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I promised I would write more about our time at @HeronIsle from a #disability access perspective. It won't be professional, it wont cover all. It will be an insight into how it worked for us. I will unroll it at the end with Thread Reader App for those who find it easier. ImageImage
#inclusion starts the second you meet the 1st staff member and we certainly started off well. The first check in member took one look at my chair and said 'you will do ok on the island'. I was unsure. When you are nervous positivity makes a difference. Positivity breeds culture. ImageImage
The experience of getting on the boat was seamless. No insisting on help not wanted. No 'oh gee not sure about this'. Just a simple 'you know what you are doing, tell us how to help' from the deckhand. Qualifying the disabled person as the expert. Love it. ImageImage
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About to jump into conversation with @thoughtxchng & @TahiraDChase exploring how to relaunch schools and what we've learned so far #bringpeopletgoether #backtoschool #newnormal #innovation
Launching into the drill-down session from @thoughtxchng superintendent round table: learning, reflection and crowdsourcing to move us into the new normal
Communicating & planning with the community for school relaunch: @TahiraDChase shares her takeaways from opening Greenburgh Central School. #collaboration is key
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@DrCConnell @sarah_bodell @LecturerMish @anita_atwal 1/ Good question @sarah_bodell
Love that idea @DrCConnell , we could even go to say that positive action is taken & there is always a seat specifically for election for each of those #Diversity groups
Thank you for both your engagement

Another draft idea... (cont.) #BAME
@DrCConnell @sarah_bodell @LecturerMish @anita_atwal 2/ If there is ever an #Equality #Diversity #inclusion (#EDI) officer in the college, then attached to this are @BAMEOTUK network, officially in @theRCOT contributing to the EDI agenda (cont.)

#campaign @BAMEOTUK network officially part of @theRCOT
@DrCConnell @sarah_bodell @LecturerMish @anita_atwal @theRCOT 3/ The aim would be to influence & impact @theRCOT activities & raise the agenda at board level regarding the issues of paying #BAME members across the profession & ...(cont.)

#campaign @BAMEOTUK network officially part of @theRCOT
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REVIEW: ''This book is well worth perusing. Din undertook this research as a Muslim mother and educator; her insider researcher position is evident adding value to the work. Her writing makes for a superb read: her ideas flow smoothly and logically...
2/2 contd 'logically, while presenting a thoroughly theoretically underpinned discourse. ....This book is a must for #teachers and #headteachers, other educators and #researchers: the message is powerful, whilst being erudite.'
— Dr L Haynes, Faculty of Education, Cantebury.
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A hopeful 🧵re: improving #globalhealth through #Decolonizingglobalhealth #antiracism efforts—some examples of positive change:

@DGH_LSHTM & #blacklivesmatter groups gathered signatures from 100's of staff, students, & alumni calling for leadership to examine the school's past
...listen to personal accounts of discrimination.

These groups have influenced the hiring of a postdoc to research it’s #colonial history & legacy. We wrote about Her findings & the calls for change from #DGH & #BLM groups & hope the leadership will act.
Other global #publichealth universities like @dukedecolonize @KarolinskaDGH @EdinburghUni @DecolonizeGh (@HarvardChanSPH) have hosted conferences to critically examine & challenge west/white centric curricula

One of my faves is here:
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Seeing many verbatim #MSM talking points proffered by #consumers regarding #freethinkers & #truthseekers, lately. We can only go on what we observe & verify. The media continues to do great disservice to usnot exploring the topics that people are questioning & seeking truth on.
Many people are strongly influenced by #CorporateMedia. To the extent that even a compilation video of examples of their cookie cutter model of “journalism” wouldn’t make them say, “Hmmm...” They’ve found a way to take our most proven citations and turn those into #theories.
They count on us not thinking for ourselves. Before I took the step to #WalkAway, I only read/listened to left-leaning media along with AP, Reuter’s & NPR. I read Rolling Stone & Cosmo. I had a “Bush Is Sauron, Save The Shire” t shirt. I voted Blue down every ballot.
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Let’s unpack the #bced #COVID19 plan, it's resources and what this means in classrooms from my perspective as a teacher.

Off the top, I’d say there are likely no great options here. I don’t envy decision makers their roles.

Come with me on a #teacher thread!

Dr. Henry and @bcndp believe the risk is low enough to move away from providing space (small class size) to social distance in & towards creating manageable clusters in the event of an outbreak.

We’re still trying to social distance, but newer schools in #BCED provide the minimum space practicable so construction and maintenance costs are low. Classrooms simply won’t have space to keep students socially distant, especially given 100% attendance in high schools.
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Dear #Academia, can reflect on the wording “what can we learn from #Indigenous Knowledge/people/experience” for a sec?

