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👨🏾‍💻 OK. So the @Independent is such a rare thing these days. There are a couple of things to highlight in this article.

Firstly, Rules of Origin generally are a WTO concept not EU concept. The Single Market recognised the UK as equivalent #Thread /1…
Most of the provision of the UK-EU Partnership Agreement undoes EU rules to 'regress' to WTO rules, before then applying the Free Trade Agreement elements between the two parties. That's the nature of going from Single Market & Customs Union, to a [mere] free trade agreement /2
The affected industry bodies seem to think they can just pick up the trade deal & start negotiations from scratch again. No, that's not how it works. The EU are now not part of the regulatory chain the UK can access, since the UK gave up on the shared competency of membership /3
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I'm going to start by saying:

I'm not a Farmer
I voted remain
I have campaigned passionately to Remain
I am gutted and angry that we have left

But my eyes have been well and truly opened to the attitudes of many people whom I have campaigned alongside previously....

I got involved in a campaign, #SaveBritishFarming, to try and protect our high food standards (after the govt U-turn) and push for an EU trade deal to try and protect our food industry.

Protecting our food supply felt like a mission we could all get behind.....

But the comments and attitudes of many Remainers on twitter have really shocked me.

They seem to lay the Brexit blame solely at the farmers' door.

So as a Remainer, who likes facts over beliefs I wanted to take a closer look...

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Little video message for @remainernow followers & all those who’ve been involved in the grassroots anti-brexit movement.
Tomorrow will be a very sad day but you fought for what you believed in, so thank you. And brexit is happening but there is still a fight for UK’s future. 1/8
In video I say how vital it is we #HoldThemToAccount, one way is just not letting this govt get away with pretend the lie they have got brexit done! So keep sharing things with those less involved on issues, such as videos like this that flag complexities & trade offs.. 2/8
Also there are so many articles out there that will show the complexities and the govt lack of preparedness and keep flagging things like this to make it clear it’s govt decisions to blame for any ramifications, #MakeThemOwnIt.

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A thread looking back on some of the things
the @RemainerNow campaign did beyond our social media platforms in 2019. We may have failed in our battle for a
#FinalSay to #StopBrexit but we did our best and it was made possible by many
of you who supported us in many ways.

In January, just before the first vote on1May’s Withdrawal Agreement, we set up our third #RemainerNow goes to parliament event to meet cross party MPs (previous in April and October 2018). Here was @ChrisOram1990 just before we went

We spent a good couple of hours with various MPs at different times. Here was the gang with @Anna_Soubry at the end.
(although the tweet below wrongly says Dan Carden was there instead of @darrenpjones ). Thanks to all who supported

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When #RemainerNow started, the aims were simple - to find those people willing to speak out about why they've changed their mind about Brexit and to share their stories. And we've found A LOT. So, many DMs later, we know which and how many UK constituencies we have covered 1/...
We'll be adding these in batches to this thread by tagging in the relevant MPs/PPCs.

We have RemainerNows in ⬇️
Bradford South - MP

Rother Valley - MP

Leeds Central - MP

Richmond (Yorks) - MP Rishi Sunak

@JudithCummins @KevinBarronMP @hilarybennmp We have RemainerNows in ⬇️

Calder Valley - MP @CWhittaker4MP

Harrogate, Knaresborough & Boroughbridge - MP @AJonesMP

North Devon - MP @PeterNorthDevon

Doncaster North - MP @Ed_Miliband

Haltemprice and Howden - MP @DavidDavisMP

Middlesbrough - MP @AndyMcDonaldMP

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On the 19th October 2019 we travelled from Cheshire on trains coaches and automobiles for a #PeopleVoteMarch to demand a chance to have a say on this #brexitshambles which threatens our jobs, our families, our rights and freedoms /thread

We had a little song song on the way to pass the time on the road #singingtoremain
We assembled before joining the march. As we walked through the streets of our capital city we were cheered and smiled at and given the thumbs up. #FinalSay
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On Wednesday & Thursday this week (thanks to many of you who generously donated to our crowdfund) a group of #RemainerNow are heading to Brussels to meet with MEPs & officials to show that the UK has changed its mind on Brexit. So what's happening?

The plans include:

🔺 A 2 hour sit down with numerous MEPs and officials from several countries
🔺A media session arranged by several UK MEPs
🔺Lunch meetings with several others
🔺A tour of the various buildings
🔺Meeting up with Brussels based anti-brexit activists.

The UK MEPs who we are definitely meeting include @MartinChelt & @CarolineVoaden of the @libdems, @SebDance & @RCorbettMEP from Labour & @AlynSmith from @theSNP. So do keep an eye on feeds.

Sadly Green MEPs are not actually in Brussels but they are supportive of the trip.

