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Disabled daughter, atty, artist/PainterWriterPoet, nature/animal lover. Love ALL except Nazis,White Nat'sts,Ignorance,(Trump) ♿#GeeksResist #SHFam #AttysResist
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This. 👇 We Dems are doing exactly what the GOP did in 2016 & look where that got them.
Now, we have the benefit of hindsight. We need to unite behind a single candidate who can win the purple/red districts & carry the African American/ Latino/working class/suburban mom votes. It won't do us any good to win the presidency yet lose the House & fail to flip the Senate bc we all know now what a d*ck McConnell is.
He does the Koch's bidding.
We can't risk 4+ yrs of Trump, the statehouses, & judicial appts that will haunt us for the next 40 yrs. 👻
Jan 8, 2020 23 tweets 8 min read
Extreme polarization in politics & life in general, a sense of community is what's needed.
The seemingly never ending scandals of the Catholic church, the fleecing by Megachurches, & attacks on Temples + Mosques contribute to our current climate of hate & institutional mistrust. If ANY religion behaves like a business perhaps they should be taxed like a business.
I was born & raised Catholic, am an atty, & I love, no, I revere our Constitution.
Our 1st Amendment was written in part, as a remedy to the (perceived or true) digressions of est. religions.
Jan 2, 2020 16 tweets 12 min read
My best friend of 42 years yes, 42 years, helps sometimes with transportation. I can no longer drive. 💔
Please help. 😭 I am doing my d*mndest to keep it together and RESIST this 'ADMIN'!!!
Until the last breathe leaves my body...
Dec 13, 2019 6 tweets 3 min read
Please make it stop!!! The only thing Trump cares about re: ppl who happen to be Jewish is their votes. 😏
He associates himself with white supremacists & models himself after Hitler (well reported he kept a copy of "Mein Kampf",1925 at his bedside), so miss me w/this bs! 😡 Anything someone does to combat Anti-Semitism is a GOOD thing; it's always admirable to fight discrimination/hate speech.
But to say that's why the "Leftists" hate Trump is an old trope used by the right for decades!
1st of all, we on the left don't hate Trump: we DESPISE him.
Dec 8, 2019 4 tweets 4 min read
I am so tired of the far right Corporate "Evangelicals" pretending they're following the bible.
How about following Jesus' teachings:
The Golden Rule
The Beatitudes
Jesus healed the sick, welcomed strangers, & fed the poor.
He wouldn't elect GOP who cage children. The media seems fascinated by the fact that @JoeBiden carries a rosary in his pocket, that @SpeakerPelosi is a practicing Catholic as well who honestly prays for our country, & @PeteButtigieg talking openly about his faith.
The Dems are actually living the teachings of Jesus.
Dec 2, 2019 10 tweets 7 min read
Please help! I have a brain tumor/IIH & such severe intestinal damage that I can't DIGEST food w/out enteral food RX @$198/mo, even w/pharma discount.
My now 78-year-old mom is my caregiver.
We get $72/mo for food + trying to save home. 😭
#Lyme #IBD #help In 2011, I was bitten by a tick. I wasn't treated for 11 mos, despite traveling to the MAYO clinic (which I still owe $9000!)
I contracted E. Chaffeensis, Rickettsia, & #Lyme.
By then, the bacteria had invaded spinal cord & brain. I've had 8 spinal taps to alleviate the pain. 😪
Nov 10, 2019 19 tweets 15 min read
Many of you know our situation 👇 but today my mom had to use her Target card🎯,(over it's limit), to get a cash advance of $90 to pay for HER meds.
She's on 4 diff.high BP meds.
She's already cut her meds in 1/2 to save $. 😭
McConnell: sign the bill lowering drug costs!!! My mom is now 78-year-old yrs old.
She's an RN who worked until she was 75.
She had to quit bc my health continues to decline.
B4 the #ACA, we went through our life savings on my #Healthcare.
We even went to the MAYO clinic (I still owe $9000)
No one should go bankrupt bc health
Oct 12, 2019 15 tweets 7 min read… A Twitter friend of ours sent us some gluten free food about 2 yrs ago.
My now 78-year-old mom & I get $72/mo for food.
Please help!
Sep 16, 2019 19 tweets 53 min read
For those of you that follow me, my friends I consider family, I haven't been on today bc I had a bad fall.
It was in the bathroom & I hit the tub & toilet.
Mom was at the grocery bc we got our $72/mo SNAP.
I lied there for an hr bc I couldn't get up. (Like those comm.)
I'm ok... As many of you know, I already have ruptured discs, congenital disorder which is where your spinal cords doesn't have enough space in your sheath, a syrinx, & multiple bulging discs, osteophytes, etc...
I just really whacked my back.
Mom is w/me now. She's an RN.
