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Ode to #Brexiteers on Brexit

We’re deluded.
We colluded,
With Russia and the Alt Right crowd.
And we won’t be cowed.

We’ll Brexit, the harder the better.
Ignoring the law by principle and letter.
It’s the EU’s legislation on ex-pat tax,
That really put up our backs.

The EU referendum was won by cheating and lies.
The fact that there are Remoaners is really no surprise.
All that stuff about Fair Play and Just Not Cricket,
That’s fine for sport, But not our cash!

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Watch the former head of the WTO, sat next to Andrea Leadsom back in 2016, perfectly predict our current situation, 3 years down the line. Amazing.

#brexit #BrexitShambles #BorisJohnson #EUelections2019 #RemainSurge #RemainerNow #RevokeArticle50 @mrjamesob #TrumpVisitUK
Potentially the next PM of this country everyone:
Here's a brilliant graphic which visualises the different trade relations the EU has with various countries
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My thread on changing Leave voters into Remainers, by a leave voter who is very much now a Remainer:
Leave voters are mostly not “Brexiteers”; they are normal people after a happy life, and don’t think much about international politics as long as their community is cared for. 1/
We need to understand what the average Leave voter would prefer to Brexit, and I have put together a 4-part “Remain Pledge” that I would like to see Remain parties considering in preparation for any kind of public vote. 2/
1.Supporting, fixing, bolstering our NHS. And not just with the Tory line of “greatest ever funding levels”, which is always true, but actual year on year increases to take it away from breaking point. 3/
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My thread on how to beat Leavers (sorry!)
1/ I was a Leave voter. I have become a #Remainernow, but there is one key piece of the Brexiteer psyche I don’t feel is being engaged with by any of the Remain parties. You see, every Brexiteer is a hero.
2/ It’s a wonderful feeling – a sincere belief that you are doing the right thing, and all obstacles and sacrifices are actually proof that you are on the right track. The reaction to “Project Fear” is a case in point; clearly Remainers were cowards.
3/ In fact, it doesn’t matter if every prediction comes true to them – it just highlights the length they are willing to go to succeed in their quest; how heroic they are. The more sacrifice, the more it must be worth it in the end. It gives a sense of empowerment that emboldens.
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You can often see @piersmorgan spouting the line that no leave voters have changed their minds on #Brexit.

We @RemainerNow are trying to get him to open his eyes & ears, so on 10th April, started sending him evidence of multiple people once a day.

This thread collates them 👇
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Yesterday we @RemainerNow were invited to have an active role in the #PeoplesVoteRally in Westminster. Many of the speeches from politicians focused on why many abstainers, those too young to vote or 2016 leavers now want a #PeoplesVote.

This thread looks at #RemainerNow input.
Firstly, @ClaireTromans, who had travelled down from Dudley especially, was invited to give her reasons why she is a #RemainerNow in the intro.

Well done Claire.

Second, #RemainerNow @Will_DryOFOC (who has put his Uni career on hold to fight #brexit as a co-founder of @OFOCBrexit) gave a stirring speech about his change of mind.

Top work Will.

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1/18 Someone implied yesterday that I lied when I said I’d voted leave, which has me quite perplexed.
2/18 I’m a serving member of the Armed Forces and the concept of personal integrity is pressed home so hard and so often during training that even 25 years later, the idea of lying about something as significant as how I voted is just completely alien to me.
3/18 I do admit there’s not much in my twitter history from 3 years ago to substantiate my leave vote. I never campaigned hard to leave and was on the fence for a long time. For me, leaving represented an economic gamble, but one which at the time I thought might pay off.
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it's Saturday, we are STILL in the EU, so i'm off to join my group at our street stall and help campaign for a #PeoplesVote (or just #RevokeArticle50!!) ❤️💪🇪🇺🇬🇧

have sent my mum on ahead as she is technically more valuable than me lol she flies through the sign-up sheets!! 😁
eh?? where's Leave Means Leave?

were they having a late one rioting in London last night or have they just given up the fight?? 😁🇪🇺🇬🇧

#PeoplesVote #RevokeArticle50 @peoplesvote_uk @euromove
thanks SO MUCH to all the people who donated to our PayPal!! 100% of it has gone towards our 1000 new leaflets and has covered 2/3 of the cost of printing them!!

we're flying through them! lots of people want a #PeoplesVote to #RevokeArticle50!! 😁🇪🇺🇬🇧

@peoplesvote_uk @euromove
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1) What do you think Leave looks like?
I have the utmost respect for @jessphillips but I see her and other MPs this morning saying "no, these thugs don't represent *my* Leave voters"

I'm sorry, they do, this is what Leave & #Brexit looks like
2) I'm sure there's many people who think they are taking a principled stand on #Brexit - but really, what did they think would happen?

