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di Jakarta main kemana aja sih?

Tempat & Kuliner “khas” Jakarta all Area yg wajib kamu coba, setidaknya sekali

-a thread Image
1. Jakarta Selatan

- Kebun Binatang Ragunan

- Taman Spathodea Jagakarsa

- Sate RSPP yg beneran depan RSPP

- Bakso Kumis Blok S ImageImageImageImage
2. Kota Jaksel

- Mbloc = Rumah adah khas Kota Jaksel

- Sate Taichan = Makanan khas kota Jaksel

- Warpopski = Makanan khas Tebet

- Bajawa Kemang ImageImageImageImage
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#NEW From media gumshoe and reporter @stevenchase. A writeup outlining an intelligence report from @csiscanada regarding Chinese Government foreign influence (FI) activities in Canada.

"People’s Republic of China Foreign Interference in Canada: a Critical National Security……

"The spy agency said an MSS officer sought information on an unnamed Canadian MP’s relatives “who may be located in the PRC, for further potential sanctions.” This effort, the CSIS report said, “is almost certainly meant to make an example of this MP and deter others……
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With Passover beginning in a few hours, President Biden wrote a powerful op-ed for @CNN "To fight antisemitism, we must remember, speak out and act."…
Biden's commitment comes nearly five months after his administration established an interagency task force at the behest of U.S. Jewish organizations to fight surging antisemitism in the country.…
Biden writes: "Passover is more than just a recounting of the past. It is also a cautionary tale of the present & our future as a democracy. As Jews read from the Haggadah about how evil in every generation has tried to destroy them,antisemitism is rising to record levels today."
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#NEW Ed Pinto at AEI reaffirms his national home price outlook:

“We project a cumulative [U.S. home price] decline from the Jun 2022 peak of -10% to 0%, and -5% to +5% by year end 2023 and 2024 respectively.”
Heading into the year, AEI was more bearish. But that changed as their outlook for mortgage rates got less bearish.
AEI has national prices up 1.2% MoM in Feb.

I don’t closely follow the AEI HPI readings. On their website, they call it “a quasi repeat sales index with a hedonic element.”
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My #new local company cards business cards have arrived 🙌!

"Find Central MA MetroWest/Boston Business Optimization Specialist", Brian Plain local/online/phone:
GOOGLE:… LINKEDIN:… TWITTER: @SMBrianPlain BLOG: Brian Plain MA  Business Op...
"Learn more #about our independent business-focused, "Cost optimization services to drive spending + cost reduction, & maximizing business value for small businesses and entrepreneurs throughout Greater Boston, Metrowest and the Worcester area":… #Business" School Mitchell, through  B...
"2023 is projected to see more #businessescuttingexpenses as they prioritize staying afloat amidst economic #uncertainties/SBV .

It's time to re-evaluate #operations & #findwaystosave while maintaining productivity. #business #expensecutting #2023outlook"
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How's everybody doing this week? I hope you are well. Here are some of the semi-latest #new cereals.

• Fruity Pebbles Crunch'd
• Cocoa Pebbles Crunch'd

"With Snackable Crunchy Shapes" makes me wonder if customers complained they couldn't eat handfuls of Fruity Pebbles?
More #new cereals:

• Disney 100: Mickey Mouse Club
• Disney 100

"Average cereals in nice boxes." —Cabel
Even more #new cereals:

• Cap'n Crunch's Birthday Crunch 60th Birthday!
• Cap'n Crunch's Oops! All Red Berries

I simply do not understand how the Cap'n found ANOTHER way to screw up the production line??? Stop leaning on the dang control panels man!!!
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the boyz - roar mv
symbolism & analysis

overall it’s all about the coming back of the fallen=the ancient gods (who let the dogs out is also a signal for their return & the word dogs in general)=the ancient serpents. physical&spiritual world colliding lawlessness &chaos abounding Image
removal of the veil=dimensional tear

removal of veil=revelation of the fallen ones, dimensions merging into one

the word mattress is layered and also signals the word “matter” right after the splits /rips appearing on the screen = material and spiritual world colliding ImageImageImage
those lyrics are self explanatory… imagine fans singing this making an oath with the devil cursing their lives with those words CASTING SPELLS UPON THEMSELVES UNKNOWINGLY
“forever unforgiven” “fallen angel is my name” U ARE MAKING UR VESSEL AVAILABLE TO THE ENEMY

