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Disclaimer before it even starts- Lyme patients that fought to have the Lyme ‘vaccine’ removed from the market are NOT antivaxxers

I know this because I am 1 of them

Anyone who follows me KNOWS that I’m pro science, pro vaccine & pro public health
I wrote this very personal thread, despite hating opening myself up to the inevitable BS that will come from discussing 1) #LymeDisease in general & 2) anything to do w/ vaccines for 2 very specific reasons



Reason #1

Discussions of the Climate Crisis has brought about an uptick in posts about Lyme Disease & blaming antivaxxers for there no longer being a Lyme vaccine

I can 100% assure that antivaxxers had almost nothing to do w/ LymeRix being taken off the market
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There are over 400 peer-reviewed articles discussing the association between #Lymedisease and neuropsychiatric symptoms (continued in comments). #LymeDiseaseAwarenessMonth #Lyme
1/4 The biggest challenge for people suffering from mood disorders is most mental health practitioners are not trained to look for the underlying cause(s) of the symptoms – including Lyme disease.
2/4 Many people end up on mood-stabilizing medication for years – or a lifetime – without a known cause of their symptoms. In some with Lyme disease, mood symptoms may improve on psychotropic medication, but symptoms often relapse.
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[CASE REPORT] Brain biopsy detects #Bartonella in brain lesions: A 28-year-old woman presented to the neurology department with progressive vision loss in both eyes over the prior four months (continued in comments). #Lyme #Lymedisease
1/5 She had a history of #lupus and had been on high-dose prednisone. A brain MRI showed numerous lesions in her cerebral and cerebellar hemispheres.
2/5 A brain biopsy was performed, and Bartonella henselae was discovered. Antibiotics were started, her vision improved, and the lesions resolved.
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@madeleinedaisyr Alan Steere took out the legitimacy & decades of research & progress for #MECFS & #fibromyalgia in 90s. He had published they & #lymeDisease caused serious neuroImmune illness. For the 1st #lyme #vax, he took all 3 out, saying all were hysterical Womens’ non-illnesses instead 2/
@madeleinedaisyr Why did he (#bigPharma) take out #MEcfs & #Fibromyalgia along with #lymeDisease when the goal was to change #lyme medicine knowledge so they could approve Lyme testing they knew wouldn’t work? Cause all 3 are caused by the same thing. Lyme results in MECFS & #fibro 3/
@madeleinedaisyr A #stanford researcher was looking into markers for #MECFS (2015-2020ish) & was funded & all was good. AS SOON AS he added #lymeDisease into his #MECFS research, he was suddenly taken out in a scandal & I don’t believe he did what accused of. When added lyme-that a coincidence?4/
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Some of the “data” MarDx provided in their IgM Western blot application to the FDA. (MarDx WBs were 1st to be cleared after infamous #Dearborn conference.) A few interesting tidbits in here.

#LymeDisease #FOIA Image
My favorite: For their sensitivity study, MarDx included specimens of physician-diagnosed cases “relative to #LymeDisease case definition.” These undoubtedly would have been pre-screened arthritis samples from the Triangle of Death, Steere/Wormser/Dattwyler.
#LymeDisease Image
I can’t even imagine anyone today getting away with using “physician-diagnosed” samples to validate a #LymeDisease diagnostic device’s sensitivity. The crooks would surely protest. I’ve looked @ a lot of 510Ks & have never seen this before.
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It might be shocking to people to learn that the original #LymeDisease vaccine, #LYMErix, was so bad & the diagnostic tests so inaccurate, that the surveillance case definition of #Lyme was changed to make them both seem effective. Not a theory; the FDA devoted a whole meeting. Image
It’s probably most shocking to the people who got LYMErix & experienced AEs, & people with #LymeDisease who have been tortured for years or decades without treatment because the “experts” who were in on the scam still control the dialogue to this day.
They’ve trained a whole new crop of gullible, easily indoctrinated, sadistic egoists to carry on for them. Any #LymeDisease “experts” coming out of Yale, UConn, Harvard, NYMC, Hopkins, Stonybrook, UMinn should all be treated with a healthy dose of skepticism.
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I saw the @QuietEpidemic yesterday at 1 of the premieres. It can be hard for lymies to get places, but if you’ve never been to a #LymeDisease film premiere, U are surrounded by #lyme peeps who’ve been through what you have, & know true suffering & what it takes to not give up 2/
2. The #lymeDisease film @QuietEpidemic is very well made, shows what it is to have #lyme, how it destroys lives, & that it isn’t confined to a few NE states. & it dares to share truths & show names & faces! These R the truths that WE must get known to the world. It’s up 2 us. 3/
3. It shouldn’t be, but it’s up to #lymeDisease patients, loved ones, & the few #doctors that treat #lyme (the few that actually understand illness & medicine & biology) to disclose the federal “health” agencies & #bigPharma intently made testing fail & caused illness in many 4/
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#LymeDisease awareness.

Oh, the things I’ve become aware of, in the last 10 years. TEN years? How time flies when you’re learning something new every single day.

I learned: Image
• The government recognizes only one secondary immune deficiency disease, and it’s not Lyme.

• Yes, “chronic Lyme” can be a condition of immune deficiency.

• There is only one nonprofit fighting to fix the root of the problem, and I had to start it myself.

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Alan Barbour is an old-school bioweapons scientist who made his name with #LymeDisease. He was studying spirochetes at NIAID’s Rocky Mtn Labs before Lyme was named Borrelia burgdorferi, for his colleague Willy.… Image
This is the “Barbour” from “Barbour-Stoenner-Kelly (BSK) medium,” a medium they developed to more effectively culture spirochetes. He also owned the original patent for recombinant OspA, the antigen in the original #LymeDisease “vaccine” and the new one being developed by Pfizer.
For the record, OspA is not a vaccine, does not induce immunity, and is a *cause* of #LymeDisease. Barbour knew all that but licensed his patent to SmithKline & Yale anyway, resulting in the failed #LYMErix which harmed many people before it’s withdrawal after 3 years.
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NEW RESEARCH: Herbal and enzyme formula effective at reducing #Biofilms. Biofilms are a polysaccharide matrix secreted by microbes to create a protective community. Think of a biofilm like Jello surrounding a raspberry in a dessert (continued in comments). #Lymedisease #Lyme
1/5 Biofilms can make bacteria up to a thousand times more resistant to antibiotics. #Candida and #Borrelia (the bacteria that cause Lyme disease) commonly produce biofilms.
2/5 This newly published research study examined the effect of an herbal and enzyme formula containing NAC, cranberry, berberine, rosemary, peppermint, and enzymes on biofilm mass on five pathogens.
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[CASE REPORT] The CDC reports a case of Borrelia miyamotoi in California man: The Center for Disease Control (CDC) just published a case report In their journal, Emerging Infectious Disease, of Borrelia miyamotoi in California (continued in comments). #Lyme #Lymedisease #TBRF
1/7 The man was on a drug for multiple sclerosis, so he was considered immunocompromised. He experienced fevers that lasted a day, every 10-14 days, nausea, and “visual changes.”
2/7 Borrelia miyamotoi is a close cousin of Lyme disease and part of the tickborne relapsing fever group (TBRF).
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#lymeDisease is being #imprisoned in a life of brutal symptoms for YEARS! It IS a sentence of #imprisonment. The corruption of #lyme medicine=innocent people convicted & unjustly punished for crimes committed by federal “health” agencies & #bigPharma representatives.For profit 2/
The CDC & #vaccine makers KNOWINGLY made #lymeDisease testing fail & reversed #lyme medicine science (began lying about all its impacts) in the 90s & then for the next 30 years told doctors not to test for Lyme & if they do, to use the test they made fail for their #vax trials.3/
For 30 YEARS, fed agency & #bigPharma representatives have continued to corrupt #lymeDisease medicine so their past remains hidden & can continue to make money off all the medicines sold to those suffering from illnesses CAUSED by the #lyme those reps caused to go undiagnosed 4/
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Since @US_FDA is dragging their feet posting my comments to… “Early Lyme Disease as Manifested by Erythema Migrans: Developing Drugs for Treatment; Draft Guidance for Industry” here you go. #LymeDisease
Breaking News: The incidence of #LymeDisease erythema migrans (🎯) rash is overstated by more than 10X.

This is done by sleight of hand in calculation method and reliance on the public to infer that the calculation is based on @CDCgov’s estimate of 476,000 cases per year.
Here are the last 2 pages of my document. The #LymeDisease “authorities” want the public to believe the 🎯 rash appears in 70%-80% of nearly half a million cases/year. In reality, the figure is calculated on *confirmed* cases, only about 45,000 in 2020.
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Will #BellaHadid’s sharing her excruciating & debilitating fight with #lymeDisease build awareness of the corruption that’s caused so many to go undiagnosed & through this same battle? For 30 YEARS doctors have been told not to test for #lyme & if do, to use failed testing.2/
#lymeDisease is a disabling multi-system illness transmitted congenitally (in the womb), sexually, & by mosquitoes, spiders, etc (not just ticks). It destroys the systems & organs it gets to & your immune system (making it deficient & reactive). Ur body can’t fight it awhile. 3/
Undiagnosed #lymeDisease works away at U & U are told it’s due to some other illness-then U have that illness or injury (like #covid) that’s the last straw & #lyme takes over. Doctors have been lied to about lyme for 30 years so if run failed testing they’ll tell u it’s neg. 4/
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A common myth about #LymeDisease is that serological tests work better after 3 weeks of infection because antibodies develop slowly. This is true for only about 15% of cases—those who have the HLAs needed to produce a strong & broad immune response.…
Notice the date: 1990. CDC’s #LymeDisease group knew this when they manipulated the case definition a few years later. They implemented a diagnostic scheme that only IDs that minority of highly seropositive cases.
That means #LymeDisease tests are *only* very accurate (especially after a few weeks) if #Lyme = a genetic predisposition to a strong immune response against Borrelia antigens.
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Some of the people with whom I interact here on twitland know me very well. For those who don’t, busting the #LymeDisease #mafia has become my life’s mission. I have been sick from a tick bite since 1995. I went undiagnosed for 14 years.
I passed #LymeDisease #borreliosis to my daughter in utero. She is a brilliant, shining light in this dark, corrupt world. When I started advocating for #Lyme victims I thought I was saving her. Turns out she has saved me by giving me a purpose.
I do not have a science background. I hated science in high school. I had to learn everything I know about #LymeDisease along the way. I did much of this publicly on Facebook for several years, sharing what I was learning with others who wanted to know the truth.
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When @TruthCuresLyme met with @US_FDA investigators in Oct 2021, it was a hybrid in-person/virtual meeting conducted on their premises and with their virtual meeting platform. Our attorney and a well-known clinician participated virtually.
We were on premises for 3 hours with 2 investigators & an administrative employee. We were told of only one other FDA employee participating virtually. However, something very telling happened prior to the meeting.
The virtual meeting invitation they sent was rescinded and replaced, causing confusion for our remote representatives. The new invitation included only their names. The old one contained the names of about 10 other FDA employees.
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The establishment creates this problem by first denying the disease, creating a vacuum that quickly fills up with untested treatments & questionable cures. Then they go about trashing their victims who desperately need relief, and the doctors who are willing to treat.
#BTDT #Lyme
It is both infuriating & heart wrenching to watch this scene play out again, with some of the same establishment players engaging in narrative control. Go to ~48:00 for IDSA creep Paul Auwaerter’s word salad tossed at Congress, thx to my friend @PowerOfNeo…
That they have denied, conflated & confused for DECADES #LymeDisease #ME #mecfs #cfs #fibromyalgia and passed them off as psychiatric, and now are doing the same with #LongCovid, should tell you all you need to know about #PublicHealth’s intentions.
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One thing about the failed #LymeDisease #vaccine#LYMErix—that has always been sort of a mystery is what the heck SmithKline @GSK meant by “definite #Lyme disease” and “asymptomatic infections,” the latter of which they claimed their 💉was 💯effective against. 🤔
I mean…

“If you are one of the few people at risk of having zero symptoms from #LymeDisease infection, take our #vaccine to make sure you are 100% protected from an illness you wouldn’t have known you had, if you had it!”

Quite the sales pitch.
I just happened to be skimming some of my #LymeDisease library and noticed this blurb from the October 1997 ACIP meeting.

“In year 2, there were 13 cases of asymptomatic seroconversion, all in the placebo group, for a #vaccine efficacy of 100%”

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Currently @pfizer is injecting 1000s of unsuspecting victims with their #LymeDisease product that definitely isn’t a #vaccine. Bacterial lipoproteins don’t confer immunity & #Lyme spirochetes are a moving target. This 🧵contains stories from victims of the prior vax, #LYMErix.
“Patients are suffering because doctors don’t want to deal with Lyme let alone the vaccine.”

Real patient stories submitted to @US_FDA after #LYMErix injuries. @pfizer is trialing a near duplicate #LymeDisease product right now. Expect similar horror stories.
“I am able to live at home *only with support * from family and friends, and a paid nighttime caregiver.”
#LYMErix victim
@pfizer is looking to cause more of this kind of suffering.
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One of the most damning examples of multiple government officials (from two different governments) engaging in psyops against people with #LymeDisease.
Author of email in OP is Edward McSweegan: de facto Chief of Staff for propaganda against #LymeDisease victims.……
The email came from a FOIA of Paul Mead, longtime CDC officer who started out in the Epidemic Intelligence Service. Unsurprisingly, many of the well known anti-Lyme #Lyme “experts” began their career at EIS.
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Love True healers the ones that teach you to heal yourself rare breed :)

this legend is doing it decades @_louise__ @RobertMorseND

Hey Dr Morse :)
@stkirsch 50 mins in he talks about spike protein's @VacSafety along with say water fasting, which was recommended by @leelasik more information… people also cured fibrosis with
are vaccine injured getting the right advice/help?
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“VLA15…uses an established mechanism of action for a Lyme disease vaccine that targets the outer surface protein A (OspA) of Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacteria that cause Lyme disease.”…

What’s wrong with this statement?
Yes, Borrelia burgdorferi cause #LymeDisease but more specifically, it’s the outer surface proteins that cause the disease. Including OspA. So, injecting OspA made in a lab is a really, really bad idea.
Also, anti-OspA antibody level is not a valid correlate of protection. Borrelia evade immunity through a mechanism called antigenic variation, in which they secrete outer surface proteins (Osps) and replace them with Osps that promote their survival under varying conditions.
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1/ We detected B. burgdorferi–specific immune complexes containing antibody to unique proteins, including recombinant OspA, and the corresponding antigen.”

What does this mean? Keep reading…
2/ It is well known that standard serologic tests for #LymeDisease produce a high rate of false negative results, meaning patients are told they don’t have #Lyme when they really do. As a result, alternate test methods have been developed…but rarely used beyond a research lab.
3/ In the early 1990s, Schutzer & Coyle developed a test that could help diagnose otherwise “seronegative” #LymeDisease cases. They found that antibodies that are bound in “complexes” can cause these false-negative tests.
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