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#Thread #Corona #Dentists #Precautions #Pune

There has been a lot of fear generated from the COVD-19 pandemic. Prominent among that has been the notion that "Dentists are at the highest risk of catching and spreading the virus."

This is a thread to discuss what we are doing
in our practice to address those risks and fears.

For starters, we were closed for the last 7 weeks. We were available via our clinic cell phone for emergencies. I don't know if people were just scared or their tolerance ramped up but we barely had to go in.
For starters, we have made 3 major infrastructural changes to our clinic. The first one was a fogger used in the OT of major hospitals. It blasts the disinfectants via micro droplets so there is no need for wiping/mopping. The disinfectant used is Quarternary Ammonium compounds,
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As maddening is the crowd at Pune's Laxmi Road, as much as I hate the fact that parking is never available here, this emptiness of the road just didn't seem right.
Some shops have opened today, but for now, the shopkeepers are only waiting...

#pune #Covid_19 #Lockdown4
Have you ever seen #Tulshibaug this empty? For 1st time in10 years that I didn't see a single person inside. It seems to have been converted into some sort of parking lot

Have the markets in your cities/towns opened? What's their condition?
#lockdown #Covid_19 #shopping #market
Now that the non-essential standalone shops have opened, including those of clothes, do you feel safe to go out and buy the things that you might need, while also following proper #Social_Distancing norms?

#covid_19 #pune #shopping #market #lockdown #Maharashtra
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Here are some problems of Pune's MSME industry I could note after meeting them.

* Maximum skilled workers were migrants and all of them have returned.
* The process to create new skilled labours will take time and that will affect the production quantity and quality both.

* Many small factories here had almost 70-80% migrant workers working on important tasks, so their functioning can't start without them.
* The production they did for last 3 months is lying in the godowns as there is no demand in the market.

* There are 11,000 MSME companies in PCMC of which about more than 5000 have started functioning but many are still unable to start since they don't have skilled workers to handle important tasks, some unable to complete every task as their skilled workers have run away.
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There are so many housing socities in Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad who have mobilised resources and manpower to help the needy, migrants and even stray dogs during the Lockdown.

Let's call them the para-#COVIDWarriors
Here are examples from Hinjawadi, Thergaon and NIBM Road
From giving lunch packets to ration kits, these residential clusters of Pune pitched in to help nearby labourers, workers and those who lost their jobs due to the lockdown and subsequent economic inactivity.
#Pune #COVIDWarriors
In #Hinjawadi, Pune's IT hub, a sprawling township having around 4k flats by the name of Blue Ridge became actively involved in helping others after the lockdown.
The security staff and their family members were given the vacant flats to live on temp basis.
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List of books to read on #Pune #history

1. Poona in Bygone Days - Parasnis.
2. Poona, Queen of the Deccan- Didee/ Gupta
3. Local history of Poona and it's battlefields - Col LW Shakespeare (1916)
4. Poona - Peshwa's city and neighbourhood : Col HA Newell (1918)
5. Poona Directory and Guide (1904)

6. Gazzetteer of Bombay Presidency, Vol XVIII , Part III - Poona (1885)

7. Bombay - Poona (Souvenir of Indian Science Congress) - 1934

8. Deluge in Poona - Brahme, Gole (1967)
With the exception of No 2 , all can be procured somewhere or other on the internet. Mainly

The most detailed though is Poona, Queen of Deccan - a thick coffee table sized tome costing 3 grand.
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Remembering Gopal Krishna Gokhale on his 154th birth anniversary (May 9, 1866).

Gokhale was an Indian liberal political leader and a social reformer, during the Indian Independence Movement.

He was also a senior leader of the Indian National Congress.โ€ฆ
Gokhale was the founder of the 'Servants of India Society'. He was also a Professor at the Fergusson College in #Pune.

Through the Society as well as the Congress and other legislative bodies he served in, Gokhale campaigned for Indian self-rule and for social reforms.
Gokhale was the leader of the moderate faction of the Congress party that advocated reforms by working with existing government institutions.

