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I have no sympathies for #Scammers who were duping people with lakhs and crores of screenshots.

At first, I along with friends of mine were in awe of how they were generating this much return. For almost, 2 years I worked a lot and tried to break the code.

Do read and retweet.
A lot of ideas were worked upon on Amibroker may it be ITM Selling of Option, Option Doublers in 2 - 3 days, Intraday Option Buying, Future Holygrail and what not. In the process we were able to make Option Chain on Amibroker, calculate option greeks on Amibroker and what not.
But no definite system was built.

If we cracked up Option Buying or burst moves, it was difficult to ascertain position-sizing. For eg. position sizing average size, doesn't make the profit so lucrative. And if the position-size is big, loss could be 70% in 3 trades.
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Schlimmes Interview mit westlicher Arroganz in Person: #Nida_Ruemelin. Was er meint, aber nicht offen sagt: (im Interview #DLF 5.11.22)
Alles, was in mittel- und osteuropäischen Ländern passiert, sei von den #USA gesteuert. Alles! Demonstrationen, Protest, #Opposition.
Nida-Rümelin darf das selbstverständlich denken, er lebt ja hier, in #Freiheit.
Dass Leute in osteuropäischen Ländern ebenfalls in Freiheit leben wollen, kann er aber leider nicht gestatten. Sofern er deren Wunsch überhaupt
als freien Willen zur Kenntnis nimmt. Denn da alles von den USA gesteuert und bezahlt ist − siehe oben − und da es auf der ganzen Welt sowieso nur ein Thema gibt, nämlich die #Monroe-Doktrin, (von 1823), müssen eben in den osteuropäischen Ländern
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What people are not seeing is the what is stopping the #InnerCircle from being exposed #namedandshamed and removed from what is denying us @centreWJ .

When you have reporters working for #msmenemyofthepeople as @melissasigodo @mikewhoatv @LeroyLogan999 @TheVoiceNews
who are dealing with our @libertyhq as @TheSun @DailyMirror @dailystar @DailyStarSunday @DailyMail @DailyMailUK @Daily_Express @SundayLifeJohn @Independent @thetimes @Telegraph who have all had an input in reporting everything before the @INQUEST_ORG started
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🧵Στο σημερινό θρεντ: Πώς να στήσεις μια μεγαλειωδώς #fake είδηση και να ταϊσεις με αυτήν την ΛισταΠετσα.τζιαρ, ακροδεξιά τρολ και την @OmadaAlitheias.
☣️Ένα ακόμα κεφάλαιο του #playbook μαύρης προπαγάνδας της #ΝΔ. Image
📌Στην παραπάνω φωτό βλέπετε ένα δημοσίευμα του ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ. Το δημοσίευμα αναφέρει την γραπτή ερώτηση που απήυθηνε δημοσιογράφος του στην εκπρόσωπο Τύπου της #OLAF. Ας δούμε πρώτα την ερώτηση. Image
☣️Παρατηρήστε ότι η ερώτηση είναι "αν ο OLAF διερήυνησε περιστατικά παράνομων pushbacks από την Ελλάδα". Αφορμή, λέει το ΑΠΕ, είναι ότι σύμφωνα με το Spiegel, "η Έκθεση ΠΕΡΙΕΧΕΙ" αναφορές σε τέτοια περιστατικά. Εδώ είναι η απάτη. Διπλή μάλιστα.
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Берестовое, Бахмутский р-н, #54омбр #всу что-то уронила #RussianUkrainianWar
Не исключено, что это был он
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Segue ela: a lista dos desmentidos do dia. Bora ver a verdade 🔎:

@fatooufake: É #FAKE imagem que mostra Lula e Eduardo Paes ao lado do traficante Celsinho da Vila Vintém…
@Boatosorg: foto em que Lula aparece com traficante Celsinho da Vila Vintém é MONTAGEM…
@fatooufake: É #FAKE que Lula chamou seus apoiadores de vagabundos, bandidos e traficantes…
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🧵 [THREAD] Unmasking an influence operation on @LinkedInFrance using #OSINT 🔍

