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A thread looking back on some of the things
the @RemainerNow campaign did beyond our social media platforms in 2019. We may have failed in our battle for a
#FinalSay to #StopBrexit but we did our best and it was made possible by many
of you who supported us in many ways.

In January, just before the first vote on1May’s Withdrawal Agreement, we set up our third #RemainerNow goes to parliament event to meet cross party MPs (previous in April and October 2018). Here was @ChrisOram1990 just before we went

We spent a good couple of hours with various MPs at different times. Here was the gang with @Anna_Soubry at the end.
(although the tweet below wrongly says Dan Carden was there instead of @darrenpjones ). Thanks to all who supported

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1/ This year, I had the privilege of travelling the EU28 thanks to a #DemocracyNeedsImagination grant from @ECF_tweets & my generous crowdfunders who believe #TheFutureisEurope 💙🇪🇺
Find below my love letter to Europe: The UK is turning its back on our greatest relationship 🇬🇧💔
2/ Dear Austria,
I got sunburnt sitting on the bank of the Danube River sketching the Slovak boats entering the city.
I met a friendly fellow Artist at the Karlskirche where we watched a gymnast in the fountain - we follow each other on Insta now 🇦🇹💙🇪🇺…
3/ Dear Belgium,
I have been to Brussels more times this year than I can remember: Always a delight to see my wonderful friends who live & work in the city: Playing Bubble Darts with @happeningo at the James Joyce where I got to perform this year 🇧🇪💙🇪🇺…
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Hi #FBPE #Remain #RemainerNow #RevokeA50 #StopTheCoup to #StopBrexit to #StopFascism #Facciamorete #PECS #TheResistance #FBR community members hope you’ve had a great Christmas. Please read and retweet this far and wide. Very important. Thanks @AuroraBlogspot 🙏🏽🤬🇪🇺 EU together
This is very interesting and now clearly obvious. Why would you be a willing participant in activities that make you a traitor to your nation...
... there used to be a clear line that you would not cross yet the traitorous acts are being willingly and actively covered up...
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Here goes with long thread on where I am following #GE19 result

Writing as a missive directed at @MattHartley100,only as we've sparred on here many a time & you've accused me of being undemocratic etc, but could easily be writing to @BorisJohnson (not that he'd pay any attn)
I've had the immense pleasure of meeting & standing alongside countless #FBPE proEU ppl who have spend the last 3yrs fighting to #StopBrexit

We've posted, tweeted, signed petitions, held vigils, run street stalls, spoken to the public on the doorstep & marched in our millions
I did this,not bcos I don't believe in democracy,but I did not see 2016 result of advisory ref as mandate for where we'd gotten to

Whether it was non specific details of what type of exit the public wanted,lies told on both sides (easiest deal vs project fear) or law breaking
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Tories today are in power and the UK's feeble democracy was the first of the high standing Western systems to die.

There is no longer an informed electorate.

The digital political advertising industry controls their behaviour.

Big money owns the best mass mood manipulators.
Here's how it works:

1. Collect big data about the people and their behaviour

2. Put your computers at work

3. Ditch your principles about decency

4. Do what your computers tell you works best.

You will be surprised how well the predictions work.
ad 1) Facebook admits 85m user profiles have been stolen, which could well be more, but there's much much more than FB and they're all collecting our data. This data will be used to make you enjoy a better service, but the fact that it's there means it attracts gold miners.
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Today is the most important election I can ever remember. Here is a recap of why I think it’s important to keep Boris Johnson’s Conservative party away from any more power over our lives #StopBorisJohnson #VoteNotTory #ThursdayMotivation

