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Jun 15, 2022 4 tweets 3 min read
Can someone let me know if you also have this problem with @Apple, as a product user?

I've had this #MacBook since early 2017. I love it. I was doing mostly Photoshop, some video editing. "Oh, if you're doing video editing, you need to up the memory." And so I did. Image 2/3
Last year and 2 upgrades later, the MacBook started to run hot, and loud... very hot and loud. So I took it in. "You're running Photoshop and video editing? You don't have enough memory." Also, my battery was going out.

Battery replacement was not covered, so $200. Image
Feb 8, 2022 17 tweets 6 min read
The natural response here is, "let's give the victims some space, so they can stabilize."

Instead, there's a herd of obsessive, psychotic people who migrated from a religion that called down fire upon gossiping while having the most gossip-riddled religion on the planet. I get it... the religion with a vulture complex and ambulance-chasing spirituality ingrained a sense of reward in running about standing next to worse people so that one doesn't have to put forth any real work to be better.

And if a wife and child get's traumatized, so what?
Feb 3, 2022 9 tweets 24 min read
How Tony Perkins ruined America, Part 1 - How Tony Perkins ruined America, Part 2.1

@Ch_JesusChrist #scientology, @UPCIORG @Hillsong @KrisJenner #Church #Churches #EXJW #ExMormon #NewAge #cult #cults
Oct 29, 2021 19 tweets 26 min read
It seems @Instagram has blocked my thread response, so here’s a stand-alone thread on why #Instagram REFUSES to remove #fake or #finsta #accounts.

My name is also on Instagram where I post about #antiques. Last weekend I worked the #antiquemall and posted these 3 stories. I screen shot these the next morning, so that 1st story came from #Insights.

1st - 81 views - all legit

2nd - 71 views minus 2 #finsta spammers = 69 views

3rd - 75 views minus 13 #finsta spammers = 62 views
Oct 28, 2021 5 tweets 5 min read
I hate @cbouzy is now a victim of #targeted #harassment.

It's 2021 FFS.

In these 3 videos, I pointed out receiving the worst traumatic online stalking I could've ever imagined IN 2015-2017.

So went to the @FBISanAntonio & @FBIChicago with this. They said it was a #1A right. @cbouzy BTW, someone @TheJusticeDept really came through for me. NO #FOIA request was ALLOWED but then one day the report at the end of this vid arrived and I was delighted to find out that I have so many mental disorders, ailments, and addictions. 🙄