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#Iran-backed Houthi militias claim responsibility for a drone attack targeting the world's largest oil field in Buqayq, eastern Saudi Arabia.
Footage of drone attack launched by #Iran-backed Houthis
-Drone attacks overnight on two Aramco factories in Abqaiq & Khurais provinces, fires under control: Saudi interior ministry
-Strikes against oil infrastructure can have massive economic & environmental consequences
This thread provides numerous videos of the drone attack in eastern Saudi Arabia.
#Iran-backed Houthis are claiming responsibility.

Credit: @no_itsmyturn
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#Breaking: Just in - Rocket attacks launched from #Gaza into #Israel following the annexation announcement from Prime minister Benjamin @netanyahu.
@netanyahu #Update: Just in - Reports of up to 5 rockets were launched from #Gaza at #Ashdod and one rocket falling in #Ashkelon city in #Israel.
@netanyahu #Breaking: Just in - Prime minister Benjamin @netanyahu is currently being evacuated at #Ashdod city, while attending a election rally after sirens were heard from rockets being launched from #Gaza into #Israel.
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#NewsAlert: A young women Football fan in #Iran who wanted to go and watch a game, has died after she set herself on fire in front of the court building, after she was detained dressed as a man entering the stadium and could serve a 6 month prison sentence.
#Update: World Football organisation #FIFA has put the question on the table of #Iran, who was in violation of basic human rights and vows if this won't stop that the country can be suspended for entering the World Cup and other competitions.
#Update: Flashback "#Iranian Girl Celebrates without her #Hijab in Freedom in #Russia at the #WorldCup Without being prosecuted" #Iran
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U.S. President Donald Trump has fired John Bolton as his national security advisor.

My take:
Bolton's positions on various issues were in high contrast with others in the Trump admin, including the President.
#Iran apologists/lobbyists will be celebrating.
Yet I believe it will be short lived. Never forget that Trump is in charge & Trump is not Obama, no matter who his advisors are.
It is true that U.S. President Donald Trump may be thinking of November 2020 in this decision.
However, if he softens up on #Iran, he can easily be labelled as another Obama. Thus, whoever is appointed as the next White House NSA, Trump's #MaximumPressure policy will continue.
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#NewsAlert: A test in the Dutch city of #Almere shows you harmful radio waves send by a #5G mast near a school, when the test was showing up to 1800 points of Radio waves being broadcasted of the mast causing cancer to people. #Netherlands Watch full here
#Update: The people performing the test in #Almere said the allowed radio waves from the #5G mast would be 200 points! But being exposed a long time of periods can cause damages or cancers to, people, bugs, animals and can be nasty in a child's growth development. #Netherlands
#Update: From another video of these people performing the #5G radio waves, shows you a test being performed in a apartment complex just across the mast showing you up to 3600 points in #Almere. #Netherlands Full video here:
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#Update & thread: Jeffrey wrote back while I was on live TV & told me to dress like a "normal woman". Gross. It was riddled with more misspellings, which I'm only slightly ashamed to say I reveled in 🙌 He's now reported to my managers & banned from my page.
People have said to out him. I get the sentiment, but for me, that's not what this is about. Public female figures face this garbage from entitled, unhinged strangers a lot. My wonderfully supportive male coworkers are routinely baffled by it, as it's almost never a 2-way street.
The best method, in my experience, is to drown out their antiquated, misogynistic poison with overwhelming support... which so many here have. Well done y'all, and keep it up for others.

