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A Thread on How to Get Noticed by Brands for Your Next Big Gig!

Some contents with permission from @rovamediang.

#InfluencerMarketing #MaziHelps
What's a Brand?
A brand is a product, service, or concept that is publicly distinguished from other products, services, or concepts so that it can be easily communicated and usually marketed. A brandname is the name of the distinctive product, service, or concept. #DigitalMarket
So what's Branding?🙃
The marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products. An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets.#InfluencerMarketing #MaziHelps #TweetForChng
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#Epstein wanted to impregnate up to 30 girls & spoke of this in early 2000’s to engineer the human race with his superb sperm🙄

Maybe this is why #RachelChandler is #AllisonMack x 100? Because she’s his bio daughter, and was created for 1 purpose - To be her Daddy’s #Handler?”
So maybe the role of a #ChelseaHandler or #LaurenHutton or #KirstenGillibrand something has been as the ‘ovens’ that ‘baked’ #Epstein’s “perfect” DNA?
#LaurenHutton (Pic 1 & 2 - young & old), and #MaggieNixon.

Pix 3 & 4 are #Hutton & #Nixon together
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Hola, amigos. Voy a adelantar a hoy el hilo semanal sobre #privacidad y #eticadelosdatos porque el fin de semana, que es cuando suelo publicarlo, me será muy difícil conectarme. ¿Adivinan de qué app voy a hablar? Sí, de #FaceApp aunque me resulte un poco cansino, he de admitir
Algunos datos de #FaceApp antes de entrar a examinarla:
Política de privacidad: 1.822 palabras. Última actualización 20 de enero de 2017
Condiciones de uso: 4,360 palabras. Última actualización 8 de marzo de 2017
Rastreadores (Trackers): 6
Permisos: 10 (3 Peligrosos)
¿Qué nos dice esta info? Varias cosas. La primera, que tanto su política de privacidad como sus términos de uso son anteriores al RGPD. O lo que es lo mismo, que les importa tres pitos la #privacidad, y que saben lo complejo que es que les caiga un puro legal.
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Vou fazer uma thread pra explicar como vai funcionar o ocultamento dos likes do Instagram e os motivos da rede:
HOJE 17/07 o Instagram começou a testar no Brasil o ocultamento dos likes das fotos na rede.
Não, vão continuar existindo só para o dono do perfil. MAS seus seguidores não terão mais acesso ao seu número de likes.
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Frustrating how @TwitterSupport suspends #Iranian dissidents like #HeshmatAlavi while #IranLobby is enjoying the #FreedomOfSpeech, press & safety in #USA using full name, picture & verified @Twitter accounts.
Obviously their families in #Iran are also safe thanks 2 their lobbying
When @jack Dorsey, @ev-an Williams & @biz Stone founded @Twitter in 2006 it began as a toy for online flirtation but during the #IranElection in 2009 it suddenly turned to a serious platform for #Politics representing #FreedomofExpression & #FreedomOfSpeech in #Iran
People in #Iran used anonymous @twitter accounts to tell the world about what is happening in the streets of #Tehran in real time. This is exactly what #HeshmatAlavi was doing especially during #IranProtests in Dec 2017 until his account was suspended.
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I vetted a press release yesterday titled "Instagrammable Spots You Won’t Want to Miss in XYZ." This is problematic on so many levels. I wanted to throw my hands up in despair, cry, run away, throttle my inbox. Instead, let's break things down here. /1
There's been a lot of talk lately about whether Instragram is ruining the travel experience. In fact, 48% of Instagram’s 1 billion users say they rely on the social media platform to help find new destinations to travel to. /2
Instagram is an easy way to get eyes on a destination. We are bombarded with information that says Instagram - and Instagram influencers - should be part of your #marketing strategy. /3
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"1* Bu akşam size bir Bir Pedofilik App tehlikesi olan Tellonym’den bahsedeceğim.
Priv Çılgınlığı - Thread başlıyor.
#TelloNym #SosyalMedya #Pedofili #Kolej #Teenage #Private #Instagram
"2* Tellonym anonim bir yazışma applikasyonudur. App Store ve Google Play de cep telefonları uygulaması mevcuttur. Çok kolay bir kurulum sonucunda hemen yazışmalara başlanılabilir.
Tell me? - Bana Soru sor şeklinde kısaltmadan çıkmıştır.
"3* sararah-com ve ask-fm çıkış noktalarıdır. Genellikle 10’lu yaş grubundaki çocuklarda viral olarak yaygınlaşmaya başlamıştır. Instagram hesaplarının altında Tellonym linkleri verilmektedir. Bu linklere girerek direk anonim sohbetlere girilebilmektedir.
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Depois dessa última treta do WhatsApp -… - não convém adiar mais a thread sobre Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp, dados, publicidade e geopolítica. Segue...
Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp são desenvolvidos para aprender com nosso comportamento. Todo engajamento é um dado. Por ex., as variações de reações no face (like, <3, tristeza, raiva, surpresa) não são acessórios fofinhos. É um recurso pra mapeamento de preferências de conteúdo.
Toda essa programação tem como objetivo a publicidade direcionada, que é basicamente nos mostrar os conteúdos que demonstramos interesse em ver.

