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4+ years sharing ex-leaver stories - we're still here holding the leave campaign to account & finding new #bregretters. Ran by Andy D
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Feb 1, 2020 13 tweets 4 min read
So going to be on the way home for a while, so a few thoughts now we have officially left the E.U. (but brexit is far from done) on what the remain movement must do now.

It’s obviously a very sad day, brexit has happened, we have lost our voice on the international stage and so many of us fear for the harm that will be caused to our country & the people in it, but there is a lot to fight for and things that we can be positive about.

Jan 30, 2020 8 tweets 10 min read
Little video message for @remainernow followers & all those who’ve been involved in the grassroots anti-brexit movement.
Tomorrow will be a very sad day but you fought for what you believed in, so thank you. And brexit is happening but there is still a fight for UK’s future. 1/8 In video I say how vital it is we #HoldThemToAccount, one way is just not letting this govt get away with pretend the lie they have got brexit done! So keep sharing things with those less involved on issues, such as videos like this that flag complexities & trade offs.. 2/8
Jan 1, 2020 32 tweets 28 min read
A thread looking back on some of the things
the @RemainerNow campaign did beyond our social media platforms in 2019. We may have failed in our battle for a
#FinalSay to #StopBrexit but we did our best and it was made possible by many
of you who supported us in many ways.

1/32 In January, just before the first vote on1May’s Withdrawal Agreement, we set up our third #RemainerNow goes to parliament event to meet cross party MPs (previous in April and October 2018). Here was @ChrisOram1990 just before we went

Nov 5, 2019 51 tweets 463 min read
When #RemainerNow started, the aims were simple - to find those people willing to speak out about why they've changed their mind about Brexit and to share their stories. And we've found A LOT. So, many DMs later, we know which and how many UK constituencies we have covered 1/... We'll be adding these in batches to this thread by tagging in the relevant MPs/PPCs.

We have RemainerNows in ⬇️
Bradford South - MP

Rother Valley - MP

Leeds Central - MP

Richmond (Yorks) - MP Rishi Sunak

Oct 14, 2019 18 tweets 17 min read
On Wednesday & Thursday this week (thanks to many of you who generously donated to our crowdfund) a group of #RemainerNow are heading to Brussels to meet with MEPs & officials to show that the UK has changed its mind on Brexit. So what's happening?

1/17 The plans include:

🔺 A 2 hour sit down with numerous MEPs and officials from several countries
🔺A media session arranged by several UK MEPs
🔺Lunch meetings with several others
🔺A tour of the various buildings
🔺Meeting up with Brussels based anti-brexit activists.

Oct 14, 2019 18 tweets 10 min read

Tomorrow will be 22 months tomorrow since I (Andy) set up @RemainerNow Twitter account as I felt those whom have changed their minds are the most vital voices in this debate & wanted to do something to get them heard.


(Help us do more I had no political experience at the time, prior the the referendum result I had never been out campaigning or been a member of a political party.

About 6 weeks after starting @victoriaremain1 reached out to say she had worked on campaigns and wanted to help me grow this

Sep 18, 2019 20 tweets 14 min read
The @RemainerNow team were at #LDConf for a few days we had a stand and an event. The idea was to raise awareness amongst activists but also meet/chat to parliamentarians so they could learn more about us & how we could help them & anti-brexit colleagues.

Here is who we met 👇 First here are the parliamentarians we met on the exhibition stand we had. They came and talked to us about our campaign & how they can help, they heard #RemainerNow stories, saw some video content and collected handouts and our new business cards.
Sep 16, 2019 13 tweets 4 min read
For the past 4 days we had a stand at the #LibDemConf. When we arranged it we thought we would not meet many who voted leave and the main aim was to raise awareness to get people to help amplify their voices. But we were wrong, we met many new #RemainerNow guys.

Collated thread
Aug 28, 2019 7 tweets 7 min read
Not a #RemainerNow but a quick thread on Government ministers calling #Proroguing Parliament an outrage just a few weeks ago.

Will they now do the honourable thing and resign?

Do feel free to send any we miss.

1/? First it's Chancellor @sajidjavid, so how about it do you have any principles at all? #timetoresign


Jul 31, 2019 7 tweets 2 min read
So going to go out on a limb with a slightly out there brexit prediction.

1. There will be no "new" deal with the EU due to PM Johnson's refusal to negotiate without the backstop being removed. This will be clear by September.

2. A VONC is tabled & with 20 Tory rebels succeeds. 3. Labour under Corbyn can't pull together a majority but with many anti no deal Tories not fancying an election where they would not be able to back manifesto and with many moderate labour MPs looking at the polling, cross party grandees look for another way, a grand coalition.
Apr 15, 2019 32 tweets 21 min read
You can often see @piersmorgan spouting the line that no leave voters have changed their minds on #Brexit.

We @RemainerNow are trying to get him to open his eyes & ears, so on 10th April, started sending him evidence of multiple people once a day.

