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It’s #Biodiversity day at #COP27.
🌴 Deforestation is a leading cause of climate change, second only to #FossilFuels.
🌴 #Forests play a vital role in protecting #Biodiversity and supporting the lives and livelihoods of communities and animals. Image
Illegal logging & timber trade is a key driver of deforestation.
In order to address these drivers and protect forest ecosystems, there is an urgent need to ensure that national and international safeguards and laws are strong and well-enforced.
That's why, this week, we are at #CITESCoP19, the 19th Conference of the Parties of @CITES, (a Convention that regulates the trade of endangered species) to work with partners and governments to further strengthen the Convention and meaningfully protect forests.
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#Forests are a common good, and they benefit everyone.

Healthy, intact forests are essential for #Biodiversity, the climate, and Indigenous Peoples and forest-dependent communities around the world who rely on them for their lives, livelihoods, and cultural survival. Image
Protecting forests is essential if governments and institutions want to truly address the triple planetary crisis — #ClimateChange, #Biodiversity loss, & #Pollution — and achieve their global climate & environmental goals.
The onslaught of illegal logging, together with agricultural deforestation and climate-fueled wildfires, is destroying forests, affecting biodiversity, and turning forests from carbon sinks into carbon bombs.
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I finally went on my first-ever solo trip. How did this girl who has been timid most of her life, do this? Well if I have to sum it up in one word - regret - I didn't want to die with a regret. A regret doing nothing to make my dream come true.

So what was my dream? How did I do this trip? Read on to know more...


Since the time I was 15 years old (which is 21 years ago) I've wanted to meet #RuskinBond. We had a story #TheCherryTree from one of his books. This was the first Ruskin Bond story I read and since that day in 2001, I thought I'll meet him someday.

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Day 1, #COP27: Bloomberg & Three Cairns Group announced the Global Carbon Trust (GCT) to scale #carbon markets. (VCM).

#TSVCM (Mark Carney) estimates that carbon markets must grow 15-fold by 2030 & 100-fold by 2050.

#NetZero #Forests #EmergingMarkets…
June 30, 2022: "World’s Biggest Ever #CarbonCredits Issue Planned in Gabon"

Nov 8, 2022: #Africa Carbon Markets Initiative (ACMI) launched at #COP27.

Profiting from pollution. #Privatization of nature.

"This is like Black Friday for climate change." - @johnsteppling
Bloomberg, Jun 2 2021: "If they generate a lower carbon benefit than they claim & the company is still emitting, well then you end up with more emissions than you would have otherwise. We have to be open to the idea that the voluntary market might fail."…
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NEW: Countries' climate pledges put unrealistic demands for land ahead of emissions reductions, which could cause:
🌱Increase abuses of #Indigenous land rights
🌽Food security issues
🌳negative impacts on ecosystems

Read the new #LandGapReport:
Countries' #Climate pledges to get to #NetZero GHG rely partly on removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, using methods such as planting trees & restoring degraded ecosystems.

New #LandGapReport revealed that these are schemes unrealistic.

National climate pledges would collectively require 1.2 billion hectares of land.

More than half of this land is already currently used for something else. This demand for land will put pressure on ecosystems, Indigenous lands, small farmers and food security.
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Desperate response of CEO Drax Will Gardiner ⁦@ddwg⁩ to ⁦@BBC⁩ Panorama “Green scandal exposed” shows great opportunism. But repeating the so-called 'sustainability credo' of energy industry does not make industrial tree burning ‘green’ or ‘clean’ (2-8)
#biomass Image
Under current Brussels incentives for biomass in the RED, many Member States fund their energy companies to cut down and burn forests for energy production. Total financing amounted more than €20 billion. But the ability of forests to fulfill their functions as..3
.. a carbon sink, purifier of #air and water, and hotspot for #biodiversity are chronically undermined, as a result. In several Member States, #forests have become #carbon emitters as a result of this policy. #Sweden showed a loss of 18% of carbon storage in 1 year
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Sixth post of the #WildlifeWeek Reintroduction series.

Day 6 - Panna Roars Again !!

