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CEO Breakthrough Performance/Rehab. Ex-Banking Professor 17+yrs Financial Mkts. Independent Crypto Analyst & Educator. Coverage $CEL $EGLD HT🦸🏼‍♂️32Prosperity
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17 Sep
(1/10) I created a 6 Part Video Series discussing #ImpermanentLoss #DivergenceLoss as it relates to $EGLD/ $MEX pair & $EGLD/ $BUSD pair on #MaiarExchange & Video of Farming $EGLD/ $MEX (Walkthrough) #Crypto w/Cheat Sheets @SeverMM @beniaminmincu @iamdanvoicu
Video (1/6) + Bonus
(2/10) Video (2/6) + Bonus*
(3/10) Video (3/6) + Bonus*
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16 Sep
1/ Wow this man is relentless. I grew up in a cult & he doesn’t ask questions just keeps on preaching. U R wrong, sir. U appear more like a preacher in cult religion with your approach of communication than someone looking to find truth or clarity. Let me explain $eGLD $XRD
2/ Elrond’s Architecture is designed form a first principles standpoint to solve this as it relates to sharding. This has never been done but you have chosen to assume you understand because you looked up “atomic cross composability” or U simply read the marketing $XRD provided
3/ Elrond $eGLD is the first architecture to be able to scale smart contracts via sharding. They combine a cohesive protocol design that includes all 3 types of sharding (Network, State, & Transaction). This allows for Scalability without affecting availability (so atomic cross
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6 Sep
(1/10) Here is a Step by Step Video explaining how to participate in the #MaiarExchange as it pertains to the FARM ( $eGLD/ $MEX ) 🧑‍🌾 for highest APR % even if you have never downloaded the World Class Intuitive @getMaiar APP. Reference Sheet:🖼️ below & other resources #StudyHard
(2/10) Step-By-Step Flow Chart of FARM: $eGLD & $MEX Pair.
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3 Sep
1/ $eGLD is appealing to many:

1. It created the most equitable value sharing #Blockchain Design, Tech & Economic Model.

2. Promotes #Collaboration to secure a network vs #Compete #BTC

3. EU Certified Net Negative Blockchain 🌱

4. Solves the TRUST, CENSORSHIP & DATA problems

5. It allows for DAO’s organizational structures that promote Meritocracy & change in how one Values organizations.

6. It allows the USERS to be THE OWNERS so there is aligned interest to do what is best for the users not Exploit them in traditional Consumer experience

7. It allows the small and technology challenged individual to access & participate via This value sharing & LOW FEE COST on the Network.