This thread collates them 👇 Wednesday 10th April

#piersopenyoureyesandears to #remainernow

Apr 10, 2019 12 tweets 9 min read
Yesterday we @RemainerNow were invited to have an active role in the #PeoplesVoteRally in Westminster. Many of the speeches from politicians focused on why many abstainers, those too young to vote or 2016 leavers now want a #PeoplesVote.

This thread looks at #RemainerNow input. Firstly, @ClaireTromans, who had travelled down from Dudley especially, was invited to give her reasons why she is a #RemainerNow in the intro.

Well done Claire.

Mar 16, 2019 12 tweets 13 min read
So @trussliz, who herself changed her mind on brexit to be a #leavernow (perhaps for careerist reasons) claims noone has changed their minds on #Brexit. She uses it as an argument against a #PeoplesVote

Shall we look at the evidence then?


1/12… 1st @trussliz let's look at polling.

Here we have:
(a) @YouGov #bregret tracker. This has been majority thinking #brexit is wrong since August 2017 and is only increasing. This does not take into account last 2 weeks shambles

(B) the 20k plus @Survation poll in Nov 18.

Jan 9, 2019 14 tweets 14 min read

All over the UK there are numerous local anti-brexit groups doing great work on the streets of towns and cities.

I'm aware they often meet many leave voters who've changed their minds.

This thread shows those voters who've been willing to record something. This lady (from Truro) voted leave. But she regrets it. She considers the UK public was made to panic and told a lot of lies. She is a #RemainerNow as she explained to @Cornwall4EU in the late summer.

She is right and it's why many leavers back a #PeoplesVote
Jan 4, 2019 6 tweets 4 min read
LISTEN: John voted leave. He was concerned about the lack of jobs in his area & felt immigration had a big impact on that.

But here is a clip from him speaking to Adrian Chiles on radio 4 this week (a follow up to July 2016 Panorama) about his change of mind.

(1/6) I watched the July 2016 programme at the time. This really gave me a good insight into why a number of leave voters from the West Midlands (& other areas) voted the way they did -almost in a cry for help.

Here is the full clip of what John had to say 2 & a half years ago.

Jan 4, 2019 11 tweets 6 min read
#RemainerNow #12DaysOfChristmas


On the eleventh day of Christmas #RemainerNow gave to thee..

Hugh on the EU rights he now wants a' keeping'..


(1/11) 🎶🎶

Richard on the leave vote he wants wiping..


Jan 1, 2019 11 tweets 11 min read

In 2018 we publicised so so many stories evidencing either the UK population or that individuals have changed their mind on brexit and are #Remainernow.

We now bring you the Top Ten stories (in terms of tweet impressions) of the year.


At Number 10 with 92,028 impressions..

This pair of compilation videos of numerous leave voters who appeared on the media within 4 days of the #Brexit "deal" coming out in November.

Worth a watch and share..

Dec 15, 2018 53 tweets 41 min read

So it’s been one year exactly since I (Andy) started tweeting under @remainernow.

This thread will cover thank yous, some of the things the #Remainernow campaign has done over the last 12 months, what I think must happen next & how you can help.
So 1 year ago today, having spent the previous 18 months devastated about Brexit & the ramifications it looked like it was going to have for UK, I decided I had to do more & I set up a new twitter account with a simple aim & this was the 1st tweet.

Nov 2, 2018 15 tweets 20 min read
So #VoteLeave chair @GiselaStuart (who I note quit as an MP in 2017 rather than try and make brexit work) apparently said on @talkRADIO this morning that she believed there were no leave voters on the #PeoplesVoteMarch a couple of weeks ago.

Let's examine that.


So @GiselaStuart maybe you do not believe that #RemainerNow @Will_DryOFOC was at the #PeoplesVoteMarch. In fact he now works full time fighting #brexit with @OFOCBrexit & was one of the thousands of young people leading the march. Here he explains why

Aug 21, 2018 13 tweets 16 min read
So @uklabour Front Bencher @barrygardiner in this tweet (to fellow Labour MP @BenPBradshaw) seems to think there aren't really any leave voters who are pushing to reconsider #Brexit with a #PeoplesVote

Why don't we examine why that's completely false.

A #remainernow Thread

/1 So Barry could start here,…

This is the stories page of which (so far) has four excellent longer videos of leave voters who are now passionate about a #PeoplesVote and want to #StopBrexit

Jun 21, 2018 20 tweets 18 min read
So @theresa_may says she is going to deliver the “brexit people voted for”.
I have a few questions about how she is going to do that and in asking them I will be assisted by just a small sample of people that voted leave who are pretty clear she won’t.
(1) So @theresa_may what brexit will you deliver and which people will it please?

Firstly, whatever it is, it won’t be the brexit that 16.4 million opposed in 2016, nor what was wanted by @The3Million EU citizens that or so many @BritishInEurope that were denied a vote!