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How to implement “herd immunity” and blame everyone else.
1. Delay doing anything
2. Claim testing is not needed
3. Claim testing will be increased
4. Fail to provide PPE
5. Mix up the message over isolation, quarantine and distancing
6. Fail to order ventilators
... more...
7. Claim not enough chemicals to do the testing
8. Reduce the numbers dying from #COVID19 by not counting them
9. Increase numbers dying from #COVID19 by sending ill patients home to family
10. Claim that for most it is a minor illness
11. Ignore #WHO advice on days to quarantine
Having seen the latest lies by @michaelgove does anyone still think they abandoned the #HerdImmunity plan?
Even @Peston is calling him out.
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1/ THREAD ESSENTIAL READING: Excellent article by Mike Osterholm, @CIDRAP. Difficult to read, but there is some solace in hearing the truth from a renowned expert.…/coronavirus-trump-testing-shortag…
@Yamiche @AyannaPressley @uche_blackstock @choo_ek
2/ "It’s Too Late to Avoid #Disaster, but There Are Still Things We Can Do
Our #leaders need to speak some hard truths and then develop a strategy to prevent the worst.
3/ Of all the resources lacking in the #Covid19 #pandemic pandemic, the one most desperately needed in the United States is a UNIFIED NATIONAL STRATEGY, as well as the confident, coherent and consistent #leadership to see it carried out.
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Once people finish with how they ask what's next?

When will social distancing end?
When will there be a vaccine?
When will things be normal?

There ARE simple answers.
But we're in this mess because political people gave too many simple answers

And dodged the hard ones. Detail
👀 ⏭1/39
1. Me: Virology background
2. Not much science on this virus
3. Added fewer sources than usual - it's future looking
4. All (dates) highly speculative.

By the end, you'll be able to explain this defaced chart. I hope you'll agree we must make better decisions
👀 ⏭2/39
Before reading this, you might want to scan It's 70 tweets so I'll forgive you if you don't, but it's the background on the #Herdimmunity fiasco which is relevant here.

Immunity and Vaccines are often related. That's why we made a fuss.
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@PDChina Ignoring the dubious claim above, why is it doctors in the UK are still treating patients unprotected TWO MONTHS after the epidemic ripped through Wuhan and China?

Why does the UK government and #NHS ignore the precautions taken by Chinese doctors?…
What good does the handclap do? It’s sad to see the same praise for “fighting spirit” thrown at ill-equipped doctors on the front line the same way it was for the Wuhan doctors as if that compensates for the UK government’s wilful ignorance of the destruction worldwide
The argument people were unaware of this doesn’t hold when the same UK newspapers covered the horrors in Wuhan TWO MONTHS AGO…
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People are talking about "#HerdImmunity immunity." Do. You. Not. Understand.

With no vaccine, 60% of people have to be infected before herd immunity kicks in. 60% of the 2020 population of Australia (25,499,884) is 15,299,930 people. #coronavirusaustralia #auspol
2/ Some experts are saying it might be up to 90% of all ppl infected in order to achieve herd immunity, similar to measles. 1 in 7 Australians is over the age of 65.

4 million Australians w/disability and that is not even counting most chronically ill/sick people.
3/ Even if you do not care about disabled people and children who have chronic illnesses, maybe you could think about your parents and grandparents. If you need help with this, cut out their pictures, stick them inside your front door. Remember who you are putting in danger.
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1. I see #ReopenAmerica is trending, and excelsior to all the boomers willing to sacrifice themselves to #COVID19 so their grandkids can enjoy a trip to McDonald’s. Unfortunately there are only 4 proven models for dealing with this epidemic.
2. China - lockdown affected cities and provinces, sealing people in their homes. Use massive contact tracing teams to identify and isolate the infected. Manage outbreaks down to clusters and clusters down to cases.
3. South Korea - use technology and aggressive contact tracing to identify the infected hours after transmission. Chase the virus fiercely and use targeted quarantine and isolation to manage outbreaks down to clusters and clusters down to cases.
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1/3. On 13 March, @Channel4News reported on a new rapid #coronavirus testing kit - made in the UK - that diagnoses #coronavirus in 10 minutes!

