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5 Mar
This afternoon, join us in the @UMBCLibrary for our first Humanities Forum lecture of the semester: Thinking Like a Caravan: The Current Migration Crisis with Rachel Ida Buff from @UWM Image
This talk is mostly based on her new book, A IS FOR ASYLUM SEEKER: WORDS FOR PEOPLE ON THE MOVE. The book is being published simultaneously in English and in Spanish. Cover of book: Various shad...
In addition to being an immigration historian, Buff has been working as an immigration activist for over 20 years. She noticed that in the past few years, there has been confusion in the discussions towards the migrant crisis.
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23 Oct 19
This afternoon, @UMBCHistory’s Robert K. Webb Lecture is all about Edo. @astanley711 from @NorthwesternU explores the social history of early nineteenth-century Edo (now Tokyo) in the context of global history, focusing on gender, violence, and consumption. #umbchumforum
In 1800 — the era of Napoleon and revolution and declarations of independence — Edo boasted a population of 1.2 million. In comparison, London had a population of one million, Paris had 550,000, and New York was a tiny outpost of 60,000. Yet Edo is invisible in global history.
Edo is typically referred to as a “culture” in world history textbooks. Kabuki theatre, geisha, and shinto are what typically comes to mind. A culture without a society.
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10 Oct 19
This afternoon in the @UMBCLibrary , we will learn about how visual culture played a crucial role in defining and enforcing slavery for both enslaved and free people in Ancient Rome.

Hope to see you there! #umbchumforum…
Trimble: In Ancient Rome, tens of thousands of people were enslaved, but yet we know nothing about them. In order to learn about Ancient Rome, you need to understand slavery.
What people in the Roman world saw informed the way they viewed the world and the people who inhabited: visual markers, written labels, sellers’ deceptions, and buyers’ inspections.
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12 Sep 19
TODAY: "The Fractal Caribbean: The New Literatures of Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic" w/ Puerto Rican writer Mayra Santos-Febres. 5:30pm in the @UMBCLibrary…
.@deardelirious is introducing Mayra Santos-Febres, novelist, essayist, and poet from Puerto Rico. A @GuggFellows and recipient of the Juan Rolfo award, Santos-Febres is currently a professor at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras.
The Fractal Caribbean is nonbinary, although it contains the binary. Try listening to jazz, which contains improvisation, but also a consistent rhythm. Intrustments playing different yet the same rhythm. #umbchumforum
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8 May 19
This afternoon, please join us for our last #HumForum of the spring semester with the annual Lipitz Lecture @ 4pm in PAHB 132…
.@UMBC_CAHSS Dean Scott Casper is introducing our Lipitz Professor, Dan Bailey, a professor of animation. The Lipitz Lecture is conferred annually. #HumForum
The talk will feature two projects: Visualizing Early Baltimore and Slow Exposure. Bailey stresses that these projects would not be possible without a group effort.
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30 Apr 19
For today's #HumForum, @EmoryUniversity Professor of English and Bioethics, and #disabilitystudies scholar, Rosemarie Garland-Thomson will talk about building a world that includes #disability
We are getting started in the @UMBCLibrary. Come join us!
If you want to gain an idea as to the work of Rosemarie Garland-Thomson, please read her @nytopinion piece, Becoming Disabled…
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3 Apr 19
Hope to see you this afternoon with @jamieisjames for "Zombies Speak Swahili: Why Language Matters for Global Diversity" at 4pm in PAHB 132
Many thanks to our co-sponsors for this event: @UMBCSocSci, Africana Studies, and International Education Services #humforum
This lecture is named in honor of Daphne Harrison, founder of the Center for Humanities, which is now the Dresher Center. #humforum Daphne Harrison greeting an audience
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1 Mar 19
This coming Monday at 4 pm in @UMBCLibrary, join us for a conversation with @scryptkeeper @SusanDarraj and @AliaMalek moderated by @UMBC_GWST Professor Mejdulene Shomali for our second #HumForum
We are getting started with our second event of the semester. If you want to see upcoming events, visit
Our moderator is Dr. Mejdulene Shomali of @UMBC_GWST. This event is the third in a series of events that seek to provide a space for Arab and Arab American voices to be showcased and heard.
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19 Feb 19
This afternoon is the big event: the Joan S. Korenman lecture with @SaraNAhmed at 7pm in the Fine Arts Recital Hall: "Complaint as Diversity Work." The event is free and will be recorded. Hope to see you there!
A lot of excitement this evening. Here is @SaraNAhmed with a fellow feminist killjoy @ameliameman of @womencenterumbc
The annual Korenman lecture is named in honor of Joan Korenman, the founding director of @UMBC_GWST and the Center for Women in Technology
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5 Dec 18
Our last event of the semester is beginning with @AmyBhatt in the @UMBCLibrary. A recording will be made available on our @YouTube channel!