Publicidade direcionada leva em conta hábitos dos usuários da web:
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Alex Jones, Infowars, Milo Yiannopoulos, Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer, Paul Nehlen, and Louis Farrakhan have all been banned from Facebook and Instagram, @TaylorLorenz reports:…
There are still plenty of places to find #Infowars content on #Facebook and #instagram
Justa quick search of infowars or infowars hosts
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I want to circle back around and keep mentioning this, while facebook and twitter have improved somewhat #Instagram still remains full of conspiracy theorist, hate speech, and russian propaganda/disinformation.
1st some good articles
Instagram Is the Internet’s New Home for Hate
As other social networks wage a very public war against misinformation, it’s thriving on Instagram.
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ALERT: We can confim @youtube is blocked in #Venezuela's state ISP #CANTV via #TCPblock affecting other google services.#30Abr #keepiton

As some military declare themselves in rebelion with civilians

Diagnosing other difficulties/slow connections to other sites like @Twitter
Other sites that were blocked via #SNIfiltring appear not blopacked currently in #CANTV. #internetVE
#venezuela #internetVE update: 9:30 VET

Only mayor social media or streaming platform confirmed blocked is @YouTube since this morning, @soundcloud that has been blocked since Feb 27

Networks increasingly congested on #internetVE, throttling not discarded specially in state ISP
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First tweet (not posted by a political handle or advertisments) in our data collection with #loksabhaelections2019! First tweet with inked status! #Elections2019 #SocialMedia #VotingRound2 #IndiaElections2019 #ProfGiri #Research #TNElection2019 #OruviralPuratchi
From 0700 - 0830, we have 20,019 tweets (original, retweets, quotes). Around 9,075 unique users posted these tweets with 2,200 users posting original tweets. Most popular hashtags: #LokSabhaElections2019 14774, #TNElection2019 6153, #Elections2019, 3165, #Ajith 2342, #Thala 2186
Most active users with their number of tweets (original, retweets, quotes) posted,
('@RanjanaSiroha', 76),
('@ThalaDhas', 70),
('@Ebinson18', 64),
('@PsYcho_bwy', 61),
('@Thala15111', 59)
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#USA designated the #IRGC, as a foreign terrorist organization, #Instagram Blocks Accounts of Ali Khamenei, #IRGC Leaders.
It's time for #Twitter (@jack ) to follow the same Instagram policy & block the accounts of these #Terrorists.
#Iran #IRGCTerrorists #FreeIran
#Instagram accounts of #Iran’s Khamenei, #IRGC’s Soleimani get suspended
Given the #terrorist nature of the activities of #Iran ian regime's leaders & #IRGC commanders in #MiddleEast & #world, #Twitter needs to follow the same policy.
@jack #FreeIran…
#Instagram a few hours after blocking the accounts of #IRGC leaders, Instagram suspended Ali Khamenei’s Instagram account in English, under the constraints of US sanctions laws
Other #socialmedia should have the same approach
@jack #FreeIran #Iran #Twitter…
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#Instagram ‘influencer’ Jessy Taylor is crying abt having to work a 9-5 job at McDonalds since her instagram acct of 100,000+ followers was suddenly deleted losing her income.

She even called police reporting her acct being deleted as a crime—no joke!
Jessy calls police to report her Instagram acct was deleted.
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So what have these three #instagram postings in common? #osint #quiz Be as precise as possible.
Here is the answer
The article about how to verify Instagrams will be published early April on @Poynter
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Mikaela BearPaw, real name Mikaela Martinez, from Bishop, California, is the daugther of Evangelist Marty and Debbie Martinez who administer the World Harvest Ministries.
Father of Mikaela Martinez, Mikaela BearPaw, is an Internationally recognized Evangelist who has promoted his faith and his family's faith for many years.…
This CD is Mikaela BearPaw, Mikaela Martinez's attempt to break into the music scene through her fahter's…
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1) @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
New day's #QAnon ==> No. 3045...
Link 2 @RepRatcliffe #Tweet #Husseinordered #FBI not 2consider charging #HRC.

