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Good Morning @Karl_Lauterbach ,
Wir beides haben ja schön länger nicht geschrieben und da ich den Austausch mit ihnen immer so schätze, hier das neuste aus den letzten Tagen.
Jeden Tag melden sich mehr #LongCovid Betroffene bei mir, hilflos, ängstlich, verzweifelt.
Manchmal ziemlich aufgeklärt, manchmal aber gar nicht! Auf der Suche nach Tipps … viele verstehen nicht was ihnen fehlt, viele kennen PEM nicht, pacing nicht, glauben ihren Ärztys - das sie bloß schnell eine „Reha“ machen sollen - die hilft ! 🤡
Sie bekommen keinen Zugang zu Medikamenten, haben keine Ahnung von NEM, müssen sich mühevoll alles selbst erarbeiten, weil ihnen NIEMAND hilft! Viele (auch ich) geben all ihre Ersparnisse für #immunadsobtion oder #HELP aus, ihre Notgroschen, wenn sie denn welche haben! *3
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@elonmusk @TeslaOwnersWW @BLKMDL3 Family was excited to receive Tesla Y delivery on 1/24/2023. Was driving on highway and all the sudden steering wheel fall off, was lucky enough there was no car behind and I was able to pull on devider #SafetyFirst #Fixit #TeslaModelY #help… Image
Thank You all for your replies, retweet and concerns🙏🏼. Like to share inside of the car as one tweeter was doubtful(fake) account.
@elonmusk Response from Tesla Service Ctr Image
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@BharathamJaya @sanjeevsanyal 🧵OMFG!!!

Either it's too late & I'm tired

I've had one too many sherries

I've gone mad

Or I've #BrokenChatGPT

I tried some tests on the points you raised & it wouldn't play ball

Then it melted down or I've gone mad when I tested it on the #AtlanticSlaveTrade

Which is it😱
@BharathamJaya @sanjeevsanyal HELP! @Elonmusk @ScottAdamsSays

Am I too tired

Had one too many sherries

Gone mad

Or have I #BrokenChatGPT

Or was #ChatGPT already broken

Have I pushed AI into a #CognitiveDissonanceMeltdown

More to the point has this AI been taught to Lai?!

#Woke #CRT indoctrination!😱🤦‍♂️
@BharathamJaya @sanjeevsanyal @elonmusk @ScottAdamsSays #TwoMoviesOnOneScreen (#Computer)


Am I going insane?!😂🤣🤦‍♂️

Has #ChatGPT caused me to have a #CognitiveDissonanceMeltdown😯

Or have I caused it to blow a fuse & meltdown itself?😮!

Did #IBrokeChatGTP!!!😲

#ChatGPTBroke #GetWokeGoBroke😱

Can AI lai?!🤦‍♂️
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Hello Twitter World!

I have been vax injured for 21 months now due to the #Pfizer jab #1 ER8731. Life has been pure hell. I do have good moments, but that is when the Ivermectin is working. I have been gaslighted by multiple doctors, hospitalized, tried the FLCCC therapies 1/10
Now that Twitter is open to free speech, that is what I’m doing. I wasn’t an anti vaxxer before getting the jab. I just wanted relief from the Covid LH symptoms. I wasn’t very educated on vaccines. I don’t even like to call it a vaccine anymore. It’s a bio weapon in my body 2/10
I have lived with neurological, sensory, tinnitus, head pain,tremors, constant falls, nerve pain shooting in my legs/feet, cognitive decline, neuro burning all over,major fatigue, memory loss,light/sound/food/hypersensitivity triggers the spike proteins/inflammation sucks! 3/10
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Everyone knows that dogs make the best friends…and who doesn’t need more friends in their life?!

We’ve got new friends of all creeds and colors here, and all different kinds of personality types! Sweet and loving, silly and goofy, active and playful, lazy and cuddly…whatever
you’re looking for in a furry friend we’ve got lots of great options for you!