They aren't available in the UK yet.

#NHS staff can't get tested.

But this report shows test kits being sent to Bahrain. #covidー19
2/3. It seems utterly bizarre that boxes of rapid #Covid19 test kits are being exported around the world, whilst frontline #NHS staff have to risk their health without PPE or tests.

It would be great if @cathynewman & #C4News could ask @MattHancock what the logic is behind this.
3/3. Watching this the govt's U-turn is very stark.

"As the WHO urges countries to step up testing for #coronavirus, the UK appears to be adopting a different approach. Ystdy (12/3) it said it would only test people in hospital." #Covid19 #Corona #Covid
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Asumsi utama Penanganan wabah secara Herd Immunity adalah Wabah tersebut PURNASIRNA, alias hilang sendiri karena Immunitas tubuh manusia yg kuat, jd yg lemah? Ya mokat saja, dan salah satu kunci sukses Herd Immunity adalah SURVEILLANCE.
Dalam doktrin Herd Immunity , maka Dokter ,Tenaga medis & mereka2 yg ada digaris depan penanganan Wabah, diposisikan sebagai CANNON FODDER atau UMPAN MERIAM, alias yg memang dikorbankan.
Ciri2 utama penguasa menggunakan Doktrin herd Immunity adalah seakan2 telat bertindak, meremehkan wabah dan tidak mendengarkan anjuran2 ahli yg ada digaris depan, contohnya anjuran lockdown di daerah2 pandemik .
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@ntvde @NDR @c_drosten

Gutes Podcast über Herdenimmunität gg #Corona

Jedoch welches Tool würde helfen das von allen Virologen angestrebte Ziel der Grundimmunisierung am schnellsten zu erreichen?

Ein Shutdown evtl von 1 Jahr werden wir schwer meistern.…
Food-for-Thought zu diesem Thema
...sorry etwas lang 😓 💦 (wird via @threadreaderapp zusammen'gerollt')


🔹Prof. Drosten @c_drosten hat im NDR Info, im sehr interessanten #coronavirus Update, kurz auch das Immunisierungsthema angeschnitten.
🔹Bei denjenigen, die eine Infektion überstanden haben wird der Virus sich nicht mehr replizieren können. Eine Ansteckung und Weitergabe ist dann nicht mehr möglich.
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The. Truth. Will. Out.

"At a private engagement at the end of February, Cummings outlined the government's strategy. Those present say it was "#herdimmunity, protect the economy & if that means some pensioners die, too bad." (The Sunday Times).
#COVID19 #Covid_19 #coronavirus
People horrified or surprised, haven’t been paying attention.

On 5/3, @BorisJohnson went on national TV & said: "One of the theories is, that perhaps you could take it on the chin, take it all in one go & allow the disease to move thro the population...”
“Let us brace ourselves to our duties, & so bear ourselves that, if Britain lasts for 1,000 years, men will still say, ‘This was their finest hour.’” CHURCHILL

“One of the theories is you could take it on the chin, take it all in one go, let it run though the population.”
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Many know UKGov for 2 months had a "Herd Immunity" [HI] plan for #Covid_19. now changed.

This plan was bad science, and NOT due to modelling.

The result, even with the change of strategy will be ~500,000 needless deaths.

I'm proposing now a theory of how it happened.
There's sufficient evidence that

1. UK Gov & advisors misunderstood viral behaviour
2. It reached for flu pandemic] choosing an ideological "survival of the fittest" solution
3. It ignored details of the plan, particularly warnings about viruses unable to [HI]
4. It failed or chose not to consult experts in the field
5. And deliberately sabotaged containment procedures in order to maximise exposure
6. It also failed to create the communication and NHS preparedness plans - speculation - because it thought they wouldn't be needed.
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These graphs—even when accurate—constrain our public conversation about #covid19au.

They are often very ‘zoomed-in,’ showing a few weeks from a given date (e.g. time to 100 cases).