8. Elrond is essentially a Public Utility DAO Philanthropic organic meant to Bank the Unbanked & Unbanked the Banked
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2 Sep
1/ Yes, #Academic reasoning of value proposition. I have over 11+ years as an academic & professor. Most academics are good at analyzing & assessing things, as to building #DisruptiveTechnology The hungriest & most talented #entrepreneurs who designed from 1st Principles $eGLD ⚡️
2/ They have sold public that somehow you can have #Academics analyze something that has NEVER been done before. The very premise of value proposition is faulty at its core. $eGLD & $ADA You don’t know what you don’t know in #DisruptiveTechnology that is what makes it disruptive
3/ Many people don’t even understand what the #DisruptiveTechnological cycle looks like, behaves like or that this is what they are investing in. #CriticalThinking has all been lost among some. The level of comfort & deception is powerful. $ADA will do well but any one believing
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2 Sep
1/ Please see this link: As to why I love 🔥 @CelsiusNetwork Also, I earn Yield on $CEL 4.8% & around a 11% on $MATIC if you want to know where the $CEL is token gets it’s value & Y it exists, please see below 👇🏼
2/ This is where the $CEL token derives it’s value from + via Network Effects. I will discuss below 👇🏼 Why the $CEL token exists based on my own understanding.
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1 Sep
1/ Rewards for protecting the network (staking to network) $eGLD are paid out daily. The Elrond Network Protocol design is dynamic not static. Due to how things are designed from a security standpoint & how Validators (who pay a distribution to delegators & charge a service fee)
2/ are rewarded in $eGLD for helping to secure the network, this is Y the % or yield paid not static. Let me explain. Nodes go into and out of (waiting) after rewards to promote meritocracy & additional security. Some are participating in consensus at times & others are not.
3/ Per Secure Proof of Stake (SPOS) design. This is why the APR % is dynamic not STATIC. It averages out over time though. Best to calculate over a month not a few days. $eGLD
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30 Aug
1/ I am happy you are starting to dig into the details now more @Crypt0Jed1 As to your question it requires a bit of an in depth response as it’s due to the Design & Implementation. As it relates to the developer: they don’t need to worry about this layer. $eGLD
2/ The Arwen Machine VM is designed for statelessness which is a KEY 🔑 design process as to allow instant execution PRIOR to writing ✍️ to Blockchain. It also adds an Out-Of-Process Execution to increase security by running its own process exchange, which adds more security 🔒
3/ Also, it’s important to understand how $eGLD & @ElrondNetwork designed the Merkle Tree & Cross Shard Transactions docs.elrond.com/technology/cro…
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29 Aug
1/Yes, I mentioned that.The problem is even w/ $SOL backing it up, it means nothing. You still have to be able to index it & retrieve it that’s part of the whole element of Scalability $eGLD TPS is just one metric (How much data can U fit into a block in a finite amount of time)
2/ The other is network scalability as it relates to bandwidth, and finally as it relates to being able to scale data. The reason this is important is because another one of the value propositions of a blockchain is to have an immutable ever lasting historical index on the
3/ blockchain. $SOL doesn’t have all 3 but $eGLD Elrond does. Elrond is the most scalable blockchain in all of #Crypto & the most #decentralized as it relates to all 3 aspects:
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29 Aug
(1\46) I have discussed quite extensively on why I see $eGLD as the people’s #blockchain based on Tech & design that delivers #Decentralization #ValueSharing & #Inclusiveness. $CEL the people's #CeFi by giving 80% back to the user. I want to discuss Y this is so Important to
(2\46) long term success as it relates to the ever-changing landscape of technology & value accrual in #Crypto. The Internet in the 1990’s was the ability to exchange data & information on a global scale. This also allowed Apps to be built on top of the internet. Facebook,
(3\46) Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. The ability to exchange information & join communities of like mindedness (social media platforms).

