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"When one can do things on our own, then why to look for help from others," says Suraj Gaywal, a triple amputee #bodybuilder who doesn’t hold any grudges and instead wants to make the most of life.

#Inspiration #DefyingOdds #Fitness #Motivation #Pune Image
In 2016, Suraj lost his legs and arm to an electric shock. "After returning home, I was in a wheelchair, but I accepted whatever had happened and wanted to move on instead of feeling resentful," he says. The Pune-based youth started his fitness journey in 2021.
In just two months, he prepared himself for a district-level bodybuilding competition in Pune and secured a silver medal in the “star category” for individuals with disabilities.
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“Data will get better as long as people contribute to it. That’s how it’s going to work out. We will pursue other avenues to strengthen our database as the app matures.

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#App #Technology #GoodDeeds #Sanitation #Hygiene #Pune #TheBetterIndia Image
Right now, our approach is to depend on people," says Amol Bhinge, a US-based engineer who has developed #ToiletSeva. This one-stop platform lists government-run and privately owned toilets, allowing users quick access to clean, hygienic, and safe toilets.
Amol began working on this app in 2019 alongside his friend, but unfortunately, due to the pandemic, it took them more than three years to launch this app.
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Back in the 90’s, the Palkhi was basically an unexpected unplanned holiday from school and a LOT of people walking on FC Road!

Move to 2023 and it means so much more!

Reverence, respect, dedication, perseverance and better understanding of our culture!

#Pune #Palkhi2023
I had the distinct pleasure of walking on FC road just as the warkaris started coming and ended up getting a Darshan close up of both the Tukaram and the Dnyaneshwar Palkhis towards the end with some friends.

I won’t write too much right now but here are some pictures!
As always the welcome Rangolis and the first group making its way up FC Road. ImageImageImageImage
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I feel Twitter is the best social media platform. It has tremendous social, educational and networking value.

Personally it has helped me create a lot of awareness about the importance of oral health and clear a lot of myths about my profession.

As an aside, it has enabled me
to help people in dental pain also.

What happened today was the best example of that.

I woke up to a few people tagging me in this tweet:
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The #food scene in #Mumbai is actually very boring. #Pune is very vibrant in comparison with several choices on offer. One is actually spoilt for choice…
when it comes to #Marathi food l, there is Surves Pure non-veg at F C road, the various restaurants like Nagpur hotel and Shambhavi in Sadashiv Peth, mutton bhakri joints at Khed Shivapur, Milan and Aware Khanaval at Kumthekar Road,
Kothrud and Paud road have restaurants serving niche cuisine from parts of #Maharashtra like North Maharashtra. I could go on and on… perhaps because of high real estate prices and rentals, #Mumbai does not see too many of these budget, affordable places.
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#Kharadi, #Pune's new IT destination after Hinjawadi is flooded with some big ticket size project which will transform it completely .
Here is list of some existing , upcoming and planned projects .
The Key Map 👇
1/N ImageImageImageImage
Total Development Area - 4 MILLION SQ FT
Occupancy- 35000
Height- 35 M
Status - Completed
2/N ImageImageImageImage
2. World Trade Center - PANCHSHIL / BLACKSTONE
Total Development Area – 1.70 MILLION SQ FT
Occupancy- 12000
Height- 45 M
Status - Completed
3/N ImageImageImageImage
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A Doctor can be the greatest criminal of the world. He has the knowledge & the nerve-Sherlock Holmes. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's line was personified by a 40-year old Doctor from #Pune who committed a sensational murder in the 1950s. Thread
#crime #truecrime #Maharashtra #Mumbai ImageImage
At around 5.30 a.m. on 13th November 1956, Anant Chintamun Lagu, a Pune-based doctor, came to the GT Hospital in Mumbai with a 45-yr-old widow, who was unconscious. Lagu said she had fallen unconscious during an overnight train journey from Pune to Mumbai.
Lagu said he was travelling in same compartment as the woman. He told the doctors that he did not know the woman, but had gathered during the journey that her name was Indumati Panse. Lagu provided his address in Pune to the hospital.
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A class 12 passout, former security officer and self taught cybergeek from Hyderabad, Shrinivas Rao Dadi, masterminded a nationwide cyberfraud with a turnover of Rs 3 crore a day. The money was being converted into #cryptocurrency and sent to #China. So, how did he do it? Image
There was a hierarchy to how the scamsters operated. Some of them called up citizens, posing as policemen and flashing fake ID cards, over WhatsApp and Skype. Women were targetted the most. In Delhi, one of the scamsters made a video call to a woman, dressed in a khaki uniform.
The victims were told that a parcel he/she had sent by courier was found containing drugs. The terrified victims were deceived into downloading apps, such as Anydesk, that provided the scamster with remote access to his phone screen.
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#Goa was liberated from over four centuries of #Portuguese rule in 1961. But the Portuguese occupation saw anti-colonial uprisings including the #PintoRevolt or the #ConspiracyofthePintos. It is claimed that the rebels had colluded with #TipuSultan of #Mysore
#history ImageImage
The Pinto revolt at Candolim was the 1st such serious attempt by the people of #Goa to overthrow the #Portuguese. It was a protest against the racial discrimination by the Portuguese.
The conspiracy was hatched largely by the clergy, which was upset at the discrimination ingrained in the Catholic Church against native Goan Christians and a system where the Portuguese were supreme.
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Just when I thought I had had an amazing morning, my dear friend @nitinwelde made it even better!

