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THREAD: Some interesting uses of the @TwitterAPI to explore #extremeweather events in relation to #climatechange. I found the cognitive dissonance explored in the #wildfires in Australia to hold up based on……
…research that has been carried out. This is where #socialscience can be a leader in engaging with the public. Work that I’m doing now creates spaces for conversations that explore #severeweather risk, focusing on issues of shelter access for those without a range of resources
…we help #communities explore their options, including building consensus on alternative shelter provision, especially where funding is an issue in rural communities. We work with faith groups who have strong #trust and social networks alongside other stakeholders to explore…
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A team of Mila researchers led by Yoshua Bengio, @SashaMTL, @vict0rsch, @alexhdezgcia today launched #ThisClimateDoesNotExist – an AI-driven experience based on empathy, allowing users to visualize the impacts of the #climatecrisis from #GoogleStreetView images.
We invite you to see for yourself on to visualize the impacts of the climate crisis on the places you hold dear.
The site uses #GANs designed by Mila researchers that generate vivid renderings of environmental impacts, namely #floods #wildfires and #smog
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First #Fire, now water: #Storm hits Greek island #Evia

Dubbed #Athena by #Greece meteorologists, the storm caused "huge damage" to the road network near the coastal villages of Agia Anna & Psaropouli, a regional official said
Dozens of homes have flooded ... torrents burst their banks (even though) the rain only lasted a couple of hours. This is a sign of a very tough winter to come," deputy central #Greece governor for Evia George Kelaiditis told the channel. #Storm
#Evia #Greece
There were no immediate reports of people trapped in homes or cars, he added.

#Wildfires in July and August ravaged the islands of Evia and Rhodes as well as forests to the north and southeast of #Athens, & parts of the Peloponnese peninsula. ImageImageImage
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1. Firefighters in California are in a desperate battle to defend giant sequoias

Like glaciers or coral reefs, it is another example where climate change threatens some of the most beautiful sights on our planet.

Thread 🧵

#Sequoia #wildfires #California #ClimateCrisis

2. The changing climate changes the planet, including some of the most beautiful sights that you may see in your lives.

From the magnificent glaciers in the mountains to the coral reefs in the oceans, we destroy the most iconic examples of nature.…

3. I remember how amazed I was in the 1990s when seeing some of these enormous trees in California.

Standing on the forest floor and looking up, they seemed to grow into infinity.


#nature #forests #SequoiaNationalPark #California #hiking
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Hotshots Ryan Almond (center) and Sam Unterbach (left) use drip torches to fight the #CaldorFire with fire.

They're with the El Dorado Hotshots, one of several crews who lit the unburned forest behind homes in Meyers on Tuesday after the fire jumped 89.

More photos👇
It's not just the people with drip torches.

The whole hotshot crew gets involved with hand / power tools.

Sawyer Julain Mautz readies his chainsaw to help protect the homes near this #CaldorFire firing operation.
The wind came in sooner than anticipated in this part of Meyers near Apache Ave & Ottowa Dr on Tuesday.

The crew was already well underway with the firing operation.

They quickly decided they had to burn more forest faster before the wind lit it for them.
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We have a #ClimateCrisis that demands Action.
@MichaelEMann @GretaThunberg
1/n Thread.
It's not your imagination. Weather and climate disasters have been getting more frequent since the '70s
Region by region, the US is facing compounding disasters from hurricanes, wildfires, floods, heat waves, and drought.
#ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency

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There's a striking parallel between efforts to fight invasive species that cause #wildfires on one hand and the effort to get people to wear masks and get vaccinated on the other.
In both cases, the individual's "right" to do something stupid directly threatens everyone's well being.

There's no good reason to plant invasive non-natives, but people do it because they either don't know better (misinformation/ignorance) or because they just don't care.
In the same way, wearing a mask isn't hard & vax is free & relatively accessible. But a huge swath of the US has refused to do so.

