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Great start to the day today listening to @DaveEvansPhD talk about girls' education around the world. I summarize two main sections of his presentation below (What do we know & how can we help girls gain more education)👇

@CREB_Pak #ADE2020 #education #gendergap #Educatethegirls
Dave and co-authors use the Barro-Lee data from 1960-2010 to establish facts about #gender gap in #education

1. Women are more educated today than any point in history (dark blue- Women aged 15+ in 2010, light blue- Women aged 15+ in 1960)
This is true for all countries and regions. Biggest change in UAE, smallest in Senegal (nonetheless doubles). For #Pakistan #women move from 0.35 years in 1960 to 3.76 in 2010, men move from 1.5 to 6.25 over the same period
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Flashback: “Trump launches ‘Crooked Hillary’ Snapchat filter for Debate”…
Also: The ‘Crooked Hillary’ brand, you’ll recall, was said to have originated at Cambridge Analytica.
Parscale is livid Snapchat dropped them. Here is Brittany Kaiser in her book describing how Snapchat had worked directly with Cambridge Analytica to exploit its new tools for voter data harvesting. #Targeted
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#Q4010 Salt in my wounds.

May 1: Law Day

Will Flynn's charges be formerly dropped today?

If you only knew the truth about Legal System…

How many more like me?
My children lost hope.
We have no voice.

May 14 2018
Pain coming.

I will celebrate Rule of Law Day with my own flag.

I will NEVER EVER taint our beautiful American flag with anything associated with our corrupt, sick to the core, system of laws, courts and prosecutors.

I love Trump but the rule of law seems like despotism & communism these days.

Nothing has been done (publicly) to counter this. To the contrary, we are forced to stomach more and more tyranny under the guise of #RuleOfLaw

I reflect on rule of law every day…
This is my problem.
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The House can pass S1 like McConnell suggests
This bill authorizes assistance & weapons transfers to Israel, extends defense cooperation with Jordan, establishes additional sanctions related to the conflict in Syria, & allows states to divest from entities boycotting Israel
S1 Strengthening America's Security in the Middle East Act of 2019…
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Aleksandr Kogan and Joseph Chancellor were deceptively harvesting/matching data with that personality quiz on Facebook as GSR for SCL. John Bolton PAC was the client. @chrisinsilico’s papers to DCMS committee have the emails about delivering the data to Bolton.
Brittany Kaiser’s book #Targeted describes post-mortems with Robert Murtfeld where they show how similarly microtargeted tactics from the Trump campaign yielded 20% engagement boost on 95% confidence. #Hindsightis2020
The efficacy of CA’s targeting is hotly contested, there’s no doubt about that. It’s just marketing, in the end. But any marketing that can boast a 20% boost is not nothing. These ad archives show how messages can be tailored. Some will work better than others. #Hindsightis2020
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…Speaking of John Bolton

👋 @AmbJohnBolton

.@AmbJohnBolton paid #CambridgeAnalytica for psychographic targeting via his SuperPAC in 2013-14. Ads targeted voters categorized in 5 groups. Look familiar? Then you were targeted

@AmbJohnBolton Known for aggressive foreign policy decisions leading to the #IraqWar, he had 3 goals w/#CambridgeAnalytica
- increase awareness of @AmbJohnBolton
- convince people that National Security is most important
- support @SenThomTillis vs Kay Hagan in #NorthCarolina

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“Defeat Crooked Hillary” was name of campaign run by MAN1 PAC, Cambridge Analytica client, that handled the “deterrent” voter demobilization work and awarded prestigious Olgivy award from ad industry (later rescinded)
Brittany Kaiser’s book #Targeted details the MAN1 Cambridge Analytica work and its use of psychographic targeting which resulted in a 20% engagement boost for neurotic outliers. (p199)
Here’s a slide included in Kaiser’s book that shows Cambridge Analytica demobilization strategy
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Zuck can’t admit that his employees are challenging the business model to its core, even going as far as mentioning Custom Audiences.
Here’s the section on Custom Audiences. Only marketers and industry observers realize this is even possible. Also impossible to opt-out of being targeted with Custom Audiences. “Hiding” these ads deep in the settings is the ultimate dark pattern, a futile effort, by design.
Brittany Kaiser describes in her book #Targeted how Facebook employees embedded with the Trump campaign helped maximize use of the Custom Audiences feature to microtarget (and conceal malicious messaging).
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Little Nitpick on the Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower Memoirs: Both Wylie and Kaiser make the same mistake and use “testify” in their books when they describe their appearances to parliaments. But you “give evidence” because you’re not actually under oath. #Targeted #Mindf_ck
Parliaments just assumed witnesses would never dare. That is until Alexander Nix came along and misled Parliament, the ICO… I’d assume US authorities also…although that’s not public unlike UK enquiry. Congressional testimony involves an oath but not all hearings are under oath.
Wylie testified before Congress. Kaiser was subpoenaed by Mueller and like Wylie, Kaiser cooperated with numerous investigations. They describe this cooperation with various investigations in their books. Wylie delivered binders to Congress. Kaiser delivered hard drive to FBI.
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You gotta read this @hugorifkind profile of Brittany Kaiser in the lead-up to her book release. The way she disguises Chase Ergen with a fake name is so weird. Includes a book excerpt from #Targeted. #TheGreatHack…
If you’re paywalled out
Here’s a PDF of the full article about Kaiser with her book excerpt if you’re paywalled out.
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#Probablemente ([#EO]#probable🍀/[#EN]#Probably🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿)
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#ShadowBanning Hi friend and #Patriot. It looks like you were was many of your posts. I am very familiar with the censoring techniques utilized by #Twitter. I think the technique they used is what I call #EchoBanning or #BubbleBanning. Explanation...
2. What I have figured that they do, is that #Twitter targets for #Censorship with these methods.
- User account. Account pushing too much of the inconvenient #TRUTH are put on their list. This essentially targets #Conservatives or even #LEFTISTS who espouse #FakeNews positions.
3. Literally exposing #Censorship itself is banned. Other taboo topics include real exposure of #Corruption that they have identified to specifically block, such as #PizzaGate or #PedoGate. This is why #LIBS will sometimes be blocked as well (blocked ideas).
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