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How much has each country contributed to climate change through historical #emissions of #carbon dioxide, #methane and nitrous oxide?

Today, our new 'living' dataset for tracking national contributions to #warming is published in @ScientificData @Peters_Glen @robbie_andrew @JoGuetschow @PFriedling @cleque
@ScientificData We provide estimates of the #warming caused by historical #emissions of #CO2, #CH4 and #N2O by 226 countries, for every year since 1850.

National warming contributions are further split into #fossil or #land use, land use change and #forestry (LULUCF) sources. @Peters_Glen @robbie_andrew @JoGuetschow @PFriedling @cleque
@ScientificData The top contributors to #warming up to 2021, through #emissions of all three gases since 1850, were:

USA: 0.28°C / 17% of the warming caused by all global emissions
China: 0.20°C / 12%
Russia: 0.10°C / 6%
Brazil & India: 0.08°C / 5%
🇮🇩 , 🇩🇪 , 🇬🇧 , 🇯🇵 , 🇨🇦 : 0.03-0.05°C each @Peters_Glen @robbie_andrew @JoGuetschow @PFriedling @cleque
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1/Thinking of #trees #peat #carbon and #nature and #fires. When are Victorians (without hysterics @theage ) to be made fully aware of the State #auslaws over fines in State Parks for picking up a rock, walking off track and so on. @DanielAndrewsMP/2
2/As it is now there are hundreds of shooting licensed people walking off track. Hundreds of thousands of feral deer, xrabbits,x pigs (latter two a food, anti #poverty source that cannot be culled by shooters) already damaging #native wildlife.Protecting #Indigenous locations/3
3/ @DanielAndrewsMP is key but to lock up (by fines) large areas is #segregation and discrimination. To lock up but then ok if you pay — is a cynical misuse of power. It would be good to hear from #Indigenous Victoria as we already know the value of the birthing trees was/4
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We cannot allow our primary forests to be cut, turn to wood pellets, and burnt. This is an egregious situation.

Today we called on the @bcndp to immediately suspend the operating licenses of all Drax-owned subsidiaries in BC. 1/ #bcpoli #oldgrowth…
Drax has been consolidating wood pellet operations in BC, controlling approximately two thirds of the industry.

Last year BC’s Chief Forester left her role and joined Drax immediately as VP for Corporate Sustainability. 2/ #bcpoli #forestry
❌A British company is cutting our primary forests for wood pellets and burning them
❌Burning wood pellets is more carbon intensive than burning coal.
❌Revolving door from the Ministry of Forests to forest industry
❌Over $10 million in provincial subsidies
3/ #bcpoli #forestry
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1/Today is #MountainDay so I thought I’d write a little bit about the current state of the mountains (and covering forests) in Japan. This applies to most of Japan but my first hand experience is based around Kansai, Hyogo, Nagano & Okayama
#山の日 #森林 #環境問題 #Forestry
2/About 40% of forest in Japan is plantations of cedar & cypress planted after WW2. To meet the post-war demand the govt. also opened up to importing cheap lumber. Not only did this deforest part of SE Asia & it also undercut domestic industry, making it unviable.
3/This means there are huge tracts of forests not being maintained. These trees have shallow roots and in heavy rain or typhoons the soil erodes easily causing landslides. We saw this in Iwate last year and in Kyoto in 2013… Fallen cedar trees on a slope that has collapsed
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The debate around old-growth forests in #bcpoli often heats up around quantity vs quality.

Megathread on #oldgrowth logging and the gutting of prime, valley-bottom forest in B.C.: A valley called Tessium Creek, in unceded Ma'amtagila territ
The vast majority of remaining old-growth in this province is what scientists call "lower productivity" forests -- stands in areas where conditions like elevation, slope and aspect make for forests with smaller trees smaller less biodiversity. A sub-alpine forested area, with the smaller trees characterA coastal bog forest, with small, stunted trees characterist
This old-growth still matters --I've been in some really cool mountain-side or shore-bog forests-- but in addition to holding less ecological value, it's also less valuable as timber and because of that it is hugely over-represented compared to other old-growth.
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The bioenergy industry is being accused of destroying the last inland rainforests in BC to produce wood-based fuel. Critics say that, if logging rates continue, BC’s inland rainforest will experience an ecological collapse. Read more from @BrianJBarth:
Not many Canadian power plants burn wood pellets as fuel. Most of what's produced in Canada gets shipped overseas—and business is booming. Part of their popularity has to do with the way wood pellets are touted as climate friendly. #Forestry An image of a black text on a white background, which reads:
Wood pellets may actually emit more carbon than coal. Pellet manufacturers claim to use only waste from logging—sawdust, branches, etc. Michelle Connolly, director of @Conserva_North, says that isn’t true. #Environment #ClimateChange A woman stands between two tall trees in a snowy forest.
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I had another meeting about old-growth with reps from a First Nation in BC this morning. Like a lot of these conversations, it was incredible heartbreaking and frustrating.