For me, this moron has sparked a new motto: the louder the Jeffreys, the higher the pants 👖
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#Breaking: Just in - Court in #Turkey sentence a opposition leader in #Istanbul up to at least 9 years in jail for insulting Turkish president Erdogan in public.
#Update: The Turkish people do not have free speech, in Belgium you can insult a Prime minister and in the US you can insult the president.
#Update: The opposition leader member, who insulted Turkish president Erdogan was a women, who now has to serve 9 years and 8 months in prison in #Turkey.
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#BREAKING Judges reject legal challenge against UK parliament suspension
#BREAKING Brexit with a deal "seems not possible now": Finnish PM
#UPDATE Prime Minister Boris Johnson sought to regain political momentum after a painful week left his do-or-die #Brexit strategy in tatters
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#Breaking: Just in - A US coast guard has seen arriving at the island of #Abaco at the #Bahamas islands to provide assistance and to report the damage on the island.
#Update: The US has no obligation to help the people of the #Bahamas, but president Trump's cabinet with the help of #Florida state will be providing assistance and medical, food supplies soon at the Island of #Abaco.
#Breaking: Just in - At least three #US coast guard helicopters have arrived on the island of #Abaco on the #Bahamas islands, with more helicopters incoming reports suggest to provide assistance and help to the people on the island.
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#Breaking: Just in - Conflict hits #Lebanon and #Israel right now, shootings being reported on both sides with an anti-tank missile being launched from Lebanon into Israel.
#Update: Reminder keep eyes open for a possible retaliation from #Gaza, as militant factions like #Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad have promised to join the fight with #Hezbollah towards #Israel.
#Update: Just in - Video of Israeli shelling landing in #Lebanon close to the border of #Israel, after a anti-tank missile was launched from Lebanon.
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#Breaking: Just in - Strong gusts of continues winds pounding some Islands of the #Bahamas rights now, as the category 5 #hurricane Dorian going to make soon its landfall on the Islands, and is heading towards the #US.
#Breaking: Just in - There is a update report that Gusts up to 200Mph is hitting the islands of the #Bahamas right now from the #Hurricane Dorian, seek shelter right now and don't go outside.
#Update: Just in - Sea surge being reported north at the island of #Abaco at the #Bahamas islands from #Hurricane Dorian.
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-Anti-tank guided missile fired from inside Lebanon into Israeli territory. No injuries.
-Israeli towns near Lebanese border ordered to prepare bomb shelters.
-Israel racing warplanes to northern border. Artillery units responding to ATGM fire.
IDF spox:
ATGMs fired from Lebanon targeting an IDF base & military vehicles. Several hits reported.
IDF artillery fired back towards the launch origin & at targets in southern Lebanon.

#Iran-backed Hezbollah claims Israeli military vehicle destroyed.

Images: @AmichaiStein1
@AmichaiStein1 #UPDATE
-Reports indicate Kornet anti-tank missile used.
-Salvo of rockets targeting Israeli military bases near Lebanon.
-#Iran-backed Hezbollah claims an IDF military vehicle was destroyed near the road of Avivim military base, killing & wounding the vehicle’s occupants.
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#Breaking: Just in - At least 20 to 30 people injured in a mass shooting event at #Odessa, in #Texas. Reports says that the shooter shot at random places and people. #US
#Update: Just in - Police says that there are allegedly 2 suspects on the run who drove with their cars at random places in #Odessa in #Texas, and shot at random places and people injuring up to 20-30 people. The City is reportedly on lockdown and roads out are being guarded.
#Update: Just in - One of the shooter is driving a stolen mail van. the other shooter in a gold coloured car and is armed with a rifle and is heading from #Odessa to #Midland in #Texas.
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#Breaking: Just in - Many people are getting injured in #HongKong as police are chasing protestors and are bashing them with batons on the heads, and getting treatment from local school medics and hospital workers in a metro station. #China
#Update: here is a video showing lots of pepper spray being used in one of the cabinets of the subway station, as protestors were trying to leave to home as #HongKong police were bashing people on the heads. #China
#Update: Aftermath pictures of another cabinet of the subway station in #HongKong, were a fire extinguisher was emptied in a result of a police raid at the station. #China
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#Breaking: just in - Reports of a stabbing spree in the french city of #Lyon in #France, reports say that 6 people got wounded and one suspected got arrested and was mastered by bystander.
#Update: Just in - Reports of one person dead and 8 people injured in the stabbing spree in #Lyon in #France. A local news paper says the suspect arrested was from afgan origin.
#Update: French police authorities have sealed of and blocked parts of the roads where the incident of the stabbing spree happened in #Lyon in #France. Police is asking civilians to avoid the area as it is a active crime scene.
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#Breaking: Yesterday on a Friday over 600 illegal migrants entered #Greece sovereign waters from over #Turkey, the migrants where with in total of 16 rubber powered with engines. Turkish port authorities knew they were travelling and let them pass, breaking European cooperation.
#Update: All of these 600+ illegal migrant went to the island of #Lesvos in #Greece. They all arrived in a span of one hour on the island from #Turkey, turkey deneis any knowledge of the boats been bought and used in the country to help these migrants cross over.
#Update: A picture taken by a Greek border patrol helicopter at the shores of #Lesvos in #Greece shows lots of rubber boats and illegal immigrants in the area coming from #Turkey.
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#Iran's Adrian Darya-1 (formerly Grace-1) tanker changes course yet again, now apparently heading to Turkey's Iskenderun.
@almostjingo @drawandstrike @SecStudiesGrp @CarrollQuigley1 @GeorgWebb @eyad1949 @EmadAlmudaifer @rising_serpent @HNIJohnMiller @jjauthor #UPDATE
#Iran's wandering tanker, Adrian Darya-1 (formerly Grace-1), has changed course once again. It is no longer heading for Turkey and now is bound towards Lebanon.

