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$AMC Value = Trillions, The #Abuse this stock has been put through is Unreal.

Swap_0.00002 #Ether For 112,241,171,790.9004535839937579638
#AMC on #Uniswap V2 From #Uniswap V3 Router 2 --> Wrapped #ETH er

$APE #APE #AMCSTOCK @SylviaRey @BossBlunts1 @AMCbiggums @KatStryker111 ImageImageImage
2.) Throwback 👇 Image
3)⚠️#Synthetix A New Financial Primitive enabling the Creation of SYNTHETIC Assets. Unique Derivatives & Exposure to Real-World assets on the #blockchain
@Burim8203 Thx bro!💎 @BossBlunts1 @AMCbiggums @SylviaRey @erikfinman @PeterRHann1 @cvpayne @CEOAdam @EduardBrichuk @rattoy2 ImageImageImage
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Some thoughts about #FTX #Solana #Alameda #CZ situation.

CZ will inevitably be the white knight to save FTX, enough compromised with his recent statement , FTX too big to not be acquired on favorable terms, Alameda too fragile to not accept.

This will be inevitable..
If this Should it not happen, Binance will have all of hate against him, and furthermore, the consequences will be devastating for entire industry.

That's why it will be inevitable.
Every economic crisis causes these kinds of events, for the simple fact that markets are inhabited by gamblers, greedy people. When we see price collapses, those who looked like geniuses and rich people find themselves in debt, insolvency, and liquidated positions.
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Terra Weekly #17 🛰

•Interchain Alliance, A Pokemon, New Protocol

And much more in 🧵👇🏻
#TerraLuna #Cosmos
2. Do Kwon has a new vision for Cosmos Security: Interchain Alliances

👉🏻Stake LSDs from Larger Chains on Smaller/New Chains to help secure them

👉🏻Imagine staking $stATOM & earning $LUNA

👉🏻Also unveiled “Feather”- ecosystem tooling for new chains

•Full details in Forum 👇🏻
3. Want to learn more about Interchain Alliances?

•Check out an excellent thread by @lurkaroundfind
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Terra Weekly #16 🛰

•Blockchain Stories,
DeFi Hub, Refracting

And much more in 🧵👇🏻
#TerraLuna #Cosmos
2. Zodiac Protocol Testnet is now live!

•Refract your LP tokens into Yield & Principal Tokens

•Principal Tokens: investors acquire LP tokens at discount &hold until maturity date

•Yield Tokens: investors get a return from trading fees with no risk of Impermanent Loss
3.Speaking of Refraction, check out the sleuthing @cosmos_intern 👀

His findings & Speculations:

@riskharbor will give users liquid tokens as receipt for their insured tokens

•Users could then refract these receipt tokens into their Principal(p) and Yield (y) components
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Terra Weekly #15 🛰

•Do Kwon Interview, Terra Expedition Program

And much more in 🧵👇🏻
#TerraLuna #Cosmos
2. REDACTED is live!

•Your on chain privacy solution is here

• Send $LUNA between wallets anonymously using Blade, the mixer Dapp

• $RED and Ronin NFT holders each recieve 50% of mixing fees
3. Laura Shin interviews @stablekwon

•My Takeaways:

-Laura asked tough but fair questions

-Apart from not revealing his location, Do gave clear & definitive answers

-Do is remorseful for those who were impacted & accepts responsibility

-Do wants to continue building 🔨
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Terra Weekly #14 🛰

•A Language Learning Metaverse, slAMM

And much more in 🧵👇🏻
#TerraLuna #Cosmos @stablekwon Image
2. Language Learning with Gamified NFTs 🎮

•Sayve is creating a metaverse game centered around teaching languages

•The more you learn, the more:
-Your Player NFT levels up
-LINGO tokens you earn to spend on new gear for your avatar/exchange for crypto

•Beta testing soon!
3. @Axl_Satellite now supports Terra Station🌎

•Send assets on your Terra Station to and from any supported chain, such as:
@cosmoshub ⚛️
@osmosiszone 🧪
@JunoNetwork 🌳@TeamKujira 🉐
@EvmosOrg ☄️
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Terra Weekly #13 🛰

•Surprise Launches, A Secret Project

And much more in 🧵👇🏻
#TerraLuna #Cosmos @stablekwon Image
2.Emulet will simplify digital payments on Terra

•Recurring Payments with an API for businesses/users to plug in their current payment system

•On ramping Bank Transfers with variety of Stablecoins

•Simple Cross Border Payments

•Cross Chain

•Beta Launch:20October
3.LNS Luna Name Service is now live!