The biggest issue with this was it was void of any real ability for the exchange of value or assets & the end user being able to
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28 Aug
1/ Thank you Zarrin @ineffable500 I wanted to give you some of the resources you had asked about for the #MaiarExchange This will be the steps to participate $MEX visually Then I will list below some additional elements to help: 👇🏼 $eGLD
2/ Here is a deeper discussion on Why & some details of what one can do: $eGLD ⚡️ $MEX #MaiarExchange
3/ Also: A visual of understanding of what type of VALUE portion you are possibly choosing to participate in: $eGLD $MEX
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28 Aug
1/ It’s interesting the video U made. U very confidently state how Sharding actually causes centralization, when in fact it’s the scaling technique & technology to maintain #Decentralization the best $eGLD ⚡️Experts agree on this, just that it’s very difficult. Also, U stated the
2/ “Metachain”creates centralization. What has frustrated me about our interactions from the start is your confidence in your statements without knowledge or true understanding. I have had to call you out multiple times, I don’t like influencers who don’t do their homework. Prior
3/ to making blatant statements of confidence especially inflating $ADA by doing so in commentary. U continue to do this & continue to lose my respect. The “MetaChain” is per all eligible validators based on random source so no ability for centralization or collusion by DESIGN.
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22 Aug
1/ This is the largest issue with #Cryptocurency as a whole. This psychology. Scary as an investor. Price going up doesn’t make U a better project, company, tech etc. $CEL (LOW BETA) as it refers to pricing. Market Mechanics effect price. The project, company effects VALUE. 👇🏼
2/ Celsius #CapitalStructure & #Moat #6PlusRevenueStreams & VERY HIGH BARRIER TO ENTRY @CelsiusNetwork pays 80% of revenue back to depositor (married w/equity holder, so no conflict of interest as is case w/traditional Bank capital structures). $CEL © competitor 30% PROFITS lol
3/ Celsius didn’t or hasn’t listed on MAJOR exchanges, price is determined based on short term supply & demand. #MarketMechanics This effects the PRICE not VALUE. Not listing on Exchange allows them to give it back to community. Exchanges manipulate link.medium.com/Hpe9C3jSmhb
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18 Aug
(1\27) Let’s discuss further about the #MaiarExchange as it nears its Official Launch $MEX $eGLD. The ability earn passive income is due to U the people getting to replace the greedy middleman.Powerful. Traditional Market Exchanges (CEX) have numerous problems #BTC #DeFi #Yield
(2\27)Groundbreaking elements of #DeFi has allowed new income streams to everyday individuals, leveraging #Blockchain.Tech Enthusiasts have experienced it. Thanks to #MaiarExchange & @getMaiar for the first time it will be accessible to the everyday person
(3\27)The ability to make money while U sleep is amplified, many have earned passive income by helping to secure @ElrondNetwork by #Staking The #MaiarExchange $MEX allows U to earn earn money normally reserved for #MarketMakers of Exchanges #PassiveIncome
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7 Aug
(1\63)In the early stages of any Disruptive Technology, narratives or stories dominate the space. Y? Disruption comes from visionaries & the best narratives originate here. Investors who scrutinize, research deeply & don’t get swept into dreamland, succeed.Let’s talk $DOT & $EGLD
(2\63) Prior to discussing further I would like point out an incredible comparison done earlier in the year by my identical twin brother @MichaelGKress who is a software engineer & has been in crypto
(3\63) since 2013. I believe in a multi chain universe & do not see $DOT & $EGLD competing directly particularly because $DOT is more focused on customization, which may be a closer competitor to $AVAX As I have researched deeply into the crypto universe spending over 1,000+
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6 Aug
(1\22) One of my more important posts. In my 44 page research paper & investment thesis I discuss DAO’s or (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations): 32prosperity.medium.com/is-elrond-netw… $EGLD $DOT $ALGO $ADA $AVAX $SAITO $LUNA $SOL $MATIC $ATOM $ALGO Explained in detail below & visually👇
(2\22) openly discussed how I believe crypto & blockchain organizational model’s (DAO’s) can change wealth opportunity & distribution. $EGLD $CEL (Visualized) Explained below: All our structures & systems R modeled in Hierarchal Caste Pyramid Enslavement model.This is just one of
(3\22) the reasons wealth inequality accelerates. The biggest contributor is actually the #CantillonEffect which accelerates the most during times of crisis. Why do you think the 2 largest wealth transfers in the history of the world occurred during the 2008 Financial Crisis
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5 Aug
1/ My favorite #Crypto video outside of the Elrond’s @ElrondNetwork $EGLD ⚡️ Marketing video’s that I will list below & Celsius @CelsiusNetwork $CEL © Power to the people video (Below) is this one by @RektHQ 🔥Do you agree?

$CEL ©
$EGLD ⚡️ #1
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5 Aug
(1\21)Media or those w/ limited understanding of how value of networks operate at times make headlines “GOVT or XYZ company can build their own blockchain making everything worthless" This is a logical fallacy $EGLD $DOT $ALGO $ADA $AVAX $SAITO $LUNA $SOL $MATIC $ETH Explained👇
(2\21) This debate is not a new debate when a network with “disruptive technology” has occurred in the past. It’s important to understand that what makes a network valuable is the participants on that network, not only the technology. In fact if you have the best
(3\21) technology but no participants it means you really don’t have much. #Adoption is key. The telephone was not very valuable initially as adoption didn’t happen overnight. Another way to put it is the size of the network (number of participants was limited). Ways in which
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4 Aug
(1\20) Blockchain & Crypto was to give equitable opportunity to the people. Democratizing Money & Finance. Not to cater to Venture Capitalists or Wealthy. Many talk about this but they are narratives or stories not execution. Time to talk about funding $EGLD $SOL $DOT $ADA $ALGO
(2\20) Elrond Network led by @beniaminmincu @LucianMincu @luciantodea had been in the crypto space since 2013. They invested & worked on many crypto projects which included $DOT $ZIL $XTZ $BAT among many others. They realized none of these crypto projects were the future as
(3\20) they were not solving the bigger problems that would allow for mass adoption. Elrond saw the vision for humanity & how no one was really solving the larger problems. There was much theorizing & lots of money raising but very little substance. What did Elrond do?
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