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26 May
A more detailed account of what I witnessed yesterday on the Caycuse Main, unceded Ditidaht territory, south of Lake Cowichan 🧵

Content Warning: police, arrests

#bcpoli #cdnpoli
Yesterday I attended a morning vigil on the Caycuse Main, a logging road on unceded Ditidaht territory that leads into one of the blockade locations on the south Island where old-growth logging is being resisted by grassroots activists and Indigenous land defenders.
I arrived just before 7am, shortly after the vigil began. I learned that the plan was to hold space on the road, turn away industry vehicles (one was turned away when I was there) but not to hold a firm blockade if told by the RCMP to move.
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30 May 18
1/ I’m in an intensive 50 hour wilderness first aid course this week. When I got to class today and told some of my classmates about the federal government’s purchase of the #KinderMorgan #pipeline, most of them asked “wait, so they bought it so they can block it?”
2/ It seemed intuitive to all of them that given the government knows and promotes the fact that we need to be emitting less pollution, it would be in its interest to buy a project designed to do the opposite, and then cancel it.
When I explained that no, the government has...
3/ ...bought a project deemed too risky and uncertain for #KinderMorgan’s investors in order to guarantee it is forced through against the wishes of Nations that have never given consent and through communities that have not given permission, I could see their faces drop in...
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