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Hé goedemorgen en wat leuk! Ik mag een week lang verslag doen van mijn werk via een ander account dan mijn eigen @shossontwits.

Mijn naam is Sander de Hosson. Ik ben longarts.

Mijn aandachtsgebieden zijn longkanker en algemene longziekten.
Deze week gaat het vooral over mijn passie: de palliatieve zorg.

Zorg voor patiënten die niet meer genezen én zorg voor patiënten die gaan sterven.

Zoals Emma. De vrouw van Joost Prinsen. Hij beschreef haar dood. Ik kom later deze week op deze column terug.

Al sinds mijn opleiding ben ik erg geïnteresseerd in de palliatieve zorg.

Voor de duidelijkheid: Dat is maar een deel van het werk dat ik doe. Ik behandel vooral veel mensen met astma, COPD, acute longziekten zoals longembolie, corona of embolieen.
Maar ook longkanker.
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There are several myths regarding raising children in more than one language.

My son is 4 years old.

We live in Barcelona. He's surrounded by Spanish and Catalan language. Yet, he speaks Bosnian like I do.

This is what I discovered about raising a multilingual child:

Myth #1: If they learn more than one language at the same time, they'll learn slower.


Learning 1 language: N days
Learning 2 languages: WAY less than 2 x N

Think of it as a "buy one, get one free" offers in supermarkets.
Myth #2: The child will be confounded by the two languages.

False, again.

They learn differently, but they don't confuse the languages.
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En DIT is dus schandalig eenzijdige verslaggeving van de #NPO😠
Is het #narratief zo belangrijk dat alle #feiten er maar voor moeten wijken?
Of is dit soort journalisten gewoon te LUI om zich op de hoogte te stellen?
We gaan er puntsgewijs doorheen.
1) @carolmrock zegt dat #KyleRittennhouse niet uit dezelfde staat komt, maar laat zorgvuldig weg dat hij op 29 minuten rijden woonde👇 dat hij in Kenosha werkte en er familie had.
Dat is misleidend.
2) Ze noemt zijn wapen een mitrailleur. Over #misleiding gesproken. EN overdrijving.
3) ‘Het werd wat onrustig,’ zegt Carol. Over understatement gesproken.🙄
Kijk vooral de beelden👇 en zie wat een ontzettende rellen daar gaande waren. #Misleiding
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💬 Parlons de @publish0x, une plateforme qui permet de gagner de la #crypto en lisant, en écrivant et en partageant du contenu de qualité.

Oui Messieurs-Dames, lire des articles peut vous rapporter de la crypto avec le #EarnToRead & #EarnToWrite, c'est GRATUIT et c'est ici ⬇️ Image
La plateforme @publish0x a été fondée en 2018 par @bigbirdvc.

Son but vise à rémunérer avec de la #crypto, les auteurs ET les lecteurs autour d'un contenu de qualité sous forme de #blog comme @Medium.

C'est totalement #GRATUIT et ça vous permettra d'arrondir vos fins de mois. Image
Pour pouvoir commencer à participer et #gagner de la #crypto, vous devez préalablement vous inscrire à la plateforme.

Ci-dessous, mon lien d'affiliation (non obligatoire) qui me permet de récupérer 5% de vos gains en guise de #parrainage.
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The #Proton-M third stage from the #Nauka launch is now coming down faster and faster.
Current prediction models place reentry within 2 days from now, either late August 5 or early August 6, with the trend in predictions tending towards August 5.
@SSC_NL ImageImage
These reentry forecasts are also on my blog:…
The #Proton-M third stage from the #Nauka launch now has less than one day left in orbit. Current model forecasts suggest a reentry in the morning of August 6 UT. ImageImage
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#Afghanistan: Turkistan Islamic Party - #Khurasan Branch (#TIP, ex-#ETIM) released a video of the training of their militants.
Most common weapons are M4(A1)s & M16A4s —which are locally quite common.
M4(A1) carbines & M16A4 rifles can be seen with ACOG scopes, Aimpoint CompM4 scopes, ATN ThOR-HD 384/MARS-HD 384 thermal scopes, 40mm M203 UBGL and Knight's Armament QDSS/NT4 suppressor.
In addition to these; several AKM variants (including both customized and standard rifles) were also used by the militants. Also at least one AKM rifle can be seen with a GP-25 UBGL.
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Pro #tip