WAKE UP ImageImageImage
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#NEW @KatiePhang is calling out Tucker Carlson for his conspiracy theories about the insurrection with shocking Fox News clips (and I am here for it). Phang is laying out the arguments against Speaker McCarthy granting Carlson unfettered access to 44k hours of January 6 tapes.
For those of us who don't watch Fox News or Carlson, he says "When are they going to admit there was no insurrection?" and immediately laughs and says "Never!" with that high-pitched squeal sarcastic voice he frequently apes.
Carlson perpetuates the GOP lie that "FBI operatives were organizing the attack on the Capitol" & says that's "according to government documents." Then flashes a photo of FBI director Christopher Wray on screen to give credibility to his point, but of course there's no video. 🧵
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Welcome to the Magical World of #Y - Old !

Here, you will experience a realm of #mystery & intrigue & where the true nature of #reality is ultimately unknowable.

Explore a #world of hidden secrets & discover a #new realm of adventure that is beyond understanding.

From the depths of the unknown to the #highest heights of imagination, #Y is the perfect destination 4 any #traveler.

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#NEW @CoreLogicInc tells @FortuneMagazine that 391 major housing markets have "high" or "very high" odds of posting a year-over-year home price decline in November 2023.

The January analysis examined 392 markets.

Back in November, 354 markets were at "high" or "very high" risk.
Back in October, 335 markets were at "high" or "very high" risk.
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👁🇨🇳 - #Pentagon: Another #Chinese spy balloon over #LatinAmerica.

“We are seeing reports of a balloon transiting Latin America. We now assess it is another Chinese surveillance balloon,” press secretary Brig. Gen. #PatrickRyder says.
👁 🇨🇳 🇨🇷 #NEW Since yesterday, there had also been increasing reports of a similar balloon transiting over #CostaRica. Image
🇻🇪🎈❗️🇨🇳 — Venezuelan Channels report that locals over #Maracaibo State (Western Venezuela) spotted an object similar to the Mainland #Chinese Ballon over the skies of #Venezuela.
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🌐#New #Airdrops :#SupraOracles

🥇#Reward Get 1500 $SUPRA tokens and early bird bonus on an upcoming campaign. For All participants thoose who Complete KYC Verifications.

➡️Join Here :…

🔴 Click "Get Started" then Sign Up

🔴Verify your Email
🔴Click "Lets Go" and Click "Next"
🔴Scrool down then "Enter Now"
🔴 Go to Mission & Answer 1 Quiz

What do blockchain smart contracts need oracles for?

Answer: D.All of the above

Which of the following is NOT true about Supra compared to other oracles?
Answer : D: It’s performance is at par with other oracles