We’ve been so overcrowded these last few months that we’ve had to resort to housing dogs in pop up kennels in our hallways and office spaces. With our shelter having been so overly full for so long,
our dogs are looking to make human friends now more than ever. Each is hoping to find someone to foster, adopt, or rescue them! We have multiple dogs that have been in shelter for over a year straight - without a break!

Start browsing your new best friend options on our website
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It’s pretty safe to say I speak for all our shelter pets when I say their New Years Resolutions are to find love and leave the shelter. But these nine dogs have some extra asks!

We’d love to find rescues to help them with their extra medical needs! They need more than the
shelter is able to provide.

Give us a call at (281) 342-1512 if you’re able to help any of these cuties.

More details about each can be found on our website

#newyear #newyears #newyearsresolution #newyearsresolutions #dog #dogs #shelterdogs
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@threadreaderapp unroll Ik wilde wachten tot na de feestdagen want het zijn dure dagen voor iedereen. En toch....ik kan niet wachten. Als ik zeg dat ik 300,00 euro nodig heb om spullen te kopen voor iemand die op het randje leeft door ziekte en gebrek heeft aan
aan letterlijk alles, medicatie, speciaal voedsel, verzorgingsmiddelen, supplementen etc. wat zo hoog opgelopen is dat er nu 300,00 euro nodig is om het gat te dichten, wie wil en kan dan helpen? Wij als #TwitterHelpt hebben een kacheltje gekocht voor de kou
en basis voedingspakket, wat in dit geval al op 80,00 euro kwam. Ik had zelf aangegeven aan haar; schrijf alles op wat je echt nodig hebt om te overleven maar had niet verwacht dat er zo'n lijst zou komen die extra kostbaar is omdat ze alleen speciaal voedsel, medicatie en zelfs
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@MikkonenKrista #Islamistit ja lapsensa eivät kokaan tule kristittyyn maahan 'kotoutumaan' tai 'sopeutumaan, vaan tuhoamaan ja tappamaan - Insallah.
#Soros #Jihadists without IDs were attracted to #Finland with the #best #socialbenefits in #Europe.
@MikkonenKrista #MILITIAMEN INFILTRATE EU SHORES | Nov 19, 2019
- Miltias who have used the Refugee influx to present themselves as #Refugees Image
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A family that was starving and had only macaroni for four days was supported in Jalalabad. This family has more than 16 members. Yes, four young men in the family between 18-30, but no work. Almost 90% families are struggling with food, and winter items.… Image
Three more families receiving food and another a wood package. The package in first photo went to a family that borrowed flour from the vendor that provides packages to us in Nangarhar. I was standing there when he got the flour. Registered him, and gave him a full package. ImageImageImageImage
Two more starving families supported. None of this is possible without your generous donations to @ASEELApp. Every dollar you donate, goes to help someone in need. Let’s go and help someone in need. Donate here:…
#SaveAfghanistan #Donate #Helpinghand #Help ImageImage
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1. Me levanto a las 5

Empieza un nuevo y glorioso día. Mi enemigo es el botón snooze. Recito un haiku y desayuno aguacate. Solo fallas los tiros que no intentas. Eres pobre porque quieres

Hashtag #riseandshine
2. Visualizo el éxito

Mi superpoder es la anticipación. Me promocionarán en el trabajo si lo pienso muy fuerte. Me imagino levantando el trofeo de la vida. ¿Cuál es el premio? La felicidad

Hashtag #commitedtoexcellence
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1/5 Making an orphan smile gives you immense happiness. You cannot find it anywhere or anything. It’s this smile that keeps me motivated.

Ayat is an orphan. She has two brothers and a sister. Delivered them a Winter Package. Ayat insisted that I shall take a cup of tea. #Smile ImageImageImage
2/5 I didn’t want to go inside their house, but her grandma told her that he may not like to drink tea offered by an impoverished family. Then I spent 15 minutes with the orphans. They were so happy. On my way out, I asked Ayat to go with me till the street. #Afghanistan
3/5 I asked her what she wants. She said she loves biscuit but she has to eat it before going back to home. Because she doesn’t want her siblings to know she got biscuits. She returned home with enough snacks.
#Donate #Orphans #Happy #SaveAfghanistan
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“The Seventh Descent—Hunting:

“Killing of Planetmates & Eating Flesh Began Our Descent to Savagery & the Apocalypse Today”

is Chapter 7

of *Prodigal Human: The Descents of Man*

by Michael Adzema.