The steepest incline in these graphs is South Korea. 1/n
We forget that these lines are graphing diagnoses not cases. The steepness can reflect testing capacity coming online and catching up with a backlog of cases.

And our obsession with the first few weeks reflects a problematic fantasy of complete prevention. 2/n
If we imagine that cases are exponential, that enables the fantasy that dramatic early intervention can prevent the #covid19 outbreak *altogether.* 3/n
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Here, we'll be collecting our journalism + recommended readings on #Covid19 in the one place so that you can read it, share it, and arm yourself with the most important context around the #coronavirus over the coming time. 1/…
The coronavirus has grown into a pandemic with far-reaching and long-lasting consequences.

As an #unbreakingnews platform, what we can do best is to help you understand developments by providing context for the news in a carefully considered, factual and constructive way.

At the link below, we're sharing key insights from our own reporting on the pandemic when our correspondents have the appropriate expertise.

We'll also guide you to the most important and trusted resources that we encounter outside of our platform. 3/…
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There is a lot of talk about #herdimmunity. Vaccination is the only safe way to achieve it. In the absence of vaccine, we need to practice #SocialDistancing. @BioRender made this amazing infographic to explain how a hypothetical virus spreads through the population. (1/n)
Herd immunity describes indirect protection from infectious disease when a large % of people in a population is immune to the pathogen. The % threshold of immune individuals required for #herdImmunity depends on how contagious (R0) the pathogen is. (2/n)…
#herdimmunity can be achieved either through vaccination or through natural infection. However, vaccination is the only safe way to achieve it. It also depends on how effective & long lasting immune response induced by the vaccine or infection to confer #herdimmunity. (3/n)
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While most people are rightly focusing on short-term measures against #Covid19, including #lockdown and #socialdistancing, I wonder how the medium to long-term political development will be like? In this thread, I want to collect the good, the bad and the ugly of this #pandemic.
How may societies react, and what may happen politically, if #Covid19 runs its course? In other words: How will #pandemicpolitics look like? Short term: I Assume we can halt the further exponential spread within the next 2-4 weeks due to isolation measures, but what comes next?
After 4 weeks or so, we will begin to reestablish normal life, based on what we learned ourselves and observed in other countries. Maybe schools reopen again, as they seem not to be central to the pandemic. More people will want to get outside and need to go to work.
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1/n Messaging from the UK government on how they will handle #COVID19 has been terrible. First, they miscommunicated their #herdimmunity strategy - which was flawed, in any case. Now they're saying their strategy was so flawed they're dropping it.…
2/ #COVID19 does not behave like the flu. Flu-based models of harm mitigation don't fit it. As soon as #COVID19 gets over around 200 in a country, it moves too fast for only #herdimmunity strategies; cocooning AND building healthcare-for-surge are essential.
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Draadje 1/
Mijn kijk op de speech over het #Coronavirus na het horen van de woorden van #Rutte?
Wie het virus heeft gehad, is daarna MEESTAL immuun. Die zekerheid kan Rutte ons niet geven. En toch kiest hij voor groepsimmuniteit ipv preventie?
Waarom zouden we voor groepsimmuniteit gaan ipv preventie? Ons maar gewoon laten besmetten in de hoop dat we immuun worden?
Waarom dat risico nemen? We weten dat er heel veel mensen doodgaan. Heeft dit al ergens gewerkt?
Is het virus niet in staat om te muteren en daarmee immuniteit te omzeilen? Is het al zeker dat er geen permanente schade is? Ik vind deze aanpak gevaarlijk en de verkeerde.
Rutte zegt nu tegen de rest: "Krijg toch allemaal de Corona!"
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Been speaking to Scottish Government Clinical Director @jasonleitch about UK response to #COVID19.

Lots covered and more to come. But for starters please read this on #HerdImmunity and the extent to which it is part of the picture (short answer: seems it still is.)
CJ: Do you agree with Sir Patrick Vallance, the Chief Scientific Adviser, that one of the aims of the UK government is for people to develop some immunity to this disease?

JL: I do, I absolutely do agree with him. Because we have no choice. You can’t get rid of this virus..
JL: You can wish it away, but it will not go.

