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When Angel started, we wanted to make sure any & all projects could utilize our Charitable Endowment infrastructure as their own.

We are BEYOND thankful for all the Protocols, Validators, and NFT Collections who joined in generative giving while creating value for all!

In this thread we will introduce every single one of our Angel Alliance members.

The overwhelming response from builders, artists, and community members is something to celebrate everyday.

Introducing your Angel Alliance members as of Thanksgiving day 2021 ❤️‍🔥🤝😇

For-profit protocols building the money legos for the future of the web and providing at least 1% of their revenues to the Angel Alliance ❤️‍🔥
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Yesterday the @ApolloDAO sale took place on the #Terra blockchain🚀🎉.

Today we provide you a new on-chain analysis 🔎!

🤖This time we'll focus on bots 🤖

➡️Before the sale / Fees of bots
➡️How bots influence price

#TerraLuna #LUNAtics $LUNA
Some important background information:

The @ApolloDAO Token (terra100yeqvww74h4yaejj6h733thgcafdaukjtw397) was created via the execution of a proposal in TX….

So it all started at Block 5423469 at 2021.11.24 19:16:04 UTC.
The Liquidity Pool $APOLLO / $UST (terra1xj2w7w8mx6m2nueczgsxy2gnmujwejjeu2xf78) was created via the @terraswap_io factory contract in….

This happened at Block 5423770 at 2021.11.24 20:50:26 UTC.
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Anchor's Satellite: How #TeFi Project Impacts Anchor

1/n Issue
For a lending platform such as @anchor_protocol, increasing amount of deposits into protocol is a important factor.
The main purpose is to help Anchor have a stable amount of $UST to serve the loans.

In thread below, we'll talk about how #TeFi helped Anchor does this.
@anchor_protocol 2/n Projects that impacts on Anchor

Can you remember the last hackathon on #Terra - #Spacecamp? That's when the contest found projects to help Anchor solve this problem.
They include: @orion_money, @ApolloDAO, @angelprotocol,...
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1./ Liked the tweet of the @ApolloDAO #Warchest? Want to know more #Alpha?

Let's talk about $zAPOLLO 🔥

As promised, a thread about $zAPOLLO. What is it? Why is important? 🧵
2./ Like with many protocols, staking a token gives you governance rights. @ApolloDAO will give the same rights to people who stake their $APOLLO LP tokens. So where comes $zAPOLLO into play?
3./ @ApolloDAO will utilise a similar tokenomics model as @CurveFinance where people can stake and lock their tokens in order to get rewards and governance rights.
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1./ Today is the launch of the $APOLLO token from @ApolloDAO.

Why has this token value, why you should be excited and why I'm ready to buy. Not financial advise.

The main things to discuss are the #Warchest and the $zAPOLLO token.

A thread about the #Warchest🧵
2./ So, the #warchest

Liquidity incentives can't last forever and @ApolloDAO is aware of that. Where many protocols face the problem of how to keep incentivising LP providers when all the tokens are distributed, the Apollo team has already solved this before TGE
3./ The #warchest is the solution for this, but what is it?

The community farming event was used to boost the value in the #Warchest. Users were able to deposit mAssets LP tokens, as well as other #Terra governance token LP pairs.
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1./ One of the projects I'm really excited about although not many people are talking about it is @Minerva_NFT. As the name shows, it's a NFT project. Unlike many of the NFT "projects" that only distribute mostly worthless JPEGs, @Minerva_NFT has a real use case. A thread 🧵
2./ Although @Minerva_NFT is a NFT projects, they don't make use of the default NFT standard. They are going to use the ADOs made available by @AndromedaProt. Another time I'll explain what the difference is, for now, let's focus on @Minerva_NFT
3./ So if it has nothing to do with JPEGs, what is it? @Minerva_NFT is bringing real world assets to the blockchain. What kind of real world assets? Wine people, wine 🍷 So why is this a thing?
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🌔Hey #LUNAtics,

🌎@terra_money weekly update is here!
Have a look at the latest news 👇

1🔸New @wormholecrypto $UST and $LUNA pools are now available on @Uniswap.

2🔸@coinhall_org announced Hallswap, the first DEX aggregator on the #Terra network.

