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6 May
Dr Judy Mikovits says that #COVID19 is PROPAGANDA masking as *science*.
Judy Mikovits says Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) is a recognised disease & was renamed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to obfuscate its existence and cause.
The epidemic of ME in the 70's- 80's was spread throughout the world through contaminated blood supplies and through vaccines...
...all with the knowledge and assistance of the CDC, the NSAID, the insurance companies and the WHO.

Dr Judy Mikovits says the chief perpetrator of this massive crime was, and is, #AnthonyFauci.
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6 May
New post by Fiona Barnett.…

1/ "We are experiencing a global version of the CIA torture & mind control I suffered as a child. Social isolation, confusing and contradictory instruction, false promises –
2/ "these are all features of CIA mind control, used to break an individual down & prime them for suggestion.
3/ "Bible prophecy is playing out before our eyes. The first, white horseman of the apocalypse is given a crown (‘corona’ means ‘crown’), and he rides forth to conquer the earth.
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3 Apr
Dr Shiva Ayyadurai on Covid19 and how the media/govt is not giving good advice to the public.
Skip the intro and go to about 5.00 where the interviewer puts his first question to Dr Shiva.
Dr Shiva talks about what viruses are, what viruses do, how the human body responds to viruses, downsides of vaccinations and how science has become infiltrated (and corrupted) by massive amounts of corporate money.
"The entire goal is mandated medicine."
Fascist / Pharma / Fauci / Fear
#Fauci, #BillGates, #Clintons, #CDC, #WHO, #MarkZuckerberg #DeepState, #Event201.
The #VaccineCourts limited liability for #BigPharma.
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27 Mar
I think Probably Alexandra is a gatekeeper for the cartel.
She believes in reincarnation so I don't think she is a true/genuine Christian, let alone a wise Christian.
At 17:09 in this video she says King Solomon was one of St Germain's incarnations.
I pay close attention to the words and phrases people use. If Probably Alexandra really were a true Christian, she would NOT use the word 'incarnation' the way she did.
It is no accident she used it that way.
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24 Feb
"There is a God – and it’s not you. 'I AM' is reserved for the Creator God of the Bible.
Christian prayer in Jesus’ name trumps the occult, witchcraft, black magic, voodoo etc."
An EXCELLENT post by Fiona Barnett.…
"The greatest source of power over Mental Influence is free and not hidden beneath degrees of initiation."
— Fiona Barnett
[all quotes will be from Fiona's blog post given in the top tweet in this thread.]
"The fundamental difference between witchcraft and Biblical Christianity is this: witchcraft involves someone manipulating the external world and other people to achieve their own will."
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28 Dec 19
"The sex trafficking industry in America is huge. It probably makes more money than illegal arms and illegal drugs combined."
Melody Bannister is trying to save her children from torture and sex trafficking by Perps who are wealthy 'c'hristians.…
TRIGGER WARNING: "What kind of man enjoys tying a little girl down to the floor and beating her with a bullwhip as he says, ‘You are fat. You are ugly. You are stupid. You are worthless. Nobody will ever love you.’ "
"What sort of human being, over six feet tall, big and intimidating, will rape his kindergarten-aged granddaughter in the darkness of his barn loft, then hand her to his longtime friend to be raped anally?"
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5 Dec 19
Dutch woman testifies that she was ritually raped, tortured & trafficked from the age of 4 years old by her parents, grandparents, family doctor and the minister of a Dutch Reformed Church.
Her name is Toos Nijenhuis.
Perhaps the most shocking part of this tale, is that in the list of names given by Toos, were the highest members of royalty and church like: Cardinal Alfrink, Prince Bernhard, Menachem Mendel Schneerson, Lord Moundbatten, Prince Philip, Joseph Ratzinger and Pope John Paul II.
I encourage folks to support @LouderThanLove1
--It was through him that I learned about this video.
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28 Nov 19
Wayne Grudem says: Clergy must decide whether a victim of domestic abuse may divorce.
SBC's ChurchCares curriculum says: Leave the choice to divorce to the victim.
I say the Bible gives liberty to victims of domestic abuse to divorce their abusers.
The SBC's ChurchCares curriculum…
Wayne Grudem's change of mind…
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22 Nov 19
Heads Up to those who follow Q who think Trump is trustworthy.
#Qanons #Trump #StrongDelusion #MysteryOfIniquity #Deception
What is really going on? God is the only one who fully understands what is going on. Believe in Jesus or you will be lost.
Trump hanging out with Bill Clinton
Trump hanging out with Bill and Hillary Clinton.
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13 Nov 19
Sasha Stone (from the ITNJ) claims to be an advocate for child abuse victims worldwide.
Here are screenshots from @LouderThanLove1's exclusive interview w/ a survivor of abuse by Sasha Stone.
The shots expose scams, prostitution, human trafficking, illegal recordings of sexual encounters & pedophilia tendencies by a man [Sasha Stone] who is a very dangerous sociopath & gatekeeper!
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13 Nov 19
Boys for Sale—The Tragic and Shocking Abuse of Boy Prostitutes.
Many of the men who participate in this "practice" are among some of the most respected people at the top levels of the U.S. corporate and governmental structures.
In this 1981 video Dr. Tom Philpott and Mark McKinnon (former Editor of The Daily Texan) discuss child sex trafficking in the USA.
Dr Tom Philpott found that these children are frequently physically abused, even tortured and killed.
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11 Nov 19
Heads up to all who follow @Dnajlion7 aka Daniel John Lee.
IMO he is not safe.
@dnajlion7 @Dnaijlion7 aka Daniel John Lee is a sexist who believes that women are the property of men and are essentially slaves.
@dnajlion7 @Dnajlion7 aka Daniel John Lee has a criminal record: failure to appear, contempt of court, resisting arrest, stalking.…
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10 Nov 19
The Intelligenzaktion —Intelligentsia Action— was a secret mass murder conducted by Nazi Germany against the Polish intelligentsia early in the Second World War.
The Deep State is doing the same thing now, using electronic weapons.…
Here are some people who state they are currently being hit with electronic weapons by the Deep State/ International Crime Cartel/ Intellegence Agencies:
@JITupdate @ShurterD @jafelco @FightingMonarch @B91827364
Julian Assange must be another one.
"Adolf Hitler ordered the murder of the intelligentsia and the social élites of Poland to prevent them from organising the Poles against their German masters, and thwart the occupation and colonisation of the country..."
– from Wikipedia
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6 Nov 19
Archaeological investigation showed there WERE tunnels under McMartin Preschool.
""If the stories of the children were bogus fantasies, there is no excuse for the tunnels discovered under the school. If there really were tunnels, there is no excuse for the glib dismissal of any and all of the complaints of the children and their parents."
(from the article)
Archived link to the article…
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30 Oct 19
For God so loves the world, that he has given his only Son, so that none who believe in him should perish, but should have everlasting life.
John 3, starting at verse 16 (NMB)
For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but so that the world through him could be saved. Whoever believes on him shall not be condemned. But whoever does not believe is condemned already, because he does not believe in the name of the only Son of God.
And this is the condemnation: that light has come into the world, and men loved darkness more than light, because their deeds were evil. For everyone who does evil hates the light, and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.
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27 Oct 19
My thoughts on Q. Thread.
I’m using this video as my departure point.
Q: The Plan to Save the world
Q has done good by helping people expand their thinking.
Q’s diagnosis of the problem is fairly good, but it doesn’t get to the root.
When there are faults or shortfalls in a diagnosis, the treatment plan will probably be inadequate.
The treatment may mitigate some of the problem and reduce some of the suffering, but it won’t eradicate the problem and bring complete healing.
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13 Oct 19
Carolyn Hamlett was born into a Luciferian family and trained to serve Lucifer's agenda.
After many years she became a Christian.

