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Feb 27, 2022 • 5 tweets • 4 min read
A gift from #Ireland🇮🇪 to #Ukraine🇺🇦.
We know the price of #Nationhood
The difficulty of emerging from the threat of swift and terrible war from our former overlords.
The birth of a nation and the creation of a people all too often are birthed in blood.
Our own #Patriots believed in the birth of #Ireland in #BloodSacrifice
#PadraigPearse said it best at the grave of O'Donovan Rossa.
I am going to take the liberty of paraphrasing, to swap #Ukraine for #Ireland in the hope it shows how we #StandWithUkraine
Feb 23, 2022 • 14 tweets • 9 min read
#Russia has invaded Sovereign #Ukraine.
Russia along with the big 5 gave Ukraine, #Belarus and #Kazakhstan explicit guarantee to respect their Sovereignty and territories as part of #Budapest memorandum in return for giving up their #nukes. #Putin claimed that "promises" were made and broken regarding #NATO expansion?
Yet #Gorbachev has said many times that no such promise was given
Who should we believe?
The Ethno-nationalist?
Or the Nobel prize winner?
Russia breached this accord with its original 2014 invasion.