchadiens & soudanais). Ils sont aujourd’hui une menace majeure à la sécurité de la Libye,du Sahel et de l’Europe.…
« Aujourd'hui, les 15 membres du Conseil de sécurité ont tous établi un lien direct entre le retrait de Libye des mercenaires et combattants étrangers avec ce qui s'est passé au Tchad, selon deux sources diplomatiques. »
Lire l’excellent article de @jdomerchet dans @lopinion_fr « Tchad : ces rebelles, alliés de notre allié Haftar, qui tuent notre allié Déby... »…
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«En soutenant la transition militaire au Tchad au nom de la sécurité du Sahel et par ricochet de l'Europe, Macron se retrouve prisonnier d'enjeux de pouvoir à N'Djamena et d'un vieux parfum de "Françafrique" dont il entendait se départir. » #Tchad #Sahel…
« La France rentre dans une période difficile parce qu'elle va devoir justifier une position qui est assez injustifiable » estime Roland Marchal, chercheur au Centre de recherches internationales (Ceri) de Sciences Po Paris. »
« Il y a eu un coup d'État, le fils du président (défunt) se coopte 18 mois de transition avec la promesse de vagues élections et la France dit: bravo, vive la stabilité politique!", explique-t-il. »
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Et si #Déby s'était fait avoir par mégarde!?
Ce fil est proposé tel la chronique d'un piège fatal, où un scénario est fixé à partir de faits recoupés. Accessoirement, les hypothèses les moins crédibles seront écartées.
Pour commencer, condoléances au peuple tchadien..
Ensuite, rentrant dans le vif du sujet, il s'agira de rappeler des dates et leurs moments clés associés...

Adoption de la nouvelle constitution renforçant les institutions (création du sénat et d'un poste de vice-président).
Le texte ici…
Cette #constitution piloté par #Déby, vise à sécuriser son pouvoir, en posant les bases pour un transfert de pouvoir à se proches, tout en donnant des gages démocratiques.
Mon analyse sur ce sujet Ă  lire ici...
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US reaction to reported death of #Chad President Idriss Deby

"We would like to express our condolences to the people of Chad for their loss" per @USAfricaCommand spox Col. Chris Karns "The United States is closely monitoring the rebel incursion in Chad..."
"#Chad plays a vital role in efforts to counter regional transnational threats" per @USAfricaCommand's Col Karns "Chad's ability to contribute to regional security initiatives helps reduce instability in the region"
"We continue to remain encouraged by #Chad|ian participation in regional counter violent extremist
organization efforts such as the Multinational Joint Task Force, G5 #Sahel Joint Force & the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in #Mali" per Col Karns
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European efforts to train the security and defense forces of #Mali have stumbled. Based on our op-ed, here's a suggestion how they could become more effective (and ensure to manage risks better).
@IngoHenneberg @PayamGhalehdar and Robin Schroeder were my co-authors THREAD 1/
Since its inception in 2013, more than 14,000 soldiers and members of other security forces have attended @eutmmali1 courses.
Mali's armed forces alone comprise roughly 20,000. The EUTM Mandate includes training, education and advice. 2/
EUTM is only one part of a broad national, regional and international approach to peace and security in #Mali and indeed the #Sahel region. Still, creating effective and legitimate defense forces is a crucial part of that approach. So far, it is failing. 3/
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BREAKING: @ODNIgov issues assessment on Worldwide Threats a day before intel chiefs testify before lawmakers

"#Beijing, #Moscow, #Tehran, & #Pyongyang have demonstrated the capability & intent to advance their interests at the expense of the UnitedStates...despite the pandemic"
"#China increasingly is a near-peer competitor, challenging the United States in multiple arenas...#Russia is pushing back against #Washington where it can globally, employing techniques up to and including the use of force" per Annual Threat Assessment…
"#Iran will remain a regional menace w/broader malign influence activities" per @ODNIgov report "#NorthKorea will be a disruptive player on the regional & world stages"
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NEW: "The terrorist threat is far from behind us at this point" @StateDept's acting Coordinator for Counterterrorism & acting envoy to the Global Coalition to Defeat #ISIS John Godfrey tells @MiddleEastInst
Under @POTUS @JoeBiden "We will avoid announcing major policy initiatives or posture adjustments in a way that comes as a unwelcome surprise to partners & allies" @StateDept's Godfrey notes

"We will consult & we will coordinate"
Strategic review ongoing re white supremacist/domestic violent extremism - but not just domestically

"We're also focused on the transnational linkages of these domestic violent extremists" per @StateDept's Godfrey in @MiddleEastInst virtual conference
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🇳🇪🇳🇪🇳🇪 #Niger 🇳🇪🇳🇪🇳🇪
Níger celebrará mañana la segunda vuelta de sus elecciones presidenciales, en una contienda clave para el empobrecido país africano.

