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I am always impressed with @otisa502 & have had many hour long conversations in the past 1+ year. Very intelligent.

I was very impressed with the hard questions he asked @SimonDixonTwitt not at all impressed with the answers he provided especially considering his confidence $CEL
Also, at no point was @otisa502 trying to defend Alex so stop with the #StockholmSyndrome shame tactics. Also, Otis has a far superior pulse on the Celsius community as a whole. He has been involved with almost all the meetings in community. I have been taken back by how
Poorly @SimonDixonTwitt has communicated with the community, particularly around $CEL token, fueling division but this likely is from not understanding how this has been how the community was so strong. We are were the best asset. Also, @otisa502 rightfully called out
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I just read another one of those “how I overcame writing anxiety and became a more productive writer” threads on #AcademicTwitter. They are a frighteningly frequent thing. A few thoughts. #StockholmSyndrome /1
This latest thread was full of very reasonable advice on how to boost your writing productivity by a researcher who published something like a dozen and a half articles and book chapters over the past year. The implicit claim is that this made them a better writer. /2
But why would you want to optimise your output like this in the first place? What kind of system makes you think this is a good thing? This cult of productivity is driving us insane & it’s also driving academic research into a corner, the corner of the low-hanging fruit. /3
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What amazed me this week was health systems parroting Epic talking points in letter to @SecAzar, esp pleading for @HHSGov to protect #EHR developer innovation by slowing patient access to their own data. Wowzer! Want to see who signed? #StockholmSyndrome ImageImage
@SecAzar @HHSGov Here was my view of this whole thing with Epic and the health systems: 'An ‘Epic’ pushback as U.S. prepares for new era of empowering patient health data’… @statnews
@SecAzar @HHSGov @statnews "Epic’s position is akin to banking leaders trying to limit your access to your own financial data or restrict your freedom to transfer your funds and saying they are doing it for your own good.” And now they have gaggle of health systems on supporting pushback on patient access.
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کلارک اولوفسون در مصاحبه اش می گوید: روزی بود که ۳۰۰ هزار کرون در جیب داشتم ، یک نان باگت با ژامبون و یک بطری شراب خریدم و روی نیمکتی رو به آفتاب نشستم و به خودم گفتم هر کاری که میخواهم میتوانم بکنم ، و این همان کاریست که مایلم⬇️
۲ کلارک میگوید من همیشه شرافتمدانه زندگی کرده ام هرچند در سوی دیگر قانون بودم. ولی هرگز از مردم ندزدیدم. من بانک زدم. که البته دروغ است. کلارک اتوموبیل، تابلو و مواد مخدر هم کار کرده.
متولد ۱۹۴۷ است و ۴۵ سال از عمر ۷۲ ساله اش را در زندان گذرانده.
۳/ پدر کلارک در کودکی خانواده را ترک می کند. مادر برای تامین زندگی خانواده به شدت کار می کند تا وقتی که بیمار و در بیمارستان بستری می شود. کلارک و خواهر و برادرش به خانواده های مختلف سپرده می شوند.
کلارک می گریزد. به کشتی می رود و در سن ۱۴/۱۵ سالگی شروع به کار در کشتی می کند.⬇️
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It never easy to estimate the depth or extent of damage done by military rule. It's corrosions never go away. It's like we're in a civic #StockholmSyndrome - folks who get trampled by military abuses & misadventure often have an infinitely elastic capacity to ask for more abuse
It's terribly unfortunate that ppl who claim to be "constitutional" lawyers will justify soldiers ransacking a newspaper house, abducting journalists & confiscating computers, none of that procured with a court order or search warrant - basic niceties of rule-constrained process
The constitutional guarantee of free speech allows for limitation but that can only be done "by law reasonably justifiable in a democracy". Soldiers are not law unto themselves & it's not reasonably justifiable in a democracy for soldiers to go abducting ppl or ransacking media
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