Gokhale became a member of the Indian National Congress in 1889, as a protรฉgรฉ of social reformer Mahadev Govind Ranade.
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#Naveen_Pattanaik :Namaste #Modi Ji, my apologies for calling you at 12.15 midnight. I was expecting #Corona testing kits by tomorrow but some logistic issues arised and trucks carrying those kits are stuck in #Mumbai now. We need them urgently.

@narendramodi ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
PM - I can understand. Please don't worry, I will personally see to it and ensure it reaches your #state capital sooner.

CM - Thanks. But I need it by today morning, anyhow!

PM - Do you mean within next 6 hours? ๐Ÿ˜ณ
CM - Yes, I insist, even before the sun rises today. Please get either #Mumbai, #Pune or #Nashik Airport opened for us, ask #AirForce to get us one flight and we will airlift the kits to #Bhubaneswar. Please don't let me down. Good night.
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On account of the sharp increase in the patients infected by #COVID19 #Coronavirus the #Pune City administrations has decided to completely seal 22 more areas in the city.
I request all citizens to co-operate & adhere to the rules and directives of both police and administration.
3 Areas in #Shivajinagar ;
- Shivajinagar Bus & ST Stand (old)
- Patil Estate Locality
- Bhosalewadi ( Wakdewadi )
Have been completely sealed off by the administration until further notice. I request all citizens to co-operate & adhere to directives of police & administration.
The 22 additional areas to be sealed ;
1)Patra Chawl, Lane No.1 to 48 and surrounding areas in Prabhag 20
2)Entire Stretch of Tadiwala Road
3)Ghorpadi Village, Vikasnagarm Balajinagar, Shravastinagar, Prabhag 2.
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Today is the 192nd Janmatithi of Ganesh Vasudev Joshi (popularly known was 'Sarvajanik Kaka').

Joshi was a lawyer, social reformer, and political activist. He was a founding member ofย Poona Sarvajanik Sabha (precursor to Indian National Congress), along with M.G. Ranade in 1870.
"He was a social activist in #Pune when Maharashtrian revival began, and he was the elderly guiding philosopher whenย Tilakย and Agarkar's generation gave impetus to Indian independence struggle."โ€ฆ
"Joshi also representedย Vasudev Balwant Phadkeย as his lawyer in Phadke's trial.[3]

Joshi had a daughter who was married toย Gopal Krishna Gokhale.[citation needed]"
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April 5, 1663 - one of the great 'special ops' raids in history. Shivaji Maharaj, along with a small team of Marathas, attacked the invading Mughal leader (Aurangzeb's uncle) Shaista Khan in #Pune's Lal Mahal.

He barely managed to escape, but not before losing three fingers.
Aurangzeb sent Shaista Khan along with a huge army to Deccan to confront the growing presence of Shivaji Raje.

Shaista Khan captured many forts and occupied #Pune and made Lal Mahal as his base.

It was impossible for Shivaji Maharaj to confront the Mughals in an open battle.
Hence, a brave plan was hatched to attack Shaista Khan directly in Pune. Shivaji Maharaj and small band of Maratha soldiers entered Pune (dressed as part of a wedding procession, to avoid getting detected) and reached Lal Mahal.

After the attack, they escaped towards Sinhagad.
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This thread is documentation of #viral, #PseudoScience & #irrational information circulating around in the midst of #CoronavirusOutbreakindia.
Starting from @AltNews report debunking uniform latitudes of places where #Corona came.โ€ฆ

Coronavirus: Is drinking cow urine any help?
By Reality Check team @BBCNEWSIndia1โ€ฆ
China culled around 18,000 chickens in Shaoyang city in the southern province of Hunan as a result of a flu outbreak. Rumours in India started circulating, that broiler chicken has been infected with Coronavirus and people should avoid consuming it.โ€ฆ
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Happening now:

Media briefing on actions taken, preparedness & updates for the management of #COVID19

@PMOIndia @drharshvardhan @AshwiniKChoubey @MIB_India @PIB_India @DG_PIB @MEAIndia @MoCA_GoI @shipmin_india @tourismgoi @mygovindia
In continuation of Travel Advisories issued on 11th and 16th March 2020, following additional advisory issued today.
(a) Travel of passengers from #Afghanistan, #Philippines and #Malaysia to #India is prohibited with immediate effect. No flight shall take off from these countries to India after 1500 hours IST. The airline shall enforce this at the port of initial departure.
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A rant about how PATHETIC #Pune airport is.

1. My parents are arriving at Pune later tonight. The only direct connection from Kochi to Pune happens to be at this ungodly hour. Other option was to take a hopping flight via Bengaluru and have them wait at the airport.
2. Since this is an ungodly hour, I will go to airport to pick them (didnโ€™t want to trouble the driver who has his plate full tomorrow). Now Pune airport has 2 parking areas, both OUTSIDE the airport.
Yes, you have to LEAVE the exit gate to go to the Parking. Both require passengers to cross the road.

3. One parking area is a 3-4 min walk from the arrival gate. No problem about that. But the road is in a pathetic condition and dragging a luggage laden trolley is a nightmare
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There's activism.... and then there's Puneri activism ๐Ÿ˜‰

This gentleman is apparently 'protesting' outside the 'world famous' Bedekar Misal near Laxmi Road - asking for 'Paav' instead of 'Bread Slices' (which Bedekar serves with Misal).


(photo via WhatsApp) #Pune
Okay...let's do a poll ๐Ÿ˜‰

What do you prefer with your #Misal?

#MisalPaav #MisalBreadSlice
While folks debate on 'Paav' or 'Bread Slice', here's a list of #Pune #Misal old restaurants:

Vaidya Uphar Gruha, Raviwar Peth (1911)

Shrikrishna Bhuvan, Tulshibaug (1941)

Bedekar, Narayan Peth (1955)

Shri Misal, Ramnath, Bapat...1950s/60s?

Any other old ones?
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Highly resommend the Fruit and Vegetable exhibit at Sambhaji Park on JM Road! Efforts are fantastic! Carry a hat/cap and sunglasses along for everyone please!

#Pune #FruitandVegetable #SambhajiPark
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#Threads Collating National Protests Against #CAA_NRC_NPR
Scheduled On 30 January 2020, Thursday
24x7 | Shaheen Bagh | women led protest
24x7 | near Khureji Petrol Pump, Khureji | women led dharna
24x7 | Seelampur-Jafrabad, in front of Al Taj Dawakhana
24x7 | Inderlok Metro Station
24x7 | Turkman Gate, Chandni Chowk
24x7 | Jamia Millia Islamia Gate 7
24x7 | Brijpuri Pullya, Mustafabad
24x7 | Kardampuri Chowk, opp. Yamuna Vihar
24x7 | Chand Bagh, near Gokulpuri Metro Station
24x7 | Sri Ram Colony, Ramleela Ground, near Hanuman Mandir, Khajuri
24x7 | Gandhi Park, Hauz Rani, Malviya Nagar
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Here is the updated thread for all 24x7 Sit-in Protests from all over INDIA ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ

50+ Shaheen Bagh type 24x7 Sit-in Protests Across 34 towns/cities.

