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14 Aug

After blocking several other key witnesses from appearing at the committee charged with reviewing Jason Kenney’s pandemic response, the UCP has scheduled Dr Deena Hinshaw’s critical testimony to happen right on top of his fiscal update.

THREAD #ableg
This is part of an ongoing effort by the UCP to limit public scrutiny of several serious failures in their pandemic response.

What does this mean?

2/ #ableg
We'll never hear from many of the central figures in Alberta’s largest & deadliest outbreaks, & now the UCP is hoping many will be listening to the Finance Minister when Dr. Hinshaw speaks.

Why? Because they don't want us to know what medical advice they ignored. 3/
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12 Aug
Let's be clear.

Minister Tyler Shandro and his staff politically interfered in a government process to secure a private hospital deal for UCP insiders.

How do we know? There's an audio recording.

THREAD #ableg #abhealth
The hour-long recording revealed that the group advancing the proposal met directly with the Minister, to secure political pre-approval of the private hospital project in advance of a competitive public procurement process.

2/ #ableg #abhealth
According to the proponents of the project, their deliberate strategy is political in nature, and designed to circumvent the traditional checks and balances that exist within government to ensure impartial contracting.

3/ #ableg #abhealth
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28 Jul

Pediatricians and school health specialists are describing the Jason Kenney's plan to reopen schools as dangerous.

They're calling on the UCP to offer more support before classes start in September

THREAD #ableg #abhealth #abed #SafeSeptember #abdocs4pkids
"This UCP plan as it stands is essentially a large, human-scale experiment without safety nets to see what will happen to kids, their teachers & their respective families. - Dr. Tehseen Ladha, a pediatrician with a Master in Public Health

2/ #ableg #abhealth #abed #abdocs4kids
She said any notion by the UCP Government that children are unlikely to be infected by the virus is highly questionable, pointing to a recent study out of South Korea that found children over the age of 9 spread COVID-19 at a rate similar to adults.

3/ #ableg #abhealth #abed
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21 Jul

Jason Kenney and Adriana LaGrange’s decision to reopen schools this fall with no additional support is dangerous.

This plan puts our kids at risk, and will deepen the pandemic.

THREAD #abed #ableg
While proper cleaning, more hand washing, daily screening, physical distancing are all necessary measures… the UCP have chosen not to invest in meaningful measures to improve school safety.

2/ #ableg #abed
There is no increase in per-capita student funding.

After a series of deep cuts to the education budget, the UCP is now asking schools to implement safety obligations in school system that has fewer resources to accomplish this task.

3/ #ableg #abed
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14 Jul
Here's how Jason Kenney is rolling out the red carpet for American-style, profit-first and people-second healthcare.

THREAD #ableg #abhealth
Health care is one of the most important public investments that the government can make in Alberta.

Not only is health care literally a question of life and death, a healthy population plays an integral role in the prosperity of our province.

2/ #ableg #abhealth
And quite frankly, Medicare and the fact that we take good care of each other without worrying about how much we have in our bank accounts are some of our fundamental values as Canadians.

3/ #ableg #abhealth
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8 Jul
Jason Kenney and the UCP have launched a blatant attack on working people.

While profitable corporations and their CEOs make off with billions of dollars thanks to Jason Kenney, everyday working people can’t catch a break.

THREAD 1/ #ableg
Bill 32 now allows employers to cancel averaging agreements and impose averaging arrangements on employees.

Put simply, it puts more power in the hands of your boss, and takes power away from you.

2/ #ableg
It’s no longer an agreement, your boss can now impose an “arrangement” that doesn’t even require your input.

The changes also mean there is no need to limit your hours to 12 hours per day or 44 hours per week

3/ #ableg
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3 Jul

The UCP is illegally withholding the annual report of the Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund to make it harder for people to oppose what they're doing with Albertans' pensions.

THREAD #ableg
The info in this report would have been highly relevant to Monday’s committee meeting to discuss Bill 203, the Pension Protection Act.

Basically, the Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund Act requires that the Annual Report be reviewed by a Standing Committee... 2/ #ableg
...and then be released to both the Legislature & the public no later than June 30. The report is expected to reveal the extent of AIMCo’s drastic losses over the past year including how much the volatility based investment strategy loss reported in March cost us. 3/ #ableg
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30 Jun
Myths about Jason Kenney’s so-called Economic Plan

Here’s the first myth:

Under the NDP Government, an average of $7.2 billion was spent annually on capital infrastructure. That's business as usual.

THREAD 1/ #ableg
Jason Kenney is claiming he's dramatically increased infrastructure spend to $10 billion this year... but let's unpack that.

He started with a pretty traditional Capital spend, $7 billion this year, and now he's "adding" another three billion.

But is he really?

2/ #ableg
Half of that is $1.5 billion, being spent on the KXL pipeline, where most of the jobs will be in the United States, and may ultimately be a $1.5 billion pipeline to nowhere if Joe Biden wins the Presidency.

3/ #ableg
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22 Jun
Internal government documents obtained by our caucus reveal the grave financial risk to Albertans if @jkenney moves ahead with his plans to pull out of the Canada Pension Plan. #ableg #abpoli #canlab
The briefing note contains a detailed analysis prepared by the department of Treasury Board and Finance on the financial implications of withdrawing from the Canada Pension Plan. #ableg #abpoli
If AB were to pull out, the province would be required to assume both assets and liabilities. According to the briefing note, “Alberta’s share is estimated to be $32.5 billion in assets and $165.5 billion in liability (resulting in a $133.1 billion unfunded liability).” #ableg
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17 Jun
Nearly half a million Albertans are unemployed or working reduced hours. Albertans are worried about jobs, our province’s economic future & the security of their families.