LONG thread on the BC government's broken approach on old-growth forests.
#bcpoli #oldgrowth #UNDRIP
The Nation I talked to, like all in BC, have had some of the threatened old-growth in their territory recommended for deferrals (two year holds on logging) by the provincial government.

The province has asked the Nation to inform them of their intention within 30 days.
Like most of the 200+ First Nations in the province, this community is concerned about remaining old-growth and the continued logging of it.

Also like many Nations here, they're involved in logging, after 100+ years of being excluded from economic development on their land.
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LONG THREAD about forest industry jobs, based on Stats Can data:

So I'm looking at numbers on logging levels and forest sector employment for some research I'm doing, and comparing how many jobs are created by logging in different provinces.

#bcpoli #cdnpoli #forestry
2/30 The data is from this Stats Can data set, which lets you toggle between the numbers for logging (by volume or by area), employment, inventory, investment and other values.…
#bcpoli #abpoli #cdnpoli #forests #forestry
3/30 I'm particularly interested in efficiency --not in the standard sense under capitalism, but with regard to the actual value this industry provides to our communities, in exchange for it's huge impacts, which anyone who follows me on here will be aware of my thoughts about.
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Some morning thoughts about #wildfires and forest management in #bcpoli:

About a month ago I started playing drop in soccer again.

My first night there, there were three guys I didn’t know, talking about setting wedges + other things I know to be associated with falling trees.
I asked them if they were arborists, or if they worked in the forest industry.

They said neither, they are forest fire fighters on the local crew. This was a couple days before the heat dome, and we talked about how busy they expected fire season to get in the coming weeks.
They haven’t been at soccer since, and, as there are mercifully fewer fires here on the Island, I assume that’s because they are redeployed to the interior, where hundreds of fires are raging.

#BCPoli #BCWildfires
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Primary land for #agriculture #forestry and #fisheries is front page news and may be at the cusp of a generational bull run. Yet, the market hasn’t really factored this in. 🤷

What are some ways we can play this trend?

Let’s take a deep dive. 👇
2. Classical economists like Adam Smith and David Ricardo modelled the economy with four factors of production: Labour, Capital, Entrepreneurship (or ‘technology’).. and land.

Tech and capital used to be the most scarce, but do you think that's the case now?
3. Recently megatrend analysts have been pointing at increasing food and fiber needs, increasing population, increasing wealth, and decreasing land availability all contributing to relative scarcity of good quality primary land.

Here’s the EU projecting declining land..
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/29/2021…
Testing mobile air purifiers in a school classroom: Reducing the airborne transmission risk for SARS-CoV-2…

#AirPurifiers #SchoolClassrooms #AirborneTransmission #COVID19 #risk
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Managed #forest landscapes is how big part of the #climate solutions that we need?

Here's some background and some thoughts. /1
Starting with the annual update of net sink in Swedish forests: A continued large net uptake by trees and soil (35 Mt CO2/yr)

This is the enduring effect of long-term investments in the forest-based sector. But what about the rest of the world? /2…
At EU level the net forest sink is 400 Mt CO2/yr which corresponds to 10% of EU emissions. Forests are actively managed and #wood harvest is well below (2/3) of the growth.

But this is not the full story of climate solutions from EU managed forests. /3…
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/02/2020…
The Complementary Nature | The MIT Press…

#complementary #nature
Elon Musk warns the world about AI Digital SuperIntelligence…

#ArtificialIntelligence #ethics #HumanSurvival
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(1/18) 📢Need videos for #teaching about #forestry? 📢My @ubcforestry online field course just wrapped up. I spent weeks making 113 videos (10 hours!). Videos are organized by playlists below. About 1/4 are #VR 360-degree videos.

🌲Please use and SHARE! 🌳
(2/18) Master video list. All videos, somewhat ordered.…
(3/18) Old-Growth Forest. #OldGrowth…
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Sick of #Golfgate? This long thread will (I hope) make u question this Gov & shout #DitchPippaHackettsBill It's on what's wrong with her bill & to urge u make a sub b4 5pm Fri 28th August if u care about #climate #nature #water #AccessToJustice #Forestry #community #HenHarrier
So @pippa_hackett announced late Friday of the Aug Bank Hol, as the Dail arose for summer recess... a very short consultation (28 days) over the peak summer hols.. so many will miss it. .. So this was me 🤔 as I always worry when someone burys a consultation with its timing & ...
this one isn't even published on the Agri Dept's main web page so out with the old 🧐 to see what's up ? In short the bill proposes to : .. wait for it ..its bad ..
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1/ Its a Beetle day in todays #rewildingscience paper review. As we look at the response of Beetle communites to forestry abandonment in the Eastern Alps. The paper sheds light on some of the benefits for invertebrate communites that reduced management can have #rewilding Image
2/ Understanding the role of forestry in changes to biodiversity is crucial in applying conservation measures. This paper investigated whether changes have occurred in species richness, abundance and composition of beetle communities due to cessation of forest management
3/ Ten managed and ten abandoned forest plots in two watersheds located in the north-eastern Italian alpine region were surveyed, sharing a common history of use, climate regimes, stand structure and topography.
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Global Forest Resources Assessment 2020