Bhatt: I began this project in 2008 while as a graduate student in Seattle. I wanted to work with the feminist community outside of campus. #humforum18
Bhatt: The H1-B visa program is the descendant of the Bracero program. Indiana are the second largest inmigrant group and mostly men through this program.…
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14 Nov 18
This evening in the UC Ballroom, @DorothyERoberts joins us to celebrate 40 years of the W.E.B. Du Bois' lecture, as she talks about race, racism, and the new racial science. #humforum18
We have a full house here in the UC Ballroom for Dr. Roberts. Africana Studies Chair Gloria Chuku is welcoming us and reminding us that this is the 40th anniversary of the Du Bois lecture and the legacy that name carries. #humforum18
Chuku: One of the benefits of this lecture is to provide us with intellectual dialogue on people of the African diaspora and to reflect on what Du Bois represented. #humforum18
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23 Oct 18
We are gathering in the @UMBCLibrary Gallery for the annual @UMBCHistory Webb Lecture with Simon P. Newman discussing escaped slaves in 18th century Britain #humforum18
The Webb lecture was named in honor of Robert K. Webb #humforum18…
This new project that Prof. Newman will be presenting on today is born out of research during his current fellowship at @FolgerLibrary
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18 Oct 18
We are getting started with our MEMS Colloquium Lecture. @JonathanHsy will be presenting on premodern manual languages. #humforum18
We have an ASL interpreter present with us thanks to the @UMBC Office of Student Disability Services. Making sure our programs are accessible is important to us.
As this is a work that is still in very early stages, we won’t be able to provide any images. BUT we will tweet out the larger themes and you can always engage directly with @JonathanHsy’s previous works.
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11 Oct 18
This afternoon @ 4pm in @UMBCLibrary, @DMendelsohn1960 will read from his award-winning work, An Odyssey: A Father, a Son, and an Epic for #humforum18. This memoir recounts a father and son's journey through Homer's great epic.

Books will be available for purchase. Cover of Daniel Mendelsohn's book, An Odyssey: A Father, a Son, and an Epic
David Rosenbloom, Professor and Chair of @AncsUMBC, introduces Daniel Mendelsohn and describes him as his own personal literary siren. #humforum18 Odysseus and the Sirens, eponymous vase of the Siren Painter, c. 475 BC
Mendelsohn: This book is the third in which I use ancient texts to reflect on personal narrative. The Elusive Embrace examines my gay identity, while The Lost examines my search for relatives who were lost to the Holocaust. #humforum18
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17 Sep 18
We are starting our first lecture of the fall series. Carolina Guerrero is being introduced by @umbc Assistant Prof. Thania Muñoz D. @MunozDaz1, who reminds us of the history of #HispanicHeritageMonth #humforum18
.@nuncaduermo assures the audience that the lecture will be in English but @radioambulante is completely en Español…
.@nuncaduermo on the origins of @radioambulante: co-founder Daniel Alarcón was left disappointed after doing a story for BBC Radio which left out Latinx voices. They decided to create a space for those voices to be heard. #humforum18
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18 May 18
The Dresher Center & @UMBCresearch are pleased to welcome @BmoreDoc, @histgeoghealth, @KBankoleMedina, and @NarrativeMed to today's Research Forum on #PublicHumanities & #HealthJustice!
Karl Steiner, the @UMBC Vice President for Research, kicks off our @UMBCresearch forum #PublicHumanities #HealthJustice
Steiner: This is our sixth research forum, started in 2014. The forum is intended to bring academic communities together from outside and inside campus. Strong representation from @UMBC_CAHSS
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19 Apr 18
Join us for our final #humforum18 event of the semester with the annual Lipitz Lecture featuring Carole McCann, Professor and Chair of @UMBC_GWST on 5/3 at 4pm. Her talk will highlight her work to reconstruct the history of Planned Parenthood of MD @PPFA.
.@UMBC_CAHSS Dean Scott Casper is introducing our final speaker for #humforum18, Carole McCann, Chair of @UMBC_GWST…
Casper: Maryland has one of the oldest state affiliates of @PPFA and McCann’s talk will highlight the importance of this community resource. #humforum18
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10 Apr 18
On 4/18 at 4pm in @UMBCLibrary, @BmoreDoc of @MorganStateU, @seemadiyer of @EubieBee, as well as Felipe Filomeno and @PNicoleking of @UMBC sit on our panel about Redevelopment and Justice in #Baltimore. #humforum18
.@AmyBhatt is introducing our panelists: @BmoreDoc, Felipe Filomeno, @PNicoleking, and @seemadiyer #humforum18
Lawrence Brown (@BmoreDoc) is a Professor at @MorganStateU. He starts us off by placing gentrification in historical context: forced displacement of indigenous tribes and Africans. #humforum18
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26 Feb 18
The 11th Annual @UMBC_GWST Korenman Lecture on 3/8 (#InternationalWomensDay) explore the racial realities affecting POC, women, immigrants and refugees, as well as how to maintain #equity and #inclusion, with guest speaker @dviyer. #humforum18
We have another full house for tonight’s #humforum18. @AmyBhatt is introducing the Korenman Lecture, which is named after Joan Korenman, founding director of @UMBC_GWST.
Speaker @dviyer thanks @AmyBhatt for uplifting a fellow South Asian sister! #humforum18
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19 Feb 18
On 3/1 at 4pm in the @UMBCLibrary, we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of @UMBC's Media and Communication Studies Dept. w/ Jennifer Stoever (@soundingoutblog) Associate Prof. of English @binghamtonu. She will discuss the "sonic color line." #humforum18
Happy Thursday! We have a packed house as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the @UMBC Media and Communication Studies #humforum18
MCS chair @jaybolobo is introducing Jennifer Stoever of @binghamtonu and founder of @soundingoutblog #humforum18
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13 Feb 18
Join us for out first #humforum18 event on 2/22 at 4pm in the @UMBCLibrary. @RitaFelski, Professor of English @UVA, will explore why we are drawn to certain artworks - become "attuned" to them - but are stubbornly unmoved by others.
We are about to get started with our first #humforum18 event of the season. Dr. Jessica Berman, Director, is introducing our first guest @RitaFelski
.@RitaFelski was often cited by recent English Department job candidates, which is a testament to her influence in literature #humforum18
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