The Fair Deal report released today does nothing to address these real & urgent priorities. THREAD #ableg
Sadly, it is nothing more than a cynical, political distraction from this government’s failure to make progress on things that matter to Albertans.

Much of what is contained here is far beyond this government’s authority or jurisdiction. 2/ #ableg
One thing that is within the UCP government’s authority, are pensions.

The last thing Albertans want, is this Premier’s hands anywhere near their retirement savings.

3/ #ableg
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11 Jun

It happened again.

David Knight-Legg, principal adviser to Premier Jason Kenney, has billed Alberta taxpayers for even more luxury travel expenses in the past six months.

THREAD #ableg
If you recall, Mr. Knight-Legg made news in November for billing $45,000 worth of flights, meals, and stays in five-star luxury London hotels between April & September of 2019.


2/ #ableg
But in the following six months, according to recently released government expenses, Knight-Legg milked Alberta taxpayers for another $58,856 in upscale travel. This is in addition to his $195,000 annual salary.

3/ #ableg
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4 Jun

At the same time as taking federal wage subsidy money for the UCP that was meant to support struggling Alberta businesses, Jason Kenney has also funneled $567,860 of Alberta taxpayers’ money into the pockets of his partisan cronies.

THREAD #ableg
Yorkville Strategies is the UCP’s polling company, and Yorkville’s president was Kenney’s “senior strategic advisor” during the 2019 provincial election campaign. 2/ #ableg
Last year, Yorkville was handed $481,560 worth of taxpayers’ money through no-bid contracts, according to recently released sole-source contract disclosures. The gov't has given media Yorkville documents that claim up to 90% support for Kenney’s policies. 3/ #ableg
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16 Apr
We are deeply concerned that hundreds of workers at a High River-area meat processing plant have been laid off or had their hours cut substantially for exercising their legal right to speak out about unsafe work conditions. 1/ #AbLeg
The Minister of Labour and Minister of Agriculture and Forestry have a duty to ensure these workers are safe. To date, there have been 38 confirmed COVID-19 cases — that we know of — at the Cargill plant and yet it remains open. 2/ #AbLeg
We’re also told by the Minister of Agriculture that he has worked with unions on a coronavirus protocol plan but we spoke to the province’s largest food sector union — @ufcw401 — and they have heard nothing from the Minister. 3/ #ableg
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27 Mar
THREAD: Let's be clear on what happened. A Minister of the Crown went to the home of a doctor to yell, scream, insult, berate, and intimidate him. A private citizen. In front of his wife… his children… and his neighbours.

This is unacceptable. #ableg
We are in the middle of a pressing public health emergency. Albertans are nervous. Many are losing their jobs or closing their businesses. Some have been given the scariest diagnosis they’ve ever received… and some are fighting for their lives in the ICU. #ableg
We need steady leadership focused solely on our response to the coronavirus pandemic and the health of Albertans.

Instead, the Health Minister is going to the home of private citizens at night and publicly threatening them. #ableg
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17 Mar
THREAD: Yesterday, the UCP government were unable to answer questions about how they will help Albertans through the #COVID19AB pandemic. Today, I am providing our questions in advance in the hope that it gives them a chance to provide real answers to Albertans. #ableg

➡️Can the Premier tell us what conditions he believes must be met before to declare a provincial emergency?
➡️If the Premier declares a state of emergency, what additional powers would be granted to the Government?
➡️Premier, if not now, when? #ableg

➡️Will the Government of Alberta provide income support to those Albertans NOT covered by EI?
➡️Will the Government of Alberta top up EI?
➡️Will the Government of Alberta also ensure EI will be provided to parents, laid off workers, and small business owners? #ableg

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14 Mar
Premier @jkenney has asked us to pass the budget now and then trust him to do the right thing. Let's be clear that his budget is a direct attack on health care at the time we can least afford it #ableg #abhealth 1/4
We are in the middle of a pandemic, and this Premier has lost the trust of so many Albertans, including the very frontline nurses and doctors we will need to stop the spread of coronavirus and to care for those who are ill #ableg #abhealth 2/4
We need more nurses, not fewer.
We need more hospital beds, not fewer.
We need support for doctors, not fights.
We need financial support for folks who are unable to work and families impacted by this pandemic #ableg #abhealth 3/4
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6 Jan
Jason Kenney’s war room is an expensive failure that hasn’t created anything but ridicule. While we’re paying for higher taxes, school fees, and tuition, the UCP is throwing away $30M/year. Here are the Top Nine reasons the UCP war room should be scrapped. (THREAD) #ableg
1) They can't get the basics right. The war room’s most well-known accomplishment to date is copying the logo of a US software company, an error could have been easily avoided with a simple Google reverse image search at no cost. #ableg calgaryherald.com/news/politics/…
2) Then it was found that their replacement logo is a modification of yet ANOTHER software company’s logo, one which is now considering legal action. Again, this could have been discovered in seconds, for free. Does anyone run this place? #ableg calgaryherald.com/news/local-new…
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25 Oct 19
Today I stood with Calgarians to talk about how Jason Kenney's bait-and-switch budget will hurt them.

Here's the list we have thus far: <thread>

#ableg #abbeyroad #thecostofKenney
2/ Calgary Cancer Centre: The UCP budget pushes back funding to build the Calgary Cancer Centre. Proponents say the delay signals a high likelihood the hospital will open short-staffed and under-funded. #abhealth #yychealth #ableg #abbudget
3/ Education Property Tax: Early estimates from the @cityofcalgary show the UCP is withholding $15.5 million in Education Property Tax revenues collected by the province. Mayor @nenshi thinks this will mean property tax increases of more than 1% next year. #yyc #abed #abbudget
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7 Aug 19
The UCP government has been in power for 100 days.

As the official opposition, we have some questions.

#100daysofKenney #AbLeg
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