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The lies 2020:

Don’t Panic, we go for #herdimmunity, #children can’t spread it and won’t be harmed

What was really
And use #schools as a tap for controlled spread. No transparency, no testing no mask

Lets spread the lie that mask simply don’t work

Here #polarisation starts driven by misinformation and intransparancy by your government. Everybody could see that the measures were nog in line with urgency.

What were they hiding? Why no #zerorisk #zerocovid with borders closed. It could be done

2020: wait we know this will
Lead to many many deaths but the #vaccin is almost here, working hard, we know the #SPIKE is a big thing, hold on #Hopium being built.

Meanwhile lets keep up the lie of children not important to monitor😢 we know from SARS they build less #antibodies lets presume they just not
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#legislatives2022 On a ce soir la preuve que la foi dans le totem du scrutin majoritaire pouvant dégager des majorités absolues avec des minorités du corps électoral est à la fois inefficace et une drogue addictive contre la culture du compromis entre les forces réelles du pays.
#legislatives2022 Il faut changer de culture politique: abandonner le scrutin #majoritaire, qui a fait la preuve de son inefficacité, et passer à la #proportionnelle et à une culture du #compromis entre les forces politiques principales du pays ancrées sur une base sociale réèlle
#legislatives2022 La seule chose qu'aura produit le scrutin #majoritaire à bout de course, c'est une #polarisation extrême du spectre politique et l'encouragement à la #diabolisation des adversaires politiques au gré des circonstances... nullissime bilan.
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🍻New paper published on @BDCC_MDPI, collab. w. @mvitevit and @Fede_Botta:
Cognitive Networks Extract Insights on COVID-19 Vaccines from English and Italian Popular Tweets: Anticipation, Logistics, Conspiracy and Loss of Trust
@BDCC_MDPI @mvitevit @Fede_Botta We investigate almost 5k Popular tweets about #COVID19 and #vaccines from early 2021.
Remember when vaccines were announced?
How did massively read content frame vaccines? With which stances and emotions?
We use #cognitive networks and #machinevision to address these points!
We found #emotional #polarisation in the framing of "vaccines" in English tweets.
Emotions like trust and anticipation co-existed with negative emotions of sadness and anger.
A circumplex model corroborated this dichotomy. These emotions rose from discussions about cases/deaths:
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Fear & Loathing across Party Lines: New Evidence on Group Polarization

Research from 2014 revealed that in the US, political #partisanship was already in a harmful downward spiral. Since then, #polarisation of the electorate in the US & UK has dramatically increased.
Evidence from the 2014 study demonstrated that hostile feelings for the opposing party are ingrained or automatic in voters' minds, & that affective polarisation based on party is just as strong - often stronger - as polarisation based on race. Image
This matters not least because party cues exert powerful effects on nonpolitical judgments & behaviours, leaving voters open to manipulation.

In the UK & US, political actors know that political partisans discriminate against opposing partisans, & some unmercifully exploit this. ImageImageImage
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A #THREAD on polarisation.

Imho, we've arrived at a curious historical juncture, wherein the strategy adopted by either 'side' of *any* issue now follows a familiar format, regardless of what the issue is (I'm NOT claiming "both sides" of a debate have equally valid arguments):
1) delegitimise opposing organisations/beliefs/groups by claiming they're funded by anti-democratic individuals/organisations with a sinister ulterior/ideological motive

2) flood social/print/online media with divisive rhetoric demonising & negatively stereotyping the other side
3) claim supporters of a particular view have been brainwashed/radicalised by sinister anti-democratic forces

4) claim THE TRUTH is being deliberately suppressed

5) claim sections of the media are pushing a grotesquely distorted view

6) exclude non-partisan voices from debate
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A THREAD on 'masks', & the growing polarization that is harming all of us.

We urgently need to develop effective ways to reduce divisions, & claw back common courtesy & decency.

There's no quick fix.

It requires all of us to take responsibility for what we say & write.
MASKS have been used throughout human history, on all sorts of occasions — religious, celebratory, punitive, therapeutic and playful.

They are used to entertain, frighten, disguise and protect.

Masks can also be used to foster the emergence of new identities. Image
We sometimes wear metaphorical masks. We may feel the need to mask our true feelings in order to protect ourselves or others, or to conceal selfish, ulterior motives. We are said to ‘drop the mask’ in those rare, intimate moments in which we reveal our ‘inner, authentic’ selves. Image
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Due to high #inequality, the party of the right is now the party of individual capital flow, not of business.

At least, those are the people calling the shots / creating the outlandish policy. 1/2

#brexit #trump #polarisation #polarization #democracy
Then that same #inequality drives #polarization by creating false scarcities, which produce economic threats, which make lower-risk (but lower-payoff) opportunities more attractive than others. This part of the equation is what our new paper is about.…
Just found my last talk before self isolating then lockdown last March, which went well! NATO @STRATCOMCOE asked me to talk about social media & #democracy which isn‘t my area, so I got to talk about what were IMO the most important results of others.
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