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Grace Tame in brief #NPC

"Repairing myself in the aftermath of all this was not a simple, linear undertaking. For every step forward, there were steps back and to the side, and some almost off the edge. I saw counsellor after counsellor."

Grace Tame "But I also abused drugs, drank, moved overseas, cut myself, threw myself into study, dyed my hair, made amazing friendships, got ugly tattoos, worked for my childhood hero, found myself in violent relationships, practised yoga, even became a yoga teacher."

3/10 Grace Tame

"I starved, I binged, and I starved again. One of the toughest challenges on my road to recovery was trying to speak about something we were taught is unspeakable."
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The reminder of Kristina Keneally's #NPC address from yesterday:
"…At just $100m SportRorts is small fry compared to where the main game is.

Let’s take just one example with Community Development Grants…"
"…These grants were established in 2013 with a relatively modest $340m under the Abbott Government.

But Scott Morrison – as Treasurer – recognised the political benefit of sitting on large amounts of unallocated money in the budget…"
"…Morrison has topped Community Development Grants up - budget after budget - until it now sits at a whopping $2.5 billion…"
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Scotty from Marketing is addressing the Press Club today. I wonder what kind of bluster and bullshit he has in store for us? #npc #auspol
First things first, the PM has apparently put a brown rinse through his fringe on his month off work
Exhibit A #npc
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#China wants its National People's Congress #NPC members to help #Pakistan provide "effective oversight" of #CPEC projects by creating a joint parliamentary committee. This will be in addition to the oversight by the @CPECAuthority. /1…
This is the 1st time #China engages #Pakistan parliament in a joint oversight idea for #CPEC. Proposal was floated by #NPC Chairman Li. The official handle of Pak Parliament confirmed this. The Chinese emb tweet of the event where idea was discussed /2
During the virtual meeting, and aside from a new role for #NPC in #CPEC oversight, Chairman Li Zhanshu of National People's Congress also received assurances from his #Pakistan counterpart re security provided to #China personnel. /3

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So pleased to at the #NPC listening to Minister Angus Taylor.

And great to share a table with good friends at APPEA.
Minister Taylor talking up Australian emissions which, to reiterate, are not coming down because we have no climate policy. Meanwhile Australia is the world's third largest fossil fuel exporter.
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What AEMO thinks about lowest cost ways to develop the grid: much more wind and solar (blue) and much less gas (orange). This is from a detailed, open modelling exercise. Unlike the 'Tech Roadmap', where assumptions are secret and or just made up thought bubbles. #npc #auspol
Energy Department was forced to admit no "specific quantum of abatement due to a lack of data and projections. ... simply departmental expert judgment of the relative opportunity of technologies" #NPC…
A serious focus on technology backed with policy would be useful.

This roadmap is not a policy and not serious. #npc
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Anthony Albanese uses #NPC address to outline eight point plan he wants to the feral government implement to see aged care improved. Includes more home care packages and minimum staffing levels. Calls on Aged Care Minister Richard Colbeck to lose the portfolio. #auspol
Big whoops. That’s the FEDERAL government. Sorry
Asked if he had expressed his view on Belt and Road deals to the Victorian Premier, Mr Albanese dodges, say he has stated them publicly. “I have expressed it publicly that government I lead would not participate in the scheme.” #npc #springst #auspol
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The majority (69%) of the Morrison Ministry has a degree from the humanities, social sciences, law, and/or business. That is 16 out of 23 Ministry members. If they want to call themselves 'irrelevant' and 'not ready for their jobs' I won't argue #auspol
In the past few months I have had the responsibility (and privilege) of educating 120+ human beings. They are future professionals, teachers, policymakers, diplomats, human rights lawyers, journalists, researchers, leaders. But to the government, my work is 'irrelevant' #auspol
...Their degrees, education, and future careers are 'irrelevant' . The Morrison et al rhetoric has been dehumanizing. Young people are not complex human beings. They are just jobs in training. Not people with bright futures and aspirations, just upcoming jobs figures #auspol
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Jos Hankamäen kirja on väärässä, esim. tämän katkelman osalta, niin kuinka sitten voidaan selittää seuraava Oulun #BlackLivesMatterFinland:in otos? Se koostuu 98,1% naisista, mukana pari valkoista vässykkämiestä ja taitaa siellä eräs "päivettyneempikin" olla?
Tuo on yhteinen piirre kaikissa #BlackLivesMatterFinland:in huomiohu..miekkareissa. Naiset on se joukkosieluinen ja huomionjanoinen sukupuoli, joten siksi ne targetoidaan massakontrollissa. Ne myös vie mukanaan feminiiniset, heikot miehet. #massakontrolli - Hankamäki on oikeassa.
Noiden naisten ainoat argumentit asian kritisoimisen johdosta, löytyvät tästä yhdestä kuvasta. #npc-sukupuoli.
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Chinese Premier Li Keqiang told reporters Thursday that “China has a positive and open attitude toward joining the #CPTPP .”