3🔸Proposal to shorten the voting period from 14 days to 7 days and reduce the minimum $LUNA deposit from 512 to 50 LUNA has passed.

4🔸@GAMEVIL COM2US Platform is entering into a strategic partnership with #Terra. Learn more:…

5🔸 $VKR was listed on @MEXC_Global:…

6🔸@astroport_fi announced the launch of Lock Drop event on December 6:…

7🔸@ApolloDAO announced that the Apollo token will be launched on November 24:…

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Token prices getting crushed across the board in #terra.

Many new protocols competing for the same capital (terra community) will result in lower demand for all

Which is why I'm so bullish on @alice_finance 👇
2. Alice will pull in normie dollars and inject much needed capital to the #terra ecosystem.

I'm predicting that protocols which cater to "normie dollars" are the ones who will succeed.

We are transitioning from an ecosystem driven by investors seeking the highest yield to 👇
3. investors seeking sustainable projects that offer more than inflationary tokens.

$LUNA sets the bar very high in that any protocol without the same value proposition will become a farm token for more $LUNA.👇
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Buenas a todos!

Comparto mi primer hilo informando todos los airdrops que van a gozar por el momento quienes están haciendo staking de $ANC en @anchor_protocol.

Pero antes de empezar, ¿qué es un airdrop? 👇
Es una distribución de tokens que se hace a usuarios que tengan una criptomoneda preexistente.

Por ejemplo, por tener la moneda $ANC (y tenerla en staking), voy a recibir tokens de un nuevo protocolo que opte por repartir parte de su supply a quienes hagan staking de $ANC.
¿Por qué se hace esto?

Entre otras cosas, es una forma que tienen los proyectos para darse a conocer, y contar desde un principio con usuarios que puedan interactuar con su plataforma.
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Another day - another on-chain analysis by the DAIC crew on the @terra_money block chain.

➡️Today we'll have a look at @randomearth_io - the wonderful marketplace for #NFTs on #Terra . 🙌

🔎Let's see how you #LUNAtics are using this platform!
There are currently 36 active marketplaces for #NFT projects on randomearth.

Sorted by current largest turnovers:
1) Styllar (@STYLLARNFT)
2) Galactic Punks (@galactic_punks)
3) Levana Dragons (@Levana_protocol)
4) Luna Bulls (@LunaBulls)
5) Deviants Factions (@DeviantsNFT)
We are happy to have the @randomearth_io NFT marketplace on #Terra since beginning of October 2021. 🥳

Since 5 October, 582.669 transactions interacted with the smart contract of the marketplace.
➡️ That's ~14940 transactions / day
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The @Levana_protocol meteor shower is over! Congratulations to all who got their #meteor! 🥳🎉

➡️Let's have a closer look to the on-chain data and analyse this new sale type in detail.

#TerraLuna #TERRA #NFTs #NFT #cryptocurrency Image
The @Levana_protocol meteor shower took place from
11/8 6AM UTC and ended at 11/10 2AM UTC.

Even before the sale officially started Levana received 2412txs from 1873 addresses --> in total 295501,425 UST. These transactions happened from 11/7 8:37:35AM to 11/8/ 5:59:48AM
Overall Levana received 3.980.741,43 UST from 6339 unique addresses in 49.974 transactions.
Thats an average tx amout of 79,65 UST.
The median tx amount was 10 UST.

➡️1.624,14 UST were paid for transaction fees.
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1/10 Kadena is one of the biggest projects in the crypto space. Allow me to tell you why

Before I begin, if you leave this thread with only one immutable fact, it’s that Kadena is the FUTURE of digital value

Without further ado, let's begin

Pact is the Smart Contract language of Kadena. It has been designed from the ground up to offer developers a simple way to implement secure and bug-free smart contracts

Pact ships with a feature-rich REPL which allows for rapid, iterative...
development, incremental transaction execution, and environment and database inspection

Pact will be the great disruptor of industries
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Let's do a little $LUNA near-term roadmap...shall we?
1. @orion_money dropping in next few days
2. #ozone insurance burning 90M $LUNA to $UST that will then be used to purchase collateral (such as $BTC) to ensure future stability of @terra_money ecosystem
3. #IBC only recently enabled, @cosmos chains are all heating up
4. @SecretNetwork #supernova happening on Nov09; increasing
5. @osmosiszone just started, liquidity & use increasing by the day
6. @SECGov unfortunately thinks it is their mission to kill #defi, going after #stablecoins like @Tether_to (if #terra grabbed half of $USDT mkt cap, ALL $LUNA would be burned twice over at current price)
7. @OKEx just launched $UST / $USDT trading pairs, ppl opting for $UST now
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A thread on the issues faced by the #Terra #NFT ecosystem. 4 key points elaborated upon.

