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A THREAD. On spy planes, AG Barr’s police commn, and court packing. How agendas we oppose are moving forward during this pandemic.
While we’ve all been managing telework, caring for families, pushing for protection & relief in the stimulus, it’s impt to remember that agendas we oppose are moving forward. This is why the work of civil rights are “essential services,” & we never stop.
For example, at an 8:30a.m. virtual meeting this morning the #Baltimore City Bd of Estimate approved the controversial police spy plane opposed by @NAACP_LDF the @ACLU_MD & many others. Our @mdixonLDF joined the virtual meeting and voiced our opposition.
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We who fight for and have long wanted revolution always say that at its heart, revolution is to imagine the impossible.

We’re not living through a revolution but a pandemic. And we hear *some* leaders promise what for so long we were told is impossible.

Why was it impossible?
Why was it impossible to:
- live in dignity
- ensure no one in our communities was hurt or suffering
- understand that the suffering of others affects us all
- understand that “I’m ok” is never enough
Why was it impossible to:
- spend more on health and education than military budgets
- understand that poverty should not exist, that we can end it
- ensure that everyone who wanted a home had one
- ensure that home was not where the hurt was because of abusive partners/parents
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#Coronavirus UPDATE & Resources
Mar 7th 9PM EST
-105,981 = 95 Countries & China
-3,586 have died🌎
-59,916 have recovered🌎
-80,695 Cases in 🇨🇳
-7,134 #SouthKorea
-5,883 #Italy
-5,823 #Iran
-949 France
#COVID19seattle #NC #WA #CA #MA #CT
1/8 #US #COVIDー19 Stats 👇🏾
2a) #US #COVID19 Update
March 6th 9PM EST
-424 #Coronavirus cases in US
-32 states have confirmed cases
-94 new cases as of 9pm
-15 have recovered
-17 have died #WA #CA
-US Citizens in Self-quarantine: 13,900+
-See Pandemic Prep Resources 👇🏾
#CoronavirusUSA #Houston #Chicago #NJ
Below you will see 3 things:
-The number of #coronavirus cases in the 32 states w/#COVID19
-The transmission origin - nearly half is community spread followed by an infected/sick person who lived in #Westchester who then infected 54 others
-chart showing the daily # of new cases
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#Coronavirus UPDATE & Resources
March 6th 9PM EST
The GLOBAL statistics:
-102,152 total in 🌎
-3,491have died🌎
-57,376 have recovered🌎
-80,651 Cases in 🇨🇳
-6,767 So #Korea
-4,747 #Iran
-4,636 #Italy
#Covid19nyc #NY #WA #CA #MA #TX #OK #IN #AZ
1/9 #US #COVIDー19 Stats 👇🏾
2a) #US #COVID19 Update
March 6th 9PM EST
-330 #Coronavirus cases in US
-26 states have confirmed cases
-98 new cases around the country
-15 have recovered
-14 have died #WA #CA
-US Citizens in Self-quarantine: 13,900+
-See Pandemic Prep Resources 👇🏾
#CoronavirusUSA #Seattle
2b) #US #COVID19 Update 03/06 9PM EST
State with most cases: #Washington - 84
County w/most cases: #KingCounty #WA
County w/most deaths: #Seattle
Most #coronavirus cases today: #CA
State with most self-quarantined individuals: #NY - 4,000
See Pandemic Prep Resources 👇🏾
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First of all it is patently untrue that governors “don’t testify.” @MartinOMalley personally testified on Marriage Equality, the Assault Weapons Ban, & MD’s Death Penalty Repeal. If you feel so strongly, why are you afraid to testify? @GovLarryHogan @LarryHogan
Seriously, @GovLarryHogan @LarryHogan you call a press conference to criticize Chairman @WillcSmithJr & run to the @baltimoresun to call for his resignation!? Your grandstanding is as breathtaking as it is galling!
The MDGA “already passed tougher mandatory minimum sentences on some gun offenders just two years ago, and those have done nothing to stop the violent crime rate in Baltimore.” @GovLarryHogan @LarryHogan…
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While all eyes are on the Kirwan bill, NAACP_LDF⁩ attys ⁦@AjmelQuereshi⁩ & ⁦@CaraMcClellan6⁩ remind everyone that we are in active litigation to compel MD to comply w/even greater constitutional funding requirements for #Baltimore City.…
It’s important to know that there are limits to what #Kirwan can deliver for #Baltimore City schools.
Infrastructure must also be address. It’s a key part of our demand in the suit the @NAACP_LDF & @ACLU are pursuing on behalf of #Baltimore City students.
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HUD Secy Ben Carson is about to be on local news in Baltimore to tell us what the City needs. Interviewed by a "Sinclair national correspondent." I will live tweet.
He said Baltimore leaders should stop “the partisan bickering.” But of course, Baltimore has no real Republican Party in political leadership. There is no partisan bickering.
And..... that’s all he said b/c they then went to the “Sinclair National Correspondent” who told us what she claims Carson said to her about the need to partner with the private sector. And that was it. #Baltimore
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An important lens through which to view Gov Hogan’s aggressive shift of transportation priorities from public transit to roads & highways, including the devastating cancellation of the Red Line in #Baltimore.…
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THREAD: Bet you can name a fictional white dwarf character but probably don’t know that one of the greatest jazz drummers of all time – who helped launch Ella Fitzgerald’s career – was a black man with dwarfism?

