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Part 1

They've Been Planning this for Years - #COVID1984

Look at how we're being tortured.

Thanks to @99freemind

#coronavirus #nzpol #Auckland #lockdown #COVID19
#Melbourne #VictoriaLockdown #BillGatesIsNotADoctor #Masks #Event201 #LOCKSTEP #AGENDA21 #Agenda30
Part 2

They've Been Planning this for Years - #COVID1984

Look at how we're being tortured.

Thanks to @99freemind

#coronavirus #nzpol #Auckland #lockdown #COVID19
#Melbourne #VictoriaLockdown #BillGatesIsNotADoctor #Masks #Event201 #LOCKSTEP #AGENDA21 #Agenda30
Part 3

They've Been Planning this for Years - #COVID1984

Look at how we're being tortured.

Thanks to @99freemind

#coronavirus #nzpol #Auckland #lockdown #COVID19
#Melbourne #VictoriaLockdown #BillGatesIsNotADoctor #Masks #Event201 #LOCKSTEP #AGENDA21 #Agenda30
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Dear @cityofmelbourne @SallyCapp_
I am a doctor at the Royal #Melbourne ICU.

I worked 56 hours over four days in helping look after some of our state’s sickest patients.

At 10pm last night, I left work to find a fine on my car dashboard.
The day before lockdown, my bike was stolen from outside this hospital.

Public transport is off-limits to prevent exposure to the virus, and transmission to colleagues and patients.

Your “free permits” are long gone. There were too few to begin with. Many missed out.
In lockdown, who do you think is parking in the streets by the hospital?

It is the doctors, nurses, orderlies, pharmacists, physios, technicians, cleaners, cooks, ward clerks.

So when you send a parking inspector to Parkville, know that it is these people you are targeting.
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"On The Exact Same Day That The UN The World Economic Forum & Bill Gates Held Event 201
-The Pandemic Exercise For A Global Coronavirus Outbreak

The Military World Games Opening Ceremonies Was Held In Wuhan China" - @o_rips

THREAD - Keep Reading...

#Melbourne #COVID19
May 2010

Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development

(Lockstep: Authoritarian Pandemic Response Scenario)
This report was produced by The Rockefeller Foundation and Global Business Network.

#Covid19 #StoryOfCovid19…
Thu 15 Sep 2011

The anthrax scare: not a germ of truth

(links to Groups involved with Event 201, Fort Diertrick, and U.S. Bio Defense being turned on the public.)…
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@realDonaldTrump visits #WalterReedNationalMilitary Medical Center.

Only reason why he would wear that mask for **R the kids** that's my opinion...!
No he isn't playing with y'all..
He is just a good chess player that's all...!

#TrustThePlan ...!
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Long #MedEd #publichealth 🧵 might be applicable to where you live but is directed at my home town #Melbourne 🇦🇺

Melbourne’s R0 is now up 2.5 as per @JennyMikakos

That means every person with #COVID19 #COVID19Vic is infecting another 2.5 people. 1/…
Back in March Dr Angela Merkel used her communication skills & #STEM background to eloquently explain what R0 is and why even just a rise above 1 to 1.1, 1.2 or 1.3 is significant.

Worth watching interview 👇🏼which has subtitles for nonGerman speakers. 2/
Recapping: the current R0 of 2.5 in #Melbourne is very alarming.

Every person with #covid19 (test proven or not) will infect 2.5 people.

