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A journalist was detained while crossing the border in #Kosovo

Daria Aslamova, a correspondent for the Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda, was accused of involvement in espionage. Now no one contact her and nothing is known about her whereabouts. /1
The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the self-proclaimed Kosovo, Celal Shvetsla, announced the detention on a social network. Several photos are attached to the post, where a woman is next to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, as well as Syrian President../2
..Bashar al-Assad.

The editors of the KP clarifies that Aslamova was in #Serbia on assignment. She was supposed to prepare a special report in connection with the aggravation of the Serbian-Kosovo conflict.
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Thread: 3 August 2022: Day 161 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update: #Ukraine likely disabled the rail link between #Russian-occupied Kherson and Crimea; the Russians can repair it, but will remain vulnerable. Russia has begun using civilian ferries to cross the Dnipro after the destruction of the Antonovsky Bridge. Image
Instructive: #Germany’s former chancellor, Gerhard Schroder, goes to Moscow and meets #Russia's ruler Vladimir Putin, comes back insisting on the need for "peace", i.e. a ceasefire that freezes Russian gains in place and gives the Russian Army a break.
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Anti-France sentiment in #senegal or #mali is just the logical continuation of a French geopolitical policy largely Inherited from the colonial era.

France still own too much grip of African independent countries with its Franc CFA and former colonies still under French control
France could have honored its colonial past by abolishing debts, abolishing its grip on (UEMOA) abolishing this competition with other imperial powers of modern transColonialism pumping resources out of the African continent.

In fact France was on a unique position to
Not only empower African nations to thrive but France was on a historic position to also benefit from it.

But instead of empowering former colonies, France extracted all the value it could without much redistribution.

Over time, these same African nations got approached by
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#Mali: Jamāʿat Nuṣrat al-ʾIslām Wa al-Muslimīn (an offshoot of al-Qāʿidah) claims attacking the Kaloumba barracks of Malian army on 27th July. 10 soldiers were allegedly killed & one was captured alive. 9 cars were torched. 3 military vehicles,...(1/2) ImageImage
2 DShK machine guns, 14-15 Kalashnikovs, 1 heavy weapon, 45 Tank ammunition, 48 ammunition boxes & other weapons were seized. (2/2)
VIDEO: (1/2)
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NEW: #China "proceeding to increase their access & influence on the continent" & seeks to establish more military bases in #Africa, outgoing @USAfricaCommand Commander Gen Stephen Townsend tells @GWUPMNS
"Some of the most lethal terrorists on the planet are now in Africa...#alQaida & #ISIS " per @USAfricaCommand's Gen Townsend
"We've prevented strategic distraction" per Gen Townsend on his time at @USAfricaCommand - says US has been able to address threats in #Africa without taking focus on primary challenges, pacing threat from #China and also #Russia
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What can we take away from the happenings in #Kati this morning and the attacks yesterday in different parts of the #Mali?
A short thread /
Since the beginning of the 2022 #FAMa is doing extensive military operations in the center of Mali. Most likely with Russian support. Official communication celebrates these missions and promises a swift end of the insecurity 2/
Meanwhile Malian and international #humanrights activists criticise the violence against the civilian population in these areas as well as the sustainability of these engagements 3/
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1/ Une attaque coordonnée a visé ce matin le camp de Kati aux portes de #Bamako. Des tirs de roquettes, d’obus et au moins un véhicule kamikaze ont été utilisés. Le bilan est incertain. C’est la 1ère fois depuis 2017 qu’une attaque terroriste frappe si près de la capitale #Mali
2/ La veille, six attaques coordonnées ont visé des bases de l’armée malienne à Sogou, Kolokani, Douentza, Bapho, Sévaré. L’hypothèse la plus probable est que le JNIM, groupe lié à Al Qaida, soit à l’origine de cette opération d’envergure. #Mali
3/ Une façon pour ce groupe terroriste, l’un des deux plus puissants du #Mali de réaffirmer ses capacités d’action, suite à l’opération militaire malienne Kélétigui dans le centre du pays. Une opération sous le feu des projecteurs suite au massacre de #Moura
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Shootings in Kati, not far from #Bamako in the early morning ours of friday. Unclear what's going on. Yesterday we saw several coordinated attacks on different military installations by armed groups in some regions of #Mali. This could be part of it but nothing knows yet.
Looks like the presidential palace from Assimi #Goita is also under attack. This all seems not good.
So far it is very unclear what is happening in #Kati, just several km outside of #Bamako. Both a potential coup and an attack are both being discussed as possibilities. Lots of rumours floating around without anything substantial besides shaky camera videos.
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Thread: 19 July 2022: Day 146 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update: #Russia has struggled for manpower since the outset and the "problem is likely becoming increasingly acute". The Russians are stretched between offensive operations in the Donbas and trying to defend against a #Ukraine counter-offensive in Kherson. Image
#Hungary overtly celebrating keeping #Russia's Gazprombank off the #EU sanctions list
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Thread: 18 July 2022: Day 145 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update: #Russia has been using troops flagged as "Wagner" in the recent fighting in Popasna and Lysyschansk to hold down the official casualty figures. To make up manpower, recruitment standards have been lowered, including recruiting criminals from prisons.
#Saudi purchases of #Russia's energy products has increased
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@UN_MINUSMA's new mandate is due to be finalised tomorrow (29 June) by the UN Security Council. A short 🧵on what to expect and look out for:
1) The Mission's current two strategic priorities are likely to remain unchanged.
a) Support the implementation of Peace Agreement in northern #Mali
b) Support a Malian-led strategy to protect civilians, reduce intercommunal violence & reestablish state authority in the centre
2) The Council appears poised to support the SG's proposal for an internal review of MINUSMA. This will likely entail an analysis of the challenges hindering the implementation of the mandate, including the protection of civilians, and recommendations as to how to proceed.
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#Mali: In a new video release, the #JNIM emir of the Macina region, Hamadoun Kouffa, responds to reports on the massacres in Moura and Hombori, refuting the official versions and those of the media. He says that no more than 30 jihadis were present during the events in Moura...
#Mali: Kouffa explicitly blames #FAMa and #Wagner, as widely reported, accusing them of killing hundreds of weak, oppressed, and innocent Muslim civilians, as the result of collusion between hypocrites from Moura, FAMa, and Wagner..
#Mali: He further states that #JNIM repelled joint #FAMa and #Wagner operations in Macina and Arabanda (Gourma) through tens of ambushes and IED attacks, which resulted in large amounts of materiel seized as spoils..
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#Russia-#Ukraine: "One of the worst my view is that it focused attention of the European member states on the eastern front, lowering the already low level of attention on the south" Deputy Dir General of the EU Military Staff LtGen Giovanni Manione tells #EUDFF22
"It is a tragic effect. It is a huge mistake" per the EU Military Staff's LtGen Manione