Get a Google acct (aka a gmail) (if possible)

W/ ur new Google acct, explore all the wonderful FREE services & products that u get access to all for the low low cost of Google knowing ALL ur data (so do not share anything private w/ the Google)
Specifically :
A) Sheets
B) Docs
C) Photos
D) Drive
E) Slides
F) Forms
G) Colab
A) Google Sheets

The much better Microsoft Excel

Used to make & edit :
- spreadsheets
- CSV (comma-separated value) files
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NEW: Just released @UN report warns of "heightened threats emerging" from #ISIS #alQaida affiliated groups worldwide

"This is especially true in parts of West and East #Africa" per the report, based on member state intelligence
In West/East #Africa, affiliates of #ISIS #alQaida "can boast gains in supporters and territory under threat, as well as growing capabilities in fundraising & weapons, for example, in the use of drones" per the @UN report
#ISIS in #Syria "has evolved into an entrenched insurgency, exploiting weaknesses in local security to find safe havens & targeting forces engaged in counter-ISIL operations" per the @UN report
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Se andate a visitare il museo del Parmigiano Reggiano a Soragna, fate un salto al museo (collezione privata) della civiltà contadina lì accanto.
Troverete il proprietario a farvi da guida e scoprirete un mondo "nuovo".
Questo tw sostituisce un precedente dove ho sbagliato il nome del paese perché sono un cazzone. 😁
(Meno male che ho dei follower attenti. Grazie @gmerigo )
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This is getting good.

1.) It's so damn obvious now/Easy to see who is & always has been corrupt within evils spider web of lies & deceptions.
2.) Everyone, wave goodbye to Darkness. They are getting Vaccumed down the drain ...
3.) Royal Flush
4.) Money Laundering & crimes
Upon under age women don't get you to far in life. Just sayin' ..
6.) Corrupt Restaurants all around the Country are about to be exposed for what kind of food they have been serving.

Healthy #TIP
7.) FAST
8.) FAST
9.) FAST
10.) PERFECT 10. That is what I rate last nights #WWENXT Show last night ..


Would anyone like some, Ice Cream? ..
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Hablemos de Alacramyn y Alacranismo #Toxicologia #Urgencias
La producción de sueros hiperinmu-
nes para venenos de ofidios, en el Instituto Butantan de São Paulo, motivó a Carlos de la Peña
e Isauro Venzor, en la Ciudad de Durango (México) a ini-
ciar en 1926 estudios para elaborar un suero hiperinmune
contra el piquete del alacrán.
En específico del alacrán Centruroides sufusus sufusus,
con este fin sometieron a un caballo a la administración de
veneno a dosis creciente (en lapsos de tres a cinco días)
por poco más de tres meses: empezaron con el veneno
contenido en 0.6 de telsón
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#Crypto #Trading #TIP
I am going to share a pattern with you, it is the most profitable pattern that I have in my strategy record.

I call it (Slow Liquidity Pattern), because it is an initial pattern that you see when assets are listed on exchanges.
It is a very simple pattern and gives several opportunities to enter, it is usually quite similar, although it has variations in time and some shape, but basically it is an initial distribution triangle.
The pattern is this, you have it in countless assets that have just been listed, as is the case of $ HTR in kucoin.

It is a triangle and usually has 3 modules of sections (or some more)
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Ugandan entrepreneurs paired up with professionals to boost their businesses.

Marketers were the most effective support, growing monthly #revenue 52%.

Why? What did they do?
Compared to others (e.g. consultants), #marketers focused more on the product.

What should the business sell to stand out and make more #profit?

What #premium product offering will differentiate them?
This is an indication of what makes marketers most valuable.

Ad campaigns, content marketing, are all valuable. But at its core, the power of #marketing is differentiation in the market.

And that's something many entrepreneurs don’t do on their own.
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#CyclingTips I qualify to give cycling tips after picking up cycling at 57, breaking a shoulder at 60 and resuming cycling at 61. Will give tips to cyclists with just one aim, SAFETY. If I can pick up at 57, you can too. #Tip Start with personal gear. More later. Gyara Murti ImageImage
2. #CyclingTips Your personal gear is NOT FASHION. It is necessity. Wear skin tight leggings or shorts, reflective and fluorescent shirt, shoes with laces rolled and tightly tucked inside shoe, hand gloves-half gloves in summer (palms sweat and slip off), HELMET is mandatory.
3. #CyclingTips This gear is necessary since your exposure to road is a 1000 times more than when not cycling. Each metre cycled must be safe. If you want ADD elbow and knee guards. Cycling shorts/leggings are special. They have thick padding for bums and crotch. It is required.
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Didn't Q Say, "Clear Your Mind" ..?