#Panna National Park covering an area of 543 sq km is a splendid mosaic of plateaus, plunging gorges, vast expanses of teak #forests and #Savannah #grasslands teeming with #wildlife...
1/14 Mahaman from Bandhavgarh
.... and its lifeline Ken river running through the middle. It was upgraded to the status of a tiger reserve in 1994 but within 15 years it lost all its stripes !! The news broke out in May, 2009 that Panna TR which once claimed to harbour 40+ tigers had none left anymore.
It shook the forest department, the govt and every concerned citizen of the country to its core. Investigations were done on the disappearance of tigers and reports submitted by the WII, SIT setup by the NTCA and by an expert committee initiated by govt of MP.
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(1) I love forests for their beauty, the peace and calm I feel when I walk on forest trails, and their role in preserving biodiversity and the climate.

Today, I was reminded twice how diverse other people's attitudes toward natural forests may be.

Start of a thread 🧵

(2) First, according to a BBC Panorama investigation, I learned that a firm that has received six billion pounds in green energy subsidies from UK taxpayers is cutting down forests that are essential to the Canadian ecology.

🧵 #forests #nature…

(3) Reporters concluded that millions of tons of imported wood pellets, classified as renewable energy, are burned at Drax's largest power plant in Britain. However, part of the wood came from Canada's old-growth forests, which took thousands of years to develop.

🧵 #trees
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Although future #warming will affect #vegetation, the big draw of this paper is the specific impact on #urban #forests. However, I would take quantitative estimates made with these #models with a grain of salt since they don't provide "true" urban climate signals. [1/n]
The study uses projections from 10 Global Climate Models (#GCMs) over 164 #cities; comparing modeled variables relevant to species survival against baseline values to predict future risk. A big issue is that most of these GCMs do not represent cities in any meaningful way. [2/n]
Several of the GCMs do not have explicit urban land cover or use simplified slab models. The former provides no urban-specific signals and the latter overestimates urban warming. More importantly, around half of the models use versions of the Community Land Model (CLM). [3/n]
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New briefing from Griffith University in #Australia argues that a major shift to using forest #biomass burning for energy comes with grave risks of highly perverse outcomes, including increased CO2 emissions and negative impacts on forest integrity.…
A rethink of the role of forest #biomass burning for energy in national decarbonization policy is therefore urgently needed. Forest #biomass is not clean energy because burning it releases CO2 emissions and so does not contribute to a decarbonization pathway.
The emissions from burning forest #biomass are instantaneous, but their removals from the atmosphere are not and take a long time. This means there is a significant time lag between when carbon is emitted and when it is removed and stored.
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On this day in 1730, 363 Bishnois from Jodhpur were killed in Khejarli, when objected to felling of Khejri trees by the king. Day is celebrated as #ForestMartyrsDay. Scores of ground staff & officers have laid down their lives in protecting the ecological security of country.
When teams came to cut Khejri trees summons were sent to 83 Bishnoi villages.

The cry was “सिर साटे रुख रहे तो भी सस्तो जाण” which means even if head goes to save a tree then also it is worth.

With this 363 Bishnoi’s martyred to save trees led by Amrita Devi Bishnoi. 2/n
To commemorate the day of this 'bishnoi massacre' India observe this day as 'Forest Martyrs Day'.

The modern Chipko movement was spread in years & is considered as eco-feminist movement, led by women. And a movement for ownership of resources based on gandhian principles.
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1/ #Trains #Trainspotting #TrainThursday #Railways - Who likes trains? I always have... Here are some from Chattanooga, Tennessee at the Tennessee Valley Railroad and Museum! #TN225
2/ #Trains #1940s #1950s #forests - Admission gets you on to a 40 min. train ride through the forest, Missionary Ridge Tunnel and bridges in a vintage train... Each compartment is different, but all are from the 1940s to 1960s or so IIRC.
3/ #STEM - @tvrail's turntable operation at the second station at the "end" of the ride is great. It takes ~15 minutes. Then we all re-board for the 20 min. ride back to the first station. Nicely done and worth the $22/person tickets!
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Forests are important. Here’s why🧵 1/n

- make shade & cool the surface
- capture CO2
- purify the air
- make clouds & rain
- prevent drought
- prevent flooding
- prevent erosion

@IrishRainforest @GeorgeMonbiot @AncientTreesATF @GretaThunberg
#rewilding #ClimateAction
2/n. Forests act as stabilisers for earth’s climate. They’re essential for our survival. And they’re under extreme threat.