"We are keeping resources stick to just in case something happens, forgetting completely that actions should be taken now in another theater"
#Ukraine - "I'm not sure this is the main target of the #Russia|ns" per the EU Military Staff's LtGen Manione

"The main target of the Russian could be having ppl focused on there [Ukraine], forgetting they're [Russia's] actions elsewhere"
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La #Zakharova vorrebbe spiegare quanto sia costruttiva la presenza del battaglione #Wagner in #Mali, a fianco dei #Jihadisti 😂😂😂😂
La #Zakharova spiega anche quanto sia "costruttivo" il #ModusOperandi Russo di spianare Damasco, Grozny, Mariupol...
#giletti si fa insultare dalla #Zakharova (è un bambino, gli ha detto) ed è indifeso storicamente.
Non sa controbattere sull'integrità #Ucraina, sancita dai patti di #Budapest, non sa controbattere sulla fandonia della "Lingua Russa", non sa rispondere sul fatto che ora non sarà
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Thread: 1 June 2022: Day 98 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Kalush Orchestra, the rap-folk band that won Eurovision for #Ukraine, has sold the Eurovision trophy at auction for $900,000 in order to buy drones (the PD-2 unmanned aerial system) for the country's war effort against the #Russian invaders.…
Vladimir Shamanov on the "superiority" of #Russia's army; intentions with Poland, Baltics, Romania; taking 5 to 10 years to fully demilitarized and denazify #Ukraine, leveling the country if need be and trying its officials and journalists at a "Nuremberg"
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In #Mali, #MINUSMA is increasingly exposed as Bko furthers its international isolation following dissolution of previous stabilization frameworks:
1) EUTM suspension
2) end of existing international & regional counterterror frameworks (Barkhane+G5).
🧵on events of last week(s)
2/ #Benin announcing its pulling out its troops from #MINUSMA at end of ‘22 & ‘23 respectively, as its facing an increasing insurgency on its own territory. This concerns 250 troops and +130 police units.…
3/ This follows news from March this year that Sweden would also pull out its approx. 200 troops earlier than envisioned already in ’23…
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Après avoir porté les couleurs de @FRANCE24 au #Mali, puis avoir été contrainte de quitter le pays dans les plus brefs délais sur recommandation de la chaîne, je me retrouve depuis 2 mois sans aucun revenu malgré la promesse d’un maintien de salaire par @FRANCE24. (1/7) Image
J’ai travaillé comme correspondante pour @FRANCE24 au Mali via une société de production fiscalement basée à l’Île Maurice. Pendant cette période j’ai collaboré avec cette structure sans contrat de travail. J’alerte @FRANCE24 à maintes reprises. Rien n’y fait. (2/7)
À partir de janvier 2022, je suis directement prise pour cible puis menacée sur les réseaux sociaux en tant que journaliste @FRANCE24. Je suis finalement empêchée de travailler comme d’autres confrères installés au Mali et dont les accréditations ne sont plus renouvelées.(3/7)
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"Über #Mali reden" - in 3 Tagen stimmt der BTag über das #MINUSMA-Mandat ab. Die öffentliche Aufmerksamkeit liegt auf andere Themen, aber ein kleiner Teil der 🇩🇪 außenpolitischen Blase organisiert dieser Tage Veranstaltungen zum Thema. cc @ClaudMajor @MuellerNora👉fortlaufender🧵
2/ Zum Beispiel gab es diese Debatte gestern gemeinsam mit @sarahbrockmeier und @_witt_antonia von @HSFK_PRIF, Baba Dakono von @CitoyenSecurite und @GermanyDiplo - ein paar Einblicke gelivetweetet von @PhilippRotmann unter #DFS2022
3/ Die #Mali Debatte geht weiter am kommenden Montag organisiert von @EA_Loccum und @TMueFae gemeinsam mit @chk2310 von @FESonline, @denis_tull von @SWP_MEA und @MAStrackZi von @fdpbt zur Zukunft des dt. Engagement in Mali…
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1. I'm slow to get to this, but it's fascinating. #Mali PM Maïga responding to criticism by the "national transition council." They asked, "you haven't accomplished much. Why not?"
2. His response largely is to insist on Mali's having re-found its sovereignty by kicking out the French, and he complains that France announced it was leaving, which would create a vacuum, which proved it was bad for Mali to be dependent.
3. Then he blamed the many problems of the military on its dependence on France. That's revealing: there's some truth to this in that France's presence encouraged a large measure of complacency, though it's odd to blame France for Malian leaders' inaction.
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[🧵 À dérouler]
🔴🇲🇱🇫🇷 | Communiqué important du du #Mali qui dénonce l’attitude de la #France.

