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🧵3+ (Bonus) Threads that get you on track for the next bull market Image
🧵Ultimate Gamefi Thread (2) Ecosystems

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If I didn't make these 6 mistakes in 2021, I would have made 8 figures instead of 7 from #crypto

Here's how I fu*ked up so you can avoid doing the same.
1. Don't Go Too Deep Too Soon

I went deep in 2019 and got rekt when #crypto dumped in the second half of the year and more so with the 2020 COVID crash. It's tempting to go all-in when prices are cheap. Remember, they can always get cheaper, scale in slowly!
2. Spread Your Risk

In 2020 I focussed my buys on #Metaverse and #P2E and it worked out for me but had I diversified into Layer 1s and 2s earlier like $MATIC and $SOL I would have done a lot better. Focusing too hard on one sector limits you.
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💎@phi_xyz - a new gem?

PhiLand is a visualized #Ethereum world in Metaverse, where you can establish your own web3 world that will evolve along with your onchain activities.

#metaverse #NFTs #web3 #game Image
🧏🏻In PhiLand you essentially create your own land, add any objects that are available when any conditions are met. So your land displays your activity in Ethereum (Analogy to DegenScore)
🙋🏻♂️The project team is public, but their previous experience is not entirely clear. The only interesting thing I would like to mention is that the team includes eBoy members
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1/ Daily Report:
Bitcoin #Mining Difficulty Drops Most Since July 2021 as Crypto Winter Cuts Profitability.
UK Finalizing Plans for Crypto Regulation After #FTX Implosion.
2. Daily Report:
Binance sees growth​​ As per crypto data provider #Kaiko's newsletter, the monthly traded volume spiked by 23% to $705 billion.
Goldman Sachs on hunt for bargain #crypto firms after FTX fiasco.
Hong Kong funds seek approval for crypto-linked retail #ETFs.
3/ Daily Report:
Nexus Mutual expects $3M loss from Orthogonal Trading’s M11 loan default.
The #ApeCoin stakers will start accruing their staking rewards from Dec. 12.
#Metaverse Fashion Week Returns in Spring 2023 To Highlight.
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1/ Welcome to Halaster's weekly #Moonsama #Exosama #Pondsama #Raresama ecosystem recap Nov 27th - Dec 3rd.
Week of scaling!
1. News
2. Spotlight
3. Events
Last recap:

Artwork by @numberswetrust
2/ The Moonsama Exosama ecosystem is on full sprint mode delivering massive news this week!
Let's assess and put the pieces into the proper context. Let's talk top-down about Moonsama's
1. fundament
2. advisory board
2. strategy + vision
3. current objective key results
2/ Project fundament:
The Moonsama Exosama project is financially in a very healthy situation.
Currently the treasury consists of 260 Moonsama, 1,781 Exosama & 337 Gromlins, so overall ~11.5M$.
Nov 30th another 2M$ have been added to that treasury --> ~13.5M$
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The #metaverse is inevitable and it's going to be worth TRILLIONS

BUT there’s one huge problem – our current infrastructure can’t support it

Protocols such as @RenderToken aim to fix this and, as such, have the potential to increase in value by 30x – 80x

Here’s how


🧵 Image

Render is a decentralized “marketplace” that allows users to rent out unused #GPU processing power to #render 3D objects (we’ll explain this in a second)

It has a MC of $123M, FDV of $260M, and its $RNDR token trades at $0.48

In 2021, the token price hit $8.76

This thread will cover the following:

• Industry overview

• What problem does Render solve?

• How does it work?

• What are its plans for the future?

• Who are the key players in the ecosystem?

• What are its #tokenomics?

• What’s the potential value of #RNDR?
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@itheum is a decentralised data brokerage platform to own & trade data in the #Metaverse, by transforming it into tradable assets @ElrondNetwork #MultiversX ⚡️

It is supported by @Morningstar_vc Ventures' Elrond Dubai Incubator & was a Gold Partner @XDayParis Event.

🧵👇 Image
@ThisIsMarkPaul & @onePraveenPaul, together with a great team of Builders developed tools to bridge high-value data from #web2 to #web3 & trade it via #P2P.

On @ElrondNetwork they are building Data NFTs, Data Coalition DAO, NFMe IDs, GreenRoom & their native token $ITHEUM

Data NFT is a set of data that can be minted as an NFT and traded in secondary markets.

Data Coalition DAO allows selling data in bulk, stake it or farm it to earn value.

GreenRoom Protocol is a data interoperability layer to enable cross-metaverse avatars & gameplay.

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A #Metaverse Beyond #Gaming

Introducing #Exosama Network

• So, what is it?
• How big is it?
• What is the hype around it & @DonnieBigBags?

