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Erickson: "It would be a mistake for Labor/progressives to interpret difficult questions/hostile coverage as an expression of an anti-Labor perspective ... that is starting to creep into debate about the media".
#auspol #npc
Erickson: I agree with Mark McGowan's comments about how media pack engaged with Albanese and Morrison. Reminded me of 2020 covid pressers - people were quite shocked at inter-personal engagement, the way journalists spoke to political leaders. A signal to reflect upon. #npc
Erickson: there were themes in questioning that weren't priorities for voters, a bit of groupthink. "There's a lot there to reflect on."
#auspol #npc
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Paul Erickson says it was "odd and then galling" that the Coalition engaged in "an all-out assault on state and territory Labor Governments" mid covid pandemic. #auspol #npc
Erickson criticises:
* Morrison reducing press conferences
* Backing Clive Palmers WA border challenge
* Criticising Palaszczuk
* Undermining Vic health response.
#auspol #npc
Erickson applying a gender lens to the covid response, noting Coalition govt's supposed heroes of the pandemic were all men; they ended free childcare; and Morrison's suggestion to solve women giving birth roadside w upgrade of Barton Highway rather than a maternity ward.
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Question for Sen McKenzie

Are all NAIF recipients meeting their indigenous engagement responsibilities?

E.g., Coalition gave cattle barons, Angus family $30.5 million to build an abattoir on their own land for their
#auspol #ausvotes
own cattle to reduce their own transport costs

Recently, Angus' sponsored ICMJ & sent a team who won several awards even tho the abattoir has only been open for a few mths

3 of the 7-strong team were daughters/niece of the recipients of $30.5 mill
#auspol #ausvotes #NPC
Is this the 'way of life' Morrison was talking about this morning that he's trying to 'protect'

No diversity? Nepotism?

The Coalition don't govern for all rural Australia, just the Squattocracy, big ag, big beef & mining

Nats follow the money
#auspol #ausvotes #NPC
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So the Greens won’t rule out voting with *Pauline Hanson* to block a referendum to enshrine a First Nations Voice to Parliament? 🚩

75% of Greens support a constitutionally enshrined First Nations Voice.

I wonder if they’d reconsider who they will vote for now.

#NPC @AdamBandt
The Greens position, suggesting Voice last, is a position without logic, devoid of strategy.

It’s like their advice is coming from someone who couldn’t be bothered listening to other mob, walking away from the hard strategy work before it was done.

@AdamBandt #halfbaked
Let me provide some Greens with some simple reasons why choosing to oppose a constitutionally enshrined First Nations Voice, because truth-telling and treaty deals must come first, is illogical: 🧵 for @AdamBandt
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About to deliver my post-Budget @PressClubAust speech in parliament’s Great Hall. You can watch live on @abcnews and @SkyNewsAust or follow here. #auspol #npc
After nine long years, three Treasurers and three Prime Ministers, the verdict is in.👇 #auspol #npc
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In my first collaboration with talented @WendyZhou502 for @TheAtlantic we argue that #China primarily sees the #RussiaUkraine conflict through the prism of the #UnitedStates and more broadly of the #West. 1/11…
We analyze #China's debates about #UkraineWar on #weibo, official statements and in selective media, and find that #ProRussia leaning is rooted in anti #Western sentiments. The key protagonist in many of these posts is not #Russia or #Ukraine, but #US and #NATO. 2/11
#NATO and the #US are portrayed as the source of the conflict, #Russia (and #Europe) as trapped by the #US, and #Ukraine as a powerless proxy of great power competition. 3/11
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🇨🇳 #NPC Meeting Debrief (1) | The 5.5% GDP target (upper range of expectations) signals an intent to limit downward pressures from the #property slump, zero-#Covid strategy and #Ukraine war (affecting foreign demand).
*Note: China 2021 GDP growth was 8.1%
🇨🇳 #NPC Meeting Debrief (2) | The fact that officials opted for the upper range of expectations looks very encouraging.
*There is a significant risk of missing this goal the year of Xi re-election.
🇨🇳 #NPC Meeting Debrief (3) | The fiscal support could be much stronger than indicated by the headlines as the government will use unused resources from last year (above-budget income as well as below-budget spending)
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🇨🇳 #NPC meeting (1) | #China will be forced to announce new supportive measures in a context where:

1- Hospitality sector remains under heavy pressure due to persistent #Covid restrictions. As an example, according to Airportia, on a YoY basis, air traffic is still falling.
🇨🇳 #NPC meeting (2) | Residential #housing market is crashing.