You start with "legitimate concerns on immigration", move to "EU bullies" & wartime comparisons, and turn a blind eye to people like these
3) you end up with a sitting MP agreeing with protesters that "they (MPs) have betrayed you" and going along with simplistic "you voted to leave, what's the problem" arguments whilst voting against a #Brexit deal that would let us leave

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So @trussliz, who herself changed her mind on brexit to be a #leavernow (perhaps for careerist reasons) claims noone has changed their minds on #Brexit. She uses it as an argument against a #PeoplesVote

Shall we look at the evidence then?


1st @trussliz let's look at polling.

Here we have:
(a) @YouGov #bregret tracker. This has been majority thinking #brexit is wrong since August 2017 and is only increasing. This does not take into account last 2 weeks shambles

(B) the 20k plus @Survation poll in Nov 18.

Now @trussliz let's move onto personal stories.
E.g. Fran from South Wales, she was on @SkyNews just yesterday saying how she voted leave, has changed her mind & is a #RemainerNow

She would love a #PeoplesVote #FinalSay for the sake of her grandkids
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A roundup of what some of our members were up to today.
We had a small group in Ellesmere Port near the Asda. There was a brief moment of excitement as our Emma thought she had spotted some unicorns. Unfortunately she just had the wrong glasses on at first. 😉
It was a tough day on the stall getting better as the day went on. The overwhelming feeling from the passers-by was brexit fatigue. There were fed up of it and they just want it all to stop.
We were told by one worried person that a local pharmaceutical firm is moving some jobs to Berlin thanks to the uncertainty of Brexit. I think we can safely assume this has no connection to a drop in diesel sales in Europe. 🤔
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Even more gold from @BESResearch -- while I do think that online opinion polls are generally extremely problematic due to the likely significant selection bias that it introduces, there is still some signal in the data that tells us about the nature of #leave support in 2016.
Waves 7/8 asked participants what they expect how the EU referendum is going to pan out... i.e. it asked what probability respondents attach to a #Leave vote, some subsequent waves ask whether people regret how they vote.
20 - 30% of respondents stated the probability of a #Leave success is less than 40%. Now, the nice thing is the BES also subsequently asked, how people voted and whether they regret how they voted -- it asks whether people are #remainernow
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All over the UK there are numerous local anti-brexit groups doing great work on the streets of towns and cities.

I'm aware they often meet many leave voters who've changed their minds.

This thread shows those voters who've been willing to record something.
This lady (from Truro) voted leave. But she regrets it. She considers the UK public was made to panic and told a lot of lies. She is a #RemainerNow as she explained to @Cornwall4EU in the late summer.

She is right and it's why many leavers back a #PeoplesVote
This video was recorded in Bury St Edmunds in August by the local group there and sent into @peoplesvote_uk. She explained how she feels now she knows more about #brexit she is a #RemainerNow. She thinks it's a mess and we need a #FinalSay
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LISTEN: John voted leave. He was concerned about the lack of jobs in his area & felt immigration had a big impact on that.

But here is a clip from him speaking to Adrian Chiles on radio 4 this week (a follow up to July 2016 Panorama) about his change of mind.

I watched the July 2016 programme at the time. This really gave me a good insight into why a number of leave voters from the West Midlands (& other areas) voted the way they did -almost in a cry for help.

Here is the full clip of what John had to say 2 & a half years ago.

The next 3 tweets give the whole section of @adrianchiles interview with John (which was summarised in the first tweet of this thread) when he returned and spoke to him for the Radio 4 programme earlier this week.

Here John explains his current life situation.

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#RemainerNow #12DaysOfChristmas


On the eleventh day of Christmas #RemainerNow gave to thee..

Hugh on the EU rights he now wants a' keeping'..



Richard on the leave vote he wants wiping..



#RemainerNow Steve's article that's worth a' glancing...…

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@terrychristian On assumption a genuine Q, I was recently has discussion w/ 6 leavers ( lucky me ! ):

#Leaver1 - Doesn’t mind immigrants here already but doesn’t want anymore: lives in a town with 0.3% immigration .

Is dependent on medication & horrified to find we’re stockpiling & didn’t
@terrychristian understand why it would be necessary until I explained. Became more quiet as convo progressed & asked for info.

#Leaver2 Wants to make own laws . Accepted govt admitted we never lost sovereignty , didn’t know we had veto or how law was made in E.U. with U.K. as participants.
@terrychristian Went on to say lost job as co he works for outsourced to Poland : he was employed in a different way . Was not aware of JIT which the co relies on , now concerned the co will be affected by that & cld lose job .