Get ready to "Expect Chaos" ⚡️


Let's begin with what is @ExosamaNFT Network

• Versatile L1 blockchain with a focus on #gaming, #music, #fashion, and #Metaverse

• High-performance #EVM capability (continuation of EWT tech)

• Ability to bridge to multiple #metaverses and ecosystems

Check out this talk where @DonnieBigBags admits to stumbling upon #NFTs 🤯 and accidentally building the biggest #blockchain game on @Polkadot

@RugRadio @farokh
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Protocols like @helium will play a pivotal role in building #Web3, but unfortunately they are often ignored or misunderstood by most investors

Here’s why this “picks and shovels” token has the potential to increase in value by 50x-100x Image

Helium is a “user-owned internet” that allows private citizens to buy #wireless hotspots, provide #internet services and receive $ in return

(vs. the traditional internet backbone which is hosted by companies like AT&T)

It has deployed nearly 1M devices across 182 counties Image

Helium has a market cap of $319M and FDV of $544M, and is backed by the $HNT token, which trades at $2.44

During the #crypto bull market of 2021, the token price exceeded $50.
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Building a balanced diversified portfolio 101

In this thread we will cover in basic detail how you can create a strategy that allows you to divide your capital between multiple assets, marketcaps & platforms to maxmize profit, whilst reducing risk!

Thread 👇

Most ppl enter crypto looking for the 100x thats going to bring "financial freedom". But in reality the majority fail trying to achieve what the lucky few manage to pull off. So instead of basing a strategy on isolated, unlikely cases we advise people to spread their bets!

The biggest benefit of a diversified portfolio is theres less risk when youre not tied to the success or failure of only a few projects or protocols. You have more chance of investing in projects that will perform well over time. This is also safer & surer way to survive.
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1/🚨 TODAY, @enaraxr will be talking to @justttmei and @FintechLuis about how, using technology, we can merge the digital world and physical reality, providing unique and interactive experiences for users in the #Metaverse

#TwitterSpace - 5.30 pm UTC 🔔

#phygital #web3education Image
2/@justttmei has +10 years of start-up product & operating experience, specializing in marketplaces, web3, e-commerce, creators, and the social metaverse.

Currently, she is part of @genies, leading avatar technology company empowering humans to create their own avatar ecosystems
3/ @FintechLuis is the Founder & CEO of Fayre Labs, an NFT marketplace and fan hub.

He is an entrepreneur with a passion for innovation and transformation. He blends technology, creativity, and audience insight to drive brand growth and engagement.
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🛠 Building in and for the Metaverse 🛠

Today @idakymmer, Director of Global Affairs at Journee and Metaverse Foundations course mentor, will help us dive into this topic. 🧵👇


#Metaverse #courses #web3education #MetaverseNFT #metaverseproject #web3 #web3community Image
Ida is a multi-talented professional, so we're super excited to have her contributing to this course!

She works at Journee, a Metaverse and Web3 company centered around the question of "What's next?"

She works with both brick and mortar and the latest in NFTs to curate a deep, vertical, and horizontal understanding of current developments in immersive experiences.

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As we approach the #CardanoSummit2022, the annual gathering of the community, lets take a look of what #EMURGO will be presenting. Click here to find out: ➡️…
#CardanoSummit2022 is the biggest conference every year for the #CardanoCommunity organized by @Cardano_CF with support from @InputOutputHK and #EMURGO. #Cardano $ADA
#CardanoSummit2022 will be held in Lausanne, Switzerland ok November 19-21, 2022 with also virtual attendance available for those unable to attend. To register for virtual attendance, go here:
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🛠 No code solutions for #Web3 creators!

If you're looking to get into the #Metaverse but feel daunted by the tech, don't worry. Many projects offer no-code solutions that make it easy for anyone to create

Today we're having a workshop with one of them!

#NoCode #creatoreconomy Image
@Kinetix_studio is a no-code 3D creation tool powered by Artificial Intelligence that makes animation accessible to creators, allowing them to upload videos that are then auto-converted into 3D animations.
And all of these creations are compatible across a wide range of metaverse and 3D-rendered platforms!
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1/ The first panoramic and interactive @Polkadot & @Kusamanetwork Ecosystem Map is HERE, together with the Polkadot Deep Dive Report Q3 2022.

All the highlights you need to know👇
2/ From parachains to DApps to infrastructure solutions, 500+ projects spanning 25 categories are presented with a sleek-and-chic UI, so that you can grasp the vast expanse of the @Polkadot & @Kusamanetwork Ecosystem within minutes💪
3/ This map aims to motivate two-way interactions between users and projects through VOTING mechanism, which will go live at 12:00 AM UTC on November 18 when the “Most Loved Projects” Campaign kicks off!