I feel like the common thread is that people are so beat down and convinced they have no impact that they truly don't believe their choices matter.
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I'm very cautious about effectiveness of aircraft on #wildfires -- they are fantastic under certain circumstances, and just a huge waste of money in others. Was able to watch the air show streaming on #Airola fire this afternoon and took some screenshots for an explainer. 1/10
First, the set up for an airshow on this fire was basically ideal. Why?
➡️ Minimal wind and excellent visibility
➡️ Terrain was perfect for approach and drops
➡️ Top of the ridge was a grass-covered lava cap
➡️ Columbia airport 2 min away for reload
➡️ Reservoir RIGHT THERE
Retardant works best in light fuels where it can penetrate all the way to the surface, and where the flames will reach the pink line before it dries out. A fast-moving fire in grass is perfect. Here, the line in the grass stopped the fire's forward progress on the lava cap. 3/10
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We often hear politicians say "all vehicles in California should go electric." Many people too parrot this w/o much thought.

I agree that EVs drawing power from clean sources should be a major part of our future.

How realistic is it that ALL vehicles will go electric?

There are 26 million registered cars in California.…

According to the same DMV statistics, that number (unfortunately!) increases by ~1.7% per year.

So let's say there will be about ~29m cars in CA by 2030.
There are various estimates for the annual charging needs for EVs. (This is like the EV equivalent of Miles Per Gallon).

The Federal Highway Administration (and solar companies) estimate the annual need per EV is 4000 kWh.…
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 08/11/2021…
A Machine-Generated View of the Role of Blood Glucose Levels in the Severity of COVID-19…

#GlucoseLevels #COVID19 #MachineLearning #models #analysis
Internet Archive’s Modern Book Collection Now Tops 2 Million Volumes…

#InternetArchive #BookCollection #volumes
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Europe #wildfires - live 🔴

- Deadly blazes sweep across Turkey, Italy and Greece
- Tourists evacuated from beach destinations…
Wildfire in western Greece forces village and beach evacuations…
Italians flee towering clouds of smoke and flames - follow live…
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Fire has dominated the news cycle recently for good reason. People have died. A BC community destroyed, thousands are evacuated, and the sky is once again filled with smoke. This is beyond a crisis and we need to respond with urgency. #bcpoli #Wildfires🧵…
In a white paper (link above) collaborators and supporters lay out the problem: our current strategies for landscape management and fire suppression are no longer sustainable or effective. We need to proactively mitigate wildfire risk and we need to act now. So what is at play?
1. Decades of aggressive fire suppression and landscape management have made our forests more vulnerable. The 'fire deficit' and increased fuel loads are putting our communities at risk:…
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Some morning thoughts about #wildfires and forest management in #bcpoli:

About a month ago I started playing drop in soccer again.

My first night there, there were three guys I didn’t know, talking about setting wedges + other things I know to be associated with falling trees.
I asked them if they were arborists, or if they worked in the forest industry.

They said neither, they are forest fire fighters on the local crew. This was a couple days before the heat dome, and we talked about how busy they expected fire season to get in the coming weeks.
They haven’t been at soccer since, and, as there are mercifully fewer fires here on the Island, I assume that’s because they are redeployed to the interior, where hundreds of fires are raging.

#BCPoli #BCWildfires
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 07/15/2021…
To Manage Wildfire, California Looks To What Tribes Have Known All Along…

#wildfires #ForestryManagement #NativeAmericans #IndigenousKnowledge
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Story by @DenverChannel on impacts of recent wildfire smoke in #Denver. A few tips 👇. (1/4)

My only time for the interview was during baseball practice with three kids at the park! Amused & glad @CB_Cotton found a creative way to use the baseball shots!…
2/ But there are ways to reduce your exposure to wildfire smoke. My new go-to link is here by @etgall:….

Tight-fitting, HQ masks & room filters (HEPA or DIY) can help a lot. I have several DIY fans running in my house right now:
3/ Also, to get an idea for how bad the smoke from #wildfires will be in your area, there are some great tools available online for free. My favorite is the AirNow Smoke/Fire Map: Other tools also below.
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Tragedy like the #LyttonFire is the very reason why we should talk about the impacts of #climatechange on these events and on #wildfires in Canada. A thread. 1/
Obviously, #wildfires are strongly linked to #weather/#climate parameters. The warmer, the windier, the drier is the weather, the more fire ignition probabilities and spread
#temperatures are increasing fast around the globe but way faster in Canada. 1.7C since 1948. Warming in especially important in the west, notably in spring and summer time
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BREAKING: New report reveals that #Facebook is systematically spreading #climatedenial across its platform….