Fabulous gif by @siouxsiew @xtotl of @TheSpinoffTV shows the exponential increase well & what happens if we #StayAtHome 👇🏼H/T @simonahac 3/
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Hello. Today's #VirtualRailfanning trip is a bit different: the end of roller destination blinds on #Melbourne trams in the 2000s. 1/ Here Z3 229 is on Melville Rd West Coburg with an inbound Route 55 service on 3/5/2006. In November 2007 229 would receive LED indicators.
2/ On 16/5/2006, Z3 141 is on Swanston St in the CBD with an outbound Route 16 service bound for Kew. It is about to pass St Paul's Cathedral and its central spire which was being refurbished at the time. 141 also received LED destination indicators in November 2007.
3/ The 2nd prototype B1 class articulated light rail vehicle, B1 2002 crosses Spring St with a St Vincents Plaza-bound Route 31 shuttle on 22/3/2006. Trailing end blinds show destination 'City' rather than 'Collins St West End'. Converted to LEDs while stored at Southbank 2006-8.
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Thread: 1. 20/5/20: Refugees peacefully protested in MITA detention centre, Melbourne.
It's indescribable how the Australian government makes our lives miserable.
Our Australian friends, your solidarity keeps us strong.
Love from MITA people.
#Covid19 #GameOver #MITA #Melbourne
2. 20/5/20 Refugees peacefully protested in Kangaroo Point Central Hotel Apartments Refugee Prison. Brisbane.
Australia violates basic human rights.
'I miss my wife and son. They're in community.'
'Separated from my family 17 months. They're in Brisbane.'
7 Years we want justice.
3. 20/5/20: Refugees peacefully protested in The Mantra Bell City Hotel & Refugee Prison, Preston, Melbourne.
2515 days in detention.
Freedom. Set them free.
#MantraHotels #Preston #Melbourne
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ICYMI back on Feb. 7, 2020, I published: "A Harvester of Sorrow – First Wave of the SARS 2.0 Novel Coronavirus" / #COVID19 #1918Pandemic #Pandemic #Coronavirus #SARS… Image
San Francisco had the 1918 flu under control. And then it lifted the restrictions #COVID19 #1918Pandemic #Pandemic #Coronavirus #SARS…
#COVID19 #1918Pandemic #Pandemic #Coronavirus #2ndWave no kidding, use summer as a time to prep just in case, no matter what anyone says, bc a virus is much smarter than any of you...
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Who wants an Around the World With Mona in Sequins* thread?

*As she leads chants of Fuck the Patriarchy
#Soweto Theatre at @Abantu_ Dec 2019 #Sequins
#Chicago at @wcfbook and @ChicagoCouncil (video soon) Nov 2019 #Sequins
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Speaking at @Abantu_ in South Africa was last leg in 2019 of #FeministGiant World Tour. It was a privilege & thrill to start it in #Sarajevo with #Bosnia’s first Pride and end it in #Soweto with #AbantuBookFest. Revolution in Sarajevo to revolution in Soweto. It’s been an honour!
Along the way,speaking at Pitchwise in #Sarajevo, @strandbookstore in #NYC, @RMWAdam in #Amsterdam, @McrLitFest in #Manchester, @akefestival in #Lagos, @wcfbook in #Chicago, also in #Brooklyn, #Ottawa, #Sydney, #Melbourne & turning #Australia upside down via TV. It’s been a ride!
So many incredible audiences & new friends along the way. Many thanks to all who came to hear me speak. Many thanks for the love and the gifts. So many powerful experiences. I’ve returned home full. Time now to reflect and then write about these three months. #FeministGiant
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Fuck the patriarchy in #Soweto at @Abantu_ #abantubookfestival
Fuck the patriarchy in #Melbourne at #broadside2019 @wheelercentre
Fuck the patriarchy at @akefestival in #Lagos #AkeFest
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Thank you all who came to see @fbhutto, @Sisonkemsimang and me at @wheelercentre’s #broadside2019 on Sunday. And extra thanks to the woman who gave me roses & all who waited so patiently at the book signing. I was signing & posing for pics for an hour. (Pic via @JordioKinesio)
And shouting “Fuck the patriarchy” with 1,000 people in #Melbourne Town Hall wa 🔥🔥 Thank you all! #broadside2019 via @tesslawley
And MASSIVE thanks to the @wheelercentre staff who made everything run so smoothly at #broadside2019, including gently sliding over a tissues box for tears during book signing (I see you Bromley!)
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welcome to @LiteFootPrints' forum:

➡️ living in the clean economy — the case for a faster transition

#CarolynIngvason, lighter footprints' indomitable convenor, is introducing the evening's programme…

(facebook live link to be posted soon — or follow on along on twitter👇)
@LiteFootPrints a great lineup this evening!