*In Feb., the 100 biggest companies in #property industry saw a 47.2% ⬇ in sales YoY (v 39.6% prior), according to preliminary data by #China Real Estate Information Corp.

*Weekly figures also point to weakness ⬇
🇨🇳 #NPC meeting (3) | Foreign demand (a key supportive factor over the past few months) is on track to collapse amid #Ukraine crisis.

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oh no David what if a rich bloke empowers political candidates who are committed to action on climate instead of fossil fuel corporations giving money to the parties of government so they keep increasing emissions #NPC
last week it was press gallery journalists aggressively imposing partisan frameworks on *stopping rape*. This week it is on literal independent candidates. These people are not capable of understanding politics.
they can certainly embody the politics of envy tho.
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#60mins Interview with Scott & Jenny Morrison

Karl Stefanovic opens with a monologue about how much trouble Scott is in.

Enter Jenny 'funny, relatable, likeable'

Scene goes to The Lodge kitchen on curry night.
Karl chats to Scott about curry.

Jenny "It's just 24/7"

Reminder, the PM is paid $550K per year

Apparently the Morrison thought being PM wouldn't be 24/7

The topic of Hawaii comes up

Jenny is "more than sorry", thought she was "making the best decision for her kids"

She wishes it never happened
Rehash of the Morrison's "love story", discussing when they broke up once 30 yrs ago

Jenny says she knows Scott "better than he knows himself"

She should know he imprisons children indefinitely then 'eh?

Karl asks Jenny if she wants to go into politics.

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these are two of the best speeches I have seen. Remember to brace for the backlash #NPC
show us who stayed seated you cowards #NPC
I hope these press club members are taking notes on how to accurately describe Morrison and his government.
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I’m live tweeting @TamePunk and @BrittHiggins_ #NPC address. This is going to be a historically important speech, even if Morrison thinks it’s not significant enough to attend. Follow along here👇🏻
Laura Tingle introduces Grace and Brittany to huge cheers from audience 🙌🏻. Brittany starts by saying she was raped on a couch in what she thought was the most secure, safe building in Australia - Parliament House. If she can be raped there, it can happen to women anywhere.
Brittany says she decided to speak out - despite abuse and criticism she receives - because she wants change. She wants to make it easier for women to share stories of abuse when they see other women making change like she is trying to do. But she says too little has changed.
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good morning! Happy Sunday☀️this week on #Insiders are Guardian Aus politics corro Sarah Martin; Sat Paper politics corro Karen Middleton; and ABC politics editor Andrew Probyn.
The interview is with Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews.
This thread is not fact checked.
opening spiel : a hypocrite a liar a horrible person and a liar are “savage character assessments of the prime minister” says Speers.
What’s the Morrison perspective, skip? Well, it was meant to be the week of government re-set #Insiders
ministers insisted the prime minister is a fine fellow, Speers tells us, omitting the crucial detail - they spoke to how he treats his ministers, not the contempt he displays to the electorate or cruelty to entire population sectors. #Insiders
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hey remember when Sarah Ferguson got a promotion to cover the 6 Jan insurrection after promoting one of its key protagonists on an apparently serious Australian investigative journalism show.
journalism loves rich white males with incumbent power, episode infinity.
literally impossible to picture #NPC giving a platform to anyone who would represent the progressive equivalent of a Clive Palmer. Where are the invites to BLM folks and unemployment activists?
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@RBAInfo Governor Philip Lowe is presenting his inflation and other economic metric forecasts at #NPC.
On Australia's first ever dabble with QE "We did it because other governments did. Otherwise our bond yields would be high translating to higher interest rates".

So much for capitalism and the laws of supply and demand. Does this fool wonder why property jumped 30% in a year?
@RBAInfo policy has created asset bubbles everywhere and, having lost grip of rising interest rates from now on, I wonder if these incompetents will take responsibility for the hard deleveraging that will imminently happen next. Their economic pain relief covers terminal illness.
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PM Morrison Address to #NPC on @abcnews

President Laura Tingle opens proceedings.

(She should ask @ScottMorrisonMP why he's afraid to be interviewed by her)

Morrison begins by recognizing the Ngunnawal ppl & elders

Points out Barnaby & Marise are in the audience
Starts speech by calling the last 3yrs 'extraordinary', fire/flood/pestilence/recession

"It's been tough"

Thanks aged care workers.

