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How the city of Kalamazoo is trying to address homeless people in places downtown --

And what are the rules popping up on new signs this week?

🧵THREAD + New MLive article dropping ~ 8:45 a.m. Image
August 2018, a simpler time for us all. @PolarBarrett was providing great city hall +more in Kalamazoo for @MLive. The Kalamazoo City Commission received a recommendation from staff to change city code that many complained unfairly targeted homeless residents. MLive file photo August 20,...
Proposal in Aug 2018 would ban:

"Any activity in Parks where bedding, sleeping bags, personal belongings or other materials, are established, or maintained for the purpose of maintaining a place to dwell or sleep for a period longer than 2 total hrs within a 12 hr period..." Donna Decker, center, rests...
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We are about to head into the holiday weekend but first let’s gather up all of today’s best deals on Android games and apps. Just be sure to scope out some of the Android and Google Memorial Day deals that are now live including Best Buy’s #protest #DrRomantic3 #fearwomen… annual event with a solid price drops on Pixel 7a, today’s Gold Box Samsung Galaxy Tab offers from $270, and this Google Nest Thermostat discount that’s hitting just in-time for summer. But as promised, it’s all about the apps right… now including titles like 911 Operator, Aftermath, Kiwanuka, Maglev Metro, Car Costs Complete, and much more. Head below for a complete look at all of today’s best Android game and app deals.

Best Android apps and games on sale
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#Stuttgart (#BadenWürttemberg) #S2005
#Demo #Demonstration #Protest

#Politik und #Medien Hand in Hand - Das schadet unserem Land

#Rede von: Wolfgang Kochanek-#Unternehmer


#Gastapo #Stasi #Meldestelle #Steuerzahler #Gender #Greenpeace
#Stuttgart (#BadenWürttemberg) #S2005
#Demo #Demonstration #Protest

#Politik und #Medien Hand in Hand - Das schadet unserem Land

#Rede von: Wolfgang Kochanek-#Unternehmer


#DUH #Falschparker #ChatKontrolle #Ampelr #DDR2 #Richter
#Stuttgart (#BadenWürttemberg) #S2005
#Demo #Demonstration #Protest

#Politik und #Medien Hand in Hand - Das schadet unserem Land

#Rede von: Wolfgang Kochanek-#Unternehmer


#Freisler #Todesurteil #Justiz #Verwaltung #Ballweg
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#Bückeburg(#Niedersachsen)#SHG2005 #RI205
#Demo #Demonstration #Protest
Am 20.Mai 23 werden wir uns an der weltweiten Aktion „Global Walkout"! beteiligen. Die sogenannte #Corona-#Pandemie hat uns gezeigt, wie die globalen Gruppen agieren und wie die Regierungen ihren Weisungen .. Image
gefolgt sind. Während die Menschen unter Schock standen haben die #Globalisten ihre Pläne zur vollständigen #Überwachung und #Kontrolle der Menschen vorangetrieben.  Folgende Programmpunkte sind geplant: ImageImageImage
- Redner mit informativen Beiträgen zum Thema
- Video-Präsentationen
- offenes Mikrofon
- Info-Material
- Life-Stream

Mal was anderes machen als protestieren und Forderungen stellen? ImageImageImage
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The intensifying clamp down on #protest is just capitalism & the capitalist state “out in the open”. Climate activism, worker struggle and opposition to the clowning of a new King show people are less willing to passively accept their domination. So it must be done forcibly (1/5)
Significantly, it’s now being experienced more by those not used to it. They should be justifiably outraged. But there are many in our society who’ve been subjected to unjust and discriminatory punitive actions from police, politics and the legal system their entire lives.
This has been central to the critique of the climate activist space as too white and middle class, especially when it came to tactics of “wilful arrest”. State repression and violence is not new, it’s always been necessary for maintaining this system of hierarchy and oppression.
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Israeli demonstrators blocked roadways during ‘Day of Equality’ in protest of the government’s judicial overhaul. People have been protesting for over three months.