READ CH THREAD or CLICK a link for free BOOK...…

PH 7/1
[*Quotes/highlights:*] “…increasingly separated from Nature, from feeling, & from clear apprehension of reality, humans became insensitive.” []

READ BOOK… #devolution #psychology #hunting #anthro #birth #evolution #perinatal #primal #psyche

PH 7/2
[] “In becoming more numbed to their empathy & fellow feeling, they became inured enough to the spilling of blood, so that making life & death decisions over fellow planetmates became easier.” []

READ BOOK>… #devolution #psychology #hunting #anthro

PH 7/3
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Did you know that you can locate the best agents #near Newton MA, online & locally for "auto, home, and business insurance company coverage" in Newton, at "Lunova Insurance".

Find our "Newton Insurance Agents" #nearyouonline at #LunovaInsurance today at:…
Locate #localNewtonMA Insurance Quotes for your Business, Commercial, High Value Home, & Auto policy #coverage #withour Lunova "Insurance Quotes #near Newton Massachusetts" at… #LunovaInsurance #NewtonMAinsurancequotes #business #auto #homeowners #coverage
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Tomrrw I leave my family for a mo to try #helpapheresis for #LongCovid. I know it isn't a cure & results vary & understand my privilege for being able to try it. But I'm going to give an honest, real-time account of it here bc so many are curious. Watch this space #TeamClots
Day 1: up @ 5AM thinking of all the things I shld do today before I leave. Realizing last night was our last fam dinner at home for a mo was tough. Hubs & kids so hopeful this will bring back some of the person I used to be. We all miss her. #LongCovid #HelpApheresis #TeamClots
Two legs of the journey down, one to go. Exhausted but in good spirits. Traveling is hard with #LongCovid & #POTS (understatement of the year). My companion is good company and keeps me smiling. Image
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Table of Contents for



Return to Grace, Volume 10


*Experience Is Divinity* is now available to all on my blog & can be downloaded as a pdf file, with my compliments. Click links.…

Dedication, *Experience Is Divinity: Matter As Metaphor*:

“To all my sisters and brothers from all species of other mothers.”

READ BOOK… #psychology #consciousness #spiritual #mystic #primal #transpersonal #psychedelic #shamanic #psyche #tao

*Experience Is Divinity* CONTENTS



THREAD…… #psychology #consciousness #spiritual #mystic #primal #transpersonal #psychedelic #shamanic

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Chapter 6

of *Prodigal Human: The Descents of Man*

by Michael Adzema, is titled,

“The Sixth Descent—Mistrust:

READ THREAD or CLICK a link for free BOOK

READ BOOK…… #birth #psychology #BasicMistrust #perinatal #BasicTrust #devolution #parenting

PH 6/1
Chapter 6 is subtitled,

“Mistrust of Nature, Mistrust of Divine Providence...

“Our Experience of Birth Determines Ever Afterward Our View of the World”

READ THREAD or CLICK a link for free BOOK

THREAD… #birth #psychology #BasicMistrust #psyche

PH 6/2
“[*Quotes/Highlights:*] “The cold, hard fact is that our experience of our birth—that is, the amount of pain & discomfort we experience in the process of delivery added to those first crucial moments & hours...” []

READ BOOK…… #birth #psychology

PH 6/3
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This morning I saw something I will NEVER forget.

We were at a store in Southeast #Calgary. We were shopping for some groceries when my stepson saw someone take a package of meat and put it under their shirt and then slowly walk over to their cart. #Food #Hungry #Alberta #yyc
Someone then took it upon themselves to legit walk over there and publicly shame the person. Sure people came to the person who took the package of meat but the other entitled bigot just wouldn’t stop.