Oh you didn’t?

Well allow me to introduce…

(Please read & RT) 1/
“One of the great #jazz drummers and bandleaders of the 1920s and 30s”, William ‘Chick’ Henry Webb was born February 10 1909.

He grew up in #Baltimore, USA.

Congenital tuberculosis of the spine caused his short stature. Chick was just over 4’0” and he had a hunched back.

He started drumming – buying his first drums with wages earned from delivering newspapers – to loosen stiffness in his joints and increase upper body strength.

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♦Indictments + Crime♦
Thread started November 20
and will continue indefinitely.
Former #Baltimore Mayor
Catherine Pugh has been indicted on 11 counts of fraud, tax evasion + conspiracy, in a corrupt scheme involving her sales of a self-published children’s book series.
Her legal troubles began earlier in the year, as reported in this May 2019 @PBS news report.

2 others involved have already accepted plea deals.
Mrs. Pugh is expected to turn herself in today.
If found guilty on all charges and the maximum time given for each charge (highly unlikely) she could be given 100 years in prison.
More from @wjz
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Dear #Baltimore (a Thread)

300 murders this year. Same as last year. This high since the 2015 riots that rocked the nation.
Only 2250 officers currently serving the city. Down from 3350. And corruption found up and thru thr ranks. BPD Officers that I knew a few years ago were eager to retire. They were fed up with Baltimore crime. I don’t blame them. They’re only human. Everyone has a breaking point.
We won’t even talk about the GTTF and what a travesty that is on the BDP.
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This is bold. This is what it looks like when prosecutors won’t play along with propping up discredited police officers. Let’s first debunk myths:…
This is not some rogue action by the @BaltimoreSAO. The MD General Assembly passed a bill last session giving the State’s Attorney the authority to seek these dismissals.…
These cases will not just be “tossed out.” There is a process. First the @BaltimoreSAO reviewed thousands of cases involving these officers. The 800 selected will be subject to hearings before judges who will ultimately decide.
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Gov Hogan continues to stiff the public transportation needs if #Baltimore City residents. The disparate racial impact of tgese policies is clear.
Transportation is a civil rights issue.
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Kudos to ⁦@BaltimoreSAO⁩ Marilyn Mosby for taking the time to provide a detailed response to Gov. Hogan’s lazy & cheap attempt to target her for the out of control homicide rate in #Baltimore. Hogan’s playbook is a familiar one.…
I remember when then-Mayor O’Malley did the same to SA Pat Jessamy. It’s low-hanging fruit.
And now there’s a refreshed playbook being used against Black women prosecutors elected on a reform platform with a dangerous new tactic - taking away authority over their cases. It’s supposed to suggest incompetence of the Black women prosecutor. And supposed to humiliate her.
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No words to describe how much I love the work of this exceptional artist. Also, #MarkBradford is just a wonderful, real human being (sooo much fun), deeply committed to ensuring his work remains relevant to our community.…
Was privileged to spend time with #MarkBradford in his studio recently. Brother from another mother.
This is #MarkBradford’s work in #Baltimore which he launched last year when his work was exhibited at the @TheBMA.… A multi-year commitment to after school art programs in the Greenmount neighborhood.
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Crowds, computers & quiet study at the grand re-opening of the ⁦@prattlibrary#Baltimore
The line for face painting in the Children’s Library at the @prattlibrary #Baltimore was no joke.
A fitting tribute to the transformative former Director of the @prattlibrary, now the Librarian of Congress, Dr. Carla Hayden. @LibnOfCongress
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#Baltimore's T Rowe Price and several other buildings were evacuated after police discovered a suspicious van full of 1,000 gallons of gasoline in the area.