Please read and share the report, but THREAD 🧵 of findings below (1/9)
(2/9) Our 40-page review summarises over 100 academic studies, empirical reports and journalistic investigations. It finds that Facebook has been failing on all fronts when it comes to preventing #climatemisinformation
(3/9) Total disclosure - this was initially an internal document that we were never planning on publishing. But once we put all the evidence together, it felt overwhelming, and that we had a duty to release it to the public.

So what are Facebook doing? Or not doing?
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New field evidence from the #Amazonforest reveals that native savannas are expanding at the heart of the system due to forest #wildfires (a thread, 1/10). Open access at… Image
During my PhD at @WUR and @PPGECOUFRN, supervised by Milena Holmgren, we studied the floodplain landscape of the middle Rio Negro, a remote region far from the agricultural frontier, where patches of white-sand savanna are scattered among well preserved forest (2/10). Image
We mapped 40 years of wildfire history using satellite images, and collected detailed information in the field about tree species abundances, herbaceous plants and soil properties to assess if burnt forests were changing (3/10). Image
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This study finds #Wildfires likely to increase in a 1.5°C world as well as a 2.0°C world. #ClimateChange

Particularly interesting: more fires in Amazonia and the Mediterranean.

But this is not a prediction of actual fire activity. Why?…
For one, this is an atmosphere-only study.

This is a Half a degree Additional warming, Prognosis and Projected Impacts (HAPPI) project - an attempt to answer the questions set by policymakers under the Paris Agreement for "pre-industrial warming."
Why do an atmosphere-only study?

Because the Fire Weather Index is used operationally to estimate fire danger by many countries.

Also, it is a model driven initially by wind, temperature, relative humidity, rain.…
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Tough choice: @GavinNewsom and @JoeBiden speaking at the same time...
Going w/@GavinNewsom budget talk:

"There's no better investment than #teacher preparation."

You have my attention...

Adding funds for Special Ed, Early Childhood and Preschool- "Historic investments".

Of the $13B in deferrals $9.2B will be paid off- if #CaLeg adopts proposal

$2B to support reopening schools for in-person teaching

Go on... #Budget2021
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#CycloneAmphan was the most expensive #cyclone of 2020 and the fourth most expensive natural disaster overall…

By @pabsgill
@pabsgill The year 2020 saw at least ten extreme weather events that indicate #climatechange worsening — each costing more than $1.5 billion.

@pabsgill From the bushfires in Australia and the locust swarms in East Africa, here’s a full list of the top 10 most extreme weather events driven by #climatechange.

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[THREAD] With #ElectionDay less than 2 weeks away, we're thrilled to share the results of our 2020 State Science Initiative developed w our wonderful partner, @scipolnetwork! #StateScienceQs 1/ Image
This year, coalitions of motivated citizens & incredible local & national science organizations across the US worked together forming Science Debate teams. They developed science policy questionnaires for their candidates focused on issues critical to each state & the nation. 2/
Topics ranged from grappling with #COVID19 to #ClimateChange. Teams asked candidates about policy priorities related to this year's devastating #wildfires & the impacts of flooding on agriculture & the economy across the Midwest. 3/
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#Floods and #wildfires are both subject to regression to the tail. The same holds for #droughts, #hurricanes, #landslides, #icemelt, #sealevelchange, and other phenomena closely related to the climate crisis. Image
This tells us that understanding regression to the tail and how to mitigate its specific manifestations for climate will be key to mitigating the climate crisis.
Here it is worth remembering that regression to the tail for the climate crisis will be just as indifferent to human ignorance and folly as regression to the tail is for covid-19.
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The notion of the ‘Wildland-Urban Interface’ or ‘WUI’ is messy and problematic. It has actively shaped the fire exclusion and suppression paradigm. Why do we still use it? What are some alternative framings? Some early morning thoughts below #wildfires
We’re slowly progressing from a colonial understanding of the ‘wilderness’ to indigenous practices of stewardship. Looking into our climate future, there can be no ‘wildland’. We now understand the need to actively steward the land & this includes living with periodic ‘good’ fire
Megafires in recent years have gone way past ‘interface’ boundary designations, burning through entire towns and urban centers. Where is the ‘interface’ exactly?
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