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Tomorrow will be 22 months tomorrow since I (Andy) set up @RemainerNow Twitter account as I felt those whom have changed their minds are the most vital voices in this debate & wanted to do something to get them heard.


(Help us do more
I had no political experience at the time, prior the the referendum result I had never been out campaigning or been a member of a political party.

About 6 weeks after starting @victoriaremain1 reached out to say she had worked on campaigns and wanted to help me grow this

After meeting she came on board & for the first year it was just the two of us doing this in our spare time. We set up a website, Facebook page and an Instagram, arranged a 3 events in parliament & a meet ups for #PeoplesVote marches but was a limit to what we could do.

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Notice what happened last week in the Brexit debate? We ended up discussing two awful entries into the debate. And in the process we made them fly. 1/
The first was that goddawful piece of anti-german racism produced by leave eu. For a day it was everywhere and we were all dismayed. 2/
The second was that goddawful audience member in bbc question time. And we were all dismayed. 3/
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well, that was a #hairy #few #minutes, I have no #hashtags left to use about the #uksc.

The UK if you've missed it, is, possibly surprisingly, a #democracy and #democracyisnotdead

Should we talk about consequences? implications and links? might go into threads from here on in
I'm making this thread up as I go, but since about 90% of the population think the only Democratic problem is the speed of #Brexit, and #conspiracy about #RemainerNow delays, maybe someone should list all the attacks - most of which are far more serious. I'll justify that #uksc
Here's my view, feel free to add. I'll put this in normal language first, and add relevant legals after.

1) UK Executive and Tories (UKET) attempt Rule by Edict
2) UKET attempt a Parliamentary Coup (we may now legitimately describe it that way)
3) UKET illegally suspend Parl'
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The @RemainerNow team were at #LDConf for a few days we had a stand and an event. The idea was to raise awareness amongst activists but also meet/chat to parliamentarians so they could learn more about us & how we could help them & anti-brexit colleagues.

Here is who we met 👇
First here are the parliamentarians we met on the exhibition stand we had. They came and talked to us about our campaign & how they can help, they heard #RemainerNow stories, saw some video content and collected handouts and our new business cards.
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For the past 4 days we had a stand at the #LibDemConf. When we arranged it we thought we would not meet many who voted leave and the main aim was to raise awareness to get people to help amplify their voices. But we were wrong, we met many new #RemainerNow guys.

Collated thread
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#BorisJohnsonLies #LeaveOct31st #RemainerNow #Yellowhammer #Brexit #brexitmehole

So the Boris honeymoon must be over now that Leavers are hating on him as much as Remainers. So while you #BoycottWetherspoons
maybe you can find a someone from the other side and play a game
With Boris' mense horribilis barely out of the way, it got me thinking, these guys and gals are lasting less and less time

We used to ger 7-10 years out of a PM, now we're lucky if 10 months go by before they're up for grabs.

But hell that means we should already know...
Who's next, unless Rory has a sudden bout of leave love, or Jeremy gets a strategy, we are gonna be


and that's the game that'll bring us together

We're going to build the biggest profile of Prime Ministers in history

To see what works.
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Hi all, jut wanted to let you know that I'm taking some time out for a while.
I need some space to reflect - the last few days I have been incensed by the vitriol of some of the Remain community and the way in which they have been describing those who voted Leave.
Some of that criticism has been extremely defamatory, using vile stereotyping and, in my view, makes Remainers look bitter & superior. I'm not talking about the natural anger for pro-Brexit politicians or the media figures, they are fair targets in some cases.
I'm referring to people assuming many of my family and friends are racist, stupid and ignorant. So, I cannot right now, in all conscience, support a #RemainerNow campaign which encourages Leave voters to 'come over to the side' which has some extremely nasty voices in it.
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To the person who attacked me from behind in front of my daughter and tried to put me in a choke hold...

To the person who tried to rip my EU flag from my hands...

To the group singing Tommy Robinson chants while disrupting the #DefendDemocracy rally...
...You bring shame on Brexit supporters - most of whom are good people.

You are helping persuade even more of them to become #RemainerNow. For that I thank you.

Who would want to be on the same side as you?

@BestForBritain #DefendOurDemocracy #MarchForChange @march_change
@BestForBritain @march_change + we're both fine. Thank you everyone for your kind replies.

Great rally!

These people are a vanishingly tiny group that in no way represents the United Kingdom. Hope the tourists in Westminster today realise that. Our international reputation is battered enough.
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I've been intended to do a thread on reasons why people change their mind and becoming #RemainerNow. Turns out @JamieWoodhouse had done all the legwork for me so here's his article and I'm going to quote each reason in a tweet of its own as well…
@JamieWoodhouse "I just want it to be over (remaining is the only way)"
This is true, if we leave with a deal or no deal, we'll be negotiating our trade agreement for years. If you want it over (and who doesn't?) then revoking A50, which we can do unilaterally and at any time, is the only way.
@JamieWoodhouse "The Brexits on offer in 2019 are so different from 2016 promises (sunlit uplands, easiest deal ever)"
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Not a #RemainerNow but a quick thread on Government ministers calling #Proroguing Parliament an outrage just a few weeks ago.