"Heartbreaking" to lose loved ones, our way of life turned upside down
#auspol #NPC
Morrison trying hard to be 'suburban Scotty' - says he worries about things late at night like everyone else

Says he knows that everyone has put up with a lot.

Says he accepts the responsibility, criticism & blame of the shit show he has presided over.
#auspol #NPC
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Happening now in Canberra.

Inside: Outside:
Inside, Scott Morrison glosses over his failures, plays down criticism and shrugs it off. The more he speaks the worse it gets outside as they listen over a PA. They yell 'the virus isn't real' and express anger and scorn when he mentions the vaccine. Idiots inside and outside.
Scott Morrison refers to RATs that don't exist as a measure of his personal success. Either he knows he's lying or he genuinely believes they exist. Either way, nobody can reliably access RATs but he doesn't want to recognise that. He now says we're leading the world.
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good morning☀️happy new year! This week on #Insiders are Guardian Politics editor Katharine Murphy, 9fax (AFR) correspondent Phil Coorey and Perth radio host and columnist Gareth Parker.
The interview is with Labor leader Anthony Albanese.
opening spiel: speculative claim about omicron wave, statement that “political bruises remain”.
What’s the Morrison government perspective, skip?
Well, it “wasn’t the summer we hoped for, especially for the government”. #Insiders
montage is politicians and journalists on omicron. The Albanese line about being easier to get covid that rapid antigen tests gets a run. So does Chalmers locating responsibility where it belongs. #Insiders
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The Aust. people have been simply magnificent during this crisis. Calm in the midst of turmoil, looking out for each other in tough times.

If I'm elected prime minister of this great country of ours, I see it as my deep responsibility to repay these sacrifices.

To reward these efforts. To prove worthy of the generosity and bravery of the Australian people. And that means building on the lessons of this pandemic.

1 - A strong, properly funded public health system with Medicare as its backbone is vital to every aspect of our lives.
2 - the rise of insecure work has undermined too many families' confidence in their future.

3 - stripping our TAFE and training sector of investment over the last decade has led to crippling skills gaps and worker shortages.
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Time for that Democracy lesson, or "#China vs #West – the Battle of Systems" – Xi Jinping expounds on “whole-process democracy.” Highlights: China’s National People’s Congress/#NPC system ensures ultimate power resides with the people and ensures the people are sovereign 1/
and a big institutional advantage of the Chinese political system, says Xi Jinping at an important conference on work related to people's congresses. @NPC_Observer
The people's congress system “organically combines the party’s leadership, the people’s sovereignty, and 2/
the rule of law, and effectively guards against the historical cycle of rise and fall of the states.” 人民代表大会制度,坚持国家一切权力属于人民,最大限度保障人民当家作主,把党的领导、人民当家作主、依法治国有机结合起来,有效保证国家治理跳出治乱兴衰的历史周期率。3/ @NeysunM
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#China #NPC #两会 #Twosessions
#China #unemployment #CPI #twosessions2021
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Grace Tame in brief #NPC

"Repairing myself in the aftermath of all this was not a simple, linear undertaking. For every step forward, there were steps back and to the side, and some almost off the edge. I saw counsellor after counsellor."

Grace Tame "But I also abused drugs, drank, moved overseas, cut myself, threw myself into study, dyed my hair, made amazing friendships, got ugly tattoos, worked for my childhood hero, found myself in violent relationships, practised yoga, even became a yoga teacher."

3/10 Grace Tame

"I starved, I binged, and I starved again. One of the toughest challenges on my road to recovery was trying to speak about something we were taught is unspeakable."
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The reminder of Kristina Keneally's #NPC address from yesterday:
"…At just $100m SportRorts is small fry compared to where the main game is.

Let’s take just one example with Community Development Grants…"
"…These grants were established in 2013 with a relatively modest $340m under the Abbott Government.

But Scott Morrison – as Treasurer – recognised the political benefit of sitting on large amounts of unallocated money in the budget…"
"…Morrison has topped Community Development Grants up - budget after budget - until it now sits at a whopping $2.5 billion…"
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Scotty from Marketing is addressing the Press Club today. I wonder what kind of bluster and bullshit he has in store for us? #npc #auspol
First things first, the PM has apparently put a brown rinse through his fringe on his month off work
Exhibit A #npc
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