🔴 Another mission click "NEXT"
🔴Click "Get Started" & "Start KYC"
🔴Wait Until KYC is Approved
🔴Check your $SUPRA Balance
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"If you are from New York, you know what they did to me, they did to me what they did to Donald J Trump. They stole my election!" George Santos speaking the day before #J6 at the Stop The Steal Rally in Washington DC (January 5 2021)
"Who is here not going to comply?"
, "They forgot one thing, they serve us" - George Santos speaking the day before #J6 at the Stop The Steal Rally in Washington DC (January 5 2021)
"4 more years of American greatness, 4 more years of America First!" - George Santos speaking the day before #J6 at the Stop The Steal Rally in Washington DC (January 5 2021)
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#NEW: Indiana State Police have released body-camera video from one of its troopers that pulled over Bryan Kohberger and his father on I-70 just outside of Indianapolis. ISP says at the time there was no information available for a suspect in the Idaho murders
The traffic stop happened on December 15 just before 11 a.m. when ISP says the trooper pulled Kohberger over for following too closely. This was the 2nd time he was pulled over. Shortly before, a Hancock County Sheriff's Deputy also pulled him over for following too closely
Both times, Kohberger was released with a verbal warning. The Hancock County Sheriff also says there was no information at the time about a suspect in Idaho. Sheriff is not releasing its bodycam video because he says it's part of the ongoing criminal investigation in Idaho.
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#NEW: Teḥrīk-e-Ṭālibān Pākistān has announced that 3 more militant groups have pledged allegiance to Mufti Noor Wali Mehsood.
Details: 3 leaders (Ahmed from Kurram agency, Saeedullah from Lucky Marwat & Jameel Madakhel from North Waziristan districts), along with dozens of fighters, pledged allegiance yesterday to the leader of Teḥrīk-e-Ṭālibān Pākistān - Mufti Noor Wali Mehsood.
3 more groups pledged allegiance to Mufti Noor Wali Mehsood yesterday.

On the other hand - 15 days into December, Teḥrīk-e-Ṭālibān Pākistān has claimed 31 attacks:
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USA ! … 👏
USA ! .. 👏
USA ! . 👏
WWide !!!

#WATER into Wine #TOWER
The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout, OUT CAME THE #SON & ? …
John Deere

Big Blue Crane
Big blUe (K)cRA(I)NE
Trust KC ..

I Win, even when I don’t care
To win, it’s not about winning to me—It’s about the children & helping others find peace ..
That’s WHY I do as I do.

I don’t need or want to be some “big shot” who has to have the final say, last word or last laugh.

I choose to SHOW MERCY & Give comfort to demons.
I choose
#JOY & I have always chosen to help others ..
If I can help A demons regain what they lost long ago, their souls—Just to be able to see the joy it brings watching someone be able to embrace loved ones they’ve lost touch with because of NOT being able to feel anything at all,
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A #remarkable thing happened today. Looks like #Appa is guiding us in this journey! My sister @kalabaski went to Appa's library to look for a book and in one dark corner, she stumbled upon four bundles each with 10 books of Tamil Nadu, The Land of Vedas (#TTLV).


There is chance that more copies are stashed away at the shelf top which my sister could not reach! I think after shipping copies to those who paid for the e-book, we will still have physical books available. These are all #new/#unused #books in excellent condition.

If interested reach out to us at for details.

We will ship it in batches this month. Stay tuned...🙏

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#NEW 8% of 2022 mortgage borrowers are underwater, finds Black Knight.

In Colorado Springs, that figure is +30%.
May, June, and July borrowers are the most affected.
As you can see in the chart, very few pre-2022 borrowers are underwater.

Very few might even be an understatement.
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#NEW: Independent review of BC's COVID-19 response highlights several points that need improvement including pandemic planning, health data collection, and very clearly, transparency and an explanation for public health decisions.

#COVID19BC @CapitalDailyVic
@CapitalDailyVic I'm still going through the 150-page report, and will tweet updates from the press conference with Mike Farnworth in this thread.

Full report:…

Interesting point: Up top, the report says BC's response to the pandemic was "strong, showing resilience, balance, and nimbleness."

On page 50: "In our survey, less than 20 percent
agreed government had done a good job."

The report is informed by 15,000 survey responses.
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#NEW: Remember those charts BC shared today, showing which illness is causing how many hospitalizations?

One pediatric heart surgeon says not everyone with respiratory illness is tested at the hospital to determine what they have.

@CapitalDailyVic I asked @CDCofBC and health ministry the same question: Are all patients who go to the hospital with respiratory illness tested for COVID-19 and how is it determined how many people have which type of illness (RSV/flu/covid)?

They're still working on a response. #bcpoli
"The only kids that are tested for what they actually have [are] kids that fall into specific categories,” Dr. Gandhi said.

“So if your kid’s immunosuppressed or your kid has pre-existing illness, or if the kid is a certain age, like a newborn baby..."

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