This Is 'Free Your Mind' ..
Keep showing ME/WE/US your true colors. It makes it that much easier for all of us in the end.


Like I Said, None of this can be faked.

I see true colors.
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Nou okee. We zijn begonnen, als eerste met bouwrijp maken. Morgen gaan de wortels van de gekapte bomen eruit. Dat is voor 10 mensen twee weken werk of twee dagen voor 1 shovel. #dilemma Image
Gelukkig gaat dat bouwrijp maken op de wijze die de onwelriekende tuinbroekenbrigade propageert: de vrouwen verdienen de kost, de (helaas niet witte) bange oude mannen roken ondertussen een sigaretje en letten op de kinderen. Image
Interessant was ook, dat het project begon met het allerbelangrijkste: het maken van een gazebo waar men comfortabel kon uitrusten van het maken van een gazebo.

Ik hou van dit land, hier weet men de juiste prioriteiten te stellen. Image
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🔆 General Introduction on International English Language Testing System (IELTS) by the Lecturer 1

🔆 Tips on how to ace the four sections of the exam (IELTS) by the Lecturer 1

🔆 General Introduction on Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) by the Lecturer 2

🔆 Tips on how to ace the four sections of the exam (TOEFL) by the Lecturer 2

🔆 Questions and Answers by the Lecturer 1 and 2
Scholar @⁨Wale Omotola⁩, the lecturer 1, you've the floor for the first two agenda.

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Overheard at friend's 40th:
"[@realDonaldTrump ] will never mandate bitcoin."
"That's why we need @JoeBiden!"

Yes, making you a slave to the matrix is the *selling point*.
(Full disclosure: my friends all have toddler age kids or younger. When the kids start talking back & my friends' memory goes to sh*t, they'll realize how important back up systems are -- most importantly paper to WRITE THINGS DOWN -- so that the parents can retain some sanity)
"Anger leads to clouding of judgment, which results in bewilderment of the memory. When the memory is bewildered, the intellect gets destroyed; and when the intellect is destroyed, one is ruined." #Gita2_63

The #Matrix #modus_operandi clearly warned against by scripture.
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Jan Muis in @nrc:
complotdenken = wantrouwen;
geloof = vertrouwen. Image
Ik vermoed dezelfde Jan Muis die mij bij m’n promotie in 1998 zo’n lastige vraag stelde dat ik geen idee had wat ik moest zeggen. Ik vroeg hem zwetend de vraag te herhalen, en toen hij dat gedaan had, klonk het ‘hora est’. #tip
Maar dit briefje, zo puntig dat er geen woord te veel of te weinig in staat, moet haast wel van hem zijn.
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Liever dan 20 miljard in een productiviteits-put te gooien met een vaag comité, lijkt me handiger een deel van dat geld te gebruiken om snelle teststraten in te richten.

Nu symptomen, zelfde dag testen, snel resultaat terug.
Beter dan de 5-7 dagen doorlooptijd van nu.
Maar @FTM_nl heeft, zoals gebruikelijk, het verhaal achter het verhaal. Een web van eigenbelangen verhindert dat de gezondheid van de bevolking echt centraal staat.

Het begint een beetje eentonig te worden:
- suikertaks, testcapaciteit,.... etc…
Dat gezegd hebbend: die pot van 20 miljard is dus eigenlijk een potje voor de industriele belangen; netjes verpakt met legitimerend comité.

Heel snel opheffen dus die Wiebes-Hoekstra bonus voorziening voor industriele belangen.
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How Gmail aliases work:


Everything after the + is ignored by gmail, thus 1 mailbox gives unlimited aliases.

Use service specific aliases to track the source of a data breach and services that share your data.

#Infosec #tip
If a site doesn't support the + sign in a mail address you can use dots instead to have a different email address as the dots before the at sign are optional.

MyEmail[at]gmail[.]com = My[.]Email[at]gmail[.]com
This is only for gmail but other mail providers have similar options. And of course if you have your own domain you can create seperate mail aliases for your online accounts
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