Looks like they actually evacuated a 4 block radius.
Looks like the van was found inside a parking garage.

H/T @Jenny_OceanHun…
Hmm, supposedly this is not far from where a House GOP retreat is supposed to be held this week, one in which President Trump is also reportedly scheduled to attend.

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Baltimore residents keep speaking out. Thank you @fleccas for exposing more truth on Baltimore.
@RepCummings @donlemon @andersoncooper @ChrisCuomo @VictorBlackwell are these black people racist. Perhaps you should speak to them. #Baltimore #Racism
Would love for the liberal news to interview these men and women. Black people must stop protecting lazy black politicians who do absolutely nothing for black communities. Obama in office for 8 years with 2 black AGs and what change was made? Trump got prison reform.
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@AOC @Ilhan @SpeakerPelosi @RepAdamSchiff @BernieSanders @BetoORourke
Let's talk politics, America, hate, racism and all the rest of the ingredients boiling in your Operation Mocking Bird Stew.
First let's address your post that is pictured.
Conservatives are NOT against immigration, they are against ppl sneaking into the country unvetted, unchecked and unknown.
Ppl who wish to hurt and harm citizens. Against illegal immigrants setting up drug laps,
Against Drug Cartels setting up shop in America. Tru₩p supporters simply want those in need to come LEGALY.

Perfect example is El Chapo , who paid #Mexico President 100 million $ to turn a blind eye to his drug shipments bei g pushed into America's streets.
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🇺🇸Our people are our most important resource & that is something this administration recognises
We have to do things to develop our most important resource, and that means getting rid of those perverse incentives, the things that discourage people . . .
🐀 you get $16 Billion that’s supposed to be invested into houses & we don't even know where the money is at; I'm looking at you @RepCummings that's who I'm looking at. I don't care what color you are, what happened to the money? the Rats are living better than the humans 🐀 🐀
🇺🇸Pro-Trump activist @ScottPresler organizes Baltimore trash cleanup 🔗

“we've ppl coming from Tennessee Texas Connecticut Delaware Virgina Ohio Pennsylvania. I want ppl to know this is an outpouring of love we're seeing for Baltimore”
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Brilliant-Asset Forfeiture #CORRUPTION
$16B went to #Baltimore Was Stolen, Ask Elijah #Cummings Where it Went
@POTUS put forfeiture rules in place, signed EO to facilitate the recovery of the money, agents in place to TRACK as the billions were funneled in from DC #QAnon
@POTUS @RepCummings @DonaldJTrumpJr @TrumpWarRoom @POTUSPress @SaraCarterDC @seanhannity @realDonaldTrump @OliverMcGee .@SecBenCarsonHUD, Secretary of Hud speaks in #Baltimore amid controversy over @POTUS criticism
"The city of Baltimore has problems that can't be swept under the rug"

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Hypocrisy isn't just a feature of #whitesupremacy, it's like a wheel to a car, water to a hose! But, perhaps there's no better way to highlight this than to zoom in on the poorest cities run by white Republicans.

Places like Beattyville, Kentucky:…
FACT: Although the poverty rate is higher in districts represented by Democrats, most poor people in the United States live in a community represented by a Republican.
When did Trump ever refer to these impoverished (white) communities as "a place no human being would want to live.” Infact, he uses empathetic language to talk poverty, and drugs crisis in West Virginia.

Did he ever refer to the country of Hungary as being a "shit hole country"?
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