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Mar 5, 2023 18 tweets 16 min read
@charlesarthur @R_H_Ebright @Laurie_Garrett Stop fighting #covid is over (🤫#koopmans let it win as of day 1 running through society using #school as the tap to #herdimmunityNonsens #herddisability we are miving on to next #pandemic worked in for over a decade in Rotterdam… @charlesarthur @R_H_Ebright @Laurie_Garrett Dutch district court ruled that the government was right to ask Fouchier to obtain an export license before sending two hotly debated papers out for publication. The ruling, published yesterday (Dutch), could provide new roadblocks for Fouchier's research in the future.
Oct 22, 2022 31 tweets 20 min read
The lies 2020:

Don’t Panic, we go for #herdimmunity, #children can’t spread it and won’t be harmed

What was really
And use #schools as a tap for controlled spread. No transparency, no testing no mask

Lets spread the lie that mask simply don’t work

Begin Here #polarisation starts driven by misinformation and intransparancy by your government. Everybody could see that the measures were nog in line with urgency.

What were they hiding? Why no #zerorisk #zerocovid with borders closed. It could be done

2020: wait we know this will
Oct 19, 2022 4 tweets 1 min read
Serious adverse events of special interest following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination in randomized trials in adults - ScienceDirect… In the Moderna trial, the excess risk of serious AESIs 15.1 per 10k participants was higher than the risk reduction for COVID-19 hospitalization relative to the placebo group (6.4 per 10,000 participants). [3] In the Pfizer trial, the excess risk of serious AESIs 10.1 per 10K was