@IrishRainforest @GeorgeMonbiot @GretaThunberg @gringreen @andypic @dwnews
3/n. Our ecosystem, the one we rely on survival for, relies heavily on forests. Our farmers rely on the steady rains forests bring.

Ironically agricultural expansion drives almost 90 percent of global deforestation.

@IrishRainforest @GeorgeMonbiot…
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Journey2 #Pothigai is a great opportunity2see the vegetational variation in #KMTR,as the altitude varies, as crucial part of the trek is vertical climb& while nearing the peak, it's almost 90degree slope.This is view of Karaiyar&the surrounding vegetation from Thulukkan mottai
From Karaiyar to almost mid way to kannikatti, Tropical evergreen forest with many layers and dominated by taller and bigger trees like Ficus. The ground is not too wet and the springs in the higher altitude have already become big streams. #Pothigai #Tirunelveli #KMTR #forests
Midway2kannikatti,the size of the tree trunks reduces.Still trees are taller and ground becomes moist&the moisture level increases as we go up. In this season,this belt is invaded by giant spiders.This is near Injikuzhi. #Pothigai #KMTR #Tirunelveli Follow this thread 2 know more
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1. One of our toughest & longest battles to save #wildlife started on #WorldEnvironmentDay of 2016, when our team mates Suvrajyoti Chatterjee & Meghna Banerjee came to know about the horrific "ritualistic hunting festivals" of South Bengal.
2. We witnessed thousands of slaughtered wild #animals strewn across the railway platforms of Howrah & East Medinipur districts.
We faced both physical as well as verbal abuse from the hunters before we could even grasp the true extent of devastation inflicted by them.
3. Further inquiries revealed it was an annual affair celebrated on the occasion of Faloharini Kali Puja where thousands of armed mobs descend on the #forests & rivers of these two districts & decimate every #wildanimal they can find.
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First use:
#USA in the #Vietnam #War, called "#Napalm".
The TOS-1 Buratino is a Russian self-propelled multiple rocket launcher (MRLS) that saw action in global hotspots like Afghanistan, Chechnya, Iraq & Syria:

via @YouTube
#Thermobaric #Weapons, mostly ground based,
but also via aerial Bombings -USA Vietnam,
are used against an enemy that is #Dug-in:
#Fortifications, #Bunkers, #Forests & #Cities.
#Russia didn't use them yet, to #Protect civilians:
TOS1: No Joke
via @YouTube
Russia deploys its deadliest weapon near Ukraine:
- #TOS-1 #Thermobaric rocket launcher.

The appearance of #NATO military, #Militants & #Mercenaries in the area #Bordering Ukraine,
forced #Russia to deploy heavy #Flame #Throwing systems:

via @YouTube
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Let's celebrate #ValentinesDay with a tribute to a love for #nature, trees, and forests! [A thread]
According to legend, the first ever Valentine’s letter, sent by the eponymous Saint, was written on a heart-shaped leaf that was just within reach outside his cell window somewhere in Rome. The leaf was from the violet flower – now the floral emblem of New Brunswick!
St. Valentine's Day became associated with love and romance in the Middle Ages. The tradition first started in France and England, where it was believed that birds started their mating season on February 14. Likely under the cover of the #forest…for privacy 😉
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How do we steward #forests & #borderlands in a time of human upheaval & migration? Not by building border walls. Our letter @ScienceMagazine about how Poland’s planned wall would threaten transboundary #Białowieża Forest @MZmihorski @UNESCO @BonnConvention…
Transboundary frontiers are an emerging conservation priority as they often overlap #biodiversity hotspots & are threatened by construction of border infrastructure. Neighboring countries must co-steward wildlife that cross manmade lines @EcologyJiajia…
We know from research on the US-Mexico border that walls do not deter people but do impede wildlife, including low-flying birds like pygmy owls. Barriers are an increasing global trend that fragment #connectivity of habitats & populations @ljevanso…
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#Segezha is largest Russian representative of #timber industry. Company benefits from world's drive to move away from deforestation. Foreign politicians have pledged to end deforestation by 2030.
All over the world, area of ​​forests is decreasing, while in #Russia it is growing.
#Brazil, as one of largest timber producer, has pledged to end illegal logging, which will require aggressive reductions in forest harvesting.……
Area of ​​forests in #Russia is growing and deforestation sometimes is necessary to grow systematically (to solve problem of fires, sufficient supply of light, etc.). In addition, 80% of #forests of Russia soft #woods, more suitable for production of packaging due to its density. Image
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The #MGISummit is about to begin. Follow our live coverage of the event, where high-profile regional leaders gather in #Riyadh to discuss #climate action ahead of #COP26.
#MGISummit: #Qatar Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, as well as #Jordan and and #Kuwait's crown princes, arrive at the venue. Pakistani PM @ImranKhanPTI also shows attendance.
#MGISummit: #Bahrain's Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa and #UAE's Finance Minister Hamad bin Rashid Al Maktoum have also arrived
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1. Firefighters in California are in a desperate battle to defend giant sequoias

Like glaciers or coral reefs, it is another example where climate change threatens some of the most beautiful sights on our planet.

Thread 🧵

#Sequoia #wildfires #California #ClimateCrisis

2. The changing climate changes the planet, including some of the most beautiful sights that you may see in your lives.

From the magnificent glaciers in the mountains to the coral reefs in the oceans, we destroy the most iconic examples of nature.…

3. I remember how amazed I was in the 1990s when seeing some of these enormous trees in California.

Standing on the forest floor and looking up, they seemed to grow into infinity.


#nature #forests #SequoiaNationalPark #California #hiking
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On this day in 1730, 363 Bishnois from Jodhpur were killed in Khejarli, when objected to felling of Khejri trees by the king. Day is celebrated as #ForestMartyrsDay. Scores of ground staff & officers have laid down their lives in protecting the ecological security of country.
When teams came to cut Khejri trees summons were sent to 83 Bishnoi villages.

The cry was “सिर साटे रुख रहे तो भी सस्तो जाण” which means even if head goes to save a tree then also it is worth.

With this 363 Bishnoi’s martyred to save trees led by Amrita Devi Bishnoi. 2/n
To commemorate the day of this 'bishnoi massacre' India observe this day as 'Forest Martyrs Day'.

The modern Chipko movement was spread in years & is considered as eco-feminist movement, led by women. And a movement for ownership of resources based on gandhian principles.
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LONG THREAD about forest industry jobs, based on Stats Can data:

So I'm looking at numbers on logging levels and forest sector employment for some research I'm doing, and comparing how many jobs are created by logging in different provinces.

#bcpoli #cdnpoli #forestry
2/30 The data is from this Stats Can data set, which lets you toggle between the numbers for logging (by volume or by area), employment, inventory, investment and other values.…
#bcpoli #abpoli #cdnpoli #forests #forestry
3/30 I'm particularly interested in efficiency --not in the standard sense under capitalism, but with regard to the actual value this industry provides to our communities, in exchange for it's huge impacts, which anyone who follows me on here will be aware of my thoughts about.
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Some morning thoughts about #wildfires and forest management in #bcpoli:

About a month ago I started playing drop in soccer again.

My first night there, there were three guys I didn’t know, talking about setting wedges + other things I know to be associated with falling trees.
I asked them if they were arborists, or if they worked in the forest industry.

They said neither, they are forest fire fighters on the local crew. This was a couple days before the heat dome, and we talked about how busy they expected fire season to get in the coming weeks.
They haven’t been at soccer since, and, as there are mercifully fewer fires here on the Island, I assume that’s because they are redeployed to the interior, where hundreds of fires are raging.

#BCPoli #BCWildfires
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