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25 Nov
Yesterday the @ApolloDAO sale took place on the #Terra blockchain🚀🎉.

Today we provide you a new on-chain analysis 🔎!

🤖This time we'll focus on bots 🤖

➡️Before the sale / Fees of bots
➡️How bots influence price

#TerraLuna #LUNAtics $LUNA
Some important background information:

The @ApolloDAO Token (terra100yeqvww74h4yaejj6h733thgcafdaukjtw397) was created via the execution of a proposal in TX finder.terra.money/mainnet/tx/ACE….

So it all started at Block 5423469 at 2021.11.24 19:16:04 UTC.
The Liquidity Pool $APOLLO / $UST (terra1xj2w7w8mx6m2nueczgsxy2gnmujwejjeu2xf78) was created via the @terraswap_io factory contract in finder.terra.money/mainnet/tx/88d….

This happened at Block 5423770 at 2021.11.24 20:50:26 UTC.
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13 Nov
Another day - another on-chain analysis by the DAIC crew on the @terra_money block chain.

➡️Today we'll have a look at @randomearth_io - the wonderful marketplace for #NFTs on #Terra . 🙌

🔎Let's see how you #LUNAtics are using this platform!
There are currently 36 active marketplaces for #NFT projects on randomearth.

Sorted by current largest turnovers:
1) Styllar (@STYLLARNFT)
2) Galactic Punks (@galactic_punks)
3) Levana Dragons (@Levana_protocol)
4) Luna Bulls (@LunaBulls)
5) Deviants Factions (@DeviantsNFT)
We are happy to have the @randomearth_io NFT marketplace on #Terra since beginning of October 2021. 🥳

Since 5 October, 582.669 transactions interacted with the smart contract of the marketplace.
➡️ That's ~14940 transactions / day
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12 Nov
A quick on-chain data analysis of the current @TeamKujira IDO on @StarTerra_io 📈 Nice numbers!

Check it out and let me know if you want to see more of those analysis, or a dedicated website to track more ongoing stuff on Terra 🙂

Visualization by our co-founder @phips28
Total prefunded $UST and participation in the @TeamKujira Sale.
Total participants in the @TeamKujira Sale
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11 Nov
The @Levana_protocol meteor shower is over! Congratulations to all who got their #meteor! 🥳🎉

➡️Let's have a closer look to the on-chain data and analyse this new sale type in detail.

#TerraLuna #TERRA #NFTs #NFT #cryptocurrency Image
The @Levana_protocol meteor shower took place from
11/8 6AM UTC and ended at 11/10 2AM UTC.

Even before the sale officially started Levana received 2412txs from 1873 addresses --> in total 295501,425 UST. These transactions happened from 11/7 8:37:35AM to 11/8/ 5:59:48AM
Overall Levana received 3.980.741,43 UST from 6339 unique addresses in 49.974 transactions.
Thats an average tx amout of 79,65 UST.
The median tx amount was 10 UST.

➡️1.624,14 UST were paid for transaction fees.
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