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THIS IS TODAY. 5 pm. Hear from the Chief of the First Nation fighting #SiteC in BC Supreme Court, Chief Roland Willson of West Moberly FN @dunnezaman, as well as geotechnical expert on #SiteC's unsafety & more. Please join! #bcpoli #Covid19BC #cdnpoli #theDamTruth #UNDRIP
@dunnezaman ..I'll try to live tweet parts of this webinar. If you would like to donate to West Moberly's court challenge to the #SiteC dam, the link is here. #bcpoli
@dunnezaman ..Up first is Chief Roland Willson @dunnezaman of West Moberly First Nations.
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Minister @BruceRalston gave @MA_BC a million dollars to produce a road map that has a copy edit at the top of page 4 - OUR DESINTATION. Given NGOs and community groups were left out of the “engagement” on this, how about we suggest a few other edits. 1/…
Start of report: “More than 150 years ago, our industry helped build our province’s cities and towns.” Given how good you claim to be on Indigenous relations, did you ask some nations what they think about this statement? @tsilhqotin @Stkemlups_SSN @Sneena01 @CarrierSekani? 2/
Painting our colonialist history with nostalgia & industriousness erases the reality of the past. Up to 90% of Indigenous communities were wiped out from smallpox brought with the second wave of the Gold Rush. BC has no treaties in part b/c Trutch placed his bets on 100%... 3/
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Bill C-15 (#UNDRIP) there is a huge difference between putting international law UNDER section 35 (Doctrine of discovery and canadian whiteman made law control) versus expanding section 35 (making canadian racist doctrine of discovery laws) to meet international standards.
Plus Bill C-15 says it will be under “a minister” - no specificity. Why would we agree to put the international laws into the hands of some rogue minister? Or is this a made for Perry position?

Treaty First Nations argue that our laws are international nation to nation
agreements. Why would we agree to put this higher level under canada’s constitution? Why?

Canada is trying to take our international arguments and put them into that section 35 box that has mind numbing tests where our people have to “PROVE” things like “we were here first.” 🤦🏽‍♀️
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We share a duty to build a fairer Canada for all, not just a few. This morning I tabled Bill C-15, regarding the implementation of #UNDRIP, a major step in the reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.
We can’t change the past, but today, we set the course toward a better future.…
#C15 is the result of our collaboration with many Indigenous leaders. I was both moved and proud to have them by my side today. To all those who helped, thank you for your fundamental contribution.
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powerful speech from @perrybellegarde, on @CBCNews. Thank you, CBC, for including sidebars with key points underpinning this momentous event - "Ottawa Introduces UNDRIP Legislation"

(previous Bill C-262 introduced in 2018, stalled in Senate)
from the sidebars (h/t @CBCNews):
What is the 'UNDRIP'?
. The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
. 46 articles ratified in 2007 by 144 members of UN Gen'l Assembly
. Recognizes basic human rights of Indigenous people
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Canada just tabled legislation to meet its obligations to implement the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. #SupportUNDRIP

My reaction in the thread below:
The AFN welcomes the tabling of a bill to advance implementation of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. First Nations across Canada will be examining this bill closely because the implementation of the Declaration is crucial to our rights. #SupportUNDRIP /2
The new implementation bill will provide a framework to ensure respect of human rights, will launch a process of review and reform of federal law, and will require reports on progress made. /3
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"Indigenous peoples have suffered from historic injustices as a result of, i.a., their colonization and dispossession of their lands, territories and resources ..."

"Declaration on the Rights of #Indigenous Peoples" (#UNDRIP, 2007)… #IndigenousPeoplesDay
Article 1:

"Indigenous peoples have the right to full enjoyment (...) of all human rights and fundamental freedoms as recognized in the Charter of the United Nations, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and international human rights law."…
Article 2:

"Indigenous peoples and individuals are free and equal to all other peoples and have the right to be free from any kind of discrimination, in the exercise of their rights, in particular that based on their indigenous origin or identity."…
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🔎Wet'suwet'en: A Deeper Look🔍

1) There is much more going on than we're being told. The office of Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs is a political organization and not the actual band itself.
2) The office of Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs takes money from the Tides Foundation. This is well documented and admitted by both sides.
2) Tides is funded in part by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and gives money to other anti-oil initiatives.…
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So what's so bad about #CoastalGaslink? The project doesn't affect the United States, & its website touts lots of Indigenous Input AND even respecting #UNDRIP!…

Clean Natural Gas!