#FRA2020 examines the status of, and trends in, more than 60 forest-related variables in 236 countries and territories in the period 1990–2020

@FAOForestry 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

#soyforestal #forestalactivo #forestry
The world has a total forest area of 4.06 billion hectares (ha), which is 31 percent of the total land area. This area is equivalent to 0.52 ha per person1 – although forests are not distributed equally among the world’s peoples or geographically
#FRA2020 #soyforestal
The world’s forest area is decreasing, but the rate of loss has slowed

The rate of net forest loss declined from 7.8 million ha per year in the decade 1990–2000 to 5.2 million ha per year in 2000–2010 and 4.7 million ha per year in 2010–2020

#soyforestal #FRA2020 #deforestation
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Today we spent a chilly day out in the uMkhomazi catchment in the south of Kwa-Zulu Natal with a group of stakeholders who are mutually concerned about water security in the catchment #Water #SharedBenefits #SharedRisks
Why this catchment?
1. The Mkhomazi River is the 3rd largest river in KZN, with major infrastructure projects on the horizon #Water #InfrastructureDevelopment
2. It's identified as possible solution to long term water deficits in uMngeni catchment #WaterDemand #InfrastructureDevelopment
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It was a great pleasure to today host a one of a kind #forestry #WaterStewardship workshop with members of the SA forestry industry under the theme "Water Source Partnerships: collaboration for a water secure future"
On the back of the launch of the #WaterMasterPlan yesterday, @ColvinH2O opened the workshop with a fresh perspective on the role of the #forestry sector in the "just transition to a green economy" #WaterStewardship #Partnerships
A conversation on 'unlocking the catchment economy' is an essential one that must be had between the #forestry and #water sector @ColvinH2O added #ForestWaterNexus #CollectiveAction
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*THREAD* This #RSPBScieConf19 session thread presents advances in @Natures_Voice's goal to champion land well-managed for nature #ornithology #conservationscience
@Natures_Voice Now @Tomfinch89 shows that combining high-yield farmland with natural habitat and low-yield farmland can reconcile conflict between food production and nature conservation @RSPBScience @_BTO @CamZoology @savebutterflies and @NaturalEngland.

*Paper here*…
@Natures_Voice @tomfinch89 @_BTO @CamZoology @savebutterflies @NaturalEngland In the first of a set of #agri-environment talks @pebellamy tests the effectiveness of targeted grants in delivering increases in #woodland birds @ForestryComm @NaturalEngland #RSPBScieConf19
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Why #WorldWar1 + the 1919 #Forestry Act show why #Northumberland leads the way on forestry and #climatechange: A thread:
... We all agree we need to plant more #trees 🌲🌲🌲
to combat climate change + also because forests / timber is vital to both our enjoyment + economy 1/ Image
In 1919 the country was short of wood = a national emergency. #Northumberland land around Kielder Castle, just south of Scots border, was identified + soon after planting began on an ever expanding basis.The #kielderforest is the biggest in UK + growing with recent additions /2
100 years ago, our island was less than 5% #woodland.
Good news = woodland today covers nearly three times as much land, at 13 per cent, and is probably as wooded as days of yore.
Bad news = we still import more #timber than we grow = bad business + bad for #climatechange 3/
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Who is really in charge when it comes to #climatechange? Maybe its not us, maybe it’s #trees. An opinion thread on #globalwarming #envhist #forestry #climatecrisis #greennewdeal #actonclimate #anthropocene 1/16 Image
Critics of the term Anthropocene argue that it doesn't capture what caused recent climatological, geological, & ecological changes. This criticism is multifaceted but one aspect is that humans were not alone in causing these changes. 2/16
Humans worked with non-humans. Additionally, we will not be able to fix these problems on our own. #Trees have been active agents of the largest historical changes in American history. Trees do something we can't, even with our tech: Capture a lot of carbon cheaply. 2/16
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Happy to share our #openaccess paper on why and how we change the land use in @IOPenvironment! Together with @peterverburg11 @JvVliet @VU_IVM and others from @GlobalLandP, we analysed decision-making behind land use change (thread)…
We identified 758 different decision-makers from 315 peer-reviewed papers all around the world. Most of the papers come from the domains of #environmentalscience, #agriculture and #geography (but also #economics, #conservation and #forestry!) Image
For each of these studies, we were able to identify the objectives for land use change, the attitudes of the people (e.g. towards the environment), the ability of the people (e.g. land size, wealth). Survival and livelihood and economic objectives dominate Image
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Mega #Hexham summer tour day ends with street surgery + home visits on #CauseyHill overlooking #Hexham - thread of visits + meets ⬇️ 1/ Image
Good catch up visit to @NorthumbriaNHS #Hexham #Hospital to get updates from many of the teams on the wards and do a walk round with Gillian the Matron #NHS #Proud 2/ Image
Wide ranging update meeting with constituents raising a variety of key local and national #ClimateChange issues - discussion of everything from #ESG to #Coal #Forestry to #LandUse #NetZero to #EnvironmentPlan 3/ Image
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