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20 Feb
Some of our information we tweeted earlier today regarding anti-speech bills for the OK 2021 legislative session was incorrect.

We deeply apologize for the mistake, and will do better for our audience & community.

Here is a thread with corrections.
Attention All OKLAHOMANS!

Oklahoma Law-Makers has authored several anti-speech bills for the 2021 session.

Ranging from felony/ 2 yr prison sentences for protesting in public streets , to protection against drivers who hit demonstrators.
HB 1674 would make it illegal for protestors to block traffic, & creates protections for drivers who “unintentionally” hit people while fleeing from a “riot”.

People who block traffic can face 1 yr in prison, & a $5,000 fine.

Over 100 protestors were hit with cars in 2020.
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19 Feb
#Breaking #News!
Today during the O.C.C.J.A. meeting Trustee Ben Brown expressed concerns towards Agenda item 7.

He compared OKC activists & advocates who have been attending the meetings to the insurrection during the Jan 6th terrorist attack on the U.S. Capitol.
Trustee Brown was referring to the activist selected to serve on the Special Detention Center Action Committee.

A committee to research best practices and make recommendations to the trust. Image
@adri_isis is one of the activists selected to serve on the S.D.C.A.C., after listing her experience as an advocate she tells Trustee Brown

“I only ask that...maybe we should get to know each other before we pass judgment. I would also ask that you don’t ever compare my...
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22 Dec 20
#New Today activist attended the Okc City Council meeting to express their concerns for a agenda item that would give the @OKCPD $388,399 for covert technology & custodial services.
Cherisse Baker @CharleMoNae says,

“You have situations like #StavianRodriguez where you have 6 people yelling commands at here is it I have 6 people with guns drawn, screaming, demanding I do well would you respond.”
#News #Protest #Okc
Cherisse Baker continues,

“And instead of proving those resources to the families & the community affected by the want to give them to the officers who inflict the trauma on the community.”

“You should be ashamed of yourself.” #News #Protest
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12 Dec 20
People are now gathering in front of the @OKCPD hours after 2 officers shot Bennie Edwards in the back while he was running away. #news #okcprotest.
•Follow thread of updates.
6:17 pm
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11 Dec 20
Breaking #news a black man was just gunned down by @OKCPD officers. He was seen in a video running away from officers when they shot him in the back.
Activist and residents have gathered together at the scene and now are confronting law enforcement.
Follow thread for updates.
Video of Bennie Edwards being shot by @OKCPD officers.
taken by @ZebraFlash49
#news #PoliceBrutality
@OKCPD Officers are now bringing out rubber bullets and vest as the crowd begins to grow.
#news #okcprotest
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