Except ...
The @CoastalGasLink project is owned by @TCEnergy, which, despite ITS slick website touting Safety as their #1 Value…

#WetsuwetenSolidarity 2/14
TCEnergy has uhm, less than perfect safety records:

in Walsh County North Dakota LAST OCTOBER 2019 over 383,000 gallons spilled…

#WetsuwetenSolidarity 3/14 Grand Forks Herald Headline page reporting Keystone Pipeline oil spill in Walsh County reported at 383,000 gallonsA screen shoot of TCEnergy's Operations map, which covers 40 states in the US and most Canadian provincesScreenshot of TCEnergy's oprations map detailing Coastal GasLink details as follows<br />
<br />
<br />
APPROXIMATE PIPELINE LENGTH: ** 670 km (416 miles)<br />
STATUS: In Development<br />
OPERATED BY: TC Energya google news screenshot detailing the oil spill in Walsh County near Edinburg North Dakota in October 2019
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This dam conference on hydro-impacted communities starts today! It's actually named "Ki Ta Ski Naw" or 'rise up' in Cree. For those interested in following along, I think hashtags will be #hydroimpacted #hydrojustice & I'll also try to use #SiteC #bcpoli…
Looking forward to the first panel which will be moderated by BC journalist @sarahcox_bc. Opening welcome now. Starting to regain feeling in my face from the walk here, hi Winnipeg!
We're in Treaty 1 territory for the #hydroimpacted conference. Welcome by local elder Dave Scott in Cree language. Speaking now about the treaty relationship, its history, the 'doctine of discovery', Trudeau's White Paper & ongoing devolution process.. cc #SiteC #treaty8
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Reading @TanyaTalaga’s Seven Fallen Feathers (re: deaths of 7 Indigenous youth in #thunderbay) & she immediately calls out #Canada for its audacity to claim having 1 of the best education systems in the world when Indigenous students face a lack of schools & quality education.
Makes me wonder whether Canadian schools and educators deserve such a title when we aren’t properly addressing issues that Indigenous children & youth are experiencing in education. #UNDRIP #unitednations #indigenousrights #indigenousstudents…
Who is benefiting from these rankings? Who’s hurting? How do Ind students fit in the picture of these rankings? Do certain achievements give us a pass on addressing issues in our education system? How many more Ind students need to drop out or end their lives before we wake up?
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I can only laugh at the hand-wringing coming from #cdnmedia in regards to the #bcpoli announcement today to work with the rights of the Indigenous per the CDN Constitution is a real & constructive way.

But, but, but - what will that mean for "CONSENT"?

#cdnpoli #history
2. ... Perhaps it will mean the Indigenous will get a real slice of the deal in meaningful ways, developed with mutual respect & understandings.

Most of all, maybe it'll mean no more breaking the arms of FN women when they speak up to those resource corps.

#cdnpoli #bcpoli
The Indigenous have had to give up far, far more than any CDN will ever have to, and yet there are still those who state the Indigenous 'will have to work w/#cdnpoli'.
Ahem, when will the CDNs genuinely work up to their own Constitution & the recognized rights of the Indigenous?
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NDP Leader @AndreaHorwath: Can Ford explain to the woman driving a school bus in Etobicoke for $30,000/yr why she has to forego increases that keep up with the cost of living. While Ford's campaign insider Ian Todd gets a 25% pay hike making $350,000/yr working for the Ford govt?
Horwath: Todd just one example. When it comes to Ford's friends and Conservative connections a seat on the Ford gravy train with six-figure salaries and hefty pay packages are par for the course.
Horwath: Ford tells a working woman who spends her day travelling to provide home care the $32,000/yr she earns is too much. Ford asks that personal support worker to tighten her belt, while handing former PC Party Pez Reuben Devlin a $375,000/yr consulting gig. #onpoli
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So... @jjhorgan @GeorgeHeyman @scottfraserndp et al. @bcndp just going to turn a blind eye to #Unistoten situation or are you going to step up and act like leaders on this? #BCpoli #CdnPoli #Deescalate #UNDRIP #NoConsent #NoPipelines
...there's an aching silence right now that for #BCNDP folks in particular should smell a lot like the days leading up to August 18, 1995. #BCpoli
also - I think @jjhorgan @SohiAmarjeet @DonaldsonDoug @GeorgeHeyman @michellemungall @lanapopham & @BruceRalston should withdraw from the @BCNRF #BCNRF19 until the conflict is resolved in order to show respect. #BCpoli #UNDRIP
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Today the First Nations challenge to #SiteC in BC Supreme Court resumes, asking for an injunction to stop work on the dam until the rest of the Treaty 8 infringement case is decided in court. A critical case for BC. Follow the #SiteC & #SiteCInjunction hashtags this week! #bcpoli
Heading over to 800 Smithe now for 9:45 entry. All are welcome to be in the courtroom - please join us. Latecomers not admitted; proceedings start 10 am sharp. #bcpoli
This final week of the #SiteCinjunction hearing involves lawyers from the Province of BC (we have already heard from @sage_legal on behalf of West Moberly & Prophet River FNs, and BC Hydro's lawyers. #bcpoli #SiteC
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Anti-racism 101. A thread.
#1. If a BIPOC person criticizes whiteness or white people, they’re talking about the construct of whiteness, white supremacy, white supremacist behaviour & institutions. If you & others don’t do the thing described, DO NOT go “not all white people”. They know it’s not all of us.
#2. Systemic racism. The institutions (e.g. police, law courts, schools), behaviours, societal assumptions, discrimination, lack of representation in media, stereotypes, and other systems that oppress BIPOC people.
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