#AntheaHarris of @DELWP_Vic

if you have questions for the speakers, you can make them (or boost other's questions) through #7873.

(look, i get a credit! these guys are professionals!)
@LiteFootPrints @Tom_Kompas @PeterNewmanCUSP @DELWP_Vic great to be working alongside @VictoriaMcKMcH this evening.

victoria is a veteran climate communicator and very capable chair.
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I am excited to arrive in #Melbourne to take part in the first-ever Asian-Australian Leadership Summit, which aims to highlight and address the under-representation of Asian-Australians in political, business, government and civil society leadership. #AsianAusLeadership
@Asialink_au @PwC_AU @OrgAALA @Austrade @BankofMelb @Committee4Melb @dfat @AusUnlimited @asiacapable @AsArticulations The Leading for Change report highlights the lack of #CulturalDiversity in senior leadership. While Anglo-Australians represent 58% of population, they hold 76% of senior leadership positions. Those from non-European background are under-represented by 16%. #AsianAusLeadership
@Asialink_au @PwC_AU @OrgAALA @Austrade @BankofMelb @Committee4Melb @dfat @AusUnlimited @asiacapable @AsArticulations @timsout @sydney_business @Committee4Syd @AsiaSocietyAus @AsiaSociety @ChinTanRDC @jasonyatsenli @AsiaSocietyEDU @theasianfmnst There is a compelling business case for #CulturalDiversity: It attracts the right talent, improves decision-making & performance. @McKinsey: Companies with most ethnically diverse executive teams (1st quartile) are 33% more likely to outperform their peers. #AsianAusLeadership
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1) Gah. OK. Here's a thread on the Australian neo-#Nazi groupuscule (see Roger Griffin, 'From slime mould to rhizome: an introduction to the groupuscular right', @POP_Jrnl, Vol.37, No.1, 2003) Antipodean Resistance ...
#antifa #auspol #FCKNZS
2) First, a coupla general obs. This disclaimer in James Hearnes' analysis of 'Siege' is worthwhile, but its application is not straightfwd, & raises a no of difficult issues.
3) In general, if I document nazi agitprop, it's typically w a view to using this material to actually identify those responsible for its production & distribution. So: Antipodean Resistance (AR) has developed a media strategy predicated on attracting attn, & its use of >
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Right-wing extremists were already on spy agencies' radars… via @canberratimes
1) A reasonable analysis, to which I would add a few things. First, ASIO notes that: 'Individuals motivated by other ideologies [than Islamist extremists] – such as an extreme left or right-wing ideology – may consider conducting an act of terrorism.'
2) That's why a no of ppl in some way assoc w anTEEfa stuff in AUS have received visits in the past few years. Further, concern over left/right extremism is not brand-new; it was also noted in the agency's 2010--2011 report. See :
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#antifa #auspol #FCKNZS