(sale hilo largo)

El balotaje será entre el ministro @mohamedbazoum (izquierda), del oficialista Partido para la Democracia y el Socialismo (@PNDSTARRAYA) y el expresidente @MahamnOusmane, de la alianza Frente Patriótico, constituida con los opositores que perdieron la primera vuelta.
Los comicios nigerinos tienen un carácter histórico, pues se trata de la primera vez que un período democrático llega con éxito a su tercera elección. Desde su independencia en 1960, este sufrido país africano ha padecido hasta cinco golpes de estado militares.
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The #G5Sahel summit had a revealing media echo in some major German news outlets that tell you quite a bit about the problems of #Germany's public discourse on the #Sahel and its #stabilization engagement in general. A thread. 1/14
First of all, there is little attention. Neither of the two major German public broadcasters ARD & ZDF mentioned the summit in their flagship programmes @tagesschau and @heutejournal.
(there was a good text by @dunjasadaqi on Tagesschau's website) 2/14…
The public radio station @DLF had a short news item. It noted French calls for "fairer burden-sharing" in the military mission and then noted: "Germany is also active there. But the Bundeswehr does not participate in military missions." 3/14…
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Schon bemerkenswert, wie gut es Frankreich gelingt, sein Narrativ von der mangelnden europäischen Solidarität Deutschlands im #Sahel zu betonen. Die Kommunikation der Bundesregierung ist definitiv ausbaufähig. 1/4 @faznet @MichaelaWiegel…
Das erste, was Kanzlerin Merkel zum Saheleinsatz einfällt, ist Frankreich, z.B. beim deutsch-französischen Verteidigungs- und Sicherheitsrat. 2/4… Image
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#Sahel: Here’s a quick roundup of ISGS’s comeback in Al-Naba #271, no big surprises, the group claimed 9 operations over a 2-month period (or 9 weeks). Image
The primary focus is its Al-Qaeda counterpart #JNIM, accounting for 2/3 of the modest number of operations claimed, 2 out of 6 operations purportedly targeting JNIM were by local sources reported as civilian targeting, namely in N’Tillit (Oussadia) and Menaka (Inekar Ouest)
As usual, the claimed operations, only account for a fraction of the number of attacks conducted by the group, and as expected it did not claim the massacres in Tchomabangou and Zaroumadarey
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Empezamos el segundo dĂ­a de nuestras #VIJornadasOCUD con un encuentro con @MartinezSoliman, el Director de la @AECID_es.

Presenta @pastorams, Directora del #OCUD y Vicerrectora de GlobalizaciĂłn y CooperaciĂłn de la @UOCuniversitat.

¡Seguro que se genera un debate interesante!
Empieza @MartinezSoliman, Director de @AECID_es, reconociendo la labor de las facultades de medicina de las universidades de @CrueUniversidad en compartir el conocimiento con las universidades latinoamericanas durante la crisis de la pandemia de la #COVID19.

Continua el Director de @AECID_es haciendo una profunda autocrítica sobre la situación actual del sistema de @CooperacionESP: hay problemas de recursos, de coordinación entre actores y de coherencia. Por eso la reforma deberá ser profunda y estructural.

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NEW: @USAfricaCommand warns #alQaida-linked #alShabaab "remains adaptive, resilient, and capable of attacking Western & partner interests in #Somalia & East #Africa" in final @DoD_IG report on US counterterrorism ops in Africa
Despite ongoing train/advise/equip efforts by US, others "The Somali government...has not met milestones for the development of its security forces" per @DoD_IG Sean O’Donnell

#Somalia #alShabaab
In North #Africa, #alQaida in the Islamic Maghreb (#AQIM) & #ISIS-#Libya "significantly degraded & currently pose no threat to the US homeland & a minimal threat to US interests in the region" per @DoD_IG Sean O’Donnell
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#AlAndalous dans une vidéo de 20:26 #AQMI annonce, par la voix d’Abou al-Nouman al-Chinkiti, que le successeur d’Abou Mossaab Abdel Wadoud #Droukdel est Abou Oubaïda Youssef #AlAanabi
Dans cette vidéo que j’ai reçu deux photos inédites d’Abou Mosaab Abdel Wadoud #Droukdel de son vivant et mort
Abou al-Nouman affirme que les jihadistes libérés par Bamako l’ont été en échange de « deux otages » ce qui confirme le processus parallèle concernant les otages italiens
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#Mali (1) réception #JNIM #AQMI des jihadistes libérés par #Bamako suite à l’échange #Cissé #Petronin (sur 7:03)
#Mali #Sahel (2) Iyad Ag Ghali #JNIM #AQMI lors de la réception des jihadistes libérés. Des captures ont déjà été diffusées (0:43/3:48) + une 3e vidéo de 8:41
#Mali #Sahel Iyad Ag Ghali #JNIM #AQMI « on est en guerre contre les croisés et cette guerre continue, on ne va pas perdre du temps avec les grands rassemblements, on va s’assurer que nos frères rejoignent et leurs familles, leurs domiciles et leurs positions de combats »
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Live in 30 minutes: @florence_parly and Torge Gerlach give opening remarks at the 2nd Annual Sahel Summit before a panel discussion w/ @AngelLosadaEU, @DrJPPham, & @SidikouMaman. Follow along via this thread & #SahelSummit #CSISLive.

Tune in here: Image
A big thank you to our event partners: @EUintheUS and @WeAreDTGlobal. Panelists in today's discussion will examine the state of play in the Sahel, key priorities for regional & int'l stakeholders, and opportunities for coordination. #SahelSummit @csislive
Program Director @JDevermont kicks off the event outlining 3 significant changes over the past year:

- #Mali's military coup & political transition.
- Developments in int'l engagement.
- The Covid-19 pandemic and humanitarian challenges.

#SahelSummit #CSISLive
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