#Israel #Judiciary #protest #cgtnamerica ImageImageImage
The planned overhaul, which would give the government control over naming judges to the Supreme Court and let parliament override many rulings, has been on pause as political parties attempt to negotiate. But they haven’t made any progress. ImageImageImage
The government says the overhaul is needed to restore balance between parliament and the courts. Opponents say these proposals would remove oversight and give Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's nationalist-religious coalition more power. Image
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Law & order is not normally seen as part of Govt economic policy, & for good reason. But security minister Tom Tugendhat has confessed that the draconian Public Order Act, which gives the police new powers to stop protesters, is part of the Govt’s growth strategy!🙋‍♂️🇬🇧⏰ Image
"We’ve seen the nature of protest in the UK become so much more disruptive... We cannot deliver on the five pledges that the prime minister has set out – we can’t halve inflation, grow the economy, reduce debt, cut waiting lists or stop boats – if we can’t get the economy going." Image
The coronation is a “chance to showcase our liberty”, said Tugendhat, after the increasingly authoritarian Govt demonstrated its opposition to the 'British values' of liberty & free speech by fast-tracking draconian legislation to crack down on protests!

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What are harsh truths in life?

#protest, #PeterObiIsComing, Arise TV,Ike Ekweremadu, Lamidi Apapa, Abike Dabiri, Northerners Image
1. Life is not fair , You have to make it fair.

2. Money matters alot : girls always want to marry a settled guy.

3. There is No True Love . In most cases girl/boy will be with you because of your Looks and Money .
4. Relatives and friends will admire you when you succeed but they will not be with you during your struggle.

5. When you chase success you will lose most of the things that you ever loved in life.. success = sacrifice.
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“Protest by violent means can never be part of democracy. State can restrict the right to #protest by certain ways without violating fundamental rights of individuals,” #DelhiHighCourt while framing charges against #SharjeelImam, others in 2019 #JamiaViolence case.
“The video analysis will also reveal that the acts of resistance being presented as normal by the present respondents were not peaceful resistance but violent protest which had turned into riots,” Justice Swarana Kanta Sharma observed in the order running into 90 pages.
Read operative part of the order here:

#DelhiHighCourt #Protest #JamiaViolence
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#Pakistan🇵🇰 IHRF's statement regarding the current political situation in Pakistan and safety recommendations for civilians.

انٹرنیشنل ہیومن رائٹس فاؤنڈیشن کا پاکستان کی موجودہ سیاسی صورتحال اور شہریوں کے لیے حفاظتی تجاویز کے حوالے سے سرکاری بیان۔
1. We ask soldiers and police officers in Pakistan to disobey any unjust or illegal orders they receive. #HumanRights #Disobey #RuleOfLaw
1. ہم پاکستان میں فوجیوں اور پولیس افسران سے کہتے ہیں کہ وہ کسی بھی غیر منصفانہ یا غیر قانونی احکامات کی نافرمانی کریں۔
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Hey Comrades!
Here's a THREAD on #Protest Safety Basics.

🌳 What is #BlackBloc?
🌲 What is #GrayBloc?
👮‍♂️ 🚔 Why do we #blocup?
🌳 How to #Debloc.
👮‍♀️ What #BlackBloc is NOT.

#Paris Protest
#Tortuguita Image
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H.E Peter Obi interview today!

If you must win, you must win the people. If you don’t win the people, you have not won. And in the last election, the declared winner did not win the people." - Peter Obi.


Supreme Court| Emefiele| Tems| #Protest| Onitsha| Mercy Johnson|

"I received more votes in Lagos from the indigenous population than from visitors. The locals voted for me because they believe in me." - Peter Obi.

Supreme Court| Emefiele| Tems| #Protest| Onitsha| Mercy Johnson| Angela Bassett| Toyin| Festus Okoye|

Abiola received more votes than his opponent in the South East during an election, even though the opposing party had a respected Igbo VP. Similarly, in the past, even Ojukwu was defeated by OBJ in the South East.