The premier’s comment appears to be the first time that a Chinese leader has publicly confirmed China’s interest in joining in.…
Professor @mahbubani_k , founding dean of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore, told @caixin that he is “very encouraged” by Li’s “strong and powerful” signal about joining the #CPTPP, which would “make the region much more stable”.
“The US has decided to launch a geopolitical contest against China, unwisely. So the best way in which China can respond is not to close up its economy, but to open up its economy. Then China should strengthen its links with its neighbors and with the rest of the world,” he said.
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1/ Despite foreign doubts and #Hongkongers’ criticism, #NPC just passed #nationalsecuritylegislation. # China unilaterally imposes the law with its legislation entirely under a black box, with no legislative scrutiny and public consultation.
2/ Today’s decision is a direct assault on the will of #HKers. China is scrapping its promise of autonomy under the Joint Declaration, a legally binding international treaty, & burying 1Country2System when a #secretpolice agency can enforce #China’s laws within territory of HK.
3/ Up to now, #Beijing loyalists keep downplaying the adverse impacts on HK’s judicial independence & civil liberties. Under similar law in China, people seeking justice for #TiananmenMassacre, supporting HKProtest were sentenced to jail. It might kill HK’s democratic movements.
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1. The British media and some politicians are interested in the draft decision on Hong Kong #nationalsecuritylegislation by the ongoing third session of China’s legislature- the National People’s Congress (NPC). Here is my thread on HK #nationalsecuritylegislation. @lisanandy
2. What is the draft decision: the draft decision on establishing and improving the legal system and enforcement mechanism for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (#HKSAR) to safeguard #nationalsecurity.
3. What has happened? The fourth plenary session of the 19th #CPC Central Committee clearly required establishing and improving a legal framework and enforcement mechanisms for safeguarding #nationalsecurity in #HKSAR.…
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#BREAKING #HongKong: Beijing will propose a new National Security legislation for Hong Kong in order to "plug the loopholes" by directly putting the clauses into Annex 3 of Basic Law, HK's mini consitution, @hk01official reports. Details to be announced in #NPC's presser tonight.
If true, it will be Huge. The law can be promulgated without any scrutiny by legislature, which is the reason of failure of enacting #Article23 in 2003. Or it can be adapted through local legislation just like #NationalAnthemLaw. But either way is all up to the authority's mind.
It's still unclear whether it's merely coincidence or prelude...but these are not isolated cases.
#HongKong #NationalSecurityLaw
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Hi! I thought it might be useful to start a #AusVotes19 welfare thread pulling together some of the interesting news and analysis that emerges during the election campaign. There have already been a few great pieces. (I'll also shamelessly plug my own work.) #auspol
.@DawsonEJ makes the case for making the best of Labor's "root and branch" #Newstart review. Demand it is fast, wide-ranging, and the increases it delivers are sufficient, she says… #AusVotes19 #auspol
@DawsonEJ Waleed Aly today argues that, despite all the talk of a fair go from Morrison and Shorten, "#Newstart remains stalled because, for now at least, our notion of fairness is tied to the worker."… #AusVotes19 #auspol
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We have reached the #tippingpoint. For the past year+, the visceral comments on @realDonaldTrump's tweets has been almost unbearable. In the past week, something has changed. Less Tavistock/Soros paid NPC bot's comments, & much more push back against those comments. #NinjaNews
Twitter is still doing their part by keeping the NPC comments at the top of the feed, but those comments are definitely less and getting a much different response. I will post some for you, so that you can see what I am saying is true.
This peach makes the common NPC statement in response to @realDonaldTrump's tweet this morning- using words like pathetic, immature, dumb and STFU. She even throws in a big ol FU.
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Don't listen to any channeled or "spiritual" sources that say he is of the Light.
He came in with the Light but he threw it all away.
He doesn't deserve a Soul reveal.
Barack and Michelle Obama are detained at Gitmo.