#influence #manipulation #fraud #scam👇[1/11] Image
[❓] Do you know Stéphane Birenhac ?
I don't, but my colleague and I have several relationships in common with him, and he himself obviously knows 9000 people on #LinkedIn.
A month ago, he was at 8500. Nice progression! 🔝 [2/11] Image
🕵️♂️ Very popular, Mr Birenhac has an enviable position. He presents well, coherent background and auditor at the @Courdescomptes.
❌ Problem : he doesn't exist! Several elements show that it is a #fake. Let's recap ⤵️
[3/11] Image
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Тред как Pfizer подтасовывала результаты клинических испытаний (КИ)
#BigPharma #fake #COVIDIOTS #bigmoney

#bigpharma #hugemoney

Вечно можно смотреть на огонь, воду и как подтасовываются результаты клинических испытаний (КИ) ковидных вакцин.
"Успешное" КИ Pfizer детской вакцины в 2021 таит в себе какие-то бездны даже на фоне ковидных "исследований сниженнной социальной ответственности".

1. Хотя изначально для них было набрано 4526 добровольцев, 3 дозы ввели только 1456 из них (из 1776 детей 6-23 месяцев, 3 дозу
получили только 386 в группе вакцины и 184 - плацебо, из 2750 детей 2-4 лет - 606 в группе вакцины и 280 - плацебо).

Куда же делись оставшиеся 3 тыс. детей, заявленные в проспекте исследований? После 2 дозы число желающих получить 3 дозу резко сократилось - хотя
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A #fake twitter account attributed to the #Taliban's Ministry for the Propagation of Virtue & Prevention of Vice wrote:
"After that Sheikh Khalid Hanafi, informed the @UNAMAnews representative about the Ministry's activities, he said: There is need for a similar org. in #Europe."
The same #fake_account with over 14k followers, yesterday under the banner of the #Taliban's ministry of foreign affairs tweeted about removal of #Abas_Stanikzai, from his position as deputy foreign minister. Mentioned fake news was covered by many media outlets.
Photos: from SM.
Similarly, the news about a market for chidren's sell, is a #Fake_News.
#Taliban's spokesman tweeted that the #children in the video are brought for receiving vaccine, not for sale.
Recently, many fake news appear in the Social Media, mainly for propaganda against the TB or NRF.
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Long thread
Hi Everyone,
This is Kshitij Tarey.
I tried for long that these things should not come out in public. But now I am left with no option but to do this.
I am going through a very bad and violent divorce case.
I & my wife had a lot of troubles in our marriage due 2 her violent behavior towards me and our children.Eventually we decided to go for divorce mutually.When she talked to her family and friends, suddenly out of nowhere I was blamed for many wrong things.
3) including having an affair, demanding Piano as dowry and she started demanding huge money and what not.
Me & my wife have separated from Dec 2019 when her parents and her Brother & Bhabhi came to Mumbai and took my wife with them and leaving our twin children with me in Mumbai
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Crypto giveaway scams continue to soar: Group-IB has noted a fivefold increase in the number of domains used for #crypto giveaway #scams that involve fake #YouTube streams in the first half of 2022:

According to Group-IB, 63% of the new fraudulent domain names were registered with Russian registrars, but the #fake websites are primarily designed to target English and Spanish-speaking #crypto investors in the US and other countries:
In the first six months of 2022, @CERTGIB identified more than 2,000 domains registered explicitly to be used as #fake promotion websites. This figure increased almost five-fold compared to the second half of 2021 and 53-fold in comparison with H1 2021:
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Los abusos en la legislación contra las Fake News y los discursos de odio. Cómo los regímenes autoritarios construyeron la cancelación política para silenciar a los que piensan distinto.
#Hilo para exponer los próximos meses en Argentina.
Se puso de moda hablar de #fakenews y discursos de odio en Argentina especialmente desde el aparente ataque a cfk. Pero ¿cuándo una noticia es #fake y cuándo un hecho es tildado como fake porque a alguien le conviene?...ese es el centro de la cuestión.
La red de periodismo ético define a las noticias falsas como "aquella información creada y publicada para engañar o poner en duda hechos verificables". Es información que alguien fabrica y la difunde entre una audiencia que se la va a creer y la va a replicar.
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Les #deepfakes sont de + en + faciles à utiliser, et les #cyber criminels ne s'en privent pas. Petit tour d'horizons des risques, et quelques conseils pour les repérer dans ce thread ! 🧵(1/12) Image
Les démos de #deepfake de "simples" internautes font dire à certains que "l'on ne peut plus croire en rien". 👊Nous verrons à la fin de ce thread pourquoi il ne faut pas baisser les bras si vite... 🧵(2/12)
Pourtant, les arnaques au #deepfake explosent et le #FBI alerte sur la recrudescence de faux candidats usurpant l'identité de vrais profils intéressants pour l'employeur lors d'entretiens en #visio
🧵(3/12) Image
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1/5 SECOND LOOK: "Azov batallion ID" presented by FSB, as basic online forensic tools see it. Forensically reveals the quality time the photoshop artist spent with clone tool, due to some darn fine pattern. #dugina #UkraineWar #FSB #fake Image
2/5 Nothing beats a killer shadow effect. No limits to what you can achieve with some gaussian blur. Image
3/5 How do you call those jpeg error levels not matching up when pasting an object to background? Provokaziya. Image
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Jamais déçu sous les tweets de @DIVIZIO1
Ou quand Thérèse nous colle des tw. de Constance qui explique que sa soeur pompier n'a plus de tenue personnelle.
Alors évidemment parce que j'ai un profond respect pour les @PompiersFR (👋 @EBrocardi) j'ai vérifié ...
sur le site du @Interieur_Gouv et auprès de #pompiers professionnels.
Et oh surprise (non 😉), 1 fois de + ce pt monde raconte n'importe quoi et travestit la réalité. En somme non content de ns bassiner avec la réintégration des non 💉ils se plaignent
de leurs supposées conditions d'exercice. A ce stade de la 'réflexion', mon détecteur d'incohérences est déjà clairement dans le rouge.
Mais après tout, on a le droit d'être masochiste. Donc continuons.
Donc les pauvres volontaires n'ont plus droit à des tenues individuelles
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About the fate of those who refuse to participate in the world debt reset program, healthpass or the #vaccination schedule: "Indefinitely" in isolation until one complies and having "all their assets seized"
- a 🧵 Image
You can see how they are tracking the progress of their agenda on the lower left corner of the document. Image
The fake pretense for isolation and asset seizure: the "Shielding Approach" Image
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#NFT ticketing has all the ingredients necessary to create an overnight boom for mainstream NFT adoption.

Here’s how 🧵👇
In business, there are two types of services:

💊 Vitamins - Add benefits to a customer’s life

💉 Pain Killers - Remove a problem that the customer cannot stand dealing with

The best services, companies or technology use cases do both.

🧵 (1/17)
☠️ Let’s start with the PAIN: Fake Tickets ☠️

To illustrate the scale of this problem, let’s look at a near #riot that broke out as a result of fake tickets just 2 months ago.

🧵 (2/17)
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Breaking the Cycle

A Bleach thread
#BLEACH #ブリーチ
In shounen, a common trait of the protagonist is to inspire positive change in people they interact with.

For example, Naruto inspires courage in friend and foe alike to be true to their heart. Luffy inspires strength in his comrades to fight for freedom from their constraints.
Deku inspires true heroism in his peers. The list goes on and on.

Ichigo Kurosaki, the protagonist of Bleach, is not exempt from having this trait. Wherever he goes, he generally leaves it a better place.
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Para iniciar el finde con fuerza y superar la canícula, aquí va otro hilo de #memesarchiveros
Esta vez dedicado a los #archifrikis. Pero hay de todo
Mil gracias al fabricante de #memes en la sombra
"Si olvidamos dónde hemos estado y qué hemos hecho, ya no somos humanos; solo animales"
Samwell Tarly, archivero-bibliotecario
#GameofThrones Image
- ¡Dracarys!. Todo es información de apoyo informativo
#GameofThrones Image
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Wie kann man so krass abstürzen? Ken Jepsen ca. 2011Ken Jepsen ca. 2022
Ich glaub' den muss ich mir archivieren...…
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Pourquoi les politiques de sécurité routière sont une ARNAQUE visant à nous prendre nos LIBERTÉS et n'ont JAMAIS SAUVÉ AUCUNE VIE ?

On essaye toujours de nous dire chez les politiques et les merdias que c'est grâce à la sécurité routière qu'il y a moins de morts, tout le monde croit que c'est vrai alors que c'est
Prenez ce graphique, il montre la mortalité sur les routes par MILLIARD DE KM parcourus. Mais qui ici a déjà roulé 1 MILLIARD DE KM ??? PERSONNE !
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