U.S. sanctions are working on as no country is willing to be affiliated with Iran's oil tankers.
@almostjingo @drawandstrike @SecStudiesGrp @CarrollQuigley1 @GeorgWebb @eyad1949 @EmadAlmudaifer @rising_serpent @HNIJohnMiller @jjauthor #UPDATE

Confusion as Turkey says Iranian tanker now headed to Lebanon

Lebanon not informed about route of Iranian tanker: finance minister

Sanctions are working.
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#BREAKING Four European states lose measles eradication status as cases soar: WHO
#UPDATE Measles cases are skyrocketing in Europe, says World Health Organization.

WHO declares disease is no longer considered eliminated in the UK, Greece, the Czech Republic and Albania

@AFPgraphics map showing levels of mistrust by country in vaccines, according to a US Gallup Institute for the Wellcome Trust study published in 2019.

The mistrust has been driven by fraudulent claims linking the anti-measles vaccine to a risk of autism
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#Breaking: Just in - A massive fire broke out at an church at Parkside in #Philadelphia, at the Greater Bible Way Temple at 52nd and Warren streets. #US
#Update: Just in - The fire department at the church were called in for class 2 fire alarm at the rooftop of the Greater Bible Way Temple at 52nd and Warren streets at Parkside in #Philadelphia. The fire is reportedly under control but the rooftop is badly damaged.
#Update: Just in - Lots of fire hoses of the fire department, are now aiming at the rooftop of the Greater Bible Way Temple church at 52nd and Warren streets at Parkside in #Philadelphia to cool it down, and is under control. #US
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#Breaking: Just in - Rocket alert in southern #Israel launched from #Gaza.
#Update: Just in - Video claiming one rocket being destroyed by the iron dome over #Israel launched from #Gaza.
#Update: In the video you see two rockets exploding over the sky in #Israel.
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Two vehicles of the #Iran-backed Hashd al-Shaabi (Iraqi Shiite militia, aka PMF/PMU) were killed in a drone attack near the Iraq/Syria border, reports indicate. A field commander of the PMF 45th Brigade is killed.

My take:
Possibly near Al Bukamal. Needs confirmation.
Al Jazeera reporting:
Six Iraqi Hezbollah members, including a field commander, killed in today's drone attack targeting a vehicle convoy in the city of Qaem near the Iraq/Syria border.
First images of the attacked convoy said to be 15 miles in Iraq prior to the Syria border.

(See thread for more details.)
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An Iranian plane from Tehran landed at the local airport in Biarritz, France, where the G7 summit is being held.
Airbus A321-231 EP-IGD MODE-S 7324E4
Call sign: IRAN05 tracking stopped at Biarritz at 03:13 pm local time.
Plane reportedly belongs to #Iran FM @JZarif.
Various reports, including those by #Iran's media, are claiming @JZarif has landed in Biarritz, France.

Seeking confirmation.
#Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman says @JZarif is now in Biarritz, France, claiming it is at the invitation of French FM @JY_LeDrian.
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#BREAKING G7 leaders agree Macron should send message to Iran
#UPDATE Trump says hasn't 'discussed' joint G7 message to Iran
#UPDATE Iranian plane lands in Biarritz during G7 summit: flight tracking website
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#Breaking: Just in - Reports that Syrian Air defence systems have shot down 8 projectiles over the capital of #Syria in #Damascus.
#Update: Just in - Reports that a explosion has caused lots of damage in the Mezzeh district of #Damascus in #Syria.
#Breaking: Just in - Video claiming the Israeli attack on Iranian targets at the Mezzeh military airports outside of #Damascus in #Syria. #Israel #Iran
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