•Claim your on chain name and profile for 1LUNA

•Customizable NFT and Page coming soon Image
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Terra Weekly #12 🛰

•Poker, Mystery Project, New Launches

And much more in 🧵👇🏻
#TerraLuna #Cosmos Image
2. PRISM now live on Terra with cLUNA

•cLUNA-LUNA LP deployed on Astroport

•cLuna and other LSDs will have the following abilities in the pic below

•Next Steps:
-Creating the Refracting Hub: Split cAssets into Yield and Principal with Maturities
-Adding more cAssets ImageImage
3. You need to check out Hermes

•A sophisticated yet simple platform

•See all the options below from price alerts to specific NFT alerts sent right to your discord

•Future:wallet to wallet messaging, trading, notification airdrops, & more

•Details👇🏻 ImageImage
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Terra Weekly #11 🛰

•Surprise Launch, Flash Loan Vaults

And much more in 🧵👇🏻
#TerraLuna #Cosmos
2. 🚨 Reminder: If you didn’t receive correct Luna Airdrop amount, you have until 4 October to check eligibility,follow the steps below, and claim
3. White Whale(WW) beta live on Terra & Juno!

•Deposit Luna into variety of LP Positions for APR

•Deposit Luna into a Vault that let WW’s bots take flash loans to execute arbitrages and give you a return

•Long Term Vision: Interchain Liquidity throughout Cosmos
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Terra Weekly #10 🛰

•Smart Airdrops, Interchain Moves

And much more in 🧵👇
#Luna #TerraLuna #Cosmos @stablekwon
2. Terra Website Redesign!

•Ecosystem Portal-See all the teams building on Terra

•Developer Portal-Guides, Resources

•Step by Step wallet setup guide

•Analytics @tfm_com @coinhall_org @SmartStake & more 👇🏻
3. Capapult Whitepaper

•SOLID stablecoin will be a CDP & minted/borrowed by depositing interest earning collateral (LunaX)

•Stability is driven by arbitrage

•CAPA will be distributed to lockdrop participants and luna stakers
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Terra Weekly #9 🌍

•LUNA up 300%, Community Vaults, Battle Royale NFTs

And much more in 🧵👇
#Luna #TerraLuna #Cosmos @stablekwon Image
2. That’s a Big Green Candle..

•LUNA reached as high as $6.72 from $2

@orbital_command makes a great argument for the sudden price action

-Legal FUD as cases dropped
-Projects Pledged to build
-TFL projects like Fountain, @Terragotchi_nft
Darwin SDK Image
3. Y Foundry Vaults coming to Terra

•Decentralized vault protocol with vaults designed, built, & run by community

•Learner Skills Program with bounties

•Roadmap below with YFD launch 👀

•YFD is a gov token with staking & boosting mechanics for vaults (think Amps on Prism) Image
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Terra Weekly #8 🛰

🔹New Luna Airdrop, Splitting LP tokens

And much more in 🧵👇
#Luna #TerraLuna #Cosmos @stablekwon Image
2. Many #Lunatics will now receive correct $LUNA airdrop 🙏🏻

🔹Prop 986 just passed overwhelmingly in favor

🔹Key Issues resolved: Spectrum, Stader and Pylon & inclusion of Orion's on Ethereum & Polygon

🔹Follow the steps 👇🏻 and claim airdrop
3. Deconstruct LP tokens with @ZodiacProtocol

🔹Split LP tokens into Yield Only & Principal Only tokens

👉🏻Principal Tokens: let investors acquire LP tokens at discount &hold until maturity

👉🏻Yield Tokens let investors get a return from trading fees with no Impermanent Loss Image
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Terra Weekly #7 🛰

🔹New Airdrop Proposal, Future Stablecoin, Dual LP Rewards

And much more in 🧵👇
#Luna #TerraLuna #Cosmos @stablekwon Image
2. Didn’t receive the correct $LUNA airdrop?

🔹Prop 986 is live to help fix that, Vote 👇🏻

🔹Key Issues resolved: Spectrum, Stader and Pylon & inclusion of Orion's on Ethereum & Polygon

🔹If passed, follow steps 👇🏻 and claim airdrop between September 4th and October 4th
3. TFL posts a job listing @terra_money

🔹Creative Director/Art Producer
👉🏻 “Brainstorm narrative and world building”
👉🏻“bring Web3 games to the mainstream.”