1) That framing has the danger of being extractive, and it potentially diminishes us as only being of use when we serve non-Indigenous means 1/5
Generalizable knowledge is important. But #academia must reconcile its colonial duality of discrediting our #knowledge systems while also wanting to benefit from it.

It’s time to enact protective and supportive structures if you value our contributions (hint to the NIH) 2/5
2) Requests for our knowledge can seem like a disingenuously guised #diversity #inclusion checkbox ☑️ that resembles “other”-ing, if unexpected.

Building trust is important here. So is not self-proclaiming allyship. If you want us to do the work, then you must work also. 3/5
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After @elizhargrave posted a screenshot of a comment written by a man claiming she has hate in her heart, I decided to continue reading the other comments to a blog post detailing #inclusion, #diversity, and minority representation in the board game industry.

Here's one of them.
First, a link to the blog post, which was based on her recent Twitter posts and thread on #BIPOC, women, and #LGBTQ representation in board games:…
In the comments of the post, "Stuart," who says he's a "professional data analyst" goes on to show that he's not even an amateur marketer, economist, sociologist, or all-around decent human.

Here's a portion of his post:
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This #DisabilityPrideMonth, I'll be sharing actionable tips for how you (yes, you!) can make STEM learning & workspaces more inclusive to those of us who are #DisabledInSTEM.

#AltText will be available for every graphic. New tips will be added to this thread. Creating an inclusive envir...
For more information on why using a microphone is an #accessibility issue, please read this post over at
@chronicle: In the foreground in the ph...
The #GRE is expensive, biased & a poor indicator of success in research. Getting approved for #accommodations takes 6 weeks & you need a dr. note (& therefore, insurance). If you're absent from your scheduled test (hello, unpredictable symptoms!), you forfeit your fee. #GREexit Creating an inclusive envir...
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This week, I attended 2 very important engagements in the UK. One was a four-day journalistic conference- Innovation in digital publishing during the COVID-19 Crisis courtesy of @newsrewired.The other one a #PR conversation on Wednesday night under the hashtag #PowerAndInfluence
2. I am glad that we are being deliberate about our commitment to #Equality and #Diversity.
I am sharing some of the lessons I picked from both engagements @MissChisomo @amandacomms @Advita_p @EllaMinty
3. Though these conversations might have been very emotive we must engage our communities in discussing experiences of racism, racial injustices including discrimination while learning from each other. Inclusion means going out to look for all voices because #AllVoicesMatter
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My eyes move involuntarily, each one swinging to its own music. They’ve danced this way for as long as I can remember. I can’t see it myself, but the jeering kids let me know. The adults nudging me to wear sunglasses let me know. And trolls certainly let me know. Thread 1/5 I'm a Black woman standing with my hands at my waist, wearin
Our society criminalizes #disability. Countless books & films allege eyes reveal a person’s soul, then deliberately give the evil characters abnormal eyes. Not all of them, of course, but enough to influence the public’s perception of eyes like mine. #Ableism 2/5
The #blind community has many stories of police glancing at our eyes & immediately assuming intoxication, illegal substance use, or criminal intent. Those of us who are blind and Black face the dual forces of #ableism and racism. #BlackDisabledLivesMatter 3/5
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Dear diary,
I know no matter what, I must put my feelings aside and never be aggressive to a person. It's part of being a service dog.
But right now I wish I was allowed to take a big crap on the steps of the #AlbertaLegislature to show my disgust. The humans ... 1/9
that have the privilege to represent #Alberta citizens are preaching #inclusion and promising to tear down #barriers and tackle systemic #discrimination are the same people that let my mistress slip through the cracks and are why we live in nearly complete #segregation from...2/9
our community. They claim to promote #inclusion and #independence of the disabled with their tax payer funded program to provide essential #mobility equipment, like the power wheelchair my mistress needs so we can leave our home without human assistance. More than a year...3/9
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Thanks to the 400+ 😳 #WGAwriters who virtually attended the staffing panel tonight! Had a great time gabbing w/ @WalkerTVWriter @davyperez @MaybeLaurenTy @glenisemullins & @capitalWLD & sharing my thoughts & advice. #TVstaffing is HARD, y’all. If I can do it, so can you! #faith
Answering more questions from the Q&A -