They have lied!
They have treated EU27 citizens like dirt! #xenophobia
They have treated Brits in the EU like dirt!
They have treated our public services like dirt!
They have treated the most unfortunate like dirt!
They have even treated business like dirt! #fuckbusiness
Here is the outcome I desire -
A minority Labour government working with the other parties on a policy by policy basis. Only a cross party approach can bring us back to a balanced and cohesive body politic! #TacticalVoting
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🗳️ For anyone in Scotland voting tomorrow who is undecided between @theSNP and Labour, here are just five important things to take into account before you vote 👇 (thread)
@theSNP 1) The Labour manifesto is promising things the SNP in government have already delivered north of the border including free tuition fees, free prescriptions, free personal care for over 65s, as well as important actions to tackle the Climate Emergency.…
@theSNP 2) The Labour Party is FOR Trident, the SNP is AGAINST Trident. Renewing this armageddon scenario nuclear arsenal - based 40 miles from Glasgow - has been estimated to cost £200bn+, which could be spent on *so many* better things.…
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🚨⚠️ This is important ⚠️🚨
Bear this in mind for the next few days until the election (thread).
In the next few days the Tory's millionaire backers will be buying up social media space at a ridiculous rate. We need to do everything we can to counteract this, here's how:
1. Don't give the Tories social media oxygen. Don't react to their posts. Don't comment on their posts. And definitely DON'T share them. Arguing with them or reacting with an angry face else just ensures more people see it.
2a. Follow your chosen candidate and their local party on all platforms and if possible set notifications so you are alerted every time they post. Your job now is to boost their posts so more people see them without having to pay for it as the tories are doing.
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Boris Johnson et al are responsible for having wasted the last three years on the massive folly of brexit. Would a child be on the floor if the country’s energy and money had been put into solving problems instead? /start
They told you they would have more money for the NHS. They lied then, they are lying now. We will continue haemorrhaging money on stupid brexit unicorns, negotiating them, duplicating what we already have, chasing a fantasy and losing our standing in the world! #stopbrexit
At the same time we will lose trade and growth and we will lose people, lots of people, expert people, smart people, caring people, interesting people, and be left with uncaring self interested power hungry brexit politico bots in power. #VoteNotTory #Braindrain
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How it is possible that @BorisJohnson is being investigated in the USA for potentially being compromised but nobody in the United Kingdom including the #bbcqt #media #Police have investigated this #crime #Brexit the #GeneralElection is days away #ReleaseTheRussianReport
The intrigue over a 'buried' probe into Russian spying deepened last night amid claims in security circles that it contains references to blackmail fears concerning Boris Johnson. #ReleaseTheRussianReport
One expert witness, who gave evidence to the ISC inquiry, has claimed privately to friends that he believes Boris Johnson was 'compromised' by a Russian businessman on a foreign trip in 2016
This is getting crazier 😱 #ReleaseTheRussianReport #GeneralElection2019 #GetJohnsonGone
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@LibDems @christopherfew5 Why I left the Conservative Party and joined the Liberal democrats - a thread.
I was born in the 1970s to a military family. As a result we travelled as we were told to for my dad's postings, and by the time I was 6 I'd travelled aroud the world, in both directions. We settled near Aldershot, my Dad got comissioned, and life was good....
Until my paternal grandfatehr died, in 1978, in Liverpool. We were aware of the death in November 78, but because of strikes and problems in Liverpool, he wasn;t buried until April 1979. My da swore he'd never vote Labour again.
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Here are 25 @LibDems target seats currently held by the Tories. If you're a voter in any of these constituencies, you should certainly consider voting #LibDems to kick the Tory out. #TacticalVoting #DitchTheTories #DitchJohnson #StopBrexit
@LibDems Vote for the @LibDems candidate Daisy Cooper @libdemdaisy in the St Albans constituency. #DitchJohnson #StopBrexit
@LibDems @libdemdaisy Vote for the @LibDems candidate Sarah Olney @sarahjolney1 in the Richmond Park constituency. #DitchJohnson #StopBrexit
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I've written about #Brexit since 2015 #FBPE, mostly in threads to go deeper than Twitter otherwise allows.

Typically I give a pic summary, with a thread of evidence. Trust nothing without source material. Use, bookmark or share what I do - it's made for you.

Let's #StopBrexit.
The main Tread runs continuously, off links are topics.

Thread 1. "Opposing The Brexits is a Democratic Obligation".

The original 2016 Brexit is lost. And with it any democratic consent. #StoptheCoup is accurate. It is a Coup.

Thread 2. "A Return to the EEC"

So could there have been a compromise between #Remain and #Leave that left the UK better off?

This thread was the culmination of about a year's work to find one.

Not easy. Not perfect. But far far better than Boris.