13 - 24x7 Sit-in Protests in Delhi

24x7 - Rakhyal - indefinite sit-in

24x7 - Bab-e-Syed, AMU - Indefinite sit-in

24x7 - Mansoor Ali Park, Roshan Bagh - Indefinite sit-in

24x7 -Mujeeb Bagh, Nawadih Rd., nr. Hotel Royal Biryani - Day 20
24x7 - Shaheen Bagh, Delhi Gate, outside Div. Comm. Office - Day15

24x7 - Frazer Town Mosque, Opposite Carry Fresh Hypermarket - Day 2

24x7 - Islamia College, Civil Lines - Indefinite sit-in
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Here are the thread collating #CAAPotests & Protests in Solidarity with JNU planned for 6th JANUARY from all over INDIA๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ & World

#JNUattack #JNUVioence #EmergencyinJNU #SOSJNU #JNUUnderAttack
#Oxford With JNU @ 12 noon
#Malegaon Protest Rally of WOMEN against CAA / NRC

6th Janury @ 2:30 pm
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#SuicideAwareness I very nearly didnโ€™t make it to 2020. I donโ€™t even know how Iโ€™m still here. I need to thank those who helped me up when I fell down.This is a thread about how grateful I am for being alive today.
From 2016 to 2019, I was stalked, sexually harassed, threatened and intimidated by a man from my society where my family and I were renting an apartment because it was close to my college. I was pursuing law.
In early 2018, after the man attempted to run me over with his car and later forcibly grabbed my hand and tried to touch me, my mother and I decided to take action. I was afraid but I knew we had to do something. Ignoring him had not worked.
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#thread: One of the biggest differences between the Western world and India is the preservation of historical structures and creating awareness about their history. One exception is Deccan Gymkhana.

#DeccanGymkhana #history #sports #Pune #pride
The current committee has done a fantastic job bringing out a calendar. I am sharing pictures with an close up of the description of each department! My kids are the FOURTH generation of the Govitrikar family who are members there!

#DeccanGymkhana #history #sports #Pune #pride
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Thread- Wonders of the Deccan Landscape. A 66 million year river of lava...exhumed!

On Pune Nasik Road, turn east at Ale phata. Look for Mandohol Dam. And a ridge named Mhasoba Zap.

Can you spot the lava river?
Basalt lava is less viscous and can flow for long distances. It can get channeled along a preexisting valley or follow lows in the landscape, forming a sinuous lava channel. Pic from USGS captures a lava channel from recent eruption in Hawaii.
The view in this pic at Mhasoba Zap is looking upslope. The sinuous ridge you see is the exhumed lava channel. It stands out as a ridge about 100 meters above the adjacent plains.
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. @Dev_Fadnavis need not give an certificate of how #Ecofriendly he is to anyone

Planted 23 crore trees already

Set up 24-hour toll free helpline 1926 #HelloForest

Created #GreenArmy, a body of dedicated volunteers to plant trees

U can register here
#ForestSurveyofIndia has declared #Maharashtra as the ONLY state which has registered a GROWTH in #forestCover in past years

Not just #forests, but trees outside jungles have also seen a spike
253 m2 rise in #trees
82 km2 rise in #mangroves

Survival rate of the 23 crore trees planted

2016 72 %
2017 80 %
2018 85 %

Impressive, isnโ€™t it?

More focus has been on areas of the state with LESS forest cover like Marathwada, Western Maharashtra & Vidarbha

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

I wish to update everyone on the role we play in early detection and treatment for women affected by this terrible disease.

#breastcancer #October #breastcancerawareness #Pune #dentist #cancerscreening
As part of my training at the University of Pennsylvania, we were taught the role of regular Oral Cancer Screening to be carried out at each visit.

The mandible is the most common site for metastasis aka secondary spread of Breast Cancer.
As such we contribute both towards primary diagnosis and ruling out recurrence. A simple panoramic xray is generally sufficient in most cases.

If a patient is to undergo Chemotherapy, it becomes very important to eliminate all potential sources of infection.
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#PuneRains wreck havoc in #Sahakarnagar.
Pune collector has declared a holiday for schools and colleges today.
Due to yesterdayโ€™s rains #Padmavati pumping station is affected. There will be no #water supply at Satara road, Kondhawa, Bibwewadi, Sahakarnagar, Marketyard, Balajinagar, Dhankawadi
#PuneRains | This senior citizen was among 5 rescued from Gururaj Society, Padmavati in #Sahakarnagar
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