Q1: What are examples of questions you ask execs/showrunners during a staffing meeting?
A1: With execs, what they like about the show, where they hope it goes, changes they wanna see, etc. Remember any stories they tell about development.
A1(pt2): With showrunners, I’ll ask show questions & questions based on my exec meeting, but also what they expect of their writers, how they like to run their room, what they think the biggest challenge of breaking the series will be, etc. Make it clear I’m ready for that work!
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Diversity and inclusion initiatives are needed now more than ever. Join us NOW for a virtual event that will explore how D&I is crucial to organizational survival. Click here to join: #BringPeopleTogether #KeepPeopleConnected #SuddenlyRemote #Diversity
We're live with @dessalen and we would like for you to join the conversation about #diversity and inclusion. We will be talking about:
Diversity as a business imperative,
Outdated thinking about remote work & diversity,
Remote utopia and
Enabling remote inclusion
We have problems as an organization if we only have one way to solve our problems, that's all we will be thinking about. We need to have MORE diverse solutions.

#Diversity has more than one dimension.

#TeVE #TeVirtualEvents #BringPeopleTogether
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The #LEADatStanfordMed is hosting our graduation event tonight! Our scholars from diverse backgrounds and specialties have spent 10 months with us focusing on leadership capacity building and developing educational materials to advance #diversityandinclusion.
We've even adapted to #COVID19, and showed activism on campus in solidarity against #RacismInAmerica

#BlackLivesMatter #WhiteCoatsForBlackLives #LEADatStanfordMed #SoMeDocs
One voice can create a unified message
Why don't we speak up?

Be part of the conversation. There are multiple ways to use your voice.

#LEADatStanfordMed #crucialconversations #WhiteCoatsForBlackLives #BlackLivesMatter
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If you need help with #diversity & #inclusion for your program don't contacting me once a year, it's rude. Why should I do your work? What have you done in the last year? If inclusion is that important, why wait to the last minute? If it us really important, do the work.
Build a network, talk to everyone.
Make sure your website, press release and all materials are inclusive. Who is on stage, who is asking the questions, what company do you showcase.
Is the language inclusive. Can young women or people of colour see themselves there, taking part.
Do your speakers, mentors and admins reflect the community you want to engage with?
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A must-read oldy-but-goody on the distinction between “diversity & inclusion” and “equity & justice” and why we must shift our language from one of “appeasement” to one of radical change. A thread.…
“Diversity asks, “Who’s in the room?”

Equity responds: “Who is trying to get in the room but can’t? Whose presence in the room is under constant threat of erasure?””/2
“Inclusion asks, “Has everyone’s ideas been heard?”

Justice responds, “Whose ideas won’t be taken as seriously because they aren’t in the majority?”/3
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The events of last week have been traumatic for many and It’s imperative that as #Diversity and #Inclusion practitioners we recognise that police brutality is not outside our remit. Now more than ever we need to be allies. Here are some dos and don’ts for this moment and beyond:
Black staff were exhausted before last week, they are still exhausted and will continue to be exhausted whilst collectively grieving. Police brutality and institutional racism is an everyday reality for Black folks – this is traumatising and utterly draining.
Bottom line: give black colleagues the space to not be OK and do not pretend that nothing is happening right now. Recognise the trauma, pain and shock of what they have just endured and have been doing so for decades whilst always keeping in mind that this moment is not about you
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+Upset re #COVID19 (many levels),
politics, disparities in who is most affected. Upset tho to the point of doing a video (never have) to speak up re my distress re ⬆️ anti-East Asian attacks affecting my parent's safety. I recorded this yest & didn't know if I should post.
After seeing more racist attacks w 2 Asian women in their car, a 15 yo boy bike-riding & 2 big racist events in US, I feel I had to post to not be complicit with silence. 
I'm sorry I'm not a media pro/don't know how to close caption: here's a transcript 🙏 #inclusion/2
My parents are in their 70's in BC. They have fear just walking around the block. Their best friends were verbally attacked along w rude gestures crossing the street. They want to wear a mask to do their part but are way too scared to. /3
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Day 3 of 5! Tomorrow, there will be #GAAD events around the globe.

In Australia, tune-in to @a11ybytes Thu 21 May, 4pm AEST; 12 talks, 10 minutes each, all about #inclusion and #accessibility - this event changed my life.

Today, we're about accessibility checking tools 🔍 -> 5 days to accessibility - d...
So, we've talked about keyboard, and colour and contrast.

Other common #a11y mistakes:
❌ images without alt-text
❌ unlabelled <input>s
❌ icon-only links and buttons, with no labels
❌ and more...

Can all be found in one go with an accessibility analyser
Accessibility checkers are code analysers - they scan a web page's source code, and give back a report of all potential #a11y problems.

This report resembles something like what you would see out of a professional accessibility audit, with one big caveat 👉
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