#Leaver3 unhappy E.U. can make laws U.K. don’t want & used eg of
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In 2018 we publicised so so many stories evidencing either the UK population or that individuals have changed their mind on brexit and are #Remainernow.

We now bring you the Top Ten stories (in terms of tweet impressions) of the year.


At Number 10 with 92,028 impressions..

This pair of compilation videos of numerous leave voters who appeared on the media within 4 days of the #Brexit "deal" coming out in November.

Worth a watch and share..


At number 9 (with 94,330 impressions)

A tweet sharing the results of the large @survation poll for the #c4brexit show in November which showed UK is noticeably #Remainernow


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So it’s been one year exactly since I (Andy) started tweeting under @remainernow.

This thread will cover thank yous, some of the things the #Remainernow campaign has done over the last 12 months, what I think must happen next & how you can help.
So 1 year ago today, having spent the previous 18 months devastated about Brexit & the ramifications it looked like it was going to have for UK, I decided I had to do more & I set up a new twitter account with a simple aim & this was the 1st tweet.

I'd been following several #regretful leavers (e.g. @HughNorris7 & @timjn1) for a while on my personal twitter (now dormant) & decided that their voices (& many others like them) must be amplified & they must know others feel the same..@remainernow was the result of that.

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Wrote a thread a year ago in reply to a leave voter on why i changed my mind this is a more detailed journey to explain for anyone interested or from different walks of life
#peoplesvote #RemainerNow #labour #tory #LibDems #brexit
Born in Manchester 2 up 2 down early years in house demolished by council moved further out in another working class part of the city, lived on the streets for short time in the 80`s before living in a hostel getting a flat job and finally a home
I do not claim to be an expert and my English is not the best but i have decided to put my views for anyone interested in the time line that led up to me voting leave in the 2016 EU ref something that i later come to bitterly regret
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Why have I changed my mind since the 2016 EU Referendum and why it is wrong to continue to support Brexit?
Nothing has convinced me otherwise.
Let the people have the final say
#PeoplesVote #RemainerNow #tory #labour #libdems #brexit
The country is divided and some of the reasons many of us who voted Leave have been laid bare: immigration, lack of respect, fear for your job and squeeze on public services.
#PeoplesVote #RemainerNow #tory #labour #libdems #brexit
Trust me, sovereignty was way, way down the list!
We lashed out upsetting the apple cart and gave the government a bloody nose and like many got joy at watching David Cameron lose his job.
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#BrexitChaos - thread: need for definitions:

#NoDeal #nodealbrexit means crashing out: no arrangements with the #EU or other member states, no transition period. Means losing all existing trade deals & years of global negociations
#WTO ≠ trade deal (look it up!) 1/9
@theresa_may #WithdrawalAgreement is the framework for a future #UK #EU future relationship. Allows for an orderly #Brexit with transition period, but leaves many issues to resolve, trade deals and regulations to negotiate, which will take many years and be costly. No "dividend"!
It is possible to #StopBrexit and #Remain. This means staying in the #EU with all current benefits, reciprocal rights and protections, free trade and movement for goods, services and people within the EU. To do this, Govt must #RevokeA50 (Article 50=notice given to #Leave 3/9
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This tweet is from the inventor of "Liberal Leave", who, having previously ditched Brexit, has now fully switched to Remain. It's important, because it's the first squeak I've heard from a constituency which could be decisive come a #PeoplesVote. 1/15

These are people who voted Leave, who'll never be enthusiastic converts to the pro-EU cause in the same way the wonderful #RemainerNow movement is. Rather they're folks who still think that - in principle - Brexit is a good idea, but that the government have cocked it up. 2/15
They're not anti-Brexit. They're just anti-Bad Brexit. 3/15
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New @cage_warwick paper with @EleAla on "Who is NOT voting for Brexit anymore?" Using local area estimates from @chrishanretty based on data from a 20k @Survation poll we study how the level & geography of support for Leave has changed since 2016... 1/
Swing away from #Leave is widespread and happening broadly across the UK, specifically in England, Wales, Cornwall and the North. Overall estimated level of support for Leave is 6 percentage points lower across UK, but masks significant heterogeneity. 2/
We follow similar approach as in earlier work with @essobecker and @DennisNovy to decompose the geographic variation to identify which factors are capturing the variation across the UK in the swing away from #Leave to #Remain.... 3/
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1. Don't pin the blame for this debased #Brexit on #Remain #Remainers #RemainerNow
We tried to tell you
2. We said a Ref was not a good idea
3. We warned Safeguards were needed
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