Days after the #TarmacMeet #Comey famously said no charges would be appropriate. #HRC recklessly placed
2) an unknown quantity of top secret & SAP intelligence on a private email server w/breathtakingly weak security, the very existence of which violated "clear cut" rules. The IT that were involved worked w/o records. If they exist, their records may well be in #Hussein's library.
3) This setup was the ground zero location of #Pay2Play & those that paid obtained passwords 2access the stored data.
Link 2 #TheHill ==> #FBI contradicts #Trump claim that #China hacked #Clinton’s private email server
In the strictest sense that may be true. Doubtless, like
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1/ Looking at the press, I strongly believe that if @Facebook wants its envisioned end-to-end unification of the #Messenger, #WhatsApp and #Instagram platforms to work, that it needs to dump #Onavo and kick it to the kerb.
2/ That said: I believe there's nuance — if competent people want to sign up for a service, even get paid for it, and it involves them being watched like lab rats and they are informed of this, then fine, go for it, knock yourselves out, enjoy the free service or the income.
3/ Mentally I put this sort of observation/monitoring stuff in much the same space as "Nielsen", and the primary disgust that people exhibit here is because "it's Facebook" — feel free to change my mind?
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Auf der Konferenz #writingforchange hat @Umweltredakteur eine flammende Keynote Rede gehalten. Long story short: Die Welt braucht mehr gute Klima-Journalist*innen.

Noch waten wir zu sehr im Sumpf. Wie Storytelling uns da rausholt und andere fun facts: im [thread] 👇
Die größten Probleme bei der Berichterstattung über den Klimawandel sind: Climate Change ist nicht sexy, nicht leicht verständlich, hat kaum Stars, oft keinen aktuellen Aufhänger. @Umweltreporter rät deshalb:
(1) werdet kreativ
(2) schafft Infrastruktur
(3) bildet Banden
(1) Be creative🔅
Warum immer von Wirtschaft oder Technik ausgehen? Alternative Frameworks für den Klimawandel sind Kunst & Kultur, Alltag, Gesundheit...

Ist der #Brexit gut fürs Klima? Wieviel kostet der Temperaturanstieg die Krankenkassen? Welche #Instagram Formate kommen an?
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Chez Wedodata, 2018 a été une année en créations. On vous refait un petit point à dérouler #thread ⬇️⬇️⬇️
📱 Des #stories intégrables directement sur votre site, grâce à notre outil maison ⬇️
📱#stories "À data sur la politique" est une obsession imaginée pour "Les Jours" : déjà 6 épisodes en ligne et 2 nouveaux en préparation pour découvrir la présidence Macron en data et en stories.…
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So #Facebook & #Instagram (second time in 3 weeks) deleted my accounts. For sharing information about #Kashmir. No explanations or replies to my questions are given. Of course this is not about Facebook, nor about me, but the much more dangerous path SM is taking.
It is all about Justice & about what is happening to many people living under oppression & facing severe surveillance & suppression on the ground and even online.
It is about principals & rights. Human rights. Enshrined in statues & bragged about. Said to be universal. Said to be
I don't know ONE Kashmiri who hasn't been subjected to some form of censorship. On the ground there are far worse consequences than removed posts. Journalists (and MANY civilians) have been trashed, arrested & targeted when covering human rights violations by India.
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THE JOURNEY OF #AfricaTweetChat

1. ATC, @AfricaTweetChat, was launched on 1st February 2018 by @janetmachuka_ & the co-founder, @barryonyango as a platform to bring African individual brands and start-ups to one #digitalmarketing learning space.
2. The second chat was led by @Ugaman01 on 8th February on "How can #Startups leverage on #socialmedia to cost effective #marketing." The chat was successful drawing in a new audience from Uganda. #AfricaTweetChat
3. Name: @Komana_MN from Zambia. She is a charming heart and as pretty as she is, she is a Digital Marketing specialist and founder of @IdeaBizDM. She handled the topic: "Why Building a #brand needs #Content."

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Not next.

Instagram always was, and is their main tool.

as in:

It's the platform they get the most interactions with.

People just don't understand that because facebook has hidden it.
From the initial facebook admission that russians had been operating on facebook and IG.
out of 470 Facebook accounts we only learned the names of around 41 pages, none of those directory from facebook, all second hand.
From that same "era" of russian accounts.
I have collected a mear 57 of the 180 or more Instagram account names.
again all second hand.

until they tell us what happened, who can really say what platform the russians prefer? my guess is IG. but hell, i don't even know Ma0C4a92BH
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I have news for you! The next tweets will explain you in detail how you still can do #geolocation #search in #Instagram without breaking any rules. HT @OscarMager It's also a good example of how Facebook and Instagram are slowly merging. So here it comes!
First, you have to start with a place in Facebook. Let's go to the homepage of @greenpeaceusa in Facebook via This is just the start of our quest. We need to make an ID out of this page first. (2/7)
Now go to my and enter the word greenpeaceusa in the box under 2, "Search by username" as shown here. You will get the number 5435784683 right? Don't ask "so what", just copy and paste it and don't ask any questions (3/7)
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