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19 Sep
#breaking Christian Porter has resigned from Morrison government ministry.

Morrison cites his inability to provide further information about donors to the trust.

#auspol #christianporter
Morrison said he accepted the resignation. "It isn't just about actual conflicts, the standards have an obligation to avoid perceptions of conflict". #auspol #ChristianPorter
Morrison appoints Angus Taylor to acting minister for industry, science and technology.
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30 Aug
Morrison: "...whether it was the hesitancy around the AstraZeneca
vaccine, that many shared ... but this government didn't share, I can assure you"

FACT CHECK: between 8 April and 28 June adults aged 18-40 WERE NOT ELIGIBLE for vaccines, including AZ. #auspol #qt
If the government wasn't hesitant about AstraZeneca- why didn't it use the ample wiggle room in the ATAGI advice to allow people to take it with informed consent?…
Why was there a late-night press conference passing on the ATAGI advice as if it were a fait accompli? Why did the vaccine horizons in June assume it wouldn't be used by October?…
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27 Aug
Mark McGowan was pretty clear this evening that he expects virus free WA, QLD, SA, Tas and the NT will maintain their border restrictions if they're covid-free when Australia reaches the 70% vaccination target. #auspol
Earlier today, the Queensland deputy premier Steven Miles specifically credited the borders for eased restrictions eg dancing and standing at pubs.
Miles: "Border restrictions are critical to us continuing to have kinds of freedoms we have and people in other cities and states can only dream of."
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29 Mar
#breaking Michaelia Cash to take attorney-general's portfolio from Christian Porter #auspol #auslaw
Social services minister Anne Ruston joins leadership team of the govt, adding "minister for women's safety" to her title #auspol
Karen Andrews is the new MINISTER FOR HOME AFFAIRS (not Stuart Robert). #auspol
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28 Mar
Morrison wants you to criticise him for going to the football. It's a trap.
It's the same reason he doubled down on the father of daughters, I love Jen stuff - he's trying to stop the rot with blokey blokes and forgiving sheilas
Howard managed to skate through despite legitimate scandals in part because middle Australia were turned off by Howard haters, opposition so fervent it seemed irrational.
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16 Mar
Oh wow PM staff indicated to Morrison to take a question from Chris Uhlmann - the only non PNG vaccination question - and it's about Nicolle Flints speech on her experience of sexism. Now PM has to go, so none on govt handling of rape allegations. #auspol
The govt is determined to create a false equivalence between its fumbling the Brittany Higgins allegation, failure to investigate allegation against Porter (which he denies) and Flints complaints about GetUp. #auspol
GetUp has disavowed sexist/aggressive conduct to Flint. Labor has never condoned it. There is no equivalence between gross shit said to an MP on social media and the govt's own failures on the Higgins complaint and refusal of inquiry into Porter allegation. #auspol
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3 Nov 20
Every US presidential election is "hotly contested" @BreakfastNews. What's different this time is the president doesn't want all the votes to be counted. That's the news. Where is that?
So @davidlipson gives us a cross from the White House security fence, as if Trump needs protecting from us! Lots of focus on "violent protests on the street"...what about MAGA folks shooting people? Is that a concern?
Let's cut to Trump saying his rallies are really big without mentioning they're super spreader events!
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2 Nov 20
Christian Porter rejects premise of my question that there is some form of urgency in getting Commonwealth Integrity Commission oversight of pollies. Says there are already 11 public sector anti corruption bodies.
Porter confirms that law enforcement can be investigated for corruption of any kind, but public servants and pollies only 4 crimes.
#auspol #auslaw
Porter says the breadth is "very large" includes abuse of public office. Concedes it's arguable the jurisdiction is broader for law enforcement but says the benefit is there is clarity of what counts as corruption is. #auspol #auslaw
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6 Oct 20
THREAD on income tax cuts - the govt will trumpet the green column which gives a rolled up figure, but what's really going on is the yellow column is a one-off boost in 2020-21, and pink is the permanent increase.
#auspol #Budget2021
Notice something? Green makes it look like everyone is about $2K better off. Yellow reveals middle income earners are getting a ONE-OFF boost in 2020-21; and PINK shows the RICH are getting the biggest cuts.
#auspol #Budget2021
Why does this happen? Because for people earning $48K-90K the threshold changes only compensates for loss of low to middle income tax offset. So the middle are only ahead in 2020-21 because in that year they get BOTH.
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5 Aug 20
So the ASD won't "collect" information but they will help AFP "identify" people (by accessing their information) Hmmmmmmmm...
Seems @annikasmethurst story was RIGHT ALL ALONG, not that it was ever in doubt.
@annikasmethurst Smethurst story said there was a push for ASD to get domestic powers. Dutton/Home Affairs denials were always nonsense, claiming that as long as their wasn't a mass information gathering power on all Australians, only on criminal suspects, that somehow made the story wrong.
Of course we'll have to see what actually limits this to identifying people allegedly accessing/distributing child abuse material.
Because most of the powers in the encryption legislation apply to ALL crimes punishable with a sentence of 3+ years in prison.
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27 Jun 20
Who needs facts? If you had the intuition that BLM protests would cause a spike in cases then there was a spike, QED.
If you hate multiculturalism, blame the Eid dinner.
The world is not an objective reality external to me, the world is only my perception of it, so I can create my own subjective reality with my spidey sense, filter bubble and hostile media.
Lets give the most powerful elective office in the world to a lunatic because it makes great TV. What could go wrong.
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4 May 20
The #COVIDSafe app legislation has landed. It mainly creates offences for stuff govt said would be banned - eg the main offence of collection/use/disclosure by those not conducting contact tracing (pen: 5 years prison, 300 penalty units or both) #auspol #auslaw
There seems to be a very small amount of leeway if the collection is "permitted under an Australian law" - provided info is deleted immediately.
But elsewhere the legislation says it "cancels the effect of a provision of any Australian law" that would permit or require something banned in it.
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7 Aug 19
#breaking Michaela Banerji has unanimously lost the High Court case against Comcare on freedom of political communication. Decision upholds decision to sack her and APS code of conduct restricting even private anonymous social media posts. #auspol #auslaw
The majority judgment of Kiefel, Bell Keane and Nettle is based on fact implied freedom doesn't give personal rights, and notes that code of conduct applies to ALL social media posts due to risk of de-anonymisation.
Although majority leaves door ajar for implied freedom to restrict some executive decisions/discretions
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10 Sep 18
Roman Quaedvlieg fresh submission: the convo with Dutton's chief of staff DID HAPPEN and he suggests the date discrepancy means there was ANOTHER BRISBANE AIRPORT AU PAIR CASE #auspol #aupair
Quaedvlieg isn't exactly sure when the conversation took place - gives range of October 2015 to end of 2016 #auspol #aupair
Quaedvlieg repeats the "boss's mate" quote and says he thought it strange Dutton's chief of staff would call him for a "low-level transactional issue" #auspol #aupair
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