🔹With new projects like @Terragotchi_nft & Fountain, we are seeing a new vision for Terra 👇🏻…
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The people of #cosmos have spoken and as promised a 🧵 on the Kujira (@TeamKujira $KUJI) vs the Terra (@terra_money $LUNA $LUNC) ecosystems.

What are the similarities between #Kujira and #TERRALUNA?

How do they differ?

And how to avoid getting rekt!!?

Kujira and Terra are often compared.

And for good reasons:

➡️ Kujira has $KUJI, Terra has $LUNA $LUNC
➡️ Kujira has $USK, Terra has $UST $USTC
➡️ Kujira has ORCA, Terra has Anchor
➡️ Kujira is building a wallet, Terra has Terra Station

You get the idea...
If not for the similar ecosystems, Kujira even originates from the Terra blockchain.

With the meltdown of $LUNA and $UST though, Kujira moved on to build their own layer 1 protocol based on #Cosmos.

More on Kujira below👇

@TeamKujira $KUJI #Kujira

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Terra & Cosmos Weekly Update 🛰 #6

🔹Ads give Airdrops
🔹Fantasy Sports
🔹Refract Any Asset

And much more 🧵👇#Luna #TerraLuna #Cosmos @stablekwon Image
2/ @prism_protocol refract any asset!? 🤯

🔹Stake $LUNA $ETH $ATOM & get a liquid token that compounds staking rewards (ie cETH)

🔹Refract cEth into principal (pETH) and yield (yETH)

🔹Use these tokens CROSS CHAIN (farm, LPs, Governance, Trading, etc)

🔹Possible airdrop 🪂
3/ I would love to see a integration of @prism_protocol @mars_protocol? 👀

🔹Use Mars’ credit manager for Vaults with @prism_protocol to refract assets and:

a)Farm yTokens with fixed maturities and auto compound rewards/amps

b)LP with yToken on/off chain (IBC) Image
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Terra/Cosmos Weekly Update 🛰 #5

🔹Do Kwon speaks out
🔹Stader Tokens arriving
🔹Javascript Smart Contracts on Cosmos

And much more 🧵👇#Luna #TerraLuna #Cosmos @stablekwon Image
1/ @stablekwon is working on new projects for Terra 👀

🔹One can speculate a new attempt at a Stablecoin or maybe a return of an improved @anchor_protocol?

🔹Steady lads, waiting on more details
2/ USTC pre depeg holders will receive some compensation

🔹Compensation will come from LFG holdings

🔹Awaiting more details on how it will be distributed
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Terra 2 Weekly Update 🛰

🔹Auto-staking, In-wallet DeFi, and ETH project coming to Cosmos 👀

All alpha in 🧵👇 #LUNA #TerraLuna #Cosmos Image
1/ 86 projects pledged to Terra 2

🔹@prism_protocol:split assets into Yield/Principal

🔹@anchor_protocol @EdgeProtocol: borrow&lend


🔹@ApertureFinance 1click crosschain strategies

🔹@WhiteWhaleDefi Interchain Liquidity

Much more👇 ty to @speicherx
2/Stake Pools are coming to @staderlabs

🔹 How is this different from staking on Terra station?

🔹 Click a button, Stader diversifies your stake for you and auto compounds your rewards

🔹details coming soon!

🔹Future Products: More DeFi Vaults in addition to DCA Vault 👀
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Terra 2 Weekly Recap
#4 🛰

🔹New Stablecoins
🔹New Launchpads
🔹New Airdrop

🧵👇 to find out

#Luna #terra2 #terraluna Image
2/Native $USDC coming to Cosmos??👀

🔹Dev @tlagomi confirmed @kado_money working on onboarding USDC to Cosmos

🔹DyDx founder @AntonioMJuliano is pushing to bring native USDC to Cosmos

🔹If this happens, it will raise liquidity and likely bring more projects to Terra 2.0
3/ @HermesProtocol validator and messenger is here 👀!

🔹Tired of following 1000 twitter pages for info?