So therefore we have to manage the infection safely across the whole population. While at the same time treating the individuals who get sick. And that’s why the health services are ramping up and adjusting to allow us to do that..
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The silence out of Japan is deafening.

I think that Japan, like the UK, is pursuing a strategy of madness with #DontTestDontTell and #HerdImmunity.

Japan, a country of 130 million, has tested 13,000 people for CV-19. If you don't see that Japan is one of the foremost proponents of #DontTestDontTell, you're just not paying attention.
There is no country in the world where I am more curious to see stats on hospitalizations for viral pneumonia over past 2 months than Japan.
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I keep hearing #herdimmunity is going to solve #COVID. Here's why IT WON'T WORK:

First, a primer on what "herd immunity" is:

Getting an infectious illness requires contacting people who are infected. If ppl are immune, they can't carry the virus.



The more people who are immune in a "herd", the less likely anyone in the herd is to contact anyone who is infected--the less the disease spreads.

You're protected by the immunity of ppl around you.

Herd immunity is a key reason why vaccines are so powerful.

But there is no #COVIDー19 vaccine. And the only way to obtain herd immunity is for ppl to GET THE DISEASE.

Ppl telling us that the solution is "herd immunity" are literally saying that we should encourage more people to get sick.

That's CRAZYTOWN for three reasons:

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Western Government's lax attitudes to public health & safety, as a secondary consideration to market integrity is being brutally exposed by effectiveness of response in Asia #COVIDー19 #CoronavirusOutbreak #Korea
Look at the trend of #Coronavirus spread in S Korea (everyone with symptoms gets #Covid19 testing) vs UK where only the v sick, footballers, CEOs & MPs get tested.
Containing #coronavirus: the lessons from Asia… #COVID_19UK
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I know it’s apt and amusing that Camus’ *The Plague* is selling well in these interesting times, but may I also recommend Simone de Beauvoir’s *Old Age*?

In it, Beauvoir described the hypocrisy of societies that claimed to value ‘human’ life. 1/
If the economy is founded upon profit, she said, “the entire civilization is ruled by profit. The human working stock is of interest only insofar as it is profitable. When it is no longer profitable it is tossed aside” (OA 13). 2/
In such societies, the reality beneath the rhetoric is that the value of a human being has an expiration date and the old are past it. ”It is not mere chance that makes families speak of a child who is ‘extraordinary for his age’ and also of an old man 3/
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The UK HealthSec - paid £141k+expenses from taxpayers' £ - has chosen to put his #Coronavirus update behind a paywall.

For those of you who don't have a Telegraph subscription, here are the main points.

(Frankly, @MattHancock you should be ashamed of yourself.)

"The coronavirus outbreak is the biggest public health emergency in a generation.

It calls for dramatic action, at home and abroad, of the kind not normally seen in peacetime."

Then goes on to express sadness at 21 deaths. All victims had underlying health conditions.

Hancock claims we have a plan "based on the expertise of world-leading scientists" and that #HerdImmunity is not a part of it.

"The over-riding objective is to protect life."

[Note: Telegraph earlier reported #coronavirusuk could be a way to *cull* the elderly...🙄)

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@peterjukes @BorisJohnson 1/. It was actually TEN days ago that @BorisJohnson first mentioned the ‘take in on the chin’ theory.

He told it to @Schofe & @hollywills on #ThisMorning on Thursday, 5 March.

A clip of him saying this was tweeted by @mvdct on the same day.

What happened next was remarkable...
@peterjukes @BorisJohnson @Schofe @hollywills @mvdct On Sunday evening, after a tip off from @CereinynOrd (follow her for #coronavirus), I tracked down the clip of the interview.

The clip beings with Boris saying: "One of the theories is, that perhaps you could take it on the chin, take it all in one go..."
@peterjukes @BorisJohnson @Schofe @hollywills @mvdct @CereinynOrd 3./ He goes on: "...& allow the disease, as it were, to move through the population, without taking as many draconian measures. I think we need to strike a balance."

To me there were two possible explanations for what Boris had said.

The second far more chilling than the first.
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