Peter Obi
#Protest Supreme Court The Nation Mercy Johnson
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#USA brought a #nuclear #command center to #Iceland on the same day that the #Finnish #Parliament approved joining #NATO.
The whole #HorrorStory of #Finland in a #nutshell
- This is how #WEF-#NATO-#GoldmanSachs-#Zionists #castrate Finland.
- A country driven to #breadlines for 60 years cannot resist digital #control, nor an #archipelago of #NATO #NuclearWeapon bases.
The #MFA @Ulkoministerio organized an #official opinion poll on joining #NATO, which ended on Nov 23, 2022.
- The #Finnish people (92%) #REJECTED joining NATO
- The MFA, in #violation of the #PublicityAct, refuses to hand over copies of stats free of chrg
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Here’s what I’ll be talking about on Friday at @PassmoreEdwards as part of the Pen & Ink #comics & book art festival (tickets here… - it’s “pay what you can” for most sessions):🧵 Talk by Myfanwy Tristram- h...
First, the @DrawLineComics story. How 100+ artists from around the world came together because of a single frustrated Facebook post I made. Hardback copies of Draw the...
How we managed that project and got the books out, not only without spending money, but in fact making a profit that went to charity!
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Urteil: Freispruch

»das Gericht sieht aus eigener Lebenserfahrung im Fenster putzen, und ich putze nicht gut Fenster, den Tatbestand der Sachbeschädigung als nicht gegeben an. …
… Da das entfernen selbst mit Wasser und Tuch gehe recht leicht und es nicht vorstellbar ist, dass die Reinigung 4-5 Stunden gedauert haben könnte. Eine substantielle Veränderung der Fensterscheibe war nicht gegeben.«

Soviel zum Juristischen.
Die Vertreterin der Staatsanwaltschaft sagte, sie habe nicht vor in Berufung zu gehen, aber am Schluss entscheidet das ihr Vorgesetzter Dr. Hader, der im #Jansenbrücke|nverfahren federführend ist.

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#dus1102 oder Wie Friedensbewegt ist das "Friedensbündnis NRW"?

Die #Polizei musste die Solidaritätsdemo der Ukrainischen Gemeinde immer wieder schützen.

Hier wird Menschen deren Angehörige im Krieg leben umd sterben unterstellt, das Sie den Krieg wollen.

Auch die Auswahl der Orga an Funktionspersonal, wie Trommler, Medienpersonal zeigt sehr deutlich die politische Ausrichtung des "Friedensbündnis NRW".

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Millions of workers in #France join third mass #protest against pension cuts #Macron | -28min
- over 400,000 people marched in #Paris and a total of 2 million protested nationwide, while millions more went on #strike and stayed at home.…
#Macron #pension. #Protesters in #Paris marched peacefully with a very heavy police presence | Feb 7
- Tens of 1000s marched in the cities of #Nice, #Marseille, #Toulouse, #Nantes - against the pension bill that would raise the min retirement from 62 to 64
#Protests in #France continue against #pension reform | Feb 7
- Public transport, schools and refinery supplies were disrupted in France on Tuesday as trade unions led a third wave of nationwide #strikes a day after pension reform legislation
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Warum #partizpation mehr als ziviler Widerstand und weniger als demokratische Kooperation zu bestimmen ist #korruptionsstrafrecht die falsche Antwort ist.

Bonustrack: Super Kleber für das neue Super Parlament!

#Thread 🧵

Korruption ist nicht nur extere Beeinflussung sondern auch interne Verwerfung im gesetzgebenden Prozess. Pflegebonus & Impfpflicht Gesetz sind mahnende Beispiele, wie Kritik über Last Minute Änderungen nach Begutachtungsprozess ausgebremst u Ergebnisse korrupiert wurden.

Als Ergebnis beobachten wir Gesetze, deren Realität mit Ankündigungen nur mehr Überschrift gemein haben. Wo Prozess selbst korruptiv ist, macht er Beteiligung an der Gesetzgebung zur ungewollten Komplizenschaft u. Begutachtungen zur Pharse. Verarscht Euch doch selbst!

3/11 @blauerelefant Twitter post
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XR co-founder @RogerHallamCS21 is a political prisoner.

He stands accused of urging people to participate in civil resistance against the UK regime’s murderous pursuit of new fossil fuels.

He has been held on remand in Wandsworth Prison for two months so far. The Prisoner, Nikolai Alexandrovich Yaroshenko 1878
Conditions in the prison are inhumane and dangerous, as Roger explained by letter in December. In the prison cell, it feels like 90 degrees. My Romanian ceMy next cellmate is a drug addict. Three times a day, the smI'm supposed to be able to get three visits a week. After hoYesterday the heating broke down. Yes, there is a pattern he
Heard much in the media about Roger and other political prisoners of the UK regime?