At risk of repetition, inre ths map via… I thought I might add a few more deets (another bloody thread).
1) 'Cooks Convicts' (MEL) emerged c AUG 2018. It incs Neil Erikson & Ricky Turner, but also a smol no others, inc (Eurydice Dixon memorial vandal) Andy Nolch, Rino 'Bluebeard' Grgurovic & Logan Spalding. L to R : RG, NE, AN, LS, RT. The hand signal may be familiar to some ...
2) Prior to CC, the grouping around Erikson he previously named 'Patriot Blue' after the white nationalist grping depicted in Stan's 'Romper Stomper'. The name was dropped after legal action, triggered by the Sam Dastyari incident (NOV 2017). See :….
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1) Hey it's time for me to goto bed, but one final thing inre #eggboy/#eggboi. As noted, neo-#Nazi Neil Erikson was one of the 5 or 6 men who, er, restrained the teen; Erikson has criminal convictions for antisemitic (FEB 2014) & anti-Muslim (SEP 2017) actions.
2) Perhaps in order to complete the trifecta, last year (MAY 2018) he was also charged w disrupting a church service -- which involved him & some of his thuggish mates invading Gosford church & scaring some elderly parishoners.
3) He's due back in Melbourne Magistrates' Court on MAY 13 to face charges of riot/assault/affray stemming from the Melbourne date of the DEC 2017 Milo Yiannopoulos tour; joining him in court on same will be his sidekick Ricky Turner & old nazi chum Richard Whelan.
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TBH, shocking as it is, I'm not that surprised at the #Christchurch massacre, or that the alleged killer livestreamed his assault on @Facebook. There's literally thousands of pages dedicated to spreading murderous Islamophobia on the platform, w an audience of many millions.
You can gain some insight into the nature of the milieu by examining the joyful responses to the massacre; useful insofar as it helps explode the Ordinary Mums & Dads™ myth that leading sections of Australian media have been/will continue to propagate. #ReclaimAustralia #auspol
The killer wrote slogans on his guns. Among them is a reference to
Josué Estébanez, a neo-Nazi who stabbed a teenage antifa, Carlos Palomino, to death in Madrid in November 2007. The murder was ofc celebrated @ the time by local neo-Nazis, including Neil Erikson.
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Congratulations to Ralph Cerminara on finally succeeding in his decade-long campaign to get himself locked up for being a racist kvnt in public.

Former leader of far-right movement jailed for foul-mouthed attack on neighbour… via @smh
1) As noted, Cerminara was once Der Fuehrer of one iteration of the anti-Muslim 'Australian Defence League', est 2010 & modelled on Yaxley-Lennon's EDL (Yaxley-Lennon is being toured, along w Gavin McInnes & Milo Yiannopoulos, by @PenthouseAU in April).
2) That ADL didn't get v far, but did serve as the avenue by which Shermon 'The Great Aussie Patriot' Burgess was 'radicalised'. Burgess is now, perhaps inevitably, a Hitler fanboy; in the last few years Cerminara has been vociferously denounced by him as a violent drunk. Sad!
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#invasionDay #Melbourne Ricky Turner ('Cooks Convicts', below) & Garry Hume tried to cause a scene @ Flinders Street today, w/o much luck. You may remember Turner from when he accosted Police Minister Lisa Neville a coupla weeks ago (…).
Turner is also #BFFs w Andy Nolch, who was convicted last year of vandalising the memorial to murdered woman Eurydice Dixon -- Turner though Nolch's action was brilliant & a total yuk fest. Other claims to fame include paying a nocturnal visit to Catherine Deveny's house >
> last year & another to the house of rival right-wing provocateur Dave Pellowe (who organised the tour by AltRight figureheads Stefan Molyneux & Lauren Southern). Turner will be joining Neil Erikson & Richard Whelan in court in May over charges arising from the MILO stoopid.
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0/ We're currently tracking at 40°C (104℉) here in #Melbourne, yet even that pales in comparison to the heat we're seeing in the #crypto/#blockchain space over the past ~24 hours.

What a day! Below are 22 developments that caught my eye.
1/ 🍑 Prominent full-service #blockchain technology co. @BitfuryGroup today announced a #Bitcoin #LightningNetwork-oriented product bundle called @Lightning_Peach.

Consumers, merchants, developers; there's LN-enabled solutions for all! Read more below.…
2/ 💡 After 18 months in stealth, San Francisco-based #crypto custody provider @Anchorage is live with its first product. They're building the first-ever crypto-native custodian!

Last year's a16z-led $17M Series A featured @Naval, @EladGil and @MLevchin.…
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