Sex Parties - BO attended sex parties with A-celebs, Hollywood satanists, including Jay-Z, Beyonce, Clooney, Pitt, Julia Roberts, Ellen Degeneres, Portia, Oprah, Gayle... It's ALL CONNECTED.

Look at Ellen.
She came with the Light but CHOSE Darkness instead.
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resist_hashtag_v1.0.11-win64.exe #NPC
Non Player Ballots count too... #NPBs #NPCs #NPCLivesMatter #Midterms
"Another #NPC in the Wall" ~ @Carpedonktum's masterful entry into the InfoWars #NPCMeme Contest
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1) Something visual #11

#OrangeManBad edition.
3) [ ]
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1) I'm expecting radio silence from Q team until after the midterm elections.

This is why.

#QAnon #WWG1WGA @POTUS #GreatAwakenening #redpill #PatriotsFight #walkaway
2) This tweet got me thinking.

Ignore the Hatch Act stuff. It's more fundamental.

#QAnon #WWG1WGA @POTUS #GreatAwakenening #redpill #PatriotsFight #walkaway
3) The window to drop Q team MOAB's has passed, the "resistance" has successfully created a stay in the process. Kavanaugh, Rosenstein, Mueller, etc have created a toxic environment.

Above all @POTUS is looking for stability.

#QAnon #WWG1WGA #redpill #PatriotsFight #walkaway
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1) I admit it. I'm completely obsessed with the NPC meme.

The reason why is because I think it's won us the Meme Wars. It's over, folks.

There is no way back from the NPC meme, because it's perfection.

#NPC #NPCmeme #NPCLivesMatter #Qanon
2) What makes it so successful that Twitter banned accounts, and is magical at destabilizing the left?

Because it destroys the power of social affirmation via group think. A person who once repeated talking points in unison, is now this guy, insert the caption:

#NPC #NPCmeme
3) When a leftist sees that image they get triggered because its true.

The left's contrived world view is in danger. The power of group think is dying, the MSM is losing it's power. Look at the memes scattered in this thread, and recognize the power and truth in it.

#NPC #Qanon
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#NPC Twitter accounts: either bots or the most repetitive video game ever invented. . .
In recent days, a number of "#NPC" accounts that self-identify as #Resistance have emerged. We found this example while researching another project, and have also had various folks draw our attention to the phenomenon. Let's take a quick look. . .
The theme of the accounts is to portray those opposed to the present administration as "NPCs" (a term for non-player characters in games), likely in an attempt to imply that opponents are simply executing a script rather than stating a genuine position. #GamerGate
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While this is probably a big 4chan joke ...I don't like to underestimate a disinfo campaign even if its a domestic 4chan trolling operation. Here is some #NPC background. I am also not one to suggest u put ur head in the sand & block these #infosec #opsec
As others have pointed out this appears to have developed much like Pepe the frog ...out of the 4chan netherworld of the internet. Reading the timeline of this fake account @BKrassenstein69 they are using to troll the real account @Krassenstein gives u the very racist flavor
Love the tool Hoaxy. Using it we were very quickly able to identify roughly 50 Twitter accounts all very related and most created this month. I am sure there are many more. #NPC #infosec #opsec
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