Well, perhaps if you read The Sun. Roger’s arrest was the result of collusion between the police and @ScarletHowes, an employee of disgraced billionaire Rupert Murdoch.
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So #GainOfFunction started in 2003 then went silent until a 2012 #biolabs story #linked Hawaii bio center to #coronavirus #SARS #monkeypox also it explains how the @CDCgov ships the viruses in every day moving box’s on planes and trains , other nations have patients on it as well… Image
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அரசு தரப்புடன் நடைபெற்ற பேச்சுவார்த்தை தோல்வி அடைந்ததால், போராட்டம் தொடரும் என இடைநிலை ஆசிரியர்கள் அறிவித்துள்ளனர்.

ஏற்கனவே 3நாட்களாக உண்ணாவிரதப் போராட்டத்தில் ஈடுபட்டு பலர் மருத்துவ மனையில் உள்ள போதும் போராட்டம் தொடரும் என்றே உறுதியாக உள்ளார்கள். Image
அரசுப் பள்ளிகளில் கடந்த 2009ஆம் ஆண்டு மே 31ஆம் தேதி, நியமிக்கப்பட்ட இடைநிலை ஆசிரியர்களுக்கு ஒரு ஊதியமும், அதே ஆண்டு ஜூன் 1ஆம் தேதி நியமனம் செய்யப்பட்ட ஆசிரியர்களுக்கு மற்றொரு ஊதியமும் நிர்ணயிக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது.
இதனால், ஒருநாள் வித்தியாசத்தில் அடிப்படை ஊதியத்தில் 3,170 ரூபாய் குறைந்துள்ளது. இதனால் 20 ஆயிரத்துக்கும் மேற்பட்ட இடைநிலை ஆசிரியர்கள் பாதிக்கப்பட்டுள்ளனர்.

இந்நிலையில், சம வேலைக்கு சம ஊதியம் என்ற கோரிக்கையை முன்னிறுத்தி, இடைநிலை ஆசிரியர்கள் தொடர்ந்து 4வது நாளாக உண்ணாவிரத
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@Juha_Korh2 @oikeusasiamies @RSF_fi @oikeuskansleri @Haavisto @anttikaikkonen @SuomenEduskunta @MarinSanna #ValehtelevatMinisterit.
#WEF -regiimin sepustus sotarikollisjärjestö #NATO'on liittymisestä alkaa törkeällä valheella.
- "Venäjä käynnisti 24. helmikuuta 2022 hyökkäyksen Ukrainaan."
Valehtelu jatkuu ministeriaitiossa @Haavisto… ImageImage
@Juha_Korh2 @oikeusasiamies @RSF_fi @oikeuskansleri @Haavisto @anttikaikkonen @SuomenEduskunta @MarinSanna The conflict in #Ukraine was not opened by #Russia on Feb 24, but by Ukraine a week before.
- The #OSCE #France is a witness to this:
#BULLETINNo27 | MAR 2022
- Il pourrait s’agir de #mercenaires de la #CIA...
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I've been studying various aspects of #protest & contentious #politics in #China for 25 years.

What's happening now is novel, interesting, & potentially quite important. But we need to be careful about drawing conclusions or making predictions. A🧵:
@CamGeopolitics @NCUSCR
Since 1989, we've seen 5 main strands/repertoires of contention in China:

1) labour protest
2) rural protest
3) student protest
4) urban governance protest
5) systematic political dissent

Each of these has usually been disaggregated locally and separated from the others.

Labour politics has seen millions of laid-off (xiagang) SOE workers take to the streets, as well as many hundreds of thousands of their counterparts among migrant workers in export-processing manufacturing industries.

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#Protest against #Covid19 #lockdown after fire kills 10 in Xinjiang | Nov 26
- Late Friday, videos circulated widely on the Chinese internet showing throngs of residents in #Urumqi marching to a government building and chanting “end lockdowns,”…
#China is #Rothschild's Model for #NWO | Dec 9, 2019
- The #genocide experienced by the #russians in Ukraine, funded by the #oligarchs and carried out by the #Azov-#Nazi - battalions is a copy the #China’s genocide against the #Uyghurs
#Rothschildism #MSM: 154 articles in less than two days.
Title: "#China's Communist Party to celebrate 100th #birthday in show of pomp and power."
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