Project teams - Stop being greedy, actually manage your product, develop your community.

Community - Grow up. Stop thinking everything will be like Galatic Punks.


FYI: it’s not a matter of saturation, the problem for the current market is significantly larger than that, IMO there are 4 main issues for every project launching in the immediate future. So let’s take a look at them. 👀

4 key points that I will be focusing on in this thread.

1. True disposable capital of consumers in the TERRA ecosystem

2. Poor project management and over expectations

3. Falsified demand

4. Wallets:Capital:LUNA staking ratio in TERRA
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Congratulations @NexusProtocol on the launch!

This changed my game plan in the #Terra $LUNA ecosystem.

Small 🧵 on @NexusProtocol and their new vaults. 👇

First of all, I will be selling my $PSI and $VKR LPs. Allowing me to repay my active loans on @AnchorProtocol.

Next, withdraw my bLuna and bEth collateral. Moving these assets over to @NexusProtocol.


Next, I'll be funding these new bLuna and bEth vaults currently earning ~8% APR.

@NexusProtocol will give me nAssets in return for depositing my bAssets. Allowing me to LP farm the nLuna/Psi and nEth/Psi vaults. These vaults will open up at 0:00 UTC 1 Nov (Tonight).

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{Thread] Comment générer 20% d'APY sur le #stablecoin $UST avec @anchor_protocol

Toutes les différentes étapes pour savoir comment faire pour déposer sur la blockchain @terra_money

Enfilez votre maillot de bain de #yieldfarmers, mouillez vous la nuque, c'est parti ⬇️
Qu'est ce que @anchor_protocol ?

C'est un protocole de #lending/#borrowing, c'est-à-dire de prêt et emprunt.

L'application est basée sur la #blockchain @terra_money et son but est d'offrir à ses utilisateurs des rendements d'environ 20 % par an.
Comme la majorité des app du secteur comme @CelsiusNetwork, elle permet à ses membres d’emprunter/prêter de la #crypto via la technologie #blockchain.

@anchor_protocol va ensuite verser une partie de ses profits aux personnes ayant prêtés leurs #cryptomonnaies.
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1/ Vous avez voté pour que je vous expose les protocoles existants et à venir qui cohabiteront bientôt au sein de l'écosystème de @terra_money.
Ce que j'ai trouvé a renforcé ma conviction que $LUNA est encore considérablement sous-évalué aujourd'hui
2/ Pret/Emprunt @anchor_protocol : $ANC

Permet aux dépôts de stablecoin sur #Terra de générer un rendement stable (~ 20% aujourd'hui), alimenté par les rewards du proof of stake (notion dont je vous parlerai dans un future thread).

Lecture :…
3/ Pret/Emprunt @orion_money : $orion

Permet d'obtenir un rendement stable pour les stablecoins ERC-20 grâce au protocole @anchor_protocol

Lecture :…
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1./ I think @staderlabs is not getting the attention it deserves yet. Staking is one of the most important things in crypto but is not capital efficient in most cases. #Stader is going to change that.
2./ Built on #Terra, #Stader is going to disrupt the staking business. They have a lot of things they're planning to do and I'd love to tell you guys everything about it but today I'll be focussing on the thing I'm most excited about: Liquid tokens.
3./ Nowadays most of the times when you stake a token you're done. That's it, the token is staked. Not liquid anymore, but you're earning yield. It's not bad, but it could be better. What if you get a token in return?
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1/8 El 21 de octubre según el sitio web @DefiLlama alcanzamos un nuevo máximo TVL (Total de activos bloqueados en los protocolos #DeFi) llegando a los 239.940 millones de dólares.

¿Pero realmente estamos en máximos históricos del TVL? En este hilo te lo aclaramos

Abro Hilo... Image
2/8 Cuando analizamos el TVL de los protocolos #DeFi en la red #Ethereum medido en el token de la red que es el #ETH observamos que fue el 21 de julio cuando alcanzó el máximo de 47.947.936 y desde entonces está bajando a 38.334.301 ETH por lo que ha caído desde su máximo un 20% Image
3/8 El TVL de los protocolos #DeFi en la red #Binance Smart Chain medido en el token de la red que es el #BNB observamos que fue el 14 de mayo cuando alcanzó el máximo de 54.536.215 y desde entonces está bajando a 42.093.172 BNB por lo que ha caído desde su máximo un 22 % Image
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1/ So... I think there are some protocols on @terra_money that don't get enough attention. I am not quite sure why that is - they will bring revolutionary ways to use your $LUNA, $UST or other #Terra assets.

I would like to do them justice, starting with @prism_protocol.
2/ The @prism_protocol series will consist of multiple threads organized into 2 groups.

1. Core feature of PRISM
2. DCF valuation method
3. yLUNA-perp pricing
4. pLUNA-perp pricing
5. What can I do with yLUNA?
6. What can I do with pLUNA?
3/ SEASON 2 - PRISM Strategies101 (#PS101)
1. @pylon_protocol - capital efficiency
2. @nebula_protocol - yield cluster
3. @mars_protocol - Fixed-rate borrowing
4. @staderlabs - staking refraction
5. LP refraction
6. @ApolloDAO & @SpecProtocol auto-compounding
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META-THREAD (Luna / Terra)

A running thread of all information, threads & content relating to the Luna & Terra ecosystem. Have seen alot of buzz around it, perhaps for good reason (esp after Columbus-5). Hope this info is useful👍

Thread🧵👇#Luna #Terra

@NicolasFlamelX sets the stage (back in Aug, $LUNA $12+!) for why Luna will🚀moon w democratization of $UST. The algorithm uses arbitrage to ensure a stablecoin peg for UST. To mint new $UST, we need to burn the equivalent in $LUNA... 👀supply


@ZeMariaMacedo breaks down Terra. Hint: it all revolves around ($UST), an algorithmic stablecoin. First step to global usage comes from mutli-chain usage. Then comes the convergence of UST's participation in real-world events. Huge potential here:

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Reaching out to any #Terra NFT projects who will be willing to make this work:

One of my followers reached out to me recently regarding his friend's son, Mitch- who has been battling leukemia the last few years.

It has been a very taxing journey for them (cont):
Mitch missed out on plenty of school, time with friends and the toll on his family emotionally and financially has been immense.

This hits a painful sore spot because my father used to deal with major health problems as well, and was at a time hospitalised for 1.5 years.
So, I know the amount of pain and eventual cope that the family have to deal with on a daily basis must have been immense.

What struck me even harder was how Mitch seems to still remain positive. It'd have been so much more difficult being in his position.
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Making a quick(or long) thread here, so I can repost this in future to fudders 🧵👇

• Topic: Why da fak does @Speicherx get on so many whitelists?
First off, I'm aware some people regard me as an influencer. I'd like to dispute, but unfortunately I can't.

I wish I could tell everyone to piss off, but in reality twitter feels like linkedin now. I'm still learning the ropes of making balanced opinions as a shitposter.
Here is my journey in #Terra NFTs, to help people get a look at how it all begun for me (again, I'm a pleb):

On September 11, I minted my first NFT.

I did not think much of it & thought they were cool to have. I did not even interact with NFTs before.
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#Lunatics - phew! 3 weeks is a really long time in #Terra to release a new version of the #Terra ecosystem @ It's a different world now.

50+ new projects/services have released. #Terra ecosystem now has 131 active projects (and likely a dozen missing)
Rundown of the changes:

#New protocols/apps:
1 - @beemafinance - savings with Anchor protocol
2 - @ProtocolVoid - anonymous txs/mixer
3 - @miawtrader - meme
4 - @setten_io - alternative Mirror frontend
5 - @LighthouseDefi - part of original harpoon
6 - @terra__vegas - casino
7 - @thorstarter - launchpad
8 - @terrabayio - anonymous txs
9 - @TerraLunaTix
10 - @alphaDefi - fund manager on @spar_protocol

1 - @Newlandplatform - Newland offers decentralized staking for Luna
2 - @RangoExchange - cross chain dex aggregator
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