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Let the bells of confirmation ring again for #FionaBarnett, as the former Aussie Prime minister's daughter was seen at #JeffreyEpstein's home.
Why? Because the former PM is part of FVEY and [they] are the ones trafficking kids. Their own kids are used.…
Here was the headline/story before they changed it (Why did they change it?)
MSM is now desperately trying to spin the story of Prince Andrew& #JeffreyEpstein, saying that they had a bitter split in 2011... Do they actually think no other pics are going to show up?
Did the Aussie p.m. make some calls to get prev headline change?…
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This is an excellent thread, however I dont agree about the Vegan Mikey part at all. If anything, I thought he was set up.. There was another player who entered right after him, does anyone remember his exposure and then "death"/disappearance? His "Uncle?"

Yes, ITNJ= gatekeeper.
I feel this video is very much worth watching and exposes Eliahi (just EXACTLY as #FionaBarnett said, she was right again!)- the guy is creepy AF!
Whoops got times wrong, reposting:
Its a long video but eliahi vm starts around 9:15
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1. Thread on Keating, former Australian Prime Minister. There has been speculation as to whether the mystery brunette leaving Epsteins mansion was Katherine Keating… #KatherineKeating #PrinceAndrew #Epstein
The Mail looks to have confirmed it is her from another later photo… #Epstein #KatherineKeating #QAnon #PrinceAndrew
3. The Paul Keating Australian Prime minister connection to Epstein is one pedophilia network whistleblower Fiona Barnett told about some time ago… #PaulKeating #FionaBarnett #PrinceAndrew #Epstein #VIPPedoNetwork
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Child Trafficking, Rituals and Hunting Parties-
Audio interview segment with @Veganmikey and @lifttheveil411

👏Uploaded to the 👏#bitcoin #blockchain, where it can never👏 be👏 censored👏 or 👏removed. 👏
#survivorstories #BSV…
@VeganMikey @lifttheveil411
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Fact: I uploaded #FionaBarnett's new book, Eyes Wide Open to the Bitcoin blockchain. This CANNOT be done on BTC, only on BSV.
Free link to Fiona's book , stored in PDF format on the bitcoin blockchain can be accessed here:
Oh, I forgot to mention this cannot be UNDONE, either. Cannot be edited, or deleted. Thats bitcoin.
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#TracyTwyman - let's get her trending!

@universalagent was a #Pizzagate (and more) investigator, and now she is dead. Hanged.

I believe this woman was murdered because she got waaay too close to the truth and what these people are really doing, and WHY. After reading just one
article of hers, I have never felt more clear about what exactly we are dealing with and why. IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW. She really got to the bottom of it! All the symbolism, and their methods and motives.

But most of all, she got too close to exposing a real #pedophilering she
found on #YouTube, and she got too close to exposing the very dangerous #VoodooDoughnuts and their neighbours #Dantes. Remember them?! They're sure not trending anymore, though the dirt on them couldn't be more obvious! #ThesePeopleAreSick! Folk don't trust @VeganMikey anymore,
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George Pell is not just a pedophile. He is a Luciferian who ritually abused multiple children. He was in the audience during the Luciferian ritual #FionaBarnett attended at St Mary’s Cathedral when she was 14 years old.…
Australia's Child Abuse Royal Commission were supplied with multiple witness accounts of George Pell’s Luciferian ritual crimes against children. The Royal Commission poorly cross-examined George Pell regarding his cover-up of priests raping children in Victoria.
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