I stepped in. I was NOT going to let another #Calgarian be treated like that.
I went over to the person and asked if I could help at all. The entitled bigot told me to kick rocks (in not so nice words) but I wouldn’t let that phase me.

I told the person in a loud voice that we would have no problem buying them some groceries no questions asked. #Groceries
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We have 2 requests on our list to tend to before we hit the ground running this week!

If we could get help with the following two request that would be amazing!

This week we have a busy week with a very important announcement that will be coming this weekend! #yyc @cmcalgary
Here are the two requests that we need help with:

Request One:

Senior lady needs help with a #Enmax bill in the amount of $373.09 She also needs help with a few over the counter medications. For a list of what he needs please DM😊

#Alberta #Calgary #Canada #Help #DoGood #YEG
Request Two:

Single mom needs help with some OTC medications cause her two kids are sick. Also needs a special needs hamper that is high in protein/low in salt & contains items that little artificial dyes.

#HelpNeeded #PayItForward #MedTwitter #Help #COVID19 #helpinghand #Care
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⚠️ This Tweet Has Graphic Images ⚠️

Today I was driving in the NE in and around the neighbourhoods when I was about to turn around and head home when I saw someone flag me down.

A older gentleman and his girlfriend asked me if I had any water or anything to eat. @cmcalgary
I pulled over, put my flashers on. I got out to grab them some water and snacks and saw the older gentleman limping & in obvious pain.

When I say hobbling I mean every few steps he stopped to catch his breath because he was in so much pain.

That’s when I said I’d come to them.
I grabbed some bottles of water, snacks, some backpacks, and asked them if they needed anything else.

He told me his bandages had dried to his skin and that he was refused care at a place here in Calgary when he asked for a dressing change.

#homelessness #HomelessCrisis #YYC
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1) Two days ago, I went to Surkhrod in Nangarhar to buy breaks. There I saw small girls doing heavy work. All day, these girls help their parents make breaks, and at evening they collect the remaining coal to make fire in their houses.
#Afghanistan #SaveChildren #Children #help
2) These girls are very strong. I asked them about school. All of them said, there is no school in the area. If there were any, they would go and study. Their financial situation is very critical. They were seven days a week, but still cannot afford enough food for the family.
3) I have issued them Omid Ids through @ASEELApp so that you and I help them. You can buy them a food package and put their Omid Id in the comment. #Donate #Feed #Food
Their Omid Ids:
Buy package here:…
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A quick thread on why helping #bumblebee queens who might get trapped in your house, conservatory, greenhouse or polytunnel to escape quickly is so important at this time of year. Please pass it on/#retweet. Thanks.🙏🏼 1/10
#bees #bumblebees
First: the #bumblebee lifecycle in brief.
Queens emerge from hibernation in early spring. They’re hungry obviously and need food. They feed up and immediately set about searching for a suitable site to establish a nest. 2/10
#bees #bumblebees
Once they identify a suitable site they store a small amount of food and lay their first batch of eggs. They sit on these eggs to keep them warm making necessarily efficient foraging trips in between to maintain the energy required to produce the heat for the eggs. 3/10
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Afghanistan is full of sad stories, this one made me and two of my friends cry. #Afghanistan #Poverty #Hunger #HumanitarianCrisis #Donate #Help #GoFundMe #food #AfghanWomen #Afghans
Story of Bas Bibi
#RT for awareness #Share
@ASEELApp @minasharif @CrystalBayat37
1. I was sitting with a friend in bank. He is the deputy director of the branch. An old lady (Bas Bibi, a 63 year old women) entered his office and offered a card to my friend to check whether her retirement rights are added to her account. My friend checked it and said, “there
2. is no money in your account, your retirement payment isn’t added”. After hearing this, Bas Bibi was about to fell but sat on the couch. We all were looking at her while her tears were making routes on her face. I told her, “Mother, plz don’t cry”. She said, “I have promised my
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