What a beautiful city we live in.

Some shots…..
1) Army Institute of Physical Training
2) Race Course
3) Race Course
4) Poona Club Cricket Ground

#Pune ImageImageImageImage
Shaniwarwada. ImageImageImage
Dagdusheth. ImageImageImage
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We had the pleasure of attending the “Hidden Temples Of Pune” Walk with @GodboleSandeep today.

Posting some photos from the walk.

Thank you Sandeep for introducing my beloved city to me.

Such hidden treasures we never were aware of!

#Pune #Temples #Heritage ImageImageImageImage
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#PMModi addresses 99th edition of Mann Ki Baat

Mann Ki Baat live updates:…
Awareness about organ donation in the country is increasing: #PMModi
#PMModi urges everyone to contribute suggestions for the upcoming 100th episode next month.…
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There is a craze among the youth in Maharashtra-that of being civil servants. This is growing with time. The only problem is that the number of jobs in the govt & the public sector are shrinking. So, we have a growing number of aspirants vying for a shrinking number of jobs +
via the UPSC and MPSC exams. I am not going into the motives of some of these candidates-is if the genuine desire for public service, or…?
In cities like #Pune, the number of students preparing for the civil services exams is huge. An entire economy has come up around them. This includes people who give their houses on rent, those who run a coaching class, mess or restaurants, study rooms (abhyasikas) etc.
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What a find!

Very few of us know about the connection btn Netaji Bose & Pune.

The story goes as such:

Netaji was lodged in the Yerawda jail in Pune, between 13th April to 16 May 1936.

During this time, he wrote a couple of letters to Mr. D V Divekar, then editor of Kesari. ImageImageImage
In this letter, Netaji fondly talks of his wish to learn Marathi, read more about the Maratha Empire, and talks about how all the communication of his is monitored / censored!

What a beautiful piece of history which connects Netaji with Pune.
Special thanks to @kunal_tilak for finding this letter. 🙏😊

To know more such known & unknown stories of India's one of the most important freedom fighters, join us in conversation with @anujdhar & @chandrachurg on 26th March, 2023.
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म्हाडा पुणे सामान्यांचे की बिल्डरांचे?

म्हाडा पुणे सर्वसामान्यांना घरे मिळवून देण्याचे काम करत असताना त्याबाबत अनेक धक्कादायक खुलासे पुढे येत आहेत.

लॉटरी तर निघते पण लोकांना घरेच मिळत नाहीत...
धक्कादायक आकडेवारी😱

१. सोडत जून २०१९

सोडतीतील घरे : ४७५६
प्रत्यक्ष घरांचे वाटप: १९६०

२. सप्टेंबर २०१९

सोडतीतील घरे : २४८८
प्रत्यक्ष घरांचे वाटप: १५३३

३. जानेवारी २०२२

सोडतीतील घरे : ४२२२
प्रत्यक्ष घरांचे वाटप: २४२३

४. जानेवारी २०२३

सोडतीतील घरे : ६०६५
प्रत्यक्ष घरांचे वाटप: ००००
यावर्षीची सोडत तब्बल ३ वेळेस पुढे ढकलली गेली असून त्यात बिल्डरांचे काहीतरी साटेलोटे असण्याची शक्यता वर्तवण्यात येत आहे. 🔴
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#MahatmaGandhi had a complex relationship with Maharashtra, where his mentor Gopal Krishna Gokhale hailed from.

