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Member of Legislative Assembly Maharashtra from Shivajinagar Constituency, Pune. Sevak of the People, BJP, RSS Karyakarta.
12 Jun 20
In the past 2 months I have raised several issues, and written multiple letters to Hon. @CMOMaharashtra ji on various concerns including Repatriation of Citizens from UAE & other Gulf Countries, the lack of co-ordination between the state & city administration, and more.. (1/n)
Other than acknowledgement of receipt, I have not received a single reply to any of my queries that I have officially asked the Hon @CMOMaharashtra ji. If I as an elected representative face such a dead-end, I can only imagine the plight of the common citizens of our state (2/n)
I can understand not getting affirmative answers to my requests, or the solutions to citizen issues not being what I had hoped for.. but having ZERO communication from the leader of our State especially during a Pandemic is a scary situation to be in. ( 3/n)
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3 Jun 20
About a month ago a leading industrialist had called the National #lockdown a draconian measure. He had pitched for ‘Herd Immunity’ and implied sacrificing lives of our elders and the vulnerable for the so called (his version) of the greater good. (1/5)
Epidemiologist Anders Tegnell the brains behind #Sweden taking the controversial approach of fighting the virus without a strict lockdown has admitted that “Sweden should have done more”..and that their “strategy is resulting in too many deaths.”
The cynics, the Modi-haters, the arm chair economists, had advocated following footsteps of Sweden- a country with no similarities to ours, country that has among the top per capita incomes in the world, has 0.75 % of India’s Population & has close to Zero absolute poverty..(3/5)
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25 May 20
In the past 60 days, in the overwhelming backdrop of #COVID19 there may have been a tendency to forget that standard medical emergencies are still a part our daily lives, there are hundreds who are undergoing surgeries and require blood transfusions. (1/N)
The lock-down protocols combined with the risk & fear of virus transmissions, volunteer blood donations have been at an all time low. Blood banks had been struggling. I was deeply concerned about it's ramifications until I visited #BloodDonation Camp organised at Ruby Hall. (2/5)
I was pleasantly surprised & heartened to see volunteer citizens respond to the Govt's call and #donateblood in large numbers at camps organised by "Dr. Nanasaheb Dharmadhikari Pratishthan" at Ruby Hall Clinic, Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital and Sassoon General Hospital. (3/5)
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6 May 20
Latest order from @PMCPune Commissioner Shri. Shekhar Gaikwad ji which allows for re-opening of non-essential shops that are outside the containment zones.
Shops will remain open from 7am to 7pm on designated days of the week; based on the nature of business & products sold
MONDAY,WEDNESDAY,FRIDAY : Electronic Appliances, Computer Hardware & Peripherals,Mobile Sales & Repairs and Kitchen Utensil Shops

TUESDAY,THURSDAY,SATURDAY,SUNDAY : Vehicle Repair Garages, Hardware, Plumbing, Building Material Stores, Clothing Shops, and Dairy Product Shops.
Essential Shops and Services : Groceries, Vegetables, Dairy, Meat etc. Hospitals, Clinics, and Medical Stores will remain open from 7am to 7pm on all days
Home Delivery of Essential Goods, Medicines, and Ready Food products will be allowed between 10 am to 10:00 pm on all days
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23 Apr 20
My thoughts on #RajivBajaj (and alike) calling the national lockdown a draconian solution that is looking for a problem, and accusing the government of deepening the country’s economic crisis and perpetuating the misery of its citizens by endangering their livelihood. (1/N)
With all due respect we are in amidst an unprecedented pandemic, there is no historical data, no scientific study that can with certainty predict the mortality of a non locked-down vs. a locked-down India…all predictions are purely based on intuition and dispostion (2/N)
I agree the economic ramifications will be unmatched. But there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that country (& its economy) can survive the death of X number of its citizens. Or do you have a number in mind that you are willing to let die before enforcing a lockdown ? (3/N)
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13 Apr 20
On account of the sharp increase in the patients infected by #COVID19 #Coronavirus the #Pune City administrations has decided to completely seal 22 more areas in the city.
I request all citizens to co-operate & adhere to the rules and directives of both police and administration.
3 Areas in #Shivajinagar ;
- Shivajinagar Bus & ST Stand (old)
- Patil Estate Locality
- Bhosalewadi ( Wakdewadi )
Have been completely sealed off by the administration until further notice. I request all citizens to co-operate & adhere to directives of police & administration.
The 22 additional areas to be sealed ;
1)Patra Chawl, Lane No.1 to 48 and surrounding areas in Prabhag 20
2)Entire Stretch of Tadiwala Road
3)Ghorpadi Village, Vikasnagarm Balajinagar, Shravastinagar, Prabhag 2.
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13 Oct 19
In response to the viral video of a PMPML e-Bus being recharged using a Diesel Generator.
E-Buses are manufactured by the company in Hyderabad, as per contract the buses are to be delivered post inspection in Pune. (1/3)
The latest lot of 20 buses were delivered a few days back. The buses were driven down from Hyderabad to Pune. The video is shot on-route at a location near Solapur. (2/3)
Typical range of e-bus is 250 kms & Solapur doesn’t have a charging station, the company uses a generator to charge these buses for the 2nd half of the journey.
Every e-bus that is inducted into PMPML service is only charged via electricity ( direct ) & not using gen-sets (3/3)
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