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Community #AMA session on Twitter with @XSNofficial #Stakenet #XSN

Let's start sharing the official media and some Introduction about Stakenet

Website: stakenet.io
Twitter: twitter.com/XSNofficial
Medium: medium.com/stakenet
Discord: discord.gg/HvTqyumHKn ▶️INTRO

#Stakenet is combining Layer 2 protocols (#Bitcoin #Lightning Network and @ConnextNetwork #Connext, interoperability protocol of L2 #Ethereum #ETH) to allow practically instant, feeless #CROSSCHAIN swaps backed by the Stakenet #blockchain and powered by its nodes.
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Let me share some thoughts!!

About 11 or 12 years ago I began to know crypto tech, superficially, because I was studying the financial markets and international index's. One thing that caught my attention is that the roles were very marked.

Who was a dev, did not "enter" in terms of trading or speculation and who was a trader or investor, did not enter in terms of "code" or development.
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Time for a #Crypto thread!!

Let me share you about $XSN @StakenetDEX @XSNofficial

🧵👇 1/ 19 $XSN It is the native cryptocurrency of Stakenet
and powers its decentralized applications.
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I am going to share a pattern with you, it is the most profitable pattern that I have in my strategy record.

I call it (Slow Liquidity Pattern), because it is an initial pattern that you see when assets are listed on exchanges. It is a very simple pattern and gives several opportunities to enter, it is usually quite similar, although it has variations in time and some shape, but basically it is an initial distribution triangle.