In this thread I am quoting highlights from Carolyn's short biography.
"Lucifer/Satan’s most prized possessions are those who know the truth that Jesus is Savior, and who understand God’s real plan for mankind, but still choose to turn their backs on God and Jesus Christ, and willfully serve Lucifer as Satan against God."
—Carolyn Hamlett
"Satan offered me a place of power and authority in the global order to come if I chose to willfully serve him as my 'God' and turn my back on the real God and Jesus Christ.
I chose Jesus Christ, and I have never regretted a moment of my decision!"
— Carolyn Hamlett
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10 Oct 19
This article says that in the 80s #BillyGraham's nephew Ernest & Samaritan's Purse (#FranklinGraham) were involved in "repopulating" Jonestown after the massacre.…
Archived link:*/https://…
Billy Graham getting his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame sidewalk.
All the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame are pentagrams.
In other words, Billy Graham was an ACTOR.
Acting for whom? — that is the question.
The rest of this thread may help you answer that question. Weigh the evidence for yourself.
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17 Sep 19
Thread on #BillyGraham
I'm doing to help folks who want to come up to speed on reasons why it is so hard to get justice for abuse in the church.
Did #BillyGraham break the Billy Graham Rule??
I would say he did.
The balance of probabilities points in that direction.
I encourage Christians who are advocating for abuse victims to read this thread and examine all the evidence presented.
I've given as many citations as I can in this thread. Please RT and share. I will be unrolling it too so you can read it as a PDF.
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9 Sep 19
Fiona Barnett blew the whistle on #FranklinGraham’s support of #VoodooDoughnuts many months ago.…
When #FranklinGraham tried to scrub the fact that he’d endorsed #VoodooDoughnuts, Fiona Barnett called him out again.…
A victim of child trafficking testifies that #VoodooDoughnuts in #Portland is a child trafficking front.
No wonder #BillyGraham’s son #FranklinGraham tried to erase the fact that visited Voodoo Doughnut and 'loved the killer doughnuts’!…
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1 Sep 19
Family Courts often compel children to be with abusive parents.
This is happening all round the world—I hear it from protective parents in many countries.
Please Re-Tweet this thread to make more people aware of the problem.…
The info/evidence is massive, and has been accumulating for decades.
A secret holocaust, with victims in the millions, that's covered up.…
FAMILY COURTS in USA are FRONT organizations which function normally in cases w/out ABUSE.
In cases w/ABUSE of child or spouse, protective parent is silenced/attacked. Children are placed w/ABUSERS to keep those court cases going, paying attorneys etc
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