🔹Subscribe to specific notifications on Dapps you choose to get notifications on your existing social media (IG, twitter, etc)

🔹Stake for future airdrop 🪂
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Le monde pleure la fin du bull-run, les portefeuilles sont à l'agonie, le nasdaq est en chute libre, la famine guette, la guerre fait rage et @Lagarde rejette les #cryptos. 😭

Mais il y a de l'espoir (en tout cas pour la #Crypto )👇
Ceux qui sont dans la #crypto considèrent que cet espace évolue par cycles, alternant entre des périodes de forte activité et des "hivers cryptos".

Il y a eu trois cycles jusqu'à présent. Le premier a atteint un pic en 2011, le deuxième en 2013 et le troisième en 2017.
Ces cycles semblent chaotiques mais ont un ordre assez précis :

1⃣Le prix du #bitcoin et des #cryptomonnaies augmente
2⃣L'activité sur les médias sociaux monte
3⃣De nouvelles idées émergent
4⃣De nouvelles startups se lancent
5⃣Le cycle recommence
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#TerraLuna Lessons Learnt

What can we learn from the collapse of one of the biggest crypto ecosystems, $Luna and $UST?

Here is what you need to know.

Too big to fail.

• There are no impregnable castles.
• There are no irreplaceable people.
• Neither crypto ecosystem is too big to fail.

“Things always become obvious after the fact”

Black Swan.

This is an unpredictable event that is beyond what is normally expected of a situation and has potentially severe consequences.

Black swan events are characterized by their extreme rarity, severe impact, and widespread insistence they were obvious in hindsight.

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The #TerraLuna incident has taught us all valuable lessons. However, one thing certain for us is that the builders' community is still very strong and we are all here to make #DeFi stay.

Regardless of the market condition, #HomoraV2 can help even in sideway market. Here's how 🧵 Image
During a bullish market, everything will be in an upward trend. HODLers can easily profit just by selling tokens at a price higher than when they bought them.

When the market becomes more volatile, profiting becomes much harder and requires more effort to monitor.

What to do?
Try Shorting with #Leveragedyieldfarm.

Today we'll explore 1 of the many strategies you can apply.

With #HomoraV2, you can customize your strategies even during times like sideway market, or during any market condition.
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1 of 12. This thread is targetting information about $LUNA 2.0 and the airdrop coming from genesis.
What are the implications ?
What and when will you receive what?

$UST #Terra_Luna #terraluna #TerraUSD
@OAlsta @Nate_UST @thecontrarycow @terra_money @stablekwon @Orca_Club
2. Let’s base ourselves on the picture of the first post.

Outside of community funds, receiving a share of 25%, the rest will be separate thru 4 categories.
Pre-Attack aUST (100m LUNA)
Pre-Attack LUNA (350m LUNA)
Post-Attack LUNA (100m LUNA)
Post-Attack UST (200m LUNA)
3. Pre-Attack aUST
According to the Prop. 26.72% of aUST are considered. For a total of 3.874G $UST.
Hodlers with more than 500k aUST will be limited to a claim having a valuation of 500k aUST.
None available at genesis.
15% available @ genesis remaining vesting (details to come)
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#terraluna, The Most Centralized Protocol Out There,

Crashed Last Week Wiping Out $400 Billion Of Crypto MarketCap Along With It.

Why Is Decentralization The Most Important Metric To Evaluate Crypto Projects?

A Beginners Guide to Project Selection Based On Decentralization🧵👇
The traditional financial institutions that prevail in the world are known to be notoriously centralized.

It is the advent of cryptocurrency that ushered in an era of decentralized finance (DeFI).

The underlying technology for this new area of finance is the blockchain.
Many assume blockchains are decentralized by default,

but decentralization is a spectrum,

and some platforms are more decentralized than others.

Let's dig into the decentralization of crypto projects and how it can be assessed. 👇
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My personal reflections on the $Luna $UST collapse.

This is a post-mortem from the perspective of a retail pleb from crypto class of 2021 during arguably the most hellish week of crypto history🌑


#Luna #UST #Terra #Crypto #Cryptocurrency
I considered myself a relatively conservative investor. I had exposure to $Luna and $UST but knowing the risks of algo stablecoins, I made it a daily routine to check the important indicators:

1. Anchor deposits and yield reserve 🏦
2. Top aUST wallets 🛅
3. Curve pools 🚰

All the signs were there:

1.Anchor’s UST deposits started decreasing since 8 May and accelerating.

2.A top UST holder has been sending UST to CEXs aggressively.

3.The % of UST in Curve pools has been increasing, means less liquidity for exit out of UST.

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