Will they now do the honourable thing and resign?

Do feel free to send any we miss.

First it's Chancellor @sajidjavid, so how about it do you have any principles at all? #timetoresign


Second, how about Health Secretary @MattHancock, do you have any principles or is your job more important than credibility and your country?


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If we stay in the EU, we can eat Xmas food at Xmastime. If #ChaosBrexit happens, “This could leave British shoppers having to turn to the likes of turkey, stuffing and pigs-in-blankets as regular fresh food supplies run low.” H/t @MrSandy_P /52
If we stay in the EU, cancer patients can continue to have treatment with certain radioactive isotopes. These are as unstable as a Slytherin Tory cabinet minister and cannot be stockpiled. H/t @Dr_PhilippaW /53
If we stay in the EU, we can spend £100m between now and Hallowe’en – more than 2x what Proctor & Gable will spend in that time says @kacidama – on sexy shit such as the NHS, transport, education, jobs, housing and cool Hallowe’en costumes.
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I’ve been thinking a lot about morale and the fact that Johnson pulling in Vote Leave team is a visible effort to destroy morale

Psychological warfare

But we have intelligence on our side

Now we need to build resilience.


It only works if you LET it work
We have achieved more than those Brexiter buggers ever thought possible sometimes with little help from MSM.

31.3.2019. Still EU Members

Ditto. April 2019.

Ditto May 2019

Ditto June 2019

Ditto July 2019

Ditto August 2019

Ditto September 2019

Ditto October 2019
Sometimes you just have to hold the line of resistance and keep shifting it back.

WE have done that. YOU have done that.

Many many MPs have defied their own parties to do that. Maybe not perfectly, but nevertheless.

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In order to mark 3 years since the disastrous EU referendum, our group was out campaigning on the streets of #chester for the whole weekend. We wanted to speak to residents and visitors about what #brexit issues were on their mind.
It was a busy weekend as our action weekend coincided with the Midsummer Watch Parade so the streets were very busy with residents and visitors. We had our new banners to show off. Say no to No-deal. We have the best deal.
So what was the vibe? Well I have several conversations reported to me. One couple from Ellesmere Port had voted leave but are #RemainerNow. They made the excellent point that 6 years ago nobody was bothered about the EU so why was it suddenly made a problem?
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Ode to #Brexiteers on Brexit

We’re deluded.
We colluded,
With Russia and the Alt Right crowd.
And we won’t be cowed.

We’ll Brexit, the harder the better.
Ignoring the law by principle and letter.
It’s the EU’s legislation on ex-pat tax,
That really put up our backs.

The EU referendum was won by cheating and lies.
The fact that there are Remoaners is really no surprise.
All that stuff about Fair Play and Just Not Cricket,
That’s fine for sport, But not our cash!

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Watch the former head of the WTO, sat next to Andrea Leadsom back in 2016, perfectly predict our current situation, 3 years down the line. Amazing.

#brexit #BrexitShambles #BorisJohnson #EUelections2019 #RemainSurge #RemainerNow #RevokeArticle50 @mrjamesob #TrumpVisitUK
Potentially the next PM of this country everyone:
Here's a brilliant graphic which visualises the different trade relations the EU has with various countries
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My thread on changing Leave voters into Remainers, by a leave voter who is very much now a Remainer:
Leave voters are mostly not “Brexiteers”; they are normal people after a happy life, and don’t think much about international politics as long as their community is cared for. 1/
We need to understand what the average Leave voter would prefer to Brexit, and I have put together a 4-part “Remain Pledge” that I would like to see Remain parties considering in preparation for any kind of public vote. 2/
1.Supporting, fixing, bolstering our NHS. And not just with the Tory line of “greatest ever funding levels”, which is always true, but actual year on year increases to take it away from breaking point. 3/
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My thread on how to beat Leavers (sorry!)
1/ I was a Leave voter. I have become a #Remainernow, but there is one key piece of the Brexiteer psyche I don’t feel is being engaged with by any of the Remain parties. You see, every Brexiteer is a hero.
2/ It’s a wonderful feeling – a sincere belief that you are doing the right thing, and all obstacles and sacrifices are actually proof that you are on the right track. The reaction to “Project Fear” is a case in point; clearly Remainers were cowards.
3/ In fact, it doesn’t matter if every prediction comes true to them – it just highlights the length they are willing to go to succeed in their quest; how heroic they are. The more sacrifice, the more it must be worth it in the end. It gives a sense of empowerment that emboldens.
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