This thread is about #Gandhi and his relationship with #Marathi (and #Maharashtra)

#Maharashtra produced some of his staunchest supporters like Acharya Vinoba Bhave and Sitaram ‘Appasaheb’ Patwardhan, who was referred to as the ‘Konkan Gandhi,’ and his most bitter critics, like Dr #BabasahebAmbedkar and V.D. #Savarkar.
Eventually, a man from #Maharashtra--#NathuramGodse, killed #Gandhi.
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16 Dhams of Maa Mahalakshmi

1. Shree Ambabai Mahalakshmi Mandir, Kolhapur, Maharashtra

2. Sri Mahalakshmi Thayar sannidhi, Chengalpattu, #Tamilnadu
3. Shree Mahalaxmi Mandir
Indore, #MadhyaPradesh
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“Roses have their own language and are a classic choice when it comes to gifting," says Mukund Thakar, a floriculturist #Pune who launched the #PawnaPhulUtpadakSangh that helps farmers diversify their produce and earn in lakhs.

#FarmersFirst #Inspiration #ValentinesWeek #Flora
A progressive farmer and a role model for farmers, Mukund has provided jobs to the local youth, both men and women, and stopped migration.
While #floriculturists worldwide nurse a desire to send their flowers to developed markets, especially to countries like #Holland, the Sangh has been exporting flowers since 2013. Asked how you impress your Valentine.“Go for a 60cm-sized flower bud, one of our best,”says Thakar.
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12 divine mandirs of Hanuman ji

1. Neerbagilu Anjaneya Mandir
Hassan, Karnataka

@LostTemple7 Image
2. Mahabali Hanuman Mandir
Dhar, #MadhyaPradesh Image
3. Sri Tadbund Veeranjaneya Swamy Mandir, Hyderabad, #Telangana Image
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It was great to meet with @CPPuneCity to discuss various traffic issues plaguing #Pune. The meeting was coordinated by @ppcr_pune

Various representatives from industry, academic institutions, students and others participated. Would like to thank the Commissioner and his team.
.@CPPuneCity and his team patiently heard all the inputs and macro suggestions. A detailed list of over 200 individual suggestions (crowd sourced by @sudhirmehtapune on Twitter) was also shared with the @PuneCityPolice.
The macro suggestions focused on -

- utilising tech for better enforcement against rash driving, parking violations
- better studies of local traffic issues, with participation from students and citizens
- creating 'continuous driver education' modules via apps
...and more.
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CoinDCX Launches Namaste Web3

CoinDCX announced the launch of Namaste #Web3, an initiative aimed at generating awareness and understanding of the third-generation internet, or Web3, and its potential for Indian industries.
A series of multi-city roadshows are planned as part of Namaste Web3 with Bangalore being the first stop. Other cities include Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Jaipur, Pune, Indore, and Kolkata.
Amongst a host of interesting topics, the forum will touch upon the role of Web3 in bringing socio-economic changes, navigating the shift from web2 to web3,
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Did you know #BharatRatna #BhimsenJoshi loved automobiles with all his heart?

“Had I not been a classical singer, I would have loved to spend my entire life in a garage fine-tuning a Fiat or a Maruti,” was reportedly his oft-repeated line.
On a journey from Mumbai to Pune once, Bhimsen regaled a taxi driver with his music. Oblivious to his popularity, the driver wondered if Bhimsen would know how to fix an engine in case of an emergency.
To his surprise, Bhimsen helped the taxi driver fix the engine when the car later broke down in the middle of the journey.

The legendary singer was also passionate about long drives.
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Puncture repair scam in #Baner #Pune. 2 guys on a bike passed by signalling that I have a flat. Voila, there's a repair shop within breaking distance. The guys pointed out the shop & disappeared. I've been fooled before, & didn't stop. Naive drivers will get scammed for ₹1-2k.
It happened to me today ~6:15 PM between Varsha Park & Chitale shop while driving towards Balewadi. I stopped only after getting home & my tires looked fine. If you stop, the repair shop guys will discreetly poke holes in your tyre, & make you pay for the repairs. Beware! #Pune
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