Stay tuned for a chance to win a free NFT🔥
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These talks are definitely worthy of your attention if your goal is to obtain as much knowledge as you can about the #Metaverse. We will touch topics like sport creation, monetization, #MetaQuestStore and much more.

@Meta @MetaforDevs…
The Metaverse is Here to Stay – What does that Mean? | Kristin Tam & Carly Evans & Adesuwa Ehioghae…
Building Bridges to the Metaverse | Andy Shanton & Alex Hopmann…
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After a colossal X-Day 1, we were all left wanting more and curious about what is next for @ElrondNetwork (🔜MultiversX).

Thankfully X-Day 2 is here to satisfy our #Web3 curiosities.

Let's do another recap🧵🌿
#Elrond #Metaverse #Crypto
1/ Welcoming back the audience for another day full of updates and MetaversX news was Fabien Aufrechter VP Web3 @vivendi

His opening speech summed up:
- Welcomed everyone to the new capital of #Web3, Paris
2/ - Highlighted that MetaversX is not just a niche, not just for start-ups, but it is for corporations as well.

- Puts emphasis on that creators are the ones pushing the ecosystem forward.
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Hadi #airdrop ihtimali için birkaç işlem yapalım :)

Projemizin adı Phi ve amacı kendi #metaverse evrenimizi kurmak

Road maplerine göre airdrop alabiliriz, başlayalım
Öncelikle bir metam*sk cüzdanına ihtiyacımız var.

Eğer cüzdanınız yoksa sizler için bilgilendirici bir video çektim

Goerli ağında da işlemler yapacağız bu nedenle eğer cüzdanınızda #eth yoksa sitesinden bir miktar ethereum isteyin.

Aynı zamanda matic ihtiyacımız da olacak. Onu da buradan karşılayacağız.
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A post on the next 100X #ALT I've found in this bear market

"Why $WASDER is my largest bag going into the next cycle"

First things first

This is NOT a paid post by $WASDER

The only sponsorship is myself

So once you finish this thread & are thankful you read it

All I ask? Follow my two projects.

- @Tier7network
- @MetavMonkeys

Merry Christmas 🎁
First let's look at the team

Investing in individuals? Far superior than investing in products. So it's perhaps the most important piece.

I rarely ever see teams like this and when I do....

I make sure to commit capital.

Look at this attached image
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Explaining web3 products is hard.

So to solve that problem, I talked with 100+ web3 founders, both as part of running @web3talks and through casual conversations.

I also went through top web3 projects to find examples of great product communications.

Here's the guide.

👇👇👇 Image
I came up with 40 examples of Good & Bad product communication from projects such as Zapper, DuneAnalytics, Arweave, Royal, Ledger & many more.

To make the lessons easier to understand, I created alternative versions of their websites (you’ll understand what I mean in a second)
The whole guide is organized around 5 simple rules:
#1: Make them care.
#2: Make it easy to understand
#3: Show why your product can solve their problems
#4: Help them believe you will deliver on your promises
#5: Convince them to try it now

Let’s go!
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🔸What is Blockchain Technology
🔸10 x Great Blockchain Companies to Invest in

We dive deeper into this in the thread below
What Is Blockchain Technology?

It is a type of database that is both public & decentralized

Each “block” in a blockchain is a data structure & is recognized by a cryptographic “hash” and timestamp

It is almost impossible to alter/delete anything that has already been added
The blocks make up the chain & the data they contain is kept in a public database

Blocks include information on a transaction, such as cost/date/time & the digital signatures of those involved

Info on the blockchain can be accessed by anybody
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🧵 Is the American Dream dead? - a tweetstorm

This is a brain dump of .@RaoulGMI's 30+ years of knowledge, how the world works, and how his macro framework fits into it all ⤵️
1/ There's no denying that we're in a mess!

By the Law of Unintended Consequences, every time we try to fix A, we create problems B, C, D, E, etc.

We hardly understand these new problems unless there's hindsight to connect the dots...

So, how the hell did we get here?

Let's start by looking at the peak of the #British Empire:

It was the world's largest realm. But as with every empire, trying to control so many people across the globe has its price & #debt weakened its structure...
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Weekly Web3 News wrapup is here-

🔍#dogecoin blows up by 77%.
💰#Binance invests $500mn in Elon's Twitter takeover
🌐Meta's #metaverse division loses billions of $$ in a quarter.

Keep reading for more.👇 Image
1/ #dogecoin (DOGE) blows up by 77% over the week following Elon musk's acquisition of Twitter.
2/ Binance is creating an internal team to help Twitter fight bot accounts using blockchain and crypto.
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