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#Brexit's 'nightmare alley' from 100 miles high. A 'house of horrors' story with a happy ending? But only if we vote for an end to the 'biggest heist in history'! 1/
Cameron launched his cunning plan (Bruges 2013) which only half worked? Spoiler! A cautionary tale, never to be followed! being nothing to do with improved welfare for the vast majority of Brits. 2/
Cam's plan was to kill off the Tories' @LibDems coalition partner, by secretly shafting them, while 'doing for' UKIP with the same bullet! Only the first bit worked? 3/
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The true outrage of the collapse of the People's Vote is that an organisation that "was not professionally run", was "raising £100,000 a week in small donations" which should have been used to directly fund grassroots campaigns. /1…
Instead we've had a top-down, authoritarian campaign controlling the grassroots activists & local groups, run by the metropolitan elite who have self-destructed the entire campaign & let down all of their supporters at the crucial moment. /2
The People's Vote always were a narrow, targeted (at a small number of labour MPs), corporate branded, soulless, "media friendly" organisation with a single aim: to get a 2nd referendum. They were not campaigning to #stopbrexit - yet they tried to control all those who were /3
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Are you voting from overseas? (Apologies to the disenfranchised).
If so, please make sure that you are still registered, as your registration only lasts for one year.
Step 1: Register to vote…
Once your registration has been accepted, apply for a proxy vote. You can apply initially online but you will then need to send the completed form by post to UK, so please allow enough time.
Step 2: Apply for a Proxy vote…
Once you have organised a proxy to vote for you, review tactical voting sites in order to select the best candidate to #GTTO #StopBrexit secure a #FinalSay referendum. You may need to hold your nose & put party loyalties aside.
Step 3: Vote tactically…
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Are the Daily Mail, Daily Express, the Sun and the BBC going to cover this because it seems to me people blindly supporting Johnson and his crew outside Twitter need to be informed on all this and so much more ? #ReleaseTheRussiaReport
I think the media must accept some of the responsibility for just how badly informed people are. Finally we are seeing some challenges to the lies and extraordinary claims made by politicians on Brexit and the economy and the influences on the dodgy referendum of 2016.
With some notable exceptions too many political journalists have put the drama of division and cult of personality above getting sensible and accurate information out to the people of the UK. Breathless cooing over tory psychodrama has turned politics into celeb “reality”TV.
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This is WRONG. The Tory and Labour leaders do not want to #StopBrexit - a large proportion of the British people do. The exclusion of the other main UK party leader - the @LibDems@JoSwinson - who does want to #StopBrexit is undemocratic and breaches the OfCom code. /1
As with @ITV, we will now be initiating legal proceedings against the @BBC too. We cannot allow our democracy and different political views to be thwarted in this way. /2
We are in an era of multiparty politics -the era of two-party politics is well and truly over. And yet our main broadcasters insist on presenting the old,anachronistic, two-party version to the public. It is the establishment reinforcing the establishment and must be called out/3
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**On "respecting" the referendum**

I think “respect” is the wrong word because it suggests to do the opposite is to be disrespectful. A better word is “uphold” or “implement”.
It’s perfectly possible to respect a vote but disagree with it and refuse to implement when you have better information.

We are in the mindset of sunk cost fallacies and our positions on both sides are becoming entrenched.
I would MPs on both sides to reconsider whether the 2016 vote was truly democratic. There’s little merit to be had in upholding/implementing something that comes from an undemocratic mandate.
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1/ I've been following the debate about #TacticalVoting in UK #GeneralElection2019, and particularly the controversy about @BestForBritain's site, which is accused of giving "bogus" advice based on a fairly opaque methodology…
2/ So... I decided to get the constituency-by-constituency data from this site and a couple of others ( & to see how they compare, and whether they pass a basic "plausibility" test based on % voting swing needed from 2017 results
3/ I narrowed down my analysis to the 317 seats won by @Conservatives at the 2017 General election, since these are the core focus for tactical voting, whether to get the #ToriesOut or #StopBrexit. This chart shows which party came second in each of these constituencies in 2017
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So today, I've had a guy follow me all the way down a road, constantly pestering me "Hello! Where are you going? Etc."
And just now a guy stops, looks me up & down and says "Oh God. Oh shit."
Are women not allowed out on their own in Greece? Or do I just look really bad today?🤔
I'd hasten to add that these 2 incidents were in addition to the standard level of street harassment that I anticipate everywhere I go... it doesn't just happened in Greece: it's endemic across Europe. And it's not OK. Because it intimidates women out of public spaces... 2.
People have expressed genuine shock when I've told them I am travelling alone. Likewise: I've had numerous emails/messages from women saying they think I am "brave" for travelling on my own - AND THIS IS THE WORST THING: they would be too scared to travel alone. 3.
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I have always maintained that it will be a slow decline in our industry base which will cause the real longer term problems. You cannot remove competitiveness from big employers and not expect a reaction then this leads to knock on effects in SMEs too. /thread
The way business makes decisions going forward will be affected by our country status and costs and friction in supply lines and the path of least resistance to get to their market. #stopbrexit
So every decision on leases on plant or property, renewal of financing, change in conditions, new member country regulations over which we have had no say as a third country, may not mean loss of British jobs automatically but makes us very vulnerable in any new considerations
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As the leading anti-Brexit org @BestforBritain isn’t under the People's Vote umbrella. We are an independent, cross-party group.

We value independence, it helps maintain focus and is why we politely declined to merge with other groups. Our goal is to #StopBrexit by any democratic means.

Events at People's Vote will be upsetting and frustrating for staff. We hope the issues are resolved quickly, allowing them to re-focus on their goal: THE #FinalSay on Brexit.

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In 4 years we have had 3 prime ministers and 2 elections.If Johnson gets his way we would have 4 prime ministers and 3 elections. There have been 4 votes on some kind of #Brexit deal - all FAILED to pass /THREAD.
Yet politicians consistently refuse us a #PeoplesVote comparing the type of Brexit they want to impose against the deal we have - EU membership.
3.5 years after the advisory crooked lying cheating referendum, parliament cannot make its mind up on what is an acceptable #brexit for the country. You have taken up enough time and money on this nonsense. #voteleavebrokethelaw
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