L’Etat malien va mettre fin aux accords de défense qui le lient à la France depuis 2013.
Parmi les raisons de la résiliation : les autorités maliennes ont cité "la position unilatérale du partenaire français, qui a décidé les 3 et 7 juin 2021 d'annuler les opérations conjointes avec les FAMA sans consultation préalable et de mettre fin à l'opération Barkhane."
Le 17 février 2022, la France a annoncé, toujours sans aucune consultation avec le Mali, "le retrait de Barkhan et Takuba" et "des violations répétées de l'espace aérien malien par des avions de guerre français…
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Le gouvernement malien a indiqué ce soir qu’il dénonce les traités et accords liant la France et le #Mali en matière de coopération militaire et de défense, et encadrant l’opération #Barkhane. Quelques éléments pour contextualiser cette annonce, et en comprendre les enjeux 👇
1/ Le Mali dénonce les trois accords le liant à la France : l’accord SOFA encadrant le déploiement de Serval (puis Barkhane) de 2013, le traité de coopération en matière de défense de 2014 et l’accord SOFA de 2020 encadrant le déploiement des contingents étrangers de Takuba.
2/ Le Mali justifie cette dénonciation par:
- l’annonce du retrait militaire français (juin 2021 et février 2022), *
- la violation de son espace aérien et de la zone d’interdiction temporaire
- l’absence de réponse aux demandes de révision du traité de coopération (déc 2021)
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L'ex-dirigeante birmane Aung San Suu Kyi, déjà condamnée à six ans de prison, a écopé d'une peine supplémentaire de cinq ans de détention pour corruption, a indiqué à l'#AFP une source proche du dossier 1/5
La #Russie va interrompre ses livraisons de gaz à la Pologne et la Bulgarie au moment où des explosions dans la région séparatiste moldave prorusse de Transdniestrie font craindre une extension de la guerre au-delà des frontières de l'Ukraine #AFP 2/5
La junte militaire au pouvoir à Bamako a accusé mardi soir l'armée française d'"espionnage" et de "subversion" après la diffusion par l'état-major français de vidéos tournées par un drone à proximité d'une base du centre du #Mali #AFP 3/5
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Female engagement teams, working with allies and the value of getting information from across the population.

An update on the UK operation in #Mali courtesy of @CO_QDG.

@ExCO_MOG @olivier_salgado, @sabrinamkarim @SharmanStone @EScottKakures Image
@CO_QDG @ExCO_MOG @olivier_salgado @sabrinamkarim @SharmanStone @EScottKakures The @TheWelshCavalry Task group have been building on the success of previous rotations, employing a female engagement team to enhance their ability to understand #Mali and its culture.
2/11 Image
@CO_QDG @ExCO_MOG @olivier_salgado @sabrinamkarim @SharmanStone @EScottKakures @TheWelshCavalry On their most recent patrol, whilst protecting civilians in the border town of Labezanga, A Company @RIrishRegiment were quickly able to identify women’s associations after speaking with the local Gendarmarie.
3/11 Image
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#Mali: At least 3 coordinated attacks in early hours this morning against @FAMa_DIRPA in central Mali: Sevaré, Bapho camp, and Niono. The numbers of casualties and injuries remain unclear while serious damages reported, including one helicopter. 1/
#Mali: more details:
- a SVBIED been used in one attack.
- Russian mercenaries/instructors seen around the damaged helicopter at Bapho camp in this video clip.
- Audio recordings released by #JNIM local branch Macina Brigade claiming the 3 attacks. #Sahel 2/
#Mali: Supposedly (TBC) Images of some of the damages following the attack on Sévaré in addition, the initial toll of at least 6 soldiers killed and 20 injured. #Sahel
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