Thx RTing Gfm 💕
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I have a brain tumor/IIH & such severe intestinal damage that I can't digest food w/out enteral food RX.
It's $198/mo even w/a pharma scholarship.
My now 77-year-old mom is my caregiver & she can't afford it.
We get $64/mo for food + trying to save home. Please help! In 2011, I was bitten by a tick. I contracted E. Chaffeensis, Rickettsia, & Lyme. I wasn't treated for 11 mos. The bacteria went to my spinal cord/brain.
Please help us 💔
#Lyme #IBD #Fibromyalgia #Spoonies
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76 yr old Mom needs help… Please help us! 😭
Can't afford next mos.' RX @$198/mo necessary to digest/absorb food.
My now 77-year-old Mom is my caregiver. We get $64/mo for food (long gone) + trying to save home.
#Lyme #SaveOurCare
Even $5 or $10 will help + RTs are free. 🙏
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76 yr old Mom needs help… Please help us! 💔
Jul 21, 2019 6 tweets 4 min read
@TheTrueAmerica5 I follow you but you have NO IDEA about the systematic dismantling of our states' rural school systems. I'm lucky bc I'm in Louisville: the largest city in Ky & blue as blue can be. Justice Brandeis & his wife are buried under the portico of my law scool + we have all his papers. @TheTrueAmerica5 The second largest city, Lexington-fayette is also true blue & both Louisville & Lexington-fayette pay ALL their taxes toward the ENTIRE state!
This explains your numbers btw: two cities CANNOT sustain an entire state. Please! You'll drive away allies w/discriminatory language.
Jun 24, 2019 10 tweets 3 min read
#My1stExperienceWithAnxiety was on a trip back from King's Island when I was 3 yrs old.
I was in the back of a station wagon w/my 11 yr old uncle. My 9 yr old brother was in the seats in front.
My uncle molested me & I was too afraid to do anything but pretend to be asleep. I told everyone when we got to the house.
I said, innocently, like only a child can, "Guess what Uncle Donald did to me on the way home?" in front of his parents & mine.
My 3 yr old self: (Did I do something wrong?)
May 28, 2019 6 tweets 4 min read
76 yr old Mom needs help… I waa bitten by a tick in 2011 & not treated for 11 mos.
Went to the Mayo Clinic-found Coxsackie B4 virus (a cousin of polio) which left me w/out most use of L side (L handed 😪).
I caught Vanc-resistant C. Difficile, had 2 FM transplants & need RX @$198/mo just to digest food.
May 7, 2019 14 tweets 13 min read
B4 I was bitten by a tick in 2011, I was a practicing trial atty.
I must now use a walker & my 77-year-old mom is my caregiver. She helps me bathe/dress & is my driver.
She can't afford the @$198/mo I need to digest food. We get $15/mo -foodstamps
SOS #help *$198/mo RX* EnteraGam
It's normally $1600/mo but I get a pharmaceutical scholarship from the manufacturer.
I normally have 2-3 Dr appts/wk. I was just in the hospital AGAIN last month: approx. 8th time, excluding ER visits.
I can't eat w/out this RX.
Please help us 💔 😭 #Lyme
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@whitleyroses @ImaniKushan @BradBelmont @ctznaware @sarahkendzior @LardFDorkness @Mediaite @MalcolmNance It's not just blacks.
Even on MSNBC, I feel like they have "Minority" weekends, where they air Joy Reed, Richard Louie (sp?)/ Asian American, & (apologies in advance for butchering his name) Ehman Mohadeen (Muslim American), among others.
Except 4 Melvin where POC-during the wk? @whitleyroses @ImaniKushan @BradBelmont @ctznaware @sarahkendzior @LardFDorkness @Mediaite @MalcolmNance I am still p*ssed off about them firing Tamren Hall-I loved her.
Malcolm Nance is awesome. He is sometimes on w/Ari Melber & Chris Hayes but not enough.
I did forget about Ali Velshi (Muslim American). He is on during the week: 2x/day.
I agree with you 💯
There needs to be more
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@chillibeanboy I am torn between Warren, Harris, Biden, Buttegieg.
Warren: Policies
Harris: Intelligence/Fierce
Biden: Experience/ Foreign policy chops (relationship with every world leader)/COMPASSION
Buttegieg: Intelligence/Spirituality/ Representation
Biden/Harris ticket!
Or Warren/Booker @chillibeanboy `\_(··)_/´
I can't decide this early-after the 1st Debate, the choices will narrow bc it will separate the wheat from the chaff.
As awesome as the field is, each one has their own baggage.
The ones who "hang a lantern on their issues "will prevail.
#VoteBlueNoMatterWho is nominee
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76 yr old Mom needs help… Please take a moment & read our story. 💔