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"The Lyme disease bacteria—Borrelia burgdorferi—is definitely one of the smartest bacteria on the planet.⁠ The spirochete is a spiral shaped organism. And because of its spiral shape, and the fact that it has many tales, called flagella... A pink squiggly bacteria (s...
...this organism knows how to move through the tissues. It can disseminate throughout the body and into your central nervous system.⁠
So we know what syphilis can do to the body—which is a spirochetal infection. And the problem is, Lyme is the great imitator, just like syphilis was.⁠

The most common misdiagnoses that I see in my practice are people who have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome...⁠
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51-YO🧔‍♂️alcoholic homeless living with dog in southern France: fever, confusión, a maculopapular rash on the trunk (A), hypotension, disorientation, an eschar on his right shoulder (B), & several tiny black spots
Careful examination: these spots were actually #ticks (a total of 22) attached on the skin; they were removed

During 25 h, he was examined by diferente doctors. Dermatologic examination was woefully incomplete, as often occurs when unhygienic, homeless, &/or drunken patients
All ticks were identified as #Rhipicephalus sanguineus, the brown dog tick, including 1 female (A) and nymphs (B).

#IDtwitter #dermatolgy
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Dr. Scott Commings. Beyone Meat: What alpha-gal syndrome teaches us about the immune response to tick bites.
Dr. @scott_commins says they first began to notice patients complaining of delayed reactions to beef in mid-2000's.
Commings says Initially the only test they had for Alpha-gal was a two step skin test.
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The lone star tick (Amblyomma americanum) has been rapidly expanding its range, from the Southern United States into the Northeast and Midwest. This tick is a major vector of several viral, bacterial, and protozoan pathogens affecting humans & animals.🧵…
A recent crowdsourced science project has documented the largest increase of the lone star tick in decades. Researchers @TickSpotters documented new tick encounters in over 300 counties—including six new counties in western states—where these ticks had not been documented before. Image
“The causative drivers of these upturns are complex, but have a lot to do with increased host availability, warming temperatures, and moisture availability,” says researcher Heather L Kopsco, PhD @HLK110

Source for our map (Kopsco et al, 2021)… Image
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#idboardreview 25 M 1 wk post vacation in california mountain cabin: febrile x3d then felt better for 7d and now having fevers again, chills, myalgia, dyspnea progressed to ARDS. wbc3k, Hb11, plt20k, peripheral smear shown. Dx? vector? reservior? #idmeded #IDTwitter Image
#borrelia #hermsii vector: tick, reservoir: rodents
-In USA: spirochete in bloodstream: agents of tick borne relapsing fever #TBRF including B. hermsii
-Spirochetes: genera Spirochaeta, Treponema, Borrelia, Leptospira
-Other regions Borrelia recurrentis louse-borne relapsing F
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1/🧵 You are a BAD #GOLFER & have a big day with buddies & are in the tall grass a LOT. Later, you take off a #tick👇and in 7 days develop a fever & headache. You have no rash. The emergency room gives you acetaminophen. Is that OK?
#medtwitter #Nurse
2/ Tick bites are a big deal in Summer months. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is a concern, and the absence of rash also brings up #Ehrlichiosis. This @NEJM paper showed that worse golfers retrieved balls from the rough & got the dz more often!
3/ Of those with #Ehrlichiosis, 20% get bad nervous system dz & 20% of those die. If you live in Southern US and find a Lone Star tick (pic above), and then develop fever & headache, get evaluated and probably start the antibiotic doxycycline quickly!
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New | Phylogeography of Borrelia spirochetes in Ixodes pacificus and Ixodes spinipalpis ticks highlights differential acarological risk of tick-borne disease transmission in northern versus southern California. #Ticks #LymeDiseaseAwarenessMonth…
Between 2008–2015, 11,066 adult and 3,815 nymphal I. pacificus were collected from 42 California counties. Borrelia burgdorferi sl was detected in 1.2% and 3.8% I. pacificus adults and nymphs, respectively. #LymeDisease
"B. burgdorferi ss was not detected in ticks tested from southern California. In contrast, Borrelia bissettiae, a member of the B. burgdorferi sl complex, was detected in both I. pacificus and I. spinipalpis, in the coastal region of both northern and southern California"
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New | Evaluating the effectiveness of an integrated tick management approach on multiple pathogen infection in Ixodes scapularis questing nymphs and larvae parasitizing white-footed mice. #ticks #LymeDisease…
WOW! I. Scapularis: "90% reduction in the combined deer removal, Met52, and fpronil rodent bait box treatment and 93% reduction in the combined Met52 and fpronil rodent
bait box treatment"
cc @thetickguy
@thetickguy "Compared to control, the Met52 and fpronil rodent bait box treatment combination reduced the encounter potential with a questing nymph infected with any pathogen by 53% and with a B. burgdorferi-infected questing nymph by 57%."
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I was bitten by a #tick in 2011 & it's turned my worle upside down!
I was a practicing trial atty & am now on a walker.
I contracted E. Chaffeensis, Rickettsia of unknown et., & #Lyme.
I wasn't treated for 11 